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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/3012Pilot Officer R H Hillary: injured; enemy action, Spitfire X4277, 603 Squadron, 3 September 1940.C16472331
AIR81/3020Sergeant W H A Jones: injured; aircraft accident, Hawarden, Spitfire R6921, 7 Operational Training Unit, 3 September 1940.C16472339
AIR81/3021Sergeant S Wojtowicz (Polish): injured; aerial combat, Hurricane R2688, 303 Squadron, 3 September 1940.C16472340
AIR81/3022Pilot Officer A C Denison, Sergeant R H Cowley, Sergeant J Nicholas: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Moray Firth, Blenheim N3583, 57 Squadron, 2 September 1940.C16472341
AIR81/3023Leading Aircraftman R W A Northey: injured; aircraft accident, Crawford, Tiger Moth G-ADWK, 12 Elementary Flying Training School, 3 September 1940.C16472342
AIR81/3024Sergeant Pilot R C Hanna, Flight Rigger J E Mangion: killed; aircraft accident, Dyce, Blenheim N3529, 254 Squadron, 3 September 1940.C16472343
AIR81/3025Sergeant P A Rowell: injured; aerial combat, Hurricane V6628, 249 Squadron, 3 September 1940.C16472344
AIR81/3026Sergeant J W Turner, Sergeant M Tanner: killed; Sergeant W Parker: injured; aircraft accident, Bury, Blenheim R3621, 17 Operational Training Unit, 3 September 1940.C16472345
AIR81/3027Pilot Officer C R Bon Seigneur: killed; aerial combat, Hurricane P3518, 257 Squadron, 3 September 1940.C16472402
AIR81/3028Pilot Officer D W Hunt: injured; enemy action, Hurricane L1585, 257 Squadron, 3 September 1940.C16472403
AIR81/3029Flying Officer D H W Hanson: killed; aerial combat, Hurricane R4174, 17 Squadron, 3 September 1940.C16472404
AIR81/3032Sergeant F J Howarth, Sergeant K Stibor (Czech): killed; aircraft accident, St Germain near King's Lynn, mid-air collision between Hurricane L1654 and Hurricane L1833, 6 Operational Training Unit, 3 September 1940.C16472407
AIR81/3042Leading Aircraftman J K Millar: injured; aircraft accident, Cranfield, Oxford P8967, 14 Service Flying Training School, 4 September 1940.C16472417
AIR81/3052Leading Aircraftman J S Coogan: injured; aircraft accident, Linton, Magister L8258, 5 Elementary Flying Training School, 4 September 1940.C16472427
AIR81/3062Flying Officer D K C O'Malley, Sergeant L A Rasmussen (RNZAF): killed; crashed after take-off, Defiant N1628, 264 Squadron, 4 September 1940.C16472437
AIR81/3072Sergeant S Bews, Pilot Officer F J Otterway: killed; aircraft accident, Wattisham, Blenheim R3824, 107 Squadron, 4 September 1940.C16472381
AIR81/3082Flight Lieutenant F W Rushmer: missing believed killed; enemy action, Spitfire X4261, 603 Squadron, 5 September 1940.C16472391
AIR81/3092Sergeant J K Barker: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Spitfire R6909, 152 Squadron, 4 September 1940. Note: With identity discsC16472401
AIR81/3102Leading Aircraftman F Hill, Leading Aircraftman E M Clark: injured; aircraft accident, struck by a landing aircraft at RAF Netherthorpe, 6 September 1940.C16472355
AIR81/3112Flight Lieutenant A S Forbes; injured; force landed, enemy action, Hurricane R4179, 303 Squadron, 6 September 1940.C16472365
AIR81/3120Flight Lieutenant R E Lovett: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane P3234, 73 Squadron, 7 September 1940.C16472373
AIR81/3121Sergeant T Y Wallace: injured; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane P3025, 111 Squadron, 7 September 1940.C16472268
AIR81/3122Pilot Officer J Daszewski (Polish): injured; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane P3890, 303 Squadron, 7 September 1940.C16472269
AIR81/3123Sergeant R Smithson: injured; force landed, enemy action, Eastchurch, Hurricane V6574, 249 Squadron, 7 September 1940.C16472270
AIR81/3124Flying Officer T A F Elsdon: injured; aerial combat, Spitfire X4254, 72 Squadron, 7 September 1940.C16472271
AIR81/3125Pilot Officer K V Wendel: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Gravely, Kent, Hurricane L1651, 504 Squadron, 7 September 1940.C16472272
AIR81/3126Squadron Leader J S O'Brien: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Biggin Hill, Spitfire P9466, 234 Squadron, 7 September 1940.C16472273
AIR81/3127Flight Lieutenant R C Reynell: killed; shot down, baled out, aerial combat, Hurricane V7257, 43 Squadron, 7 September 1940.C16472274
AIR81/3128Pilot Officer R D S Fleming: died of wounds; shot down, baled out, aerial combat, Hurricane R4114, 249 Squadron, 7 September 1940.C16472275
AIR81/3129Flight Lieutenant P C Hughes: killed; aerial combat, Spitfire X4009, 234 Squadron, 7 August 1940.C16472276
AIR81/3132Pilot Officer P H V Wells: injured; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane P3594, 249 Squadron, 8 September 1940.C16472279
AIR81/3142Pilot Officer R G Hall, Sergeant J D Randall, Sergeant M B Connacher: missing believed killed; enemy action, Blenheim T2042, 53 Squadron, 8 September 1940.C16472318
AIR81/3152Pilot Officer C de Vic Halkett, Sergeant A V Jacobs, Sergeant J A Easton: killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Ostend, Belgium, Blenheim T1831, 107 Squadron, 9 September 1940.C16472514
AIR81/3162Pilot Officer J S Humphreys: injured; shot down, baled out, aerial combat, Hurricane P2765, 605 Squadron, 9 September 1940.C16472524
AIR81/3172Flying Officer A W L Cobbe, Pilot Officer H M Christopher, Sergeant W H Cassells: missing believed killed; enemy action, Blenheim 3915, 82 Squadron, 8 September 1940.C16472560
AIR81/3182Flight Lieutenant P C Webb: injured; shot down, aerial combat, Spitfire K9910, 602 Squadron, 9 September 1940.C16472570
AIR81/3192Flight Lieutenant R J Reed, Pilot Officer R W Roylance, Sergeant R Halls, Sergeant W A Johnson: killed; aircraft crashed, operational flight over Belgium, Hampden L4097, 50 Squadron, 10 September 1940. Note: With RAAF material emblemC16472580
AIR81/3200Sergeant S Duszynski (Polish): missing believed killed; enemy action, Hurricane R2682, 238 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16472588
AIR81/3201Sergeant S Duszynski (Polish): missing believed killed; enemy action, Hurricane R2682, 238 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16472589
AIR81/3202Flight Lieutenant F W Flood, Pilot Officer N B Shorrocks, Sergeant B Sharp: missing believed killed; presumed enemy action, Blenheim L9396, 235 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16472590
AIR81/3203Pilot Officer P R MacGregor: injured; enemy action, Hurricane U3094, 46 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16472591
AIR81/3204Flight Lieutenant D P Hughes: missing believed killed; enemy action, Hurricane U7240, 238 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16472592
AIR81/3205Sergeant D W Elcome: injured; aircraft accident, Felpham, Spitfire L1040, 602 Squadron, 10 September 1940.C16472593
AIR81/3206Aircraftman L Howarth: killed; enemy action, 902 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16472594
AIR81/3207Pilot Officer W Towers-Perkins: injured; shot down, baled out, aerial combat, Hurricane P3096, 238 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16472595
AIR81/3208Squadron Leader W M Churchill: injured; enemy combat, Hurricane P3588, 605 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16472596
AIR81/3209Flight Lieutenant A S Forbes: injured; enemy action, Hurricane V7465, 303 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16472597
AIR81/3210Sergeant W A Peacock: missing believed killed; failed to return from patrol, presumed enemy action, Hurricane S7232, 46 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16472598
AIR81/3211Flying Officer R A D Foster, Sergeant E L Tiley, Sergeant A N Williamson: injured; Sergeant F A Johnson: uninjured; enemy action, Hampden P1352, 14 Operational Training Unit, 12 September 1940.C16472599
AIR81/3212Pilot Officer P C Wickings-Smith, Pilot Officer A W V Green, Sergeant R D Watts: missing believed killed; enemy action, Blenheim Z5725, 235 Squadron, 11 September 1940.C16472600

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