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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/2195Pilot Officer T E S Crossman: killed; Sergeant E G Pannell: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth N6590, 9 Elementary Flying Training School, 31 May 1940.C16471625
AIR81/2196Squadron Leader F M Smith: died of injuries; aircraft accident, Gladiator N2291, 94 Squadron, Khormaksar Bombing Range, Aden, 1 June 1940.C16471626
AIR81/2197Pilot Officer H J R Dunn: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane P 3519, 87 Squadron, 1 June 1940.C16471627
AIR81/2198Pilot Officer G Keighley: injured; shot down, enemy action, Spitfire L1013, 610 Squadron, 1 June 1940.C16471628
AIR81/2199Pilot Officer G L Hickman, Leading Aircraftman A Fidler: killed; shot down, enemy action, Defiant L6968, 264 Squadron, 31 May 1940. Note: With piece of uniform and identity discsC16471629
AIR81/2219Pilot Sergeant R B Sim: injured; aircraft accident, Hurricane P3666, 6 Operational Training Unit, Sutton Bridge Aerodrome, 6 June 1940.C16471466
AIR81/2319Pilot Officer L F Penny, Leading Aircraftman H Griffiths: injured; aircraft accident, West Malling, Lysander P1745, 26 Squadron, 27 June 1940.C16471590
AIR81/2419Sergeant F C H Taylor, Aircraftman E A Strutt: injured; aircraft accident, Magister M3990, 5 Elementary Flying Training School, 20 July 1940.C16471764
AIR81/2519Sergeant A Mitchley: killed; Sergeant E F Shy, Aircraftman J Muffett: uninjured; aircraft accident, Oxford P1955, 3 Service Flying Training School, 3 August 1940.C16471881
AIR81/2619Aircraftman B W Mills: killed; enemy action at Croydon Aerodrome, 15 August 1940.C16471919
AIR81/2719Aircraftman L A Watchous: killed; enemy action at RAF Detling, 13 August 1940.C16472054
AIR81/2819Pilot Officer L W Bennett: killed; aircraft accident, Kemble, Hurricane V6563, 4 Ferry Pilots Pool, 26 August 1940.C16472136
AIR81/2919Aircraftman W Beedle, Aircraftman J E Beaven, Aircraftman W Lloyd: injured; enemy action at RAF Debden, 31 August 1940.C16472093
AIR81/3019Sergeant K W Pendry: injured; Pilot Officer F J Curtis, Sergeant M C Humphrey, Sergeant J G Kilborne: uninjured; aircraft accident, Docking, Hudson N7351, 206 Squadron, 3 September 1940.C16472338
AIR81/3119Flight Lieutenant A S Forbes: injured; aerial combat, Hurricane R4217, 303 Squadron, 7 September 1940.C16472372
AIR81/3190Pilot Officer W C Watling: injured; enemy action, Spitfire P9372, 92 Squadron, 9 September 1940.C16472578
AIR81/3191Sergeant A L M Deller: injured; baled out, aerial combat, Hurricane V7309, 43 Squadron, 7 September 1940.C16472579
AIR81/3192Flight Lieutenant R J Reed, Pilot Officer R W Roylance, Sergeant R Halls, Sergeant W A Johnson: killed; aircraft crashed, operational flight over Belgium, Hampden L4097, 50 Squadron, 10 September 1940. Note: With RAAF material emblemC16472580
AIR81/3193Flight Lieutenant D J Rogers, Sergeant A J Brading, Sergeant H G Lacey: missing believed killed; Sergeant B N Westhorp: killed; enemy action over Calais, France, Hampden P4371, 44 Squadron, 10 September 1940.C16472581
AIR81/3194Sergeant J A G Deans, Sergeant G B Clarke, Sergeant H J Agnew, Sergeant H Parkes, Sergeant F A Hill: prisoners of war; baled out over Germany, enemy action, Whitley P5042, 77 Squadron, 10 September 1940.C16472582
AIR81/3195Aircraftman A B Annis, Aircraftman H Baird, Leading Aircraftman H Hemsley: killed; aircraft accident, RAF Linton-on-Ouse, crashed into tent, flight crew uninjured, Whitley N1431, 77 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16472583
AIR81/3196Sergeant W G McAllister: missing believed killed; Pilot Officer A W Millson, Sergeant H C G Brook, Sergeant E A Young, Pilot Officer J R A Careless: uninjured; crashed at sea, enemy action, Whitley P5022, 51 Squadron, 9 September 1940.C16472584
AIR81/3197Pilot Officer T H Hadley, Pilot Officer J E Thompson, Sergeant K D Hall, Sergeant W Hughes, Sergeant W J Bull; prisoners of war; forced landing near Kiel, Germany, enemy action, Whitley T4134, 58 Squadron, 10 September 1940.C16472585
AIR81/3198Sergeant R H B Fraser: injured; aircraft accident, Martlesham Heath, Hurricane V7338, 257 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16472586
AIR81/3199Sergeant E W Cranwell: injured; aircraft accident, Chipping Norton, Harvard P5783, 15 Service Flying Training School, 10 September 1940.C16472587
AIR81/3219Pilot Officer D E Stewart, Sergeant W Goodwill: killed; Sergeant D Joyce, Sergeant J G Hobson: missing believed killed; failed to return from air operations over enemy territory, Hampden X2913, 44 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16472634
AIR81/3319Sergeant T V Henderson, Pilot Officer R G Goode, Sergeant J H Angus, Sergeant J Sugden: killed; crashed at Kallo, Belgium, Hampden P2121, 44 Squadron, 17 September 1940. Note: With photographsC16472494
AIR81/3419Pilot Officer D S Kinder: injured; enemy action, Hurricane P3226, 73 Squadron, 23 September 1940.C16687517
AIR81/3519Flying Officer J R Bendell, Sergeant C K Woolnough, Sergeant C Masson, Sergeant J McNaughton: killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over West Coast France, Beaufort N1149, 42 Squadron, 28 September 1940. With photograph.C16687617
AIR81/3619Sergeant H F G Swinbourne: injured; Flying Officer A C Triptree, Pilot Officer C T P Terry, Sergeant G F Gurr: uninjured; enemy action at Thorney Island Aerodrome; Beaufort VL4505, 42 Squadron, 4 October 1940.C16687717
AIR81/3719Sergeant V N Buchan, Aircraftman L C Kell: killed; aircraft accident, Vega Gull X9435, 8 Anti Air Cooperation Unit, 10 October 1940.C16687817
AIR81/3819Pilot Officer M E Vejrazka (Czech): killed; Flight Lieutenant J Snajdr (Czech), Sergeant L Anderle (Czech), Pilot Officer J Richter (Czech): uninjured; baled out on return from air operations over Germany, Wellington T2773, 311 Squadron, 17 October 1940.C16687917
AIR81/3919Sergeant D Stoodley: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane V7303, 43 Squadron, 24 October 1940.C16688017
AIR81/4019Pilot Officer J M Cave, Sergeant C J Gooderick, Sergeant J G Hitchen: killed; aircraft crashed returning from operational flight, Blenheim T2246, 101 Squadron, 30 October 1940.C16688117
AIR81/4119Pilot Officer C J R Walker, Sergeant K Gowland, Sergeant D O Cole, Sergeant K Emm: killed; shot down and crashed at Dewekamp, Holland, Hampden X2907, 50 Squadron, 6 November 1940,.C16688217
AIR81/4190Multiple casualties: killed; enemy action at 907 Balloon Squadron, A Flight HQ, Highbury Grove, London, 12 November 1940.C16688288
AIR81/4191Flying Officer M L Arnold, Pilot Officer J W F Bartholomew, Pilot Officer A W Grant: killed; enemy action at 907 Balloon Squadron, A Flight HQ, Highbury Grove, London, 12 November 1940.C16688289
AIR81/4192Pilot Officer P W M Carlyon, Pilot Officer E A Benjamin: injured; aircraft accident, Wellington N2998, 150 Squadron, 13 November 1940.C16688290
AIR81/4193Corporal H C H Weber: killed; Sergeant T Forbes, Sergeant R H Stockwell, Leading Aircraftman R L Roberts, Leading Aircraftman K J Rich: injured; aircraft accident, Whitley N1491, 9 Bombing and Gunnery School, 13 November 1940.C16688291
AIR81/4194Pilot officer T Birket, Sergeant C E P Castle: killed; aircraft accident, Beaufighter R2071, 219 Squadron, 13 November 1940.C16688292
AIR81/4195Pilot Officer K L Millar, Sergeant D Pewsey, Aircraftman B F Hare: killed; Pilot Officer A J Cuthbert: injured; crashed on take off near RAF Waddington, Hampden X2995, 44 Squadron, 14 November 1940.C16688293
AIR81/4196Sergeant S R Andrews, Sergeant W R A Dick: injured; Sergeant F Swatton, Sergeant J A Bowler, Sergeant Powell, Sergeant A McNab: uninjured; failed to return from operational flight, Wellington R3167, 99 Squadron, 14 November 1940.C16688294
AIR81/4197Sergeant F H Miller, Sergeant J E Auten-Johnston: injured; aircraft accident, Blenheim L4898, 17 Operational Training Unit, 13 November 1940.C16688295
AIR81/4198Flight Lieutenant A Moncrieff, Sergeant E F Edwin: killed; Sergeant R A Aeborall, Sergeant J G Donnelly: injured; aircraft accident, Hampden X3006, 61 Squadron, 14 November 1940.C16688296
AIR81/4199Squadron Leader K F Ferguson, Sergeant C S Rogers, Sergeant H Watson, Sergeant K F Weston, Sergeant W Fraser: missing believed killed; failed to return from operational flight over Merseburg, Whitley T4230, 10 Squadron, 14 November 1940.C16688297
AIR81/4219Pilot Officer F A Toombs: died of injuries; Pilot Officer W R A Knocker: injured; aircraft accident, Defiant N1547, 264 Squadron, 15 November 1940.C16688317
AIR81/4319Pilot Officer B H Herrick, Sergeant P R Smith, Sergeant J G Hair: missing believed killed; failed to return from operational flight at sea, Blenheim Z5734, 272 Squadron, 24 November 1940.C16688417
AIR81/4419Pilot Officer L B Hinman, Sergeant D A Walden: killed; Sergeant G W Jones: injured; aircraft accident, Blenheim N3537, 59 Squadron, 1 December 1940.C16688517
AIR81/4519Sergeant F Spillard: injured; Pilot Officer J K Rodgers, Sergeant H Jones: uninjured; enemy action, Blenheim R3914, 21 Squadron, 7 July 1940.C16688617
AIR81/4619Flight Lieutenant E S Humphreys, Sergeant G R Griggs, Sergeant L F Brand: prisoners of war; aircraft force landed La Belle Isle, France, Blenheim T1860, 107 Squadron, 20 December 1940.C16688717

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