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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/3882Flight Lieutenant C L Gilbert, Pilot Officer N J Edwards, Sergeant M G Harris, Sergeant F Haigh, Sergeant J D Broad, Sergeant F Read: injured; aircraft accident, Wellington T2820, 75 Squadron, 21 October 1940.C16687980
AIR81/3883Sergeant E G Greenwood: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane P3657, 245 Squadron, 21 October 1940.C16687981
AIR81/3884Sergeant V C Durrant, Sergeant R M Edwards, Sergeant A Heaney: killed; crash landing on return from air operations over enemy territory, Wellesley K7774, 223 Squadron, 22 October 1940.C16687982
AIR81/3885Pilot Officer D L McGregor-MacDonald, Sergeant F Woodruff: injured; aircraft accident, Battle P2327, 142 Squadron, 22 October 1940.C16687983
AIR81/3886Sergeant J McMasters, Sergeant P F Morris: killed; Sergeant J C Pearce: injured; aircraft accident, Battle P6601, 226 Squadron, 22 October 1940.C16687984
AIR81/3887Aircraftman J A W Jenkin: injured; enemy action at Site 43/21, 934 Balloon Squadron, 22 October 1940.C16687985
AIR81/3888Sergeant K J Keates, Leading Aircraftman I R Gordon: injured; aircraft accident, Magister T9731, 15 Elementary Flying Training School, 21 October 1940.C16687986
AIR81/3889Flying Officer W J Carr, Flight Lieutenant S Wroath: uninjured; Mr J W Parsons, Mr F L Oxley: killed; mid air collision between Hampden P4354 and Brewster AS430, Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment, 22 October 1940.C16687987
AIR81/3890Sergeant J P Morrison: killed; shot down, baled out, aerial combat, Hurricane R4074, 46 Squadron, 22 October 1940.C16687988
AIR81/3891Sergeant T Williams: injured; Sergeant H Irving, Sergeant R I Eastwood, Sergeant J Robertson: uninjured; aircraft accident, Hampden P1343, 14 Operational Training Unit, 22 October 1940.C16687989
AIR81/3892Pilot Officer N B Heywood: killed; hit by friendly ground fire during aerial combat, Hurricane R4195, 257 Squadron, 22 October 1940.C16687990
AIR81/3893Flying Officer P C B St John: killed; enemy action, Spitfire P7431, 74 Squadron, 22 October 1940.C16687991
AIR81/3894Sergeant L A Dyke: missing believed killed; failed to return from patrol over Hornsea, Spitfire X4032, 64 Squadron, 27 September 1940.C16687992
AIR81/3895Sergeant R H B Fraser: killed; presumed shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane V6851, 257 Squadron, 22 October 1940.C16687993
AIR81/3896Sergeant D E O'Flaherty: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim L1106, 2 Operational Training Unit, 23 October 1940.C16687994
AIR81/3897Pilot Officer A R A Forbes, Leading Aircraftman R A Coward: killed; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth R4920, 1 Elementary Flying Training School, 22 October 1940.C16687995
AIR81/3898Flight Lieutenant E C N Jefferies, Flying Officer W Ledlie, Corporal A H K Robertson, Leading Aircraftman W J Wynne-Hartley, Leading Aircraftman L D Rudling, Air Vice Marshall C H B Blount, Lieutenant Commander M J Toole (Royal Navy), Lieutenant T J Mathias (Royal Navy), Pilot Officer G Grant, Pilot Officer F E Strong, Warrant Officer A Berry: killed; aircraft accident, Hertfordshire R2510, 24 Squadron, 23 October 1940.C16687996
AIR81/3899Sergeant J Krawczyk (Polish), Leading Aircraftman W C Clarke, Leading Aircraftman A E Day: injured; aircraft accident, Anson N5245, 6 Air Observer Navigation School, 23 October 1940.C16687997
AIR81/3900Flight Sergeant W T C Morman: killed; aircraft accident, Henley L3316, 1 Anti Air Cooperation Unit, 16 October 1940.C16687998
AIR81/3901Flying Officer R T Shaw, Flying Officer I F Davies: killed; aircraft accident, Proctor P6274, 8 Maintenance Unit, 23 October 1940.C16687999
AIR81/3902Pilot Officer P R S Hurst: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim L1272, 600 Squadron, 23 October 1940.C16688000
AIR81/3903Pilot Officer C L Elliott: injured; Leading Aircraftman J T Farmer, Leading Aircraftman D G Lawrence: uninjured; aircraft accident between Tiger Moth T7031 and Tiger Moth R4757, 2 Elementary Flying Training School, 23 October 1940.C16688001
AIR81/3904Pilot Officer H M Coombs, Sergeant F Hutson: killed; Sergeant A W Milroy, Sergeant K W Bordycott, Sergeant G R Lyon, Sergeant J A Sparks, Pilot Officer D V Gilmour: injured; aircraft accident, Wellington L7775, 20 Operational Training Unit, 23 October 1940.C16688002
AIR81/3905Pilot Officer D T Jay: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane P3404, 87 Squadron, 24 October 1940.C16688003
AIR81/3906Flying Officer J R Cock: injured; aircraft accident, Hurricane V7589, 87 Squadron, 24 October 1940.C16688004
AIR81/3907Leading Aircraftman G R Winters: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth N9327, 1 Elementary Flying Training School, 24 October 1940.C16688005
AIR81/3908Leading Aircraftman C D Higginson: aircraft accident, Henley L3272, 1 Anti Air Cooperation Unit, 24 October 1940.C16688006
AIR81/3909Pilot Officer J A Milne: injured; enemy action, Hurricane V6783, 604 Squadron, 22 October 1940.C16688007
AIR81/3910Flight Lieutenant N B Mole, Sergeant D A J Smith, Sergeant J Sharvin, Sergeant A Campbell: missing believed killed; failed to return from air operations over enemy territory, Hudson P5132, 269 Squadron, 24 October 1940.C16688008
AIR81/3911Sergeant I C Scoular, Pilot Officer T E Lee, Pilot Officer T R Murfitt: killed; Pilot Officer A G Davies, Sergeant A S Wildon: injured; shot down, enemy action, Whitley P5073, 102 Squadron, 24 October 1940.C16688009
AIR81/3912Sergeant W H Atkinson, Sergeant J C Grimble: injured; Flying Officer J T Burgess: uninjured; aircraft accident, Glenn Martin AR710, 413 Flight, Bircham Newton, 24 October 1940.C16688010
AIR81/3913Sergeant H T Knowles: killed; Pilot Officer W O Weaber, Pilot Officer W B Allen, Sergeant A F J Heaton: uninjured; enemy action, aerial combat, Hudson N7257, 233 Squadron, 24 October 1940.C16688011
AIR81/3914Sergeant R G W Oakley: injured; Sergeant A A Horn, Sergeant R R B Durtnall, Sergeant T L F Keete: uninjured; forced landing on return from air operations, Hampden X2980, 61 Squadron, 21 October 1940.C16688012
AIR81/3915Pilot Officer J Burzymski (Polish): killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane R6807, 303 Squadron, 24 October 1940.C16688013
AIR81/3916Pilot Officer B Rodziewicz (Polish), Sergeant W Boyle: injured; aircraft accident, Swordfish K5927, 2 Anti Air Cooperation Unit, 24 October 1940.C16688014
AIR81/3917Pilot Officer M Najbicz (Polish), Sergeant F Ironside: injured; aircraft accident, Roc L3172, 2 Anti Aircraft Cooperation Unit, 24 October 1940.C16688015
AIR81/3918Flying Officer L O Stocken, Sergeant Saville, Sergeant Holden: injured; aircraft accident, Blenheim L1525, 3 Radio Servicing Section, 24 October 1940.C16688016
AIR81/3919Sergeant D Stoodley: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane V7303, 43 Squadron, 24 October 1940.C16688017
AIR81/3920Flight Lieutenant E G F Chivers, Sergeant F W Davis, Sergeant J B McConnell, Sergeant W Cosgrove, Sergeant A J Hughes, Sergeant R W James: killed; shot down and crashed at Kohlen, Germany, Wellington L7809, 38 Squadron, 24 October 1940. With photographs and aircraft serial number plates.C16688018
AIR81/3921Sergeant H Bouquillard: injured; enemy action, Hurricane V7409, 249 Squadron, 25 October 1940.C16688019
AIR81/3922Pilot Officer L Martel: injured; aerial combat, Spitfire P7325, 603 Squadron, 25 October 1940.C16688020
AIR81/3923Pilot Officer T Dabrowski (Polish), Sergeant L Ustyanowski (Polish), Aircraftman E Evans: killed; aircraft accident, Battle V1228, 9 Bombing and Gunnery School, 25 October 1940.C16688021
AIR81/3924Leading Aircraftman J S Bunbury: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth L6920, 2 Elementary Flying Training School, 25 October 1940.C16688022
AIR81/3925Sergeant F Levitt, Sergeant S Furney: injured; Sergeant A Gordon: uninjured; enemy action, Blenheim L8362, 84 Squadron, 25 October 1940.C16688023
AIR81/3926Sergeant J M B Beard: injured; enemy action, Hurricane P3615, 249 Squadron, 25 October 1940.C16688024
AIR81/3927Pilot Officer R D Yule: injured; enemy action, Hurricane Y3926, 145 Squadron, 25 October 1940.C16688025
AIR81/3928Pilot Officer J F Soden: injured; shot down, baled out, aerial combat, Spitfire P7365, 603 Squadron, 25 October 1940.C16688026
AIR81/3929Pilot Officer W B Pattullo: died of injuries; forced landing, enemy action, Hurricane V6804, 46 Squadron, 25 October 1940.C16688027
AIR81/3930Flight Lieutenant F Jasterebski (Polish): killed; crashed at sea, Hurricane V7593, 302 Squadron, 25 October 1940.C16688028
AIR81/3931Flying Officer J C Corby: injured; aircraft accident, Whitley N1394, 10 Operational Training Unit, 25 October 1940.C16688029

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