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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/3632Sergeant C G Loader: injured; aircraft accident, Blenheim L4903, 8 Squadron, 4 October 1940.C16687730
AIR81/3633Flight Lieutenant K M Gillies: killed; enemy action, Spitfire X4320, 66 Squadron, 4 October 1940.C16687731
AIR81/3634Pilot Officer D J Fielder, Sergeant A C White: uninjured; Sergeant A O Hawes, Sergeant R W Gray: injured; aircraft accident; Hampden P2072, 14 Operational Training Unit, 6 October 1940.C16687732
AIR81/3635Pilot Officer G Wright, Sergeant W A Cannon, Sergeant W B Rayment, Sergeant A Algar: killed; Hampden 2926, 61 Squadron, 5 October 1940.C16687733
AIR81/3636Pilot Officer A S Boak, Sergeant F J Brooker, Sergeant J D Marshall, Sergeant C H Wise: missing believed killed; aircraft believed to have force landed at sea, Hampden P4417, 50 Squadron, 5 October 1940.C16687734
AIR81/3637Sergeant C H Capsey: injured; aircraft accident, mid air collision between Hurricane P3825 and Hurricane P3976, RAF Takoradi, 2 October 1940.C16687735
AIR81/3638Sergeant A R Hall: killed; Pilot Officer K A Faulkner, Sergeant G B Fielder: injured; aircraft accident, Blenheim R2771, 53 Squadron, 6 October 1940.C16687736
AIR81/3639Sergeant C A Sherwood: killed; Sergeant Hawkes, Sergeant Gilmour, Sergeant Phillips: injured; aircraft crashed returning to base, Hampden X2977, 83 Squadron, 5 October 1940.C16687737
AIR81/3640Sergeant E R Neal, Sergeant G Wood, Sergeant H Bennett, Sergeant P H Yorath: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Germany, Hampden P4362, 144 Squadron, 5 October 1940.C16687738
AIR81/3641Aircraftman K Boyns: injured; enemy action, Photographic Unit, RAF Northolt, 6 October 1940.C16687739
AIR81/3642Leading Aircraftman A Mackley: killed; enemy action, RAF Biggin Hill, 6 October 1940.C16687740
AIR81/3643Warrant Officer E G Hunt, Aircraftman K A Ferguson: killed; Sergeant J F M Reid, Corporal A G Moger, Aircraftman W G McAlpine, Aircraftman J Wood, Aircraftman K A Ferguson, Aircraftman F D Wainos: injured; enemy action, RAF Biggin Hill, 6 October 1940.C16687741
AIR81/3644Sergeant A Russell: killed; Pilot Officer G K Brackenridge, Pilot Officer J McIntosh, Sergeant D Bruce: missing believed killed; crashed at sea near Berwick, Hudson P5117, 233 Squadron, 5 October 1940.C16687742
AIR81/3645Pilot Officer H Parkinson, Sergeant P H Fletcher, Sergeant L Dudley, Sergeant J C Murray: missing believed killed; shot down off Norwegian coast, enemy action, Hudson T9323, 220 Squadron, 6 October 1940.C16687743
AIR81/3646Sergeant K S Powers: killed; Sergeant T W Oaks: injured; aircraft accident, Hampden L4100, 106 Squadron, 6 October 1940.C16687744
AIR81/3647Sergeant F Vinyard: missing believed killed; Spitfire IR6683, 64 Squadron, 6 October 1940.C16687745
AIR81/3648Sergeant A Suidak (Polish): killed; hit by enemy bomb on take off at RAF Northolt, Hurricane P3120, 303 Squadron, 6 October 1940.C16687746
AIR81/3649Pilot Officer R W Harris, Sergeant M R Harvey: killed; aircraft accident, Lysander R9056, 4 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687747
AIR81/3650Sergeant Dennis: injured; Sergeant Holford: uninjured; aircraft accident, Blenheim L6624, 4 Repair and Maintenance Unit, 6 October 1940.C16687748
AIR81/3651Pilot Officer G H Hackwood, Pilot Officer A O'Connell, Leading Aircraftman J Warbrick, Aircraftman R Whalley, Aircraftman L Driver: injured; ground collision between Defiant L7108 and Defiant N1578, 264 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687749
AIR81/3652Pilot Officer H D Edwards: killed; shot down, enemy action, Spitfire P9464, 92 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16687750
AIR81/3653Pilot Officer H Harvey, Leading Aircraftman J F Knee: injured; aircraft accident, Battle P6644, 7 Service Flying Training School, 7 October 1940.C16687751
AIR81/3654Pilot Officer K C Dryden, Leading Aircraftman A Tooth: injured; aircraft accident, Master N7995, 5 Service Flying Training School, 7 October 1940.C16687752
AIR81/3655Pilot Officer R Lambert: injured; Leading Aircraftman D H Oldham: killed; aircraft accident, Master N7876, 5 Service Flying Training School, 7 October 1940.C16687753
AIR81/3656Sergeant J M Strawson: injured; shot down, aerial combat, Spitfire N3109, 603 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687754
AIR81/3657Pilot Officer C E English: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane P3677, 605 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687755
AIR81/3658Flying Officer I B Difford: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane P2770, 607 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687756
AIR81/3659Aircraftman A Summers: injured; Flight Lieutenant E C Le Mesurier: uninjured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth R5033, Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, 7 October 1940.C16687757
AIR81/3660Pilot Officer A R Covington: injured; enemy action, Hurricane V6777, 238 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687758
AIR81/3661Pilot Officer H J Akroyd: died of injuries; enemy action, Spitfire N3039, 152 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687759
AIR81/3662Flying Officer H C Mayers: injured; enemy action, Hurricane R4218, 601 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687760
AIR81/3663Sergeant A N Feary: killed; failed to return from patrol over Portland, Spitfire N3238, 609 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687761
AIR81/3664Flying Officer J F Bridge, Leading Aircraftman J H Kissner: killed; aircraft accident, Oxford N4729, 14 Service Flying Training School, 7 October 1940.C16687762
AIR81/3665Sergeant B E P Whall: killed; forced landing, enemy action, Spitfire X4160, 602 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687763
AIR81/3666Sergeant E T G Frith: died of injuries; baled out, enemy action, Spitfire X4597, 92 Squadron, 9 October 1940.C16687764
AIR81/3667Sergeant D H Nichols: injured; baled out, enemy action, Hurricane P3514, 56 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687765
AIR81/3668Sergeant E Neal, Sergeant G T Wood: injured; Pilot Officer L W Wenman: uninjured; enemy action, aerial combat, Blenheim T187, 59 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687766
AIR81/3669Sergeant J D Cross, Leading Aircraftman K Painter, Aircraftman G Pound, Leading Aircraftman K G Wheeler: killed; crash landed at RAF Honington on return from air operations over enemy territory, Wellington L7896, 149 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687767
AIR81/3670Flying Officer N J M Barry: killed; enemy action, Hurricane V6800, 501 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687768
AIR81/3671Pilot Officer J J I Beedham: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane N2707, 245 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687769
AIR81/3672Pilot Officer J B Kendal: injured; forced landing, Spitfire R6716, 66 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687770
AIR81/3673Squadron Leader R O O Taylor, Sergeant H F Green, Sergeant F P O'Regan, Sergeant Holliday, Sergeant H Whelpton, Sergeant R Stephens: killed; shot down and crashed over Berlin, Germany, Wellington P9287, 38 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687771
AIR81/3674Pilot Officer H K F Matthews: killed; shot down, enemy action, Spitfire K9087, 603 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687772
AIR81/3675Pilot Officer J W Broadhurst: killed; shot down, enemy action, Spitfire P9469, 222 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687773
AIR81/3676Flying Officer W B Parker (RNZAF): injured; shot down, enemy action, Spitfire R6894, Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, 8 October 1940.C16687774
AIR81/3677Pilot Officer M E Staples: injured; baled out, aerial combat, Spitfire N3231, 609 Squadron, 8 October 1940.C16687775
AIR81/3678Flight Lieutenant H J Lyon, Sergeant G Hardwick, Sergeant F Henry: injured; crashed on landing returning from operational flight, Blenheim L9310, 110 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687776
AIR81/3679Aircraftman H Simpson: injured; enemy action at 1 Maintenance Unit, RAF Kidbrooke, 8 October 1940.C16687777
AIR81/3680Flying Officer P D Sharp, Pilot Officer C C M Gauldie, Sergeant B E Ancliff: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim L6783, 13 Operational Training Unit, 8 October 1940.C16687778
AIR81/3681Flight Lieutenant S F Coutts-Wood, Sergeant S Chambers, Sergeant D Wordsworth, Sergeant W J Brett: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim L4883, 13 Operational Training Unit, 8 October 1940.C16687779

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