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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/7963Pilot Officer L Bennett, Leading Aircraftman A R Fairless: injured; aircraft accident, Oxford AB662, 12 Service Flying Training School, 30 July 1941.C16757260
AIR81/7973Pilot Officer J H Eastwood, Sergeant W E Snell (RCAF), Sergeant L W Harris, Sergeant A A Rodgers (RCAF): killed; Sergeant N D Downie (RCAF): injured; aircraft accident, Whitley N1426, 19 Operational Training Unit, 30 July 1941.C16757270
AIR81/7983Sergeant G C Leverrier (RCAF): killed; Pilot Officer R N Rostance, Sergeant D P Langley, Sergeant J A Redgrave, Sergeant M P Flood (RCAF), Sergeant A F Smith: injured; aircraft accident, Wellington Z2826, 20 Operational Training Unit, 30 July 1941.C16757280
AIR81/7993Pilot Officer J A C Grieves: injured; Sergeant D Calvert, Pilot Officer Fair, Pilot Officer Campbell: uninjured; aircraft accident, Hampden P2128, 14 Operational Training Unit, 31 July 1941.C16757290
AIR81/8003Sergeant R Dabrowski (Polish): injured; aircraft accident at Duncansby Head near Caithness, Spitfire R6974, 124 Squadron, 18 July 1941.C16757300
AIR81/8013Sergeant E Young, Corporal P G Mansell: killed; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth N5465, 9 Elementary Flying Training School, 2 August 1941.C16757310
AIR81/8023Leading Aircraftman G E Baker: killed; aircraft accident near Saskatoon, Canada, aircraft details not recorded, 4 Service Flying Training School, 16 July 1941.C16757320
AIR81/8030Flight Lieutenant E S Lock: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over northern France, Spitfire W3257, 611 Squadron, 3 August 1941. With photograph.C16757327
AIR81/8031Flying Officer K J Masters, Sergeant R M Ramsden, Sergeant L R Hutson, Flight Sergeant G E Bolam: killed; aircraft shot down and crashed, Agger, Denmark; Beaufort W6477, 42 Squadron, 3 August 1941. With photograph.C16757328
AIR81/8032Pilot Officer D M Batley, Pilot officer H D Abrams (RCAF): killed; Sergeant N C J Coles: injured; aircraft accident, Beaufort L4478, 3 Coastal Operational Training Unit, 3 October 1941.C16757329
AIR81/8033Sergeant R G Kitney, Sergeant J K Tett (RCAF), Pilot Officer H L Lindo (RCAF), Sergeant A Dean, Sergeant T P Hosking, Sergeant E A Lowther (RCAF): missing now safe; aircraft crashed at sea on operational flight, Wellington X3204, 103 Squadron, 3 August 1941. With photographs.C16757330
AIR81/8034Sergeant F J Monk: injured; Pilot Officer D J Renoize, Aircraftman Bell: uninjured; aircraft accident, Wellington Z8714, 25 Operational Training Unit, 3 August 1941.C16757331
AIR81/8035Sergeant F N Cave; killed; aircraft accident, Oxford V3986, 54 Operational Training Unit, 4 August 1941. With photograph.C16757332
AIR81/8036Pilot Officer R H McGlashan, Sergeant A E Simpkin, Flying Officer P B Verver: killed; Sergeant H White, Sergeant D Hodge, Sergeant E J Stevenson: missing believed killed; aircraft crashed off the coast of the Isle of Sylt, Germany; Wellington W5580, 104 Squadron, 3 August 1941. With photograph.C16757333
AIR81/8037Sergeant A W J Harley, Leading Aircraftman P R West: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth N6525, 11 Elementary Flying Training School, 3 August 1941.C16757334
AIR81/8038Leading Aircraftman T W Gurnel: killed; aircraft accident, Oxford N4568, 11 Service Flying Training School, 3 August 1941.C16757335
AIR81/8039Sergeant W Fleming (RNZAF), Sergeant I M Cheyne (RNZAF): killed; mid air collision near Great Sampford between Hurricane R4101 and Hurricane W9149, 52 Operational Training Unit, 3 August 1941.C16757336
AIR81/8043Corporal F Barker: injured; airscrew accident at RAF West Hampnett, Spitfire P8369, 616 Squadron, 12 July 1941.C16757340
AIR81/8053Multiple casualties: 200 Squadron personnel onboard HMT Anselm, as part of Convoy WS9B, sunk by enemy action en route to Takoradi, Gold Coast, 5 July 1941.C16757350
AIR81/8063Sergeant G H Fish: injured; aircraft accident at RAF Peterhead, Spitfire P7123, 132 Squadron, 3 August 1941.C16757360
AIR81/8073Flight Lieutenant S Proud, Corporal E J Hedley-Smith, Leading Aircraftman F V Thom: missing believed killed; onboard SS Toronto City when sunk by enemy action in the North Atlantic Ocean, 1 July 1941.C16757370
AIR81/8083Multiple casualties: RAF personnel onboard HMT Anselm, as part of Convoy WS9B, sunk by enemy action en route to Takoradi, Gold Coast, 5 July 1941.C16757380
AIR81/8093Aircraftman W T Mansfield: killed; aircraft accident at 3 Air School, Wonderboom Aerodrome, South Africa, 4 August 1941.C16757390
AIR81/8103Sergeant R G Cousens: injured; Flying Officer B P W Clapin: uninjured; aircraft accident at Tenderden, Kent, Lysander T1736, 268 Squadron, 5 August 1941.C16757400
AIR81/8113Flight Lieutenant J W Smith: killed; aircraft accident, Oxford V3848, 6 Service Flying Training School, 6 August 1941.C16757410
AIR81/8123Sergeant P Cowen: injured; force landed at RAF Manston, aerial combat over northern France, Hurricane Z3744, 257 Squadron, 7 August 1941.C16757420
AIR81/8130Lieutenant C L Clarkson (SAAF), Sergeant G C Green (SAAF), Sergeant H A Read: killed; Sergeant C J Fuller (RAAF): missing believed killed; aircraft hit by enemy anti aircraft fire near Derna, Libya, Maryland AH354, 24 Squadron, 5 August 1941.C16757427
AIR81/8131Sergeant P A Hammond, Sergeant R T Clark, Sergeant J H H Cutmore, Sergeant E F Reeve: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Calais, France, Hampden AD903, 144 Squadron, 6 August 1941.C16757428
AIR81/8132Flying Officer P B Doorly, Pilot Officer A G Gill, Group Captain J E Tennant, Pilot Officer H G Waite, Sergeant T C Gallant, Flight Sergeant G W Hemsley, Sergeant W H Petratos, Aircraftman J Edgecombe: killed; aircraft accident near Tomintoul, Scotland, Anson R9584, 20 Operational Training Unit, 7 August 1941.C16757429
AIR81/8133Pilot Officer G B Girardet, Sergeant F Matthews, Sergeant D B Wark: injured; Pilot Officer Stevens: uninjured; crashed at RAF Conningsby on return from operational flight over Karlsruhe, Germany, enemy action, Hampden AE122, 144 Squadron, 7 August 1941.C16757430
AIR81/8134Sergeant C H Howard (RNZAF): prisoner of war; shot down, aerial combat over France, Spitfire W3568, 92 Squadron, 7 August 1941.C16757431
AIR81/8135Sergeant J Bell; injured; Pilot Officer I A N Atchinson, Sergeant R J Harwood, Sergeant C B McMullan, Sergeant H E G Elliott: uninjured; aircraft force landed at sea off the coast of Dover, enemy action, Whitley T4158, 58 Squadron, 7 August 1941.C16757432
AIR81/8136Pilot Officer H B Milman: died of injuries: forced landing due to enemy action, Spitfire P7924, 19 Squadron, 8 August 1941.C16757433
AIR81/8137Pilot Officer S W S Beedie (RNZAF), Sergeant H E Fear (RCAF), Sergeant J R Cook, Sergeant F T Prest: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational sortie over Karlsruhe, Germany; Hampden AE140, 144 Squadron, 7 August 1941.C16757434
AIR81/8138Sergeant Z Brozda (Polish): missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over northern France, Spitfire P8573, 308 Squadron, 7 August 1941.C16757435
AIR81/8139Sergeant J A Walker (RCAF), Sergeant R Charlesworth, Sergeant T Humphrey, Sergeant R C Mackenzie (RAAF), Sergeant S J Pryor, Sergeant L E Sparks: prisoners of war; aircraft shot down and crashed at Heinenoord, Zeeland, Holland, Wellington Z8807, 11 Operational Training Unit, 7 August 1941.C16757436
AIR81/8143Sergeant M C Watt: injured; crashed at RAF Friston on return from operational flight, Spitfire R7298, 610 Squadron, 7 August 1941.C16757440
AIR81/8153Sergeant G P Hickman: injured; forced landing at New Downs Farm on return from operational flight, enemy action, Spitfire W3439, 92 Squadron, 7 August 1941.C16757450
AIR81/8163Pilot Officer L Ward, Sergeant W S Robinson, Flight Sergeant R L Burton: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight off the coast of Holland, Blenheim L4899, 500 Squadron, 7 August 1941.C16757460
AIR81/8173Sergeant K L Rowley, Sergeant G W Jeffrey (RCAF), Flight Sergeant R A Ross, Squadron Leader J Vivian, Sergeant J T Corbett, Pilot Officer F J Needham, Sergeant S H Broyd: killed; aircraft shot down and crashed at Overasselt, Holland, Stirling N3658, 15 Squadron, 8 August 1941.C16757470
AIR81/8183Pilot Officer F H Schumer, Sergeant A J Smither: killed; aircraft accident at Goonhilly Downs, Beaufighter R2317, 600 Squadron, 12 July 1941.C16757480
AIR81/8193Corporal N Barker; injured; aircraft accident, Hatfield Aerodrome, Hertfordshire; Tiger Moth T6273, 1 Elementary Flying Training School, 9 August 1941.C16757490
AIR81/8203Sergeant G E Godley (RAAF): died of injuries; Sergeant E Lane: injured; Flight Lieutenant G G Storey, Pilot Officer W J Carrol, Pilot Officer J Edmund: uninjured; enemy action over the Libyan Desert, Wellington Z8725, 148 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757500
AIR81/8213Leading Aircraftman J H Foote: killed; aircraft accident, Grantham Aerodrome. Lincolnshire; Oxford V3586, 12 Service Flying Training School, 11 August 1941.C16757510
AIR81/8223Pilot Officer V D Page: injured; enemy action, Spitfire W3437, 54 Squadron, 23 July 1941.C16757520
AIR81/8230Sergeant S Karubin (Polish): killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane V7742, 55 Operational Training Unit, 12 August 1941.C16757527
AIR81/8231Sergeant D J Wheatley, Sergeant J L West, Sergeant J Stead: killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Knapsack, Germany, Blenheim Z7281, 114 Squadron, 12 August 1941.C16757528
AIR81/8232Sergeant H Ingleby (RCAF), Sergeant D F Phillips, Flight Sergeant G H Appleyard: killed; aircraft shot down and crashed at Berrenrath, Cologne, Germany, Blenheim V5725, 139 Squadron, 12 August 1941. With photographs.C16757529
AIR81/8233Corporal W J Moore, Leading Aircraftman F E Cork: killed; aircraft accident at Hullavington Aerodrome, Wiltshire; Oxford V3939, 6 Service Flying Training School, 12 August 1941.C16757530
AIR81/8234Flight Lieutenant H S Young: killed; Pilot Officer A C Rossiter, Sergeant J A Anderson: missing believed killed; enemy action, Blenheim V5859, 226 Squadron, 12 August 1941.C16757531

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