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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/151Acting Flight Lieutenant P E Warne, Sergeant N J Griffin and Leading Aircraftman A J P Golder: missing presumed dead; Blenheim L9041 failed to return from air operations over Stavanger, Norway, 15 April 1940.C14141901
AIR81/152Sergeant J Windsor, Sergeant R F Carter, Sergeant W Cuthbert and Aircraftman 1st Class D Burnside: report of deaths; Hampden L4163 failed to clear a cottage at the end of the runway, Hemswell, Lincolnshire, 17 April 1940.C14141931
AIR81/153Flying Officer A F Smith, Pilot Officer J G C Salmond, Sergeant E H Williams, Leading Aircraftman F A S Haynes, Corporal R S Bryson and Aircraftman 1st Class J Booth: missing presumed dead; Wellington IA9234 failed to return from air operations to attack Stavanger Aerodrome, Norway, 18 April 1940.C14141932
AIR81/154Pilot Officer K Laverty: injured; Hurricane N2470 in flying battle at Leconfield Aerodrome, 18 April 1940.C14141933
AIR81/155Sergeant P Chivers, Sergeant W M Mullally and Aircraftman 2nd Class H Greggans: missing presumed dead; Blenheim P4906 failed to return from air operations over Stavanger, Norway, 19 April 1940.C14141934
AIR81/156Pilot Officer R Hall: report of death; Whitley N1352 crashed off the coast of Scotland, 18 April 1940; remainder of crew survived uninjured.C14141935
AIR81/157Sergeant E Davison and Aircraftman 1st Class A Bailey: report of deaths. Pilot Officer H D Wardle: prisoner of war; Battle P2201 crashed following an explosion during a reconnaissance flight, Wallhausen, Germany, 20 April 1940. Note: With photographsC14141936
AIR81/158Flying Officer P Walker: injured; Hurricane L2386 in flying battle; France; 21 April 1940.C14141937
AIR81/159Sergeant R H Burr: slightly injured; Whitley M1387 force landed; crew had abandoned aircraft earlier, 17 April 1940.C14141938
AIR81/160Aircraftman 1st Class W J Thew, Aircraftman 2nd Class P Blackburn, Aircraftman 2nd Class J J Eldridge, Sergeant G E Forsyth, Sergeant N C McDonald and Flying Officer F T Knight: prisoners of war; Wellington P9218 force landed during air operations to attack Aalborg Aerodrome, Denmark, 21 April 1940.C14141939
AIR81/161Warrant Officer W P J Watson: report of death whilst a prisoner of war. Flight Lieutenant F G Dutton, Warrant Officer W R Davidson and Warrant Officer J G Slowey: prisoners of war; Hampden L4088 force landed on the Baltic coast, south of Kiel, Germany, 21April 1940.C14141940
AIR81/162Sergeant L A Compton, Sergeant H Jackson, Corporal J C McIntyre, Aircraftman 1st Class N A Young and Flying Officer J R Birch: missing presumed dead; Whitley K9043 failed to return from a flight to attack Aalborg Aerodrome, Denmark, 23 April 1940.C14141941
AIR81/163Sergeant C N S Campbell: injured; parachuted from Hurricane P2576, near Thionville, 23 April 1940.C14141942
AIR81/164Sergeant J L Dewhurst: injured; Hampden P1178 damaged by anti-aircraft fire, 21 April 1940.C14141943
AIR81/165Leading Aircraftman E L Weeks, Sergeant G C Durie and Pilot Officer J D Murphy: missing presumed dead; Blenheim L8750 failed to return from a flight to attack Stavanger Aerodrome, Norway, 24 April 1940.C14141966
AIR81/166Pilot Officer R G M Harmston: report of death. Flying Officer A A T Bulloch, Leading Aircraftman A W Hallam and Leading Aircraftman S Lane: missing presumed dead; Hudson N7283 crashed into the North Sea during a reconnaissance flight over the coast of Norway, 24 April 1940. Note: Previously missing at transfer, found August 2014C14141967
AIR81/167Flying Officer B W Hayward, Flying Officer T K Milne, Warrant Officer J B Ritchie, Warrant Officer A W G Lyne and Warrant Officer F Hargreaves: prisoners of war; Whitley K9048 crashed, during flight to attack Aalborg Aerodrome, Denmark, 24 April 1940.C14141968
AIR81/168Aircraftman 1st Class R J Simpson, Leading Aircraftman T Dobson, Sergeant E W A Peachey and Pilot Officer R H Sanders: missing presumed dead: Hudson N7285 shot down by Messerschmidt 109, 24 April 1940.C14141969
AIR81/169Pilot Officer M C Petrie, Pilot Officer R O Lawry, Leading Aircraftman P Wilson and Aircraftman 1st Class K Merrick: missing presumed dead; Hudson N7286 shot down by enemy aircraft, 24 April 1940.C14141970
AIR81/170Flying Officer C D Milne: prisoner of war; Spitfire N3071 failed to return from a photographic sortie, 25 April 1940.C14141971
AIR81/171Aircraftman 2nd Class P R Leigh and Sergeant V H Linthune: injured; Hudson N7225 in air operations over the North Sea off the coast of Norway, 24 April 1940.C14141972
AIR81/172Sergeant W T Howells: report of death. Sergeant W Priestley and Leading Aircraftman R A Roberts: missing presumed dead; Blenheim M6214 believed crashed into the sea off the coast of Norway, 25 April 1940.C14141973
AIR81/173Aircraftman 2nd Class C C Whitley, Sergeant N Haithwaite, Flying Officer O G Horrigan and Sergeant M Hayes: report of deaths. Sergeant V R Barr: prisoner of war; Whitley N1383 failed to return from a flight to attack Aalborg Aerodrome, Denmark, 25 April 1940.C14141974
AIR81/174Leading Aircraftman N Hornsby, Sergeant P J Hurst, Sergeant N L Jones and Flying Officer D White: report of deaths; Hampden L4040 crashed between Hallig Suderoog and Suderoog Sands, off the Schleswig coast, Germany, 25 April 1940. Note: With photographsC14141975
AIR81/175Sergeant R I L MacKenzie: report of death. Pilot Officer A H Benson, Pilot Officer A P B Hordern and Leading Aircraftman J D Openshaw: missing presumed dead; Hampden P1319 crashed at sea off the North Sea coast of Germany, 25 April 1940.C14141976
AIR81/176Sergeant A F James: report of death. Flying Officer D P W R Robinson, Pilot Officer C A Weeks and Leading Aircraftman T Hogarth: missing presumed dead; Hampden L4092 failed to return from an operational flight, 25 April 1940.C14141977
AIR81/177Leading Aircraftman J J K S Fisher: injured; Hudson N7305 hit by anti-aircraft fire whilst on a reconnaissance flight off Norway, 17 April 1940.C14141978
AIR81/178Flying Officer K H P Murphy, Sergeant C Warner, Sergeant J F Graham and Corporal D Magee: prisoners of war. Leading Aircraftman J Ellwood: report of death; Whitley N1421 crashed at Brennigen in Toverudmarka in Sylling, Norway, 30 April 1940.C14141979
AIR81/179Acting Squadron Leader K C Doran: prisoner of war. Sergeant R H J Batterick and Pilot Officer F M N Searle: report of deaths; Blenheim L9242 failed to return from a flight to attack Stavanger Aerodrome, Norway, 30 April 1940.C14142004
AIR81/180Leading Aircraftman J Rosemond, Sergeant F J R Beavis and Sergeant R Abbott: missing presumed dead; Blenheim N6202 failed to return from flight to attack Stavanger, Norway, 30 April 1940.C14142005
AIR81/181Flying Officer H G Muller, Pilot Officer G A H Poole, Flight Sergeant J W L G Brent, Sergeant P C Cunningham, Aircraftman 1st Class M J O'Sullivan and Aircraftman 1st Class D Lilley: report of deaths; Wellington P9276 failed to return from air operations to attack Stavanger Aerodrome, Norway, 1940.C14142006
AIR81/182Flying Officer E J T Clarke and Pilot Officer J Marshman: report of deaths. Flying Officer A R Gibbes: slightly injured. Sergeant L Peterson, Leading Aircraftman G Stone and Aircraftman 1st Class T B Moir: uninjured; Wellington R3154 failed to return from flight to attack Stavanger Aerodrome, Norway, 1 May 1940.C14142007
AIR81/183Squadron Leader R H Watson: report of death; Hurricane L1947 crashed into the grounds of Ditchington House, Bungay, on return from patrolling the coast between Southwold and Aldeburgh, 30 April 1940.C14142008
AIR81/184Sergeant C R Heayes, Sergeant L F Tomlinson, Sergeant H A Peel, Corporal P H D Ditmas and Aircraftman 1st Class D Robertson: missing presumed dead; Whitley N1465 failed to return from a raid on Stavanger, Norway, 1 May 1940.C14142009
AIR81/185Leading Aircraftman E W Burnett, Sergeant J T Bowen, Sergeant B E S Knowles, Leading Aircraftman P A Tyler, Squadron Leader R L Bradford and Pilot Officer J D Morrison: missing presumed dead; Wellington P9213 failed to return from a raid on Stavanger, Norway, 1 May 1940.C14142010
AIR81/186Flying Officer G V Gordon, Pilot Officer T Kerr, Leading Aircraftman W E Brewster, Sergeant W Eddleston and Aircraftman 2nd Class W A Seymour: missing presumed dead; Wellington P9215 failed to return from a raid on Stavanger, Norway, 30 April 1940.C14142011
AIR81/187Flying Officer C W Glover, Pilot Officer J E A Friend, Sergeant C Frost and Aircraftman 1st Class J B Greenall: report of deaths; Hampden L4119 crashed at Croxton Kerrial on return from an operational flight, 1 May 1940.C14142012
AIR81/188Leading Aircraftman G Welsh, Sergeant G Kelly, Sergeant K Bell and Pilot Officer A H Hayter: missing presumed dead; Hudson N7278 failed to return from a raid on Stavanger, Norway, 1 May 1940.C14142013
AIR81/189Sergeant W R Coveney and Pilot Officer J M Gilmer: report of deaths. Pilot Officer E Cotton, Aircraftman 1st Class P D Salmon and Aircraftman 1st Class H Maylin: injured; Whitley K9039 crashed at Waddington, Lancashire, due to bad weather and a shortage of petrol, 30 April 1940.C14142014
AIR81/190Leading Aircraftman E Townend: report of death. Pilot Officer R T Kean and Sergeant E A Deverill: injured. Aircraftman 2nd Class D Mannion: uninjured; Hudson N7319 attacked by enemy aircraft whilst on an operational flight; the undercarriage collapsed on landing due to damage, 3 May 1940.C14142015
AIR81/191Aircraftman 1st Class A Hepburn: injured. Squadron Leader G P Marvin: injured and subsequently died; Whitley N1406 ran out of fuel and was abandoned, 3 May 1940.C14142016
AIR81/192Sergeant K Railton, Acting Flight Lieutenant C L Gilbert, Pilot Officer B A Power, Aircraftman 2nd Class J A Francis, Aircraftman 2nd Class E Quibell and Leading Aircraftman G E Wall: injured, Wellington P9279 crash landed on return from air operations over the Friesland Islands, 3 May 1940.C14142017
AIR81/193Aircraftman 2nd Class R A Wood, Sergeant M G A Pearce and Pilot Officer J L G Butterworth: report of deaths; Blenheim P9329 on a reconnaissance flight over Achern, Germany, 3 May 1940.C14142018
AIR81/194Squadron Leader N D Gilbart-Smith: injured; North West Expeditionary Force, Norway; 1 May 1940.C14142019
AIR81/195Acting Squadron Leader D C F Good: injured; Hampden L4062 hit by an anti-aircraft shell during a mine laying operation over Oslo Fjord; 5 May 1940.C14142020
AIR81/196Aircraftman 1St Class S W Mills, Aircraftman 2nd Class M J Delahunty, Flying Officer S P Woollatt and Flying Officer D J T Lusk: missing presumed dead; Beaufort L4472 failed to return from air operations, 7 May 1940.C14142021
AIR81/197Aircraftman 2nd Class J Traynor: injured; Beaufort L4464 in air operations, 7 May 1940.C14142022
AIR81/198Leading Aircraftman E A Jones, Sergeant P H Brown and Sergeant S H Stafford: interned by Dutch Authorities at Fort De Kock, Sumatra, 8 April 1940; Blenheim L1101 force landed at Sabang, Dutch East Indies; released and returned to unit, 14 May 1940.C14142023
AIR81/199Flight Lieutenant A G Store: injured; air operations in Norway, 7 May 1940.C14142024
AIR81/200Flying Officer G H Bowes: injured; air operations in Norway, 7 May 1940.C14142025

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