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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/6331Flying Officer G J Lynes, Wing Commander W M Graham, Flying Officer F S W Webb, Sergeant S R Gear, Sergeant W C Hamilton: killed; Sergeant T E Wady: prisoner of war; aircraft shot down and crashed at Plant Lunn, Germany, Wellington R1473, 304 Squadron, 9 May 1941.C16755629
AIR81/6332Sergeant R J Harris, Corporal A D Dearden, Aircraftman R J Blunn, Aircraftman S T Everson Sergeant J R Vigar; killed; enemy action at RAF Waddington, 9 May 1941.C16755630
AIR81/6333Pilot Officer A J E Thorne: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane V7200, 55 Operational Training Unit, 9 May 1941.C16755631
AIR81/6334Sergeant D Isherwood: injured; Flying Officer C C Clegg: uninjured; aircraft hit by friendly fire, Beaufighter R2240, 29 Squadron, 9 May 1941.C16755632
AIR81/6335Sergeant R T D Mercer: killed; aerial combat, shot down and crashed at St Margarets Bay near Dover, Spitfire P7305, 609 Squadron, 9 May 1941.C16755633
AIR81/6336Pilot Officer B Maitland-Thompson: injured; force landed, enemy action, aerial combat, Spitfire F6908, 92 Squadron, 9 May 1941.C16755634
AIR81/6337Sergeant D W B Henley: injured; aircraft accident, Tomahawk AK381, 250 Squadron, 8 May 1941.C16755635
AIR81/6338Sergeant C R Burch, Pilot Officer D Martin, Sergeant W G H Dauncey, Sergeant J A Keates: killed; Sergeant D Westmacott, Sergeant G D K Jones: prisoners of war, aircraft shot down over Wilhelmshaven, Wellington R1506, 149 Squadron, 9 May 1941.C16755636
AIR81/6339Sergeant J A H Kirkpatrick: injured; Sergeant J Burns, Sergeant V E White: uninjured; aircraft crashed at RAF Portreath on return from operational flight, enemy action, Blenheim V6377, 18 Squadron, 9 May 1941.C16755637
AIR81/6340Squadron Leader R Langebear, Pilot Officer J R Stone, Sergeant A K Newberry: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight near Brest, France, Blenheim V6379, 18 Squadron, 9 May 1941.C16755638
AIR81/6341Sergeant W H Browell; killed; Sergeant A W Dean, Sergeant J L Smith, Sergeant R J Bennett, Sergeant W McGregor, Sergeant M G Robertson: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Germany, Wellington R3208, 214 Squadron, 9 May 1941.C16755639
AIR81/6342Sergeant I B Oultram: killed; Flying Officer P J Gordon-Hall, Sergeant J M C Poole: prisoners of war; aircraft hit by enemy anti aircraft fire over Mosul Aerodrome, Iraq, Blenheim T2072, 203 Squadron, 9 May 1941.C16755640
AIR81/6343Sergeant B W Smeaton: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim L1494, 54 Operational Training Unit, 10 May 1941.C16755641
AIR81/6344Flying Officer P R Fowler: injured; Sergeant D L Clarke: uninjured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth R4903, 22 Elementary Training School, 10 May 1941.C16755642
AIR81/6345Leading Aircraftman R E M Chaplin: injured; aircraft accident, Magister L8273, 15 Elementary Flying Training School, 9 May 1941.C16755643
AIR81/6346Squadron Leader F L H Eddison, Pilot Officer N M K Kirkcaldie, Sergeant J Holt, Sergeant K Tait, Sergeant A F Wilson, Sergeant C Paton: killed; aircraft crashed at Anna Paulowna, Netherlands, Wellington R1226, 214 Squadron, 9 May 1941.C16755644
AIR81/6347Squadron Leader G C N Close, Flying Officer F G Roberts, Sergeant G Richards: killed; aircraft shot down and crashed at Boulogne Sur Mer, France, Blenheim T1874, 59 Squadron, 9 May 1941.C16755645
AIR81/6348Pilot Officer S J Pearmain: injured; Squadron Leader E C Wolfe: uninjured; aircraft accident, Defiant N1725, 141 Squadron, 6 May 1941.C16755646
AIR81/6349Pilot Officer F K Gill, Pilot Officer G D G Hudson, Sergeant H Q Francis, Sergeant R C H Blatchford: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Germany, Hampden X3062, 83 Squadron, 9 May 1941.C16755647
AIR81/6350Sergeant D R Tillen: killed; Sergeant P M Grant: injured; Pilot Officer O L S Philpott, Sergeant J G S West: uninjured; enemy action, Beaufort N1017, 42 Squadron, 10 May 1941.C16755648
AIR81/6351Aircraftman W H Stoate, Aircraftman W N Petts, Aircraftman J Barritt, Aircraftman L W Brown, Aircraftman G H Stewart, Aircraftman H A P Pickering: injured; enemy action at 11 Initial Training Wing, Scarborough, 10 May 1941.C16755649
AIR81/6352Sergeant T Bojakowski (Polish), Pilot Officer W Brzozowski (Polish), Flying Officer S Rewkowski (Polish), Sergeant A Lipecki (Polish), Sergeant K Golebiowski (Polish), Flying Officer I Dudek (Polish): killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Bremen, Wellington R1227, 301 Squadron, 9 September 1941.C16755650
AIR81/6353Flying Officer A Velebnovsky (Czech): injured; aircraft accident, Hurricane Z2919, 1 Squadron, 9 May 1941.C16755651
AIR81/6354Sergeant F A Braybrook, Sergeant H Timlin: injured; Pilot Officer J F W Elliott, Sergeant E T Borsharry, Sergeant C Baldwin: uninjured; aircraft accident, Whitley T41446, 102 Squadron, 10 May 1941.C16755652
AIR81/6355Sergeant P A Mills: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational sortie, Spitfire P9552, 1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, 10 May 1941.C16755653
AIR81/6356Aircraftman T J Groom: killed; enemy action at RAF Portreath, 10 May 1941.C16755654
AIR81/6357Sergeant A G Couch, Sergeant A E N Prickett: killed; enemy action at RAF Habbaniya, Iraq, 6 May 1941.C16755655
AIR81/6358Leading Aircraftman E W Mace: killed; enemy action at RAF Habbaniya, Iraq, 4 Service Flying Training School, Habbaniya, Iraq, 6 May 1941.C16755656
AIR81/6359Sergeant C Cox, Sergeant J Creed, Lieutenant A U M Campbell (SAAF), Sergeant K Van Der Vyver (SAAF): missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from reconnaissance flight between Tobruk and Bardia, Maryland AH296, 39 Squadron, 8 May 1941.C16755657
AIR81/6360Pilot Officer M F J Brunicardi: injured; Pilot Officer Ross, Sergeant J Wayland, Sergeant K Street: uninjured; enemy action, Hampden P4373, 44 Squadron, 8 May 1941.C16755658
AIR81/6361Pilot Officer P Myers, Sergeant B Kipling, Sergeant G A Selby, Sergeant H G Browne, Sergeant A Jackson: killed; aircraft shot down and crashed near Marheeze Weert, Holland, Whitley VP510, 51 Squadron, 10 May 1941.C16755659
AIR81/6362Pilot Officer I McG Pringle, Pilot Officer J S H Fairweather: killed; aircraft accident, near Habbaniya, Iraq, Audax K3084, 4 Service Flying Training School, 6 May 1941.C16755660
AIR81/6363Pilot Officer I K Woodroffe, Sergeant J R Fry (RNZAF), Sergeant S L Tillotson, Sergeant H Gillies, Sergeant H Baines, Flying Officer M M Marsh: prisoners of war; shot down and crashed South of Scheldt Estuary, Wellington R1447, 214 Squadron, 9 May 1941.C16755661
AIR81/6364Multiple casualties: enemy bombing raids; Chaucer School, Tabard Street, London, 10 and 11 May 1941.C16755662
AIR81/6365Sergeant J Anderson: killed; Sergeant A M Kerr, Sergeant W J A Legg, Sergeant G W Hogg, Sergeant A B Morgan, Sergeant D W Fraser: prisoners of war; aircraft shot down and crashed near Tonning, Germany, Wellington R1379,115 Squadron, 11 May 1941.C16755663
AIR81/6366Sergeant L Thorpe, Pilot Officer R Wallis-Stolzle, Sergeant P J Lewis, Sergeant H E Bailey, Sergeant P W Emmett: killed; aircraft shot down and crashed at Heisfelde, Germany, Whitley T4147, 78 Squadron, 9 May 1941.C16755664
AIR81/6367Pilot Officer F Behal (Czech): killed; enemy action, Hurricane A72921, 1 Squadron, 11 May 1941.C16755665
AIR81/6368Multiple casualties: Royal Air Force, including Royal Norwegian Air Force, personnel; sustained following the torpedoing and sinking of SS Nerissa, 30 April 1941.C16755666
AIR81/6369Squadron Leader T J Shaw, Corporal J Woodward: injured; aircraft accident, Magister N5396, 8 Anti Air Co-operation Unit, 11 May 1941.C16755667
AIR81/6370Pilot Officer J Tanski (Polish), Leading Aircraftman Jones: injured; Leading Aircraftman Gallaghar, Leading Aircraftman Brown: uninjured; aircraft accident, Blenheim L1338, 5 Bombing and Gunnery School, 11 May 1941.C16755668
AIR81/6371Flight Sergeant J H Tranter: killed; Flight Lieutenant J J Lowe: missing believed killed; aircraft lost at sea, Beaufighter BT2339, 252 Squadron, 11 May 1941.C16755669
AIR81/6372Pilot Officer P R Gillespy, Aircraftman V M Everix: killed; forced landing near Fallujah, Iraq, Audax K7543, 4 Service Flying Training School, 2 May 1941.C16755670
AIR81/6373Sergeant T C Pugh, Sergeant J G Keymer, Pilot Officer G R N Adams, Sergeant L G Sutherland, Sergeant F C Ockenden, Sergeant T N Menage: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over Hamburg Germany, Wellington R1512, 149 Squadron, 10 May 1941.C16755671
AIR81/6374Sub Lieutenant R D B Hopkins (Royal Navy), Sergeant G Ball: interned; aircraft force landed in Casablanca, French Morocco, Beaufighter T3229, 252 Squadron, 1 May 1941.C16755672
AIR81/6375Flying Officer V C D Spiller, Sergeant G W Rowe, Flight Sergeant G Smith, Sergeant H K Trewhella, Sergeant A E Vickers, Sergeant G B Paterson: killed; aircraft failed to return from operational sortie over Hamburg, Wellington R1435, 150 Squadron, 10 May 1941. With photographs.C16755673
AIR81/6376Aircraftman E J W Bacon: killed; Aircraftman W Lees, Sergeant L A Crozier: injured; ground collision at RAF Heston between Spitfire R6817 and Spitfire R6720, 53 Operational Training Unit, 11 May 1941.C16755674
AIR81/6377Pilot Officer McKnight: uninjured; Sergeant A J T Webborn: injured; forced landing, Lysander R2008, 1 School of Army Co-operation, 11 May 1941. With photographs.C16755675
AIR81/6378Pilot Officer A Narucki (Polish): died of injuries; aircraft collision, Hurricane Z3435, 302 Squadron, 11 May 1941.C16755676
AIR81/6379Squadron Leader J P Gethin, Sergeant L White, Sergeant E C Cruttenenden: killed; aircraft crashed, enemy action, South Rutbah Fort, Iraq, Blenheim L1974, 204 Squadron, 10 May 1941.C16755677
AIR81/6380Pilot Officer R H Vaughan, Sergeant S A Taylor: killed; Flight Lieutenant C G C Rawlins, Pilot Officer R F J Featherstone: prisoners of war; aircraft crashed at Hoern Holland, aerial combat, Hampden AD900, 144 Squadron, 11 May 1941. With photographs.C16755678

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