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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/2901Pilot Officer J H Pickering: injured; aerial combat, Spitfire R6715, 66 Squadron, 30 August 1940.C16472239
AIR81/2902Pilot Officer J S Priestley, Sergeant E A Graves: killed; aircraft accident, Bircham Newton, Blenheim L9262, 235 Squadron, 30 August 1940.C16472240
AIR81/2903Corporal E Wade, Aircraftman W A J Callard: killed; Pilot Officer G Law, Lieutenant E G Watkinson (King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry), Aircraftman W Kingstree, Aircraftman E Heather, Private T Anderson (King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry), Gunner S Worthington (Royal Artillery), Gunner G F Chamberlain (Royal Artillery), Gunner T A Grogan (Royal Artillery), Mr W E M Rowsell, Mr Hercock, Mr Allen, Miss Reed, Mrs Townhill: injured; bomb dump explosion at RAF Scampton, 29 August 1940.C16472241
AIR81/2904Sergeant M Hill: missing believed killed; Pilot Officer N O Clements, Pilot Officer T H Hadley, Sergeant I A Zamek: uninjured; baled out on return from operational flight, Whitley P5002, 58 Squadron, 30 August 1940.C16472242
AIR81/2905Pilot Officer W R Evans, Sergeant F I Little, Sergeant I A Watt: killed; aircraft accident, Wyton, Blenheim L9326, 40 Squadron, 30 August 1940.C16472079
AIR81/2906Sergeant R E Havercroft: injured; aircraft accident, Bibury, Spitfire N3249, 92 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472080
AIR81/2907Pilot Officer J F S P Price, Sergeant H A Tune: killed; Sergeant A A McDonald; injured; crashed on return from operational flight, Blenheim R3773, 110 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472081
AIR81/2908Flying Officer L M Craigie-Halkett, Pilot Officer W B S Cunynghame, Sergeant G H Bainbridge, Sergeant S J Haldane, Sergeant A B Puzey, Sergeant G E O Merryweather: killed; shot down, enemy action, Wellington P2559, 214 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472082
AIR81/2909Flying Officer I B Westmacott: injured; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane V7341, 56 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472083
AIR81/2910Squadron Leader H M Starr: killed; baled out, enemy action, Hurricane L1830, 253 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472084
AIR81/2911Pilot Officer G H Maffett: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane P3175, 257 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472085
AIR81/2912Aircraftman J J Jackson: killed by enemy action at RAF Biggin Hill, 31 August 1940.C16472086
AIR81/2913Sergeant L A Williams, Sergeant A E Owens, Sergeant R G H Jones: killed; crashed near Weasenham on return from operational flight over enemy territory, Blenheim L9378, 18 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472087
AIR81/2914Sergeant A L Peddie: killed; Pilot Officer J J Finlay, Sergeant F J Leonhardt: missing believed killed; Blenheim R3880, 59 Squadron, failed to return from operational flight over Cherbourg, France, 31 August 1940.C16472088
AIR81/2915Pilot Officer R B Barrett: injured; aircraft accident, Thornaby, Botha L6213, 608 Squadron, RAF Thornaby, 31 August 1940.C16472089
AIR81/2916Pilot Officer K R K Smettem, Sergeant E W Skinner, Sergeant H H Best, Sergeant A A Horsfall: killed; shot down and crashed at Angerlo, Holland, Hampden L4079, 50 Squadron, 31 August 1940. Note: With photographsC16472090
AIR81/2917Pilot Officer J A M Henderson: injured; enemy action, Hurricane V660, 257 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472091
AIR81/2918Flight Lieutenant G C Matheson: injured; enemy action, Spitfire P9443, 222 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472092
AIR81/2919Aircraftman W Beedle, Aircraftman J E Beaven, Aircraftman W Lloyd: injured; enemy action at RAF Debden, 31 August 1940.C16472093
AIR81/2920Squadron Leader J V C Badger: injured; baled out, aerial combat, Hurricane V6548, 43 Squadron,.C16472094
AIR81/2921Pilot Officer R A C Aeberhardt: killed; force landed, enemy action, Spitfire R6912, 19 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472095
AIR81/2922Flying Officer J B Coward: injured; baled out, Spitfire M4231, 19 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472096
AIR81/2923Pilot Officer J L W Ellacombe: injured; force landed, enemy action, Hurricane P3312, 151 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472097
AIR81/2924Aircraftman J Kavanagh: killed; enemy action, RAF Debden, 31 August 1940.C16472098
AIR81/2925Flying Officer R M Waterston: killed; enemy action, Spitfire X4273, 603 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472099
AIR81/2926Sergeant J T Craig: injured; baled out, enemy action, Hurricane P2888, 111 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472100
AIR81/2927Pilot Officer J Sterbacek: missing believed killed; enemy action, Hurricane P3159, 310 Squadron, 1940.C16472101
AIR81/2928Pilot Officer M H Mounsdon: injured; baled out, enemy action, Hurricane R4197, 56 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472102
AIR81/2929Squadron Leader T P Gleave: injured; enemy action, Hurricane P3115, 253 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472103
AIR81/2930Pilot Officer F Czajkowski (Polish): injured; baled out, enemy action, Hurricane P3301, 151 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472104
AIR81/2931Squadron Leader J D D Collier: injured; Pilot Officer C L Turner, Pilot Officer B A Z de Bressey, Sergeant A Johnson: uninjured; aircraft accident, Scampton, Hampden P1334, 83 Squadron, 30 August 1940.C16472105
AIR81/2932Sergeant R F Roberts, Aircraftman T Robinson, Aircraftman S Hall, Aircraftman G W Snowden: killed; aircraft accident, Scampton, Hampden P2135, 49 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472106
AIR81/2933Leading Aircraftman W D Shaw: killed; aircraft accident, Tetbury, Hart K6537, 9 Service Flying Training School, 29 October 1940.C16472013
AIR81/2934Flight Lieutenant P S Weaver: missing believed killed; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane V7378, 56 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472014
AIR81/2935Pilot Officer H P M Edridge: died of injuries; enemy action, Spitfire K9826, 222 Squadron, 30 August 1940.C16472015
AIR81/2936Sergeant E Manton: killed; enemy action, Spitfire R6695, 610 Squadron, 27 August 1940.C16472016
AIR81/2937Pilot Officer P A Worrall: injured; enemy action, Hurricane V6581, 55 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472017
AIR81/2938Sergeant H J Merchant: injured; baled out, enemy action, Hurricane U3735, 1 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472018
AIR81/2939Aircraftman F Bodimeade: killed; enemy action, RAF Hornchurch, 65 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472019
AIR81/2940Sergeant J J A Hewitt: injured; Pilot Officer C H T Short, Sergeant H F Burney: uninjured; crashed at sea, cause unknown, Blenheim T1880, 59 Squadron, 1 September 1940.C16472020
AIR81/2941Pilot Officer C A Woods-Scawen: killed; shot down, baled out, aerial combat, Dymchurch, Hurricane V7420, 43 Squadron, 2 September 1940.C16472021
AIR81/2942Leading Aircraftman C D Lampard: killed; Sergeant H N Norris, Sergeant B M D'Arcy: prisoners of war; force landed, enemy action, Wellesley L2689, 14 Squadron, 1 September 1940.C16472440
AIR81/2943Sergeant A Glowacki (Polish): injured; aerial combat, force landed, Hurricane V6540, 50 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472441
AIR81/2944Multiple casualties: enemy bombardment at RAF Biggin Hill, 30 August 1940.C16472442
AIR81/2945Pilot Officer R A Smith, Sergeant J L Sugden, Aircraftman L Lowe: killed; aircraft accident, Mersa Matruh, Egypt, Blenheim L8397, 55 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472443
AIR81/2946Wing Commander E C T Edwards, Sergeant L L Benjamin, Sergeant T J Beesley: killed; failed to return from operational flight over Rotterdam, Blenheim T1940, 53 Squadron, 31 August 1940. Note: With photographC16472444
AIR81/2947Pilot Officer G K Gilroy: injured; aerial combat, baled out, Spitfire X4271, 603 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472445
AIR81/2948Pilot Officer J O Bate: killed; enemy action at 1 Signals Depot, 26 Signals Group, 1 September 1940.C16472446
AIR81/2949Flying Officer B J G Carbury: injured; aerial combat, Spitfire R6835, 603 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472447
AIR81/2950Flight Lieutenant F W Marshall: injured, enemy action at RAF Debden, 31 August 1940.C16472448

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