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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/3682Pilot Officer D Hastings: killed; mid air collision with Spitfire P7373, 74 Squadron, 8 October 1940.C16687780
AIR81/3683Flight Lieutenant J R T Smalley: missing believed killed; shot down over Kiel, Germany, Spitfire P9382, Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, 8 October 1940.C16687781
AIR81/3684Sergeant C E E Virgo: killed; aircraft accident, Harvard P5283, 20 Service Flying Training School, 8 October 1940.C16687782
AIR81/3685Sergeant R G Walker: killed; mid air collision with Spitfire P5283, Harvard V5972, 20 Service Flying Training School, 8 October 1940.C16687783
AIR81/3686Leading Aircraftman K W F Rusk, Sergeant J N Lawrence: injured; aircraft accident, Hart K4368, 7 Service Flying Training School, 8 October 1940.C16687784
AIR81/3687Sergeant J R Farrow: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane V6820, 229 Squadron, 8 October 1940.C16687785
AIR81/3688Leading Aircraftman E G Plank: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth T5362, 22 Elementary Flying Training School, 8 October 1940.C16687786
AIR81/3689Leading Aircraftman S Blaylock, Aircraftman G M Pring: killed; enemy air raid at RAF Eastleigh 8 October 1940.C16687787
AIR81/3690Wing Commander S McKeever: killed; aircraft accident, Istanbul, Turkey, Lysander, 8 October 1940.C16687788
AIR81/3691Pilot Officer G H Corbett: killed; aerial combat, Spitfire R6779, 66 Squadron, 8 October 1940.C16687789
AIR81/3692Sergeant R L Smith: injured; Sergeant L E Anslow, Sergeant W S Blackadder: uninjured; crashed on landing, Blenheim Mk 4, 82 Squadron, 9 October 1940.C16687790
AIR81/3693Sergeant R A Ward: killed; enemy action, Spitfire N3043, 66 Squadron, 8 October 1940.C16687791
AIR81/3694Sergeant G W Brown, Midshipman D A C Haddingham (Royal Navy), Sergeant W G MacMorland, Sergeant C Cottham, Sergeant J R Wardman: killed; exploded bomb, Whitley P5091, 77 Squadron, 9 October 1940.C16687792
AIR81/3695Sergeant G Loud: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane L1977, 5 Operational Training Unit, 9 October 1940.C16687793
AIR81/3696Pilot Officer F W Buckland: killed; aircraft accident, Spitfire P7329, 74 Squadron, 8 October 1940.C16687794
AIR81/3697Pilot Officer D C Brown: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane L2083, 6 Operational Training Unit, 8 October 1940.C16687795
AIR81/3698Pilot Officer A F Jeffreys, Sergeant J D Shiels, Sergeant R T Bowtell, Sergeant R A W Keeling: killed; aircraft accident, Hampden P1271, 16 Operational Training Unit, 8 October 1940.C16687796
AIR81/3699Pilot Officer J C Mallon, Sergeant W P Whetton, Sergeant A T Shackleford: killed; aircraft crashed near Calais, France, Blenheim T2036, 53 Squadron, 8 October 1940. With identity discs.C16687797
AIR81/3700Aircraftman F H Greening: died of injuries; enemy action at 924 Balloon Squadron, Eastleigh, 8 October 1940.C16687798
AIR81/3701Leading Aircraftman Quinn: injured; aircraft accident, Oxford P8828, Cranwell Flying Training School, 9 October 1940.C16687799
AIR81/3702Pilot Officer H I Goodall, Sergeant R B M Young: killed; shot down, enemy action, Defiant N1627, 264 Squadron, 8 October 1940.C16687800
AIR81/3703Sergeant S Warren: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane V7376, 1 Squadron, 9 October 1940.C16687801
AIR81/3704Flight Lieutenant J G Kerby, Sergeant A Baker, Sergeant W Bolton, Sergeant F Mills: injured; aircraft accident, Beaufort L4484, 42 Squadron, 8 October 1940.C16687802
AIR81/3705Aircraftman Glassbrook, Leading Aircraftman Blaylock, Aircraftman Pring, Aircraftman Greening, Leading Aircraftman T Collier, Aircraftman A Livesay, Aircraftman T E Woodruff, Aircraftman Lythgoe: injured; enemy action at 924 Balloon Squadron, Eastleigh, 8 October 1940.C16687803
AIR81/3706Flight Sergeant E F Bishop, Sergeant F W Soper (Royal Engineers), Sapper E Sillon (Royal Engineers), Sapper S G Harbroes (Royal Engineers), Sapper C F Gravitt (Royal Engineers): killed; Sapper P B Standish (Royal Engineers), Sapper G Etherington (Royal Engineers): injured; defusing enemy bomb at RAF Eastchurch, 9 October 1940.C16687804
AIR81/3707Wing Commander J H Hutchinson, Pilot Officer C C Hicks: killed; aircraft accident, Magister P6347, RAF Pembrey, 8 October 1940.C16687805
AIR81/3708Pilot Officer K W Mackenzie: injured; enemy action, Hurricane V6799, 601 Squadron, 7 October 1940.C16687806
AIR81/3709Pilot Officer J B Mackill, Sergeant E D Stapleton: killed; aircraft accident, Tutor K6103, 2 Flying Training School, 8 October 1940.C16687807
AIR81/3710Pilot Officer G G Elliot: killed; aircraft accident, Auto Gyro, 5 Repair and Maintenance Unit, 10 October 1940.C16687808
AIR81/3711Flying Officer R G Furness, Sergeant P T Catto, Sergeant F G R McDonald, Sergeant K M Davidson, Sergeant M P Reynolds, Sergeant K Shimells: missing believed killed; failed to return from operational flight over Germany, Wellington P9273, 149 Squadron, 10 October 1940.C16687809
AIR81/3712Aircraftman L E Brown: injured; 908 Squadron, enemy action, 9 October 1940.C16687810
AIR81/3713Pilot Officer P H Foster, Sergeant D R Pole: injured; Sergeant H Haslam: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim R2789, 1 Coastal Operational Training Unit, 10 October 1940.C16687811
AIR81/3714Aircraftman H McGibbon: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth R5191, Parachute Training Squadron, 10 October 1940.C16687812
AIR81/3715Pilot Officer R F T Doe: injured; enemy action, Hurricane P3984, 238 Squadron, 10 October 1940.C16687813
AIR81/3716Pilot Officer R C Thomas, Sergeant G E Keel: killed; Pilot Officer J C Kirkpatrick: missing believed killed; aircraft missing, Blenheim N3530, 235 Squadron, 9 October 1940.C16687814
AIR81/3717Sergeant O Hanzlicek (Czech): missing believed drowned; aircraft accident, Hurricane L1547, 312 Squadron, 10 October 1940.C16687815
AIR81/3718Corporal A B Stone: killed; enemy action, Balloon Site 6 /19, 906 Squadron, 10 October 1940.C16687816
AIR81/3719Sergeant V N Buchan, Aircraftman L C Kell: killed; aircraft accident, Vega Gull X9435, 8 Anti Air Cooperation Unit, 10 October 1940.C16687817
AIR81/3720Flying Officer J F Drummond: killed; enemy action, aerial combat, Spitfire X4554, 92 Squadron, 10 October 1940.C16687818
AIR81/3721Flying Officer A H Simmonds, Flying Officer G S P Rooney, Sergeant W Little: injured; enemy action, Beaufort L4491, 42 Squadron, 11 October 1940.C16687819
AIR81/3722Sergeant H N Allgood: killed; failed to return from patrol over Maidstone, Hurricane L1928, 253 Squadron, 10 October 1940.C16687820
AIR81/3723Pilot Officer D G Williams: killed; enemy action, aerial combat, Spitfire X4038, 92 Squadron, 10 October 1940.C16687821
AIR81/3724Flight Sergeant A Carty: prisoner of war; Flying Officer A A Proctor, Flying Officer W A Harris, Sergeant A W Brooke, Sergeant R O Bishop, Sergeant A Hyam: uninjured; returned to base, Wellington L7859, 214 Squadron, 11 October 1940.C16687822
AIR81/3725Pilot Officer L C Murch: injured; enemy action, Hurricane V6570, 253 Squadron, 11 October 1940.C16687823
AIR81/3726Sergeant R Plenderlith: injured; enemy action, Hurricane V6676, 73 Squadron, 11 October 1940.C16687824
AIR81/3727Leading Aircraftman J P Fletcher: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth R5132, 18 Elementary Flying Training School, 11 October 1940.C16687825
AIR81/3728Leading Aircraftman D P Hennessy: injured; enemy action, Balloon Site 8/9, 908 Squadron, 11 October 1940.C16687826
AIR81/3729Sergeant C A H Ayling: died of injuries; forced landing, enemy action, Spitfire P7303, 421 Flight, 11 October 1940.C16687827
AIR81/3730Pilot Officer E R Phillips: injured; enemy action, 235 Squadron, 11 October 1940.C16687828
AIR81/3731Sergeant A T Cowan: injured; Sergeant D H Bernard, Sergeant D W Davis: uninjured; aircraft accident, Whitley P5025 419 Flight, 11 October 1940.C16687829

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