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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/7195Pilot Officer A B Baird (RNZAF), Pilot Officer J H Walls, Flight Sergeant I N Lister, Sergeant A S Rowan, Sergeant S E Bird: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Hamburg, Germany, Wellington L5456, 40 Squadron, 30 June 1941.C16756492
AIR81/7196Sergeant P C Penberthy, Pilot Officer A A Morgan, Sergeant J J Clinch, Sergeant C K McKenzie (RNZAF): killed; Sergeant P McLaren (RNZAF), Flying Officer F E Eustace (RNZAF), Sergeant J Elkington: missing believed killed; aircraft crashed in North Sea near Hasum, Germany, Manchester L7374, 97 Squadron, 27 June 1941.C16756493
AIR81/7197Sergeant J H Culley, Sergeant W H Featherstone, Sergeant B R Wallace, Sergeant J N D Bailey, Sergeant B N Booth: prisoners of war; enemy action, baled out near Meldorf, Germany, Whitley T4297, 102 Squadron, 27 June 1941.C16756494
AIR81/7198Sergeant A D Buchanan: injured; aircraft accident at RAF Ismailia, Egypt, Hurricane V7812, 94 Squadron, 26 June 1941.C16756495
AIR81/7199Flight Lieutenant W H Holland: prisoner of war; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over France, Spitfire P8185, 266 Squadron, 27 June 1941.C16756496
AIR81/7219Pilot Officer M F Andrews: prisoner of war; aircraft crashed near Boulogne; Spitfire P7379, 19 Squadron, 27 June 1941.C16756516
AIR81/7319Aircraftman F R Crossland: killed; crushed by packing crate, RAF Headquarters Northern Ireland, 2 July 1941.C16756616
AIR81/7419Sergeant B Wood: injured; enemy action, aerial combat over Bomford Bridge, Spitfire R7299, 603 Squadron, 8 July 1941.C16756716
AIR81/7519Flight Lieutenant P Ward-Smith: prisoner of war; shot down, aerial combat over northern France, Spitfire P8523, 610 Squadron, 10 July 1941.C16756816
AIR81/7619Flight Sergeant S T Harpham, Sergeant J A MacCallum, Sergeant R Lever, Sergeant J Hyland: injured; Sergeant D H W Freeman, Sergeant J E Partridge, Sergeant M O Fisher, Sergeant W L Cox: uninjured; collision during take off at Woolfox Landing Ground between Anson R3386 and Hampden P1289, 14 Operational Training Unit, 15 July 1941.C16756916
AIR81/7719Pilot Officer W H King, Sergeant P E Neale, Sergeant R E Lea: killed; Aircraftman C H Hore: died of injuries; Aircraftman DR Corner, injured; eleven NAAFI women employees: six killed, four injured; aircraft accident at RAF Aldergrove, Blenheim T2120, 254 Squadron, 19 July 1941.C16757016
AIR81/7819Sergeant H T Holme, Sergeant L M Megginson: missing believed killed; Sergeant R Evans, Sergeant W M Watt: killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over North Sea, Hampden AD843, 50 Squadron, 24 July 1941.C16757116
AIR81/7919Pilot Officer L R Blackwell, Sergeant K N Hudgell, Sergeant J W R Boggis, Sergeant A J Howes, Sergeant A J Grenyer: killed; aircraft accident at RAF Middleton St George, Halifax L9533, 76 Squadron, 21 July 1941.C16757216
AIR81/8019Aircraftman Ulph: injured; Sergeant Ilett, Sergeant Oakwell, Sergeant Pettman, Sergeant Little: uninjured; aircraft accident, Anson N9645, 3 Coastal Operational Training Unit, 2 August 1941.C16757316
AIR81/8119Pilot Officer G P Mandeville: killed; aircraft force landed at sea between the islands of Meis and Castelorinzo, Turkey, enemy action, Beaufort X8928, 86 Squadron, 6 August 1941.C16757416
AIR81/8190Pilot Officer W B Cairns, Major H C Walford (17/21 Lancers): killed; aircraft accident near East Wretham, Lysander T1742, 241 Squadron, 8 August 1941.C16757487
AIR81/8191Flight Lieutenant J H O'Byrne (RAAF): prisoner of war; shot down, aerial combat over northern France, Spitfire P7682, 452 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757488
AIR81/8192Leading Aircraftman G Gingell: injured; aircraft accident, Magister L8350, 5 Elementary Flying Training School, 10 August 1941.C16757489
AIR81/8193Corporal N Barker; injured; aircraft accident, Hatfield Aerodrome, Hertfordshire; Tiger Moth T6273, 1 Elementary Flying Training School, 9 August 1941.C16757490
AIR81/8194Sergeant W T Purdy (RCAF): killed; aircraft accident at Redmere, Cambridgeshire; Spitfire R7133, 129 Squadron, 10 August 1941.C16757491
AIR81/8195Sergeant A Niewiara (Polish): killed; shot down off the coast of northern France, aerial combat, Spitfire P8696, 315 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757492
AIR81/8196Pilot Officer D M Waldon (RCAF): died of injuries; shot down, aerial combat over northern France, Spitfire VA7266, 403 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757493
AIR81/8197Sergeant A M Ten Herkel, Sergeant W Hijkoop: killed; aircraft accident near RAF Leuchars, Hudson N7396, 320 Squadron, 10 August 1941.C16757494
AIR81/8198Aircraftman E Fogarty: injured; aircrew accident at RAF Ringway, Whitley Z6797, Parachute Training Squadron, 10 August 1941.C16757495
AIR81/8199Sergeant J M Osborne (RCAF): killed; Sergeant K A McManus (RCAF), Sergeant W Roberts: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Gravelines, France, Blenheim Z7280, 226 Squadron, 10 August 1941.C16757496
AIR81/8219Sergeant S G Austin, Sergeant A G Wilson, Flying Officer P Rance: prisoners of war; Sergeant A Chiplin: killed; aircraft ditched near L'Orient, Beaufort L9972, 217 Squadron, 11 August 1941.C16757516
AIR81/8319Sergeant D E J Hampson: killed; Pilot Officer G W Cole, Sergeant A W Hawkes, Sergeant K P Marlow, Sergeant A Nicholas: prisoners of war; aircraft shot down and crashed near Quakenbruck, Germany, Whitley Z6877, 102 Squadron, 15 August 1941.C16924161
AIR81/8419Pilot Officer W J Loney (RCAF), Sergeant J L Gilman, Sergeant R E Bennett, Sergeant J Taylor, Sergeant E J Lowater (RAAF): killed; aircraft crashed at Lexfield near Ipswich during operational flight, Whitley Z6731, 51 Squadron, 19 August 1941.C16924261
AIR81/8519Sergeant F K Johnston: killed; aircraft accident, Tomahawk AM448, 112 Squadron, 20 August 1941.C16924361
AIR81/8619Sergeant W A Brew (RAAF): prisoner of war; shot down near St Omer, France, aerial combat, Spitfire R7304, 41 Squadron, 27 August 1941.C16924461
AIR81/8719Sergeant A E Masters, Sergeant P E Carreau (RCAF), Sergeant Atkinson: killed; Sergeant C Higson, Sergeant F Kuebler (RCAF): injured; aircraft crashed at Docking on return from operational flight, Whitley Z6951, 102 Squadron, 30 August 1941.C16924561
AIR81/8819Leading Aircraftsman R V Rosser: injured; aircraft accident at Kirriemuir, Scotland, Tiger Moth T5819, 11 Elementary Flying Training School, 3 September 1941.C16924661
AIR81/8919Sergeant J G Keating (RCAF), Sergeant I P Gordon, Pilot Officer R L M Cox, Sergeant G A Cook, Sergeant J G Selley, Sergeant F Baty (RNZAF): killed; aircraft shot down and crashed near Groningen, Holland, Wellington R1798, 115 Squadron, 8 September 1941.C16924761
AIR81/9019Sergeant Shorrock (RCAF), Sergeant McGregor: injured; Sergeant W S Donovan, Sergeant Roe: uninjured; aircraft crashed at Welton, Lincoln on return from operational flight, Hampden X3138, 61 Squadron, 12 September 1941.C16924861
AIR81/9119Sergeant S J Rane, Sergeant D Lyth, Sergeant A Maxwell, Sergeant J Otten (RCAF), Sergeant J G Smith: injured; Pilot Officer D S Maclean (RCAF): uninjured; returning from operational flight, explosion on board and subsequent crash landing, Wellington D9685, RAF Station Luqa, 16 September 1941.C16924961

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