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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/3832Pilot Officer G Radwanski (Polish): injured; aircraft accident, Hurricane V6758, 601 Squadron, 15 October 1940.C16687930
AIR81/3833Aircraftman J W Mansell: killed; enemy action at Wrotham Heath, 15 October 1940.C16687931
AIR81/3834Pilot Officer E E Hives: missing believed killed; Sergeant D B Jones, Sergeant E Jones: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim T2319, 59 Squadron, 17 October 1940.C16687932
AIR81/3835Sergeant J Zaluski (Polish): killed; failed to return from air operations, Hurricane V7417, 302 Squadron, 17 October 1940.C16687933
AIR81/3836Sergeant T O Ivey: injured; aircraft accident, Spitfire N3066, 616 Squadron, 18 October 1940.C16687934
AIR81/3837Aircraftman E Moore: killed; enemy action at Balloon Site 11, 923 Balloon Squadron, 18 October 1940.C16687935
AIR81/3838Sergeant E E Sheppard: killed; aircraft accident, Spitfire R6607, 152 Squadron, 18 October 1940.C16687936
AIR81/3839Aircraftman T Ward: injured; enemy action at Balloon Site 11, 923 Balloon Squadron, 18 October 1940.C16687937
AIR81/3840Sergeant R Potter: killed; Pilot Officer B R Evans, Leading Aircraftman R C S Glover, Sergeant Molineux: injured; aircraft accident, Hampden L4195, 49 Squadron, 17 October 1940.C16687938
AIR81/3841Pilot Officer A Carey-Hill: injured; aircraft accident, Spitfire N3067, 7 Operational Training Unit, 18 October 1940.C16687939
AIR81/3842Leading Aircraftman M E Shirtliff: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Master N7576, 8 Service Flying Training School, 18 October 1940.C16687940
AIR81/3843Sergeant E B Childs, Flight Sergeant K Fridd, Sergeant J Westwater: injured; aircraft accident, Blenheim K7180, 30 Squadron, 18 October 1940.C16687941
AIR81/3844Aircraftman A A Summerfield: killed; enemy action, 615 Squadron, 18 October 1940.C16687942
AIR81/3845Aircraftman A L Mayo: killed; enemy action, 615 Squadron, 18 October 1940.C16687943
AIR81/3846Aircraftman R J Foster: killed; enemy action at Harrow, 615 Squadron, RAF Northolt, 18 October 1940.C16687944
AIR81/3847Pilot Officer A Zukowski (Polish): killed; failed to return from air operations, Spitfire V6571, 302 Squadron, 18 October 1940.C16687945
AIR81/3848Aircraftman S T Nicholls: killed; enemy action at Harrow, 615 Squadron, RAF Northolt, 18 October 1940.C16687946
AIR81/3849Pilot Officer R Atkinson: killed; shot down, enemy action, Hurricane P3174, 213 Squadron, 17 October 1940.C16687947
AIR81/3850Flying Officer J Borowski: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane P3930, 302 Squadron, 18 October 1940.C16687948
AIR81/3851Flying Officer M N Hesketh: missing believed killed; failed to return from air operations, Spitfire P9384, Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, 17 October 1940.C16687949
AIR81/3852Pilot Officer J G G Walkington: injured; aircraft accident, Hart K6502, 1 Service Flying Training School, 19 October 1940.C16687950
AIR81/3853Pilot Officer S Wapniarek (Polish): killed; shot down, enemy action, Hurricane PUW, 302 Squadron, 18 October 1940.C16687951
AIR81/3854Sergeant L C Allton: killed; failed to return from patrol, Spitfire R6922, 92 Squadron, 19 October 1940.C16687952
AIR81/3855Aircraftman W Hammond, Aircraftman A Griddel: killed; Aircraftman M O'Connor, Leading Aircraftman J Forrester, Aircraftman R M Smith, Aircraftman D Leftwicke: injured; enemy action at Site 7/15 907 Balloon Squadron, 19 October 1940.C16687953
AIR81/3856Flying Officer P E G Carter: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane P3931, 302 Squadron, 18 October 1940.C16687954
AIR81/3857Aircraftman N S Hannibal: injured; enemy action at RAF Henlow, 20 October 1940.C16687955
AIR81/3858Flight Lieutenant E L Cullimore, Pilot Officer L C Quick, Leading Aircraftman R V Minton, Leading Aircraftman W R York, Leading Aircraftman J C Perrie: missing believed killed; failed to return from air operations over Benghazi, Bombay L5816, 216 Squadron, 19 October 1940.C16687956
AIR81/3859Aircraftman J Massey: injured; enemy action at Balloon Site 11, 923 Balloon Squadron, 18 October 1940.C16687957
AIR81/3860Sergeant J Kirk: injured; shot down, enemy action, Spitfire P7370, 74 Squadron, 20 October 1940.C16687958
AIR81/3861Flying Officer P W Lefevre: injured; enemy action, Hurricane V6803, 46 Squadron, 20 October 1940.C16687959
AIR81/3862Sergeant C G Hilken: injured; enemy action, Spitfire P7426, 74 Squadron, 20 October 1940.C16687960
AIR81/3863Flying Officer D T Parrott: injured; forced landing, cause unknown, Hurricane Z2352, 421 Flight, 19 October 1940.C16687961
AIR81/3864Pilot Officer D P Crittall, Sergeant W Batson: killed; aircraft accident, Lysander R9128, 225 Squadron, 21 October 1940.C16687962
AIR81/3865Flying Officer B Statham, Sergeant H Vertican: injured; aircraft accident, Wellington L4220, 15 Operational Training Unit, 21 October 1940.C16687963
AIR81/3866Sergeant Copcutt: killed; Pilot Officer G M Baird, Sergeant Burton (RNZAF), Sergeant Wood: prisoners of war; aircraft crashed near Stavanger, Norway, Blenheim P6952, 248 Squadron, 20 October 1940.C16687964
AIR81/3867Pilot Officer E H Brown, Sergeant L F P Adlam, Sergeant M C Caryll-de-Tilkin: killed; Sergeant C S C Green: died of injuries; Sergeant R E Langfield: injured; crash landing on return from air operations over enemy territory, Whitley T4171, 58 Squadron, 21 October 1940.C16687965
AIR81/3868Pilot Officer S R Gane: killed; Pilot Officer M D Green, Sergeant N J Stocks: missing believed killed; shot down, enemy action, Blenheim L9453, 248 Squadron, 20 October 1940.C16687966
AIR81/3869Sergeant R H Gilbert: injured; Flying Officer C G Christophers, Sergeant F C N Ketteley, Sergeant J H Wright, Sergeant W S Hawkins, Sergeant D W G Sharp: uninjured; aircraft accident, Wellington P3228, 99 Squadron, 20 October 1940.C16687967
AIR81/3870Sergeant C W Hartop, Sergeant C V Stubbs, Sergeant R G Bennett, Sergeant R L Milbourne: killed; shot down and crashed at Dahlem, Berlin, Hampden P2137, 44 Squadron, 21 October 1940.C16687968
AIR81/3871Sergeant H E Greene: injured; Flying Officer B Brooke, Sergeant G S Halley, Sergeant J Henderson, Sergeant R F J Duncan: uninjured; forced landing on return from air operations over enemy territory, Whitley P5058, 58 Squadron, 21 October 1940.C16687969
AIR81/3872Pilot Officer H J W Meakin: injured; Sergeant Hutson, Sergeant G T Hadnam: uninjured; Blenheim R3699, 53 Squadron, 21 October 1940.C16687970
AIR81/3873Pilot Officer J H Green, Sergeant W Hirst, Sergeant R W Coutts, Pilot Officer E Bingham: injured; aircraft accident, Hampden X2962, 49 Squadron, 21 October 1940.C16687971
AIR81/3874Sergeant M S Smith: killed; aircraft accident, Spitfire N3235, 7 Operational Training Unit, 21 October 1940.C16687972
AIR81/3875Pilot Officer W S Williams: killed; aircraft accident, Spitfire X4265, 266 Squadron, 21 October 1940.C16687973
AIR81/3876Pilot Officer R J Cooper, Pilot Officer G K Gilson, Sergeant A J Belsey, Sergeant R I Evans, Sergeant R T G Towers, Sergeant T V Minot: injured; aircraft accident, Wellington N3014, 11 Operational Training Unit, 21 October 1940.C16687974
AIR81/3877Sergeant G Robson: injured; Pilot Officer K T Hannah, Sergeant A L Chapman, Sergeant J A Clemett, Sergeant G F Almond: uninjured; baled out on return from air operations over enemy territory, Whitley P4933, 102 Squadron, 19 October 1940.C16687975
AIR81/3878Sergeant L H Hillelson: killed; Sergeant J F F Kerr, Sergeant A W Dismore: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim L8871, 13 Operational Training Unit, 21 October 1940. With photographs.C16687976
AIR81/3879Flight Lieutenant A S Phillips, Sergeant D B Gordon, Sergeant W A Lofthouse, Sergeant C P Mapplethorpe, Sergeant I G Wills: killed; shot down and crashed at Ohrigen, Germany, Whitley T4152, 10 Squadron, 22 October 1940. With photograph.C16687977
AIR81/3880Flight Lieutenant H M F Barnitt: killed; Sergeant A J Finch: died of injuries; Aircraftman J W Beaumont: injured; aircraft accident, Blenheim T2112, 203 Squadron, 20 October 1940.C16687978
AIR81/3881Flight Lieutenant S O Tudor, Sergeant Hudson, Sergeant Crombie, Sergeant Schuller: injured; aircraft accident, Hampden X2976, 144 Squadron, 21 October 1940.C16687979

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