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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/393Squadron Leader L E Smith: missing presumed dead; Hurricane L2004 crashed at Corroy-le-Grand, Belgium, 15 May 1940.C14502280
AIR81/394Sergeant A T Morland, Aircraftman 2nd Class S Robinson and Pilot Officer R I C MacPherson: prisoners of war; Blenheim L4843 crashed near Charleville, France, 16 May 1940.C14502281
AIR81/395Flying Officer A M Gofton, Sergeant F S Miller and Corporal T H Cummins: missing presumed dead; Blenheim P4838 failed to return from an operational flight, 17 May 1940.C14502282
AIR81/396Acting Flight Lieutenant M M Carter: report of death; Hurricane N2534 hit in an air raid on Sallemagne Airfield, France, 15 May 1940.C14502283
AIR81/397Pilot Officer J E R Wood: injured; Hurricane L2049 failed to return from an operational flight, 14 May 1940.C14502068
AIR81/398Pilot Officer L L Appleton: missing presumed dead; Hurricane P2635 failed to return from an operational flight over the Nivelles area, Belgium, 14 May 1940.C14502069
AIR81/399Sergeant J L C Williams: missing presumed dead; Hurricane L1645 crashed, 15 May 1940.C14502070
AIR81/403Flying Officer T G Pace: injured; Hurricane N2656 failed to return from an operational flight, 15 May 1940.C14502074
AIR81/413Sergeant R G Hopkins and Acting Squadron Leader H Y Lawrence: report of deaths. Leading Aircraftman E L H Thomas: prisoner of war; Blenheim L8853 crashed north east of Arras, France, 18 May 1940.C14502084
AIR81/423Pilot Officer S A C Sibley: missing presumed dead; Hurricane L1943 failed to return from an operational flight, 15 May 1940.C14502094
AIR81/430Flying Officer F C Rose: report of death; Hurricane N2430 crashed near Vitry-en-Artois, France, 18 May 1940.C14502101
AIR81/431Acting Flight Lieutenant I S Soden: report of death; Hurricane N2439 crashed at Biache-Saint-Vaast, France, 18 May 1940. Note: With aircraft identification platesC14502102
AIR81/432Pilot Officer J D Ford: missing, later reported to be safe; Hurricane 1600 force landed at Merville, France, 18 May 1940.C14502103
AIR81/433Flying Officer W N Gray: missing, later reported to be safe; Hurricane N2520 failed to return from an operational flight over France, 19 May 1940.C14502104
AIR81/434Sergeant B C Long: uninjured. Leading Aircraftman T O Burgess: injured. Pilot Officer J J McElligott: report of death from injuries; Battle L5538 crashed at Epernay, France, 19 May 1940.C14502105
AIR81/435Flight Lieutenant P R Barr and Leading Aircraftman V D Rawlings: injured. Sergeant E J Belcher: report of death; Battle N2178 crashed near Rethel, France, 19 May 1940.C14502106
AIR81/436Flying Officer B P Young: injured; air operations in France, 18 May 1940.C14502107
AIR81/437Pilot Officer F B Sutton: injured; air operations in France, 20 May 1940.C14502108
AIR81/438Pilot Officer L G B Stone: missing, later reported to be safe; Hurricane N2538 failed to return from an operational flight, 19 May 1940.C14502109
AIR81/439Leading Aircraftman A M French and Leading Aircraftman P T Edwards: injured; Anson OYD shot off the coast of the Netherlands, 20 May 1940.C14502110
AIR81/443Leading Aircraftman W H Lay: report of death from injuries received during a bombing raid, France, 26 May 1940.C14502114
AIR81/453Flying Officer A P Lines: missing, later reported to be safe; Hurricane N2704 crashed near Brussels, Belgium, 17 May 1940.C14501983
AIR81/463Sergeant J H Lawrenson, Aircraftman 1st Class E Morton, Aircraftman 1st Class S C Ogilvie, Leading Aircraftman C R A Lovejoy, Flying Officer O L Williams and Flying Officer J P Dyer: report of deaths; Wellington L7803 crashed at Belval, France, 22 May 1940.C14501993
AIR81/473Flight Lieutenant M F Peacock: report of death; Hurricane crashed near Arras, France, 20 May 1940.C14502175
AIR81/483Leading Aircraftman A C Jeffrey: injured; Blenheim R3596 crashed on landing, 22 May 1940.C14502185
AIR81/493Pilot Officer V B S Verity: missing, later reported safe; Hurricane P3492 shot down, landed by parachute near Dunkirk, France, 31 May 1940.C14502195
AIR81/503Pilot Officer R Herrick: prisoner of war; Hurricane L2140 crashed east of Brussels, Belgium, 19 May 1940.C14502124
AIR81/513Leading Aircraftman P R Whittle and Sergeant P A M Burrell: report of deaths. Flying Officer R H Jacoby: prisoner of war; Blenheim L8834 crashed at the Somme, France, 23 May 1940.C14502134
AIR81/523Sergeant E Tucker, Leading Aircraftman C W Thompson and Pilot Officer J G Masters: report of deaths; Blenheim L9403 crashed at Morval, France, 23 May 1940.C14502144
AIR81/530Leading Aircraftman A G Smith, Sergeant W Martin and Pilot Officer M E Ryan: report of deaths; Blenheim L9259 failed to return from an operational flight, shot down in the North Sea off Borkum Island, Germany, 24 May 1940.C14502018
AIR81/531Leading Aircraftman J Spencer, Aircraftman 1st Class H Wilkinson, Sergeant J Buckfield and Flight Sergeant J R Mirfin: prisoners of war. Acting Flight Lieutenant I L McLaren: report of death; Whitley N1361 crashed near Ochamps, Belgium, 23 May 1940.C14502019
AIR81/532Sergeant W M F Moffatt injured on landing by parachute; Hurricane L2058 in air operations over Northern France, 22 May 1940.C14502020
AIR81/533Sergeant E P Corrigan: report of death whilst a prisoner of war. Leading Aircraftman L Walker, Sergeant J W Wootton and Sergeant T G Ross: prisoners of war; Hampden L4146 force landed at Horb near Stuttgart, Germany, 24 May 1940.C14502021
AIR81/534Leading Aircraftman C Butterill and Pilot Officer L J Oldacres: report of deaths; Lysander crashed near Wambreches, France, 19 May 1940.C14502022
AIR81/535Sergeant E A Mould: missing, later returned safe; Spitfire K9952 failed to return from an operational flight off the French coast, 24 May 1940.C14502023
AIR81/536Pilot Officer G A Madore: report of death; Hurricane P2730 crashed at Sailly-sur-la-Lys, France, 23 May 1940.C14502024
AIR81/537Pilot Officer Benzie: injured; Hurricane P2550 force landed near Lens, France, 23 May 1940.C14502025
AIR81/538Flying Officer J W Graafstra: report of death; Hurricane P2809 crashed at Feuchy, France, 23 May 1940.C14502026
AIR81/539Pilot Officer J B Smiley: prisoner of war; Hurricane P3392 crashed near Arras, France, 23 May 1940.C14502027
AIR81/543Acting Flight Lieutenant T N Linley: report of death; Spitfire P9455 crashed near Calais, France, 24 May 1940.C14502031
AIR81/553Aircraftman 1st Class L Jenkins: report of death; explosion of bombs on a burning aircraft on airfield at Faux Villecerf, France on 20 May 1940. Note: With photographsC14502004
AIR81/563Sergeant H Rowson: prisoner of war. Sergeant A K R Keates and Leading Aircraftman D V Cleaver: report of deaths; Blenheim L8734 crashed at Dunkirk, France, 25 May 1940. Note: With aircraft identification plate and photographsC14502014
AIR81/573Flying Officer G I Cuthbert: report of death; Hurricane crashed at Aische-en-Refail, Belgium, 14 May 1940. Note: With photographC14502211
AIR81/583Sergeant G L Schwind, Aircraftman 2nd Class A C Brogan and Pilot Officer R E Shaw: report of deaths; Blenheim R3613 crashed at Warneton, Belgium, 26 May 1940. Note: With identity discsC14502221
AIR81/593Leading Aircraftman R V Brown: report of death. Pilot Officer R M P Jenkyns: injured; Hector K8116 in air operations, 27 May 1940.C14502285
AIR81/603Sergeant W J K Evans, Aircraftman 1st Class A A Gillmore and Pilot Officer G M Bailey: report of deaths; Blenheim L8863 crashed at Seninghem, France, 26 May 1940.C14502295
AIR81/613Sergeant W T Medway: report of death; Spitfire L1008 crashed in the Dunkirk area, France, 27 May 1940. Note: With aircraft identification plate and clothing samplesC14502305
AIR81/623Corporal H W King: injured; four mistimed Bofors shells exploded on reaching the ground, 27 May 1940.C14502044
AIR81/630Sergeant A E D Twamley: report of death. Aircraftman 2nd Class S C Thompson and Sergeant R G Bailes: uninjured; Blenheim L8744 shot down at Ghyvelde, east of Dunkirk, France, 28 May 1940.C14502051
AIR81/631Flying Officer C A Lee-Steere: report of death; Hurricane P3486 crashed at Oostkerke, Belgium, 27 May 1940.C14502052

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