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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/7712Leading aircraftman C E Sackley: killed; aircraft accident; Oxford T1060, 12 Service Flying Training School, 19 July 1941. With photographs.C16757009
AIR81/7720Pilot Officer A R Thomas: killed; Pilot Officer P A Leuw, Pilot Officer A W Mackay, Sergeant F McMullen, Sergeant A J Walker: prisoners of war; aircraft crashed Addrup, Germany, Whitley Z6847, 51 Squadron, 20 July 1941.C16757017
AIR81/7721Sergeant E C Saunders, Sergeant V G Farrow: killed; Sergeant O H Robinson: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over the Dutch coast, Blenheim Z7439, 105 squadron, 19 July 1941.C16757018
AIR81/7722Flight Sergeant J F L Morton: injured; enemy action, Blenheim Z7271, 226 Squadron, 19 July 1941.C16757019
AIR81/7723Sergeant R W Taylor, Sergeant S Sparkes, Sergeant R F G Withrington: killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational sortie over the Dutch coast, Blenheim V6039, 105 Squadron, 20 July 1941.C16757020
AIR81/7724Sergeant H Coussens: injured; aircraft accident; Hurricane Z4514, 73 Squadron, 18 July 1941.C16757021
AIR81/7725Flying Officer F W F S Russell, Sergeant D C A Laverack, Sergeant J Boardman, Sergeant B B Jackson: missing believed killed; aircraft shot down off the coast of Norway, Hudson AM533, 19 July 1941.C16757022
AIR81/7726Sergeant E Guthrie, Sergeant D Martin, Sergeant D Young: injured; aircraft accident, Blenheim Z5861, 11 Squadron, 19 July 1941.C16757023
AIR81/7727Sergeant J D McCracken: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane BV171, 249 Squadron, 20 July 1941.C16757024
AIR81/7728Squadron Leader W Hughes, Sergeant J Hunter, Sergeant M Wilding: killed; operational flight over the English channel against enemy shipping, Blenheim V6038, 18 Squadron, 20 July 1941.C16757025
AIR81/7729Aircraftman W G Hughes: injured; enemy action at Site 37, 966 Balloon Squadron, Beechwood Park, Newport, Wales.C16757026
AIR81/7732Sergeant F F Allen: injured; Pilot Officer W B Lackley, Sergeant R Heyden (RNZAF), Sergeant H Olyver, Sergeant A S Hatherley: uninjured; aircraft accident, RAF Kinloss, Morayshire, Scotland; Whitley K9036, 19 Operational Training Unit, 20 July 1941.C16757029
AIR81/7742Flight Lieutenant T G F Ritchie: killed; enemy action over Lille, France, Spitfire P8478, 602 Squadron, 21 July 1941.C16757039
AIR81/7752Flight Sergeant W A Hannah, Flight Sergeant J Stewart, Sergeant R E Hibbert, Sergeant RA McAllister (RAAF), Sergeant F S Houston (RCAF), Sergeant T Manning (RCAF), Sergeant B C Thompson (RAAF), Sergeant C M S Lewis: killed; mid air collision near Ashwell, Hertfordshire, between Wellington R1334, 11 Operational Training Unit and an enemy Junkers 88, 22 July 1941.C16757049
AIR81/7762Flying Officer H Oxlin: missing believed killed; shot down, aerial combat off coast of northern France, Spitfire P7547, 19 Squadron, 21 July 1941.C16757059
AIR81/7772Pilot Officer J S V Fegan: injured; Leading Aircraftman H H V Wilkinson: uninjured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth N6669, 21 Elementary Flying Training School, 22 July 1941.C16757069
AIR81/7782Sergeant L R Palmer: killed; Sergeant C W Andrews (RNZAF), Pilot Officer R T Franklin: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from non operational flight over North Sea, Blenheim L9412, 17 Operational Training Unit, 22 July 1941.C16757079
AIR81/7792Sergeant J Bryant, Sergeant M Thompson, Sergeant D Phillip: interned; aircraft crashed near Cape Finisterre, Spain, Blenheim Z6453, Overseas Air Movement Control Unit, 20 June 1941.C16757089
AIR81/7802Pilot Officer G F Lowes: prisoner of war; Pilot Officer P B Ashby, Pilot Officer G H Seeley: killed; aircraft hit by enemy anti aircraft fire over Straits of Dover, Blenheim V6035, 21 Squadron, 23 July 1941.C16757099
AIR81/7812Sergeant G W Northcott (RCAF): injured; shot down at Rolvenden, Kent, aerial combat, Hurricane Z3226, 401 Squadron, 23 July 1941.C16757109
AIR81/7820Aircraftman J A H Watson, Aircraftman R Forman: killed; enemy action at Aberdeen, 143 Squadron, 24 July 1941.C16757117
AIR81/7821Aircraftman C Ormiston: injured; enemy action at RAF Elsham Wolds, 24 July 1941.C16757118
AIR81/7822Pilot Officer R W Ernst (RCAF), Mr D Welding (civilian cyclist): injured; aircraft accident at RAF Llandow, Spitfire R7022, 53 Operational Training Unit, 24 July 1941.C16757119
AIR81/7823Sergeant G W Tabor: killed; shot down at Quehin, France, aerial combat, Spitfire W3184, 603 Squadron, 23 July 1941.C16757120
AIR81/7824Sergeant S G Kybird, Sergeant F Lowrey Sergeant M Evans (RNZAF) Flight Sergeant C S Beresford, Sergeant H T Ellis, Sergeant J Hoban: killed; aircraft shot down by enemy anti-aircraft fire during operational sortie over Brest, France; Wellington T2986, 40 Squadron, 24 July 1941.C16757121
AIR81/7825Sergeant H Dearnley: died of injuries; Sergeant N T K Scott, Sergeant P S McNutt (RCAF), Pilot Officer C C Lockyer, Sergeant R Perkin, Sergeant J S Courtnall: uninjured; enemy action, aerial combat over Roborough, Wellington L5530, 405 Squadron, 24 July 1941.C16757122
AIR81/7826Leading Aircraftman R Blake: killed; aircraft accident, Chobham Common, Surrey; Magister R1909, 8 Elementary Flying Training School, 24 July 1941.C16757123
AIR81/7827Sergeant J Maney (RNZAF): missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over northern France, Spitfire R7831, 485 Squadron, 24 July 1941. With photograph and identity disc.C16757124
AIR81/7828Pilot Officer J M Grant (RCAF): killed; Sergeant W F O'Brien, Sergeant A J Clarke, Pilot Officer J F Clayton: prisoners of war; aircraft crashed into the sea off Brest, Hampden AD962, 44 Squadron, 24 July 1941.C16757125
AIR81/7829Sergeant G F Breckon (RNZAF): prisoner of war; enemy action over northern France, Spitfire W3316, 72 Squadron, 24 July 1941.C16757126
AIR81/7832Sergeant G Stevenson (RCAF): killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane W9112, 59 Operational Training Unit, 21 July 1941.C16757129
AIR81/7842Sergeant F R Westcott, Lieutenant I M McColl: killed; Tiger Moth N5447, 19 Elementary Flying Training School, mid air collision with Hampden P3516, 7 Air Ambulance Unit, Mr A Bailey, Mr E Wain, Mr E O Bell: killed; 24 July 1941.C16757139
AIR81/7852Pilot Officer J F P J McKenna, Sergeant R F S Ford-Hutchinson, Sergeant G Summers, Sergeant V A Davis, Sergeant J M Pilbeam, Sergeant L J Rice, Flight Sergeant R W J Hill: killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over La Pallice, against the Scharnhorst, Halifax L9517, 24 July 1941.C16757149
AIR81/7862Leading Aircraftman R J T Lovell: injured; Pilot Officer Minty: uninjured; aircraft accident, Oxford P8930, 11 Service Flying Training School, 26 July 1941.C16757159
AIR81/7872Flight Sergeant S D Greaves, Sergeant J N Gibson, Sergeant W C Walters, Sergeant G H F Ogden, Sergeant E W Constable, Sergeant A Gillbanks, Sergeant A Henery: prisoners of war; aircraft crashed during operational flight over La Rochelle against Scharnhorst, Halifax L9512, 35 Squadron, 24 July 1941.C16757169
AIR81/7882Leading Aircraftman G Laing-Meason: killed; aircraft accident, Master N7992, 9 Service Flying training School, 26 July 1941.C16757179
AIR81/7892Flight Lieutenant A D Jackson, Sergeant L R Burgan, Sergeant R J Bramley, Sergeant A Hughes, Second Lieutenant Helat, Sergeant Laverdet, Lieutenant Baessonas, Lieutenant Stewart: injured; aircraft accident near RAF Newmarket, Whitley Z6727, 1419 Flight, 25 July 1941.C16757189
AIR81/7902Pilot Officer M S Nicholls, Pilot Officer J C Broadhurst, Sergeant W E Chappell, Sergeant A G Tatham, Sergeant P D Simpson, Flight Sergeant J R Powell: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Brest, France, Wellington E5458, 104 Squadron, 25 July 1941.C16757199
AIR81/7912Flying Officer A D Frampton, Sergeant R Woolston, Pilot Officer W H Arnold (RCAF), Sergeant G E Fleming (RCAF): killed; aircraft accident, Anson R3306, 10 Operational Training Unit, 27 July 1941.C16757209
AIR81/7920Sergeant W V Shenk: injured; Sergeant E Smith: uninjured; mid air collision near Lincoln between Hurricane Z3317 and Hurricane Z3422, 121 Squadron, 27 July 1941.C16757217
AIR81/7921Leading Aircraftman C P Alsop: injured; aircraft accident, Hurricane P2993, 9 Service Flying Training School, 26 July 1941.C16757218
AIR81/7922Sergeant Hunter: injured; Sergeant Daniel, Sergeant Lipton, Sergeant Medley: uninjured; aircraft crashed on take off at RAF Coningsby for operational flight, Hampden AD765, 106 Squadron, 27 July 1941.C16757219
AIR81/7923Leading Aircraftman Kelland: injured; aircrew accident at RAF Benson, 3 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, 26 July 1941.C16757220
AIR81/7924Sergeant N Brook: injured; aircraft accident, Oxford V3987, 54 Operational Training Unit, 28 July 1941.C16757221
AIR81/7925Flight Sergeant R C Smith, Sergeant R A Williams: missing believed killed; aircraft accident at sea en route to Gibraltar, Beaufighter T3296, 143 Squadron, 19 July 1941.C16757222
AIR81/7926Squadron Leader T F D Morgan: injured; force landing at sea near May Island, Hurricane Z3143, 43 Squadron, 24 July 1941.C16757223
AIR81/7927Sergeant J A Burcher: injured; aircraft accident at Gerawala Landing Ground, Egypt, Lysander P9198, 274 Squadron, 17 July 1941.C16757224
AIR81/7928Sergeant Cunningham: injured; Sergeant Stephenson, Sergeant Nowlan, Sergeant Hunter, Sergeant Hutchinson, Sergeant Storer: uninjured; aircraft accident at RAF Driffield, Wellington W5426, 104 Squadron, 28 July 1941.C16757225
AIR81/7929Sergeant N H Whittaker; killed; Sergeant P C Gammon, Sergeant B Winchester, Sergeant G R Slater; missing believed killed; aircraft shot down and crashed east of Isle of Croix, Hampden P4406, 44 Squadron, 28 July 1941. With photographs.C16757226
AIR81/7932Sergeant King: injured; Sergeant Ferguson: uninjured; aircraft accident near Port William, Magister B2466, 141 Squadron, 28 July 1941.C16757229

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