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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/7942Pilot Officer H Quilliam: injured; aircraft accident, Hurricane V6940, 56 Operational Training Unit, 27 July 1941.C16757239
AIR81/7952Aircraftman M Whitehead: died of injuries; Aircraftman A Dorset, Aircraftman F H Matheson, Aircraftman E Greenwood: injured; ground crew hit by crashing aircraft at RAF Thornaby, Hudson P5316, 6 Operational Training Unit, 28 July 1941.C16757249
AIR81/7962Pilot Officer R E Buckolz (RCAF), Sergeant G C Bingley (RCAF): died of injuries: aircraft accident near RAF North Coates, Hudson AM719, 407 Squadron, 30 July 1941.C16757259
AIR81/7972Sergeant W J Spicer, Sergeant C W Bonser, Sergeant K F Druhan (RCAF), Sergeant M G Wilson (RCAF): missing believed killed; Sergeant J Chivers, Sergeant W M Degg: injured; aircraft crashed at sea off north east coast of Scotland, Wellington R1170, 20 Operational Training Unit, 30 July 1941.C16757269
AIR81/7982Pilot Officer J Bell, Sergeant E G Martin, Sergeant J Tague: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight off the coast of Holland, Blenheim V6513, 82 Squadron, 30 July 1941.C16757279
AIR81/7992Squadron Leader W W Straight: Interned; force landed near St Valery, France, enemy action, Hurricane Z2906, 242 Squadron, 31 July 1941.C16757289
AIR81/8002Aircraftman J M McDonald: killed; struck by a landing aircraft at RAF Honington, 9 Squadron, 8 July 1941.C16757299
AIR81/8012Flight Lieutenant P Walker: killed; Flight Lieutenant N G Birks: injured; aircraft accident at Vereeniging, South Africa, Hind 172, 22 Air School, 31 July 1941.C16757309
AIR81/8020Pilot Officer A S Ramsey: died of injuries; Flight Lieutenant A B Broadley, Sergeant V R Marsh: prisoners of war; aircraft hit by enemy anti aircraft fire over Lampedusa Harbour, Blenheim Z9605, 105 Squadron, 1 August 1941.C16757317
AIR81/8021Flight Lieutenant A P Culverwell, Warrant Officer H C Friend, Warrant Officer R Tanfield: prisoners of war; Sergeant A G Dulwich: missing believed killed; aircraft crashed at sea near Ostend, Belgium, Beaufort X8919, 22 Squadron, 2 August 1941.C16757318
AIR81/8022Leading Aircraftman L G Washington: killed; aircraft accident, Oxford V3244, 2 Service Flying Training School, 3 August 1941.C16757319
AIR81/8023Leading Aircraftman G E Baker: killed; aircraft accident near Saskatoon, Canada, aircraft details not recorded, 4 Service Flying Training School, 16 July 1941.C16757320
AIR81/8024Flight Lieutenant E Brand, Flying Officer R E Packington, Sergeant W Yates, Sergeant W White (RAAF): prisoners of war; Pilot Officer E E Dennis, Pilot Officer R M East, Sergeant R Horsburgh, Sergeant G Starkey, Sergeant J Mell, Sergeant G E Gould, Sergeant E Shoosmith, Leading Aircraftman G E Cooper: killed; aircraft shot down and crashed at sea off the coast of Tobruk, Libya, Sunderland LZ2166, 230 Squadron, 1 August 1941. With map.C16757321
AIR81/8025Flight Lieutenant T R Kipp (RCAF), Pilot Officer R F Terry (RAAF), Sergeant R S Skan, Sergeant J W Murfin, Sergeant G A Pruette, Sergeant W Menzies (RCAF): prisoners of war; aircraft crashed at sea of the coast of Holland, Wellington W5483, 405 Squadron, 3 August 1941.C16757322
AIR81/8026Sergeant W Walker, Sergeant T C Quinlan: killed; Sergeant W R Davey, Sergeant W Watson, Sergeant L Hill, Sergeant G A Smith: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Hamburg, Germany, Wellington R1800, 101 Squadron, 3 August 1941. With photograph.C16757323
AIR81/8027Sergeant M A Young, Sergeant L R Burrows, Sergeant J H Alder, Sergeant E R Amos: killed; Flying Officer C I Rolfe, Sergeant C A Tout, Sergeant D S Merrells: prisoners of war; aircraft shot down and crashed at Werder near Berlin, Germany, Stirling N3663, 7 Squadron, 3 August 1941.C16757324
AIR81/8028Flying Officer H T Gilbert, Pilot Officer W H Crane (RAAF), Pilot Officer G L Cohen (RAAF), Flight Sergeant H Soar, Sergeant E J Matthews, Sergeant W Harrison: killed; aircraft accident, Wellington N3199, 25 Operational Training Unit, 3 August 1941. With map.C16757325
AIR81/8029Leading Aircraftman B E Fellowes: killed; aircraft accident near Belleville, Canada, Battle R7474, 31 Service Flying Training School, 14 July 1941. With photographs.C16757326
AIR81/8032Pilot Officer D M Batley, Pilot officer H D Abrams (RCAF): killed; Sergeant N C J Coles: injured; aircraft accident, Beaufort L4478, 3 Coastal Operational Training Unit, 3 October 1941.C16757329
AIR81/8042Sergeant A H Geils, Sergeant J G O'Callaghan, Sergeant A W Allardice, Sergeant R E Jones, Sergeant G Prout: missing believed killed; Sergeant L D Curtis: injured; aircraft failed to return from flight between Gibraltar and Malta, Wellington Z8773, Overseas Aircraft Delivery Unit, 2 August 1941.C16757339
AIR81/8052Aircraftman R D Rogers, Aircraftman I G Thomas: missing believed killed; 513 Air Ministry Experimental Station personnel onboard HMT Anselm, as part of Convoy WS9B, sunk by enemy action en route to Takoradi, Gold Coast, 5 July 1941.C16757349
AIR81/8062Sergeant L Cornish (RCAF), Sergeant G Relph, Sergeant J Robson: injured; aircraft accident, Blenheim V6384, 21 Squadron, 3 August 1941.C16757359
AIR81/8072Squadron Leader S L Portass, Corporal R H R Wrighton, Leading Aircraftman P W H Short: missing believed killed; onboard SS Arakaka when sunk by enemy action in the North Atlantic Ocean, 22 June 1941.C16757369
AIR81/8082Sergeant E Ashworth, Sergeant R L Viner, Sergeant B Lloyd-Jones, Sergeant A H Rhodes: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight off the coast of Norway, Hudson AM625, 220 Squadron, 5 August 1941.C16757379
AIR81/8092Pilot Officer B W M Jones, Pilot Officer H Brant, Sergeant W S Denby (RAAF), Sergeant R J David, Sergeant R N Barcroft, Sergeant G F Lister: killed; aircraft shot down and crashed at Neckerau, Mannheim, Germany, Wellington W5485, 104 Squadron, 6 August 1941.C16757389
AIR81/8102Sergeant B W Hopton: died of injuries; Leading Aircraftman G A Monks: injured; aircraft accident at RAF Perranporth, Magister L5985, 616 Squadron, 6 August 1941. With photograph.C16757399
AIR81/8112Sergeant A Beacham: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over the English Channel, Spitfire P7731, 501 Squadron, 6 August 1941.C16757409
AIR81/8120Pilot Officer A F Bruce, Pilot Officer C Landreth, Pilot Officer A C Anderson (RNZAF), Sergeant J H Bolton, Sergeant W J Culley, Pilot Officer A W Lambert: killed; aircraft shot down and crashed at Schermbeck, Germany, Wellington W5721, 7 August 1941. With photographs.C16757417
AIR81/8121Sergeant G S Bradbury, Sergeant W J McQuade (RCAF), Flight Sergeant S D Yeomans, Sergeant D H Howe: killed; aircraft crashed near RAF Marham on return from operational flight, Hampden X2917, 44 Squadron, 6 August 1941.C16757418
AIR81/8122Sergeant G A Mason: injured; shot down, aerial combat, Spitfire FY-K, 611 Squadron, 7 August 1941.C16757419
AIR81/8123Sergeant P Cowen: injured; force landed at RAF Manston, aerial combat over northern France, Hurricane Z3744, 257 Squadron, 7 August 1941.C16757420
AIR81/8124Pilot Officer J W Carr: killed; aircraft accident, Spitfire X4169, 57 Operational Training Unit, 7 August 1941.C16757421
AIR81/8125Sergeant J W Bottomley, Sergeant W M K Mellon: missing believed killed; Sergeant I A Millett, Sergeant R G Morgan (RNZAF), Sergeant D Polley, Sergeant C Simpson: prisoners of war; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Mannheim. Germany, Wellington R1648, 75 Squadron, 7 August 1941.C16757422
AIR81/8126Pilot Officer E D Comber-Higgs: injured; Pilot Officer A A Law, Sergeant C O Steggall, Sergeant B J Kemp, Sergeant D J Bush: uninjured; aircraft crashed at RAF Linton-on-Ouse on return from operational flight over Frankfurt, Whitley Z6835, 58 Squadron, 7 August 1941.C16757423
AIR81/8127Flight Lieutenant W H Cichowski (Polish), Flying Officer E Jura (Polish): killed; Flying Officer S Jasinski (Polish), Flying Officer T Chrostowski (Polish), Sergeant F Jezierski (Polish), Sergeant C Szczukowski (Polish): missing believed killed; aircraft crashed at sea on return from operational flight, Wellington X9676, 300 Squadron, 7 August 1941.C16757424
AIR81/8128Sergeant B Cleaver, Sergeant M P Whitworth, Sergeant E Lloyd, Sergeant N C Davies, Sergeant R Parish, Sergeant D McCraig: prisoners of war; aircraft shot down and crashed near St Omer, France, Wellington Z8704, 57 Squadron, 7 August 1941.C16757425
AIR81/8129Flight Lieutenant T H Worth, Sergeant F P Nekludow: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight, Beaufighter R1257, 25 Squadron, 7 August 1941.C16757426
AIR81/8132Flying Officer P B Doorly, Pilot Officer A G Gill, Group Captain J E Tennant, Pilot Officer H G Waite, Sergeant T C Gallant, Flight Sergeant G W Hemsley, Sergeant W H Petratos, Aircraftman J Edgecombe: killed; aircraft accident near Tomintoul, Scotland, Anson R9584, 20 Operational Training Unit, 7 August 1941.C16757429
AIR81/8142Flight Lieutenant J Compton: killed; Sergeant E Evans: injured; aircraft accident at Rompin Pehang, Malaya, Vildebeest K4180, 36 Squadron, 6 August 1941.C16757439
AIR81/8152Leading Aircraftman G E Pyper: killed; aircraft accident, RAF Shawbury, Shropshire; Oxford V3689, 11 Service Flying Training School, 7 August 1941.C16757449
AIR81/8162Flight Sergeant F K Wood, Sergeant W J MacKay, Sergeant C E Matthewman: killed; Pilot Officer J E Cunning: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Essen, Germany, Hampden X3118, 83 Squadron, 8 August 1941.C16757459
AIR81/8172Pilot Officer S H Last, Pilot Officer V J Hall (RCAF), Sergeant D H Wesley, Sergeant W Fell: killed; aircraft accident at Chivenor Aerodrome, Devon; Beaufort L9953, 5 Coastal Operational Training Unit, 9 August 1941.C16757469
AIR81/8182Sergeant E J Chidgley, Sergeant K L Hardy: injured; Sergeant A P Tipple, Sergeant F A Stevens, Sergeant G S Yates, Sergeant A F Scott, Sergeant J Heley: uninjured; aircraft accident at Lichfield Aerodrome, Staffordshire; Wellington X3219, 27 Operational Training Unit, 9 August 1941.C16757479
AIR81/8192Leading Aircraftman G Gingell: injured; aircraft accident, Magister L8350, 5 Elementary Flying Training School, 10 August 1941.C16757489
AIR81/8200Flight Lieutenant M W Waddington, Flight Sergeant I N Forsyth, Flight Sergeant D Palmer: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Gravelines, France, Blenheim V5854, 226 Squadron, 10 August 1941.C16757497
AIR81/8201Flying Officer J Czerniak (Polish): missing believed killed; shot down, aerial combat over northern France, Spitfire P8506, 315 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757498
AIR81/8202Pilot Officer A F Buck, Flight Lieutenant I P Magrath, Flight Sergeant L H Wood: killed; Flight Sergeant T E Stepney: missing believed killed; aircraft shot down at sea off the coast of Holland, Hudson AM672, 53 Squadron, 10 August 1941.C16757499
AIR81/8203Sergeant G E Godley (RAAF): died of injuries; Sergeant E Lane: injured; Flight Lieutenant G G Storey, Pilot Officer W J Carrol, Pilot Officer J Edmund: uninjured; enemy action over the Libyan Desert, Wellington Z8725, 148 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757500
AIR81/8204Sergeant W R Sands (RAAF), Sergeant A Greenlees: missing believed killed; Sergeant G B Woodroffe (RAAF): missing now safe; aircraft shot down and crashed at sea off the coast of Mersa Matruh, Egypt, Blenheim V5990, 113 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757501
AIR81/8205Flight Lieutenant W W E Oliver: injured; aircraft accident at South Johore, Buffalo W8156, 151 Maintenance Unit, RAF Seletar, 8 August 1941.C16757502

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