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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/8843Pilot Officer J E T Asselin (RCAF): prisoner of war; shot down near St Omer, France, aerial combat, Spitfire W3182, 92 Squadron, 4 September 1941.C16924685
AIR81/8853Flight Lieutenant A F Vokes: killed; aircraft accident near RAF Bircham Newton, Spitfire P8166, 19 Squadron, 5 September 1941.C16924695
AIR81/8863Pilot Officer A W Searle (Rhodesian): killed; Pilot Officer Simpson: uninjured; mid air collision over Edinburgh, Scotland between Spitfire X4910 and Spitfire X4560, 123 Squadron, 5 September 1941.C16924705
AIR81/8873Sergeant K P Withyman, Sergeant P C Eyre, Sergeant T McGill, Sergeant L A Stock (RCAF): killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over Huls, Germany, Whitley Z6970, 102 Squadron, 7 September1941.C16924715
AIR81/8883Sergeant CM Thompson, Sergeant D W Pococl: injured; aircraft accident at Abbotsinch, Paisley, Scotland, Beaufort N1103, Torpedo Training Unit, 7 September 1941.C16924725
AIR81/8893Sergeant C W Woolgar: killed; aircraft accident at RAF Pocklington, Yorkshire, Blenheim T2228, 54 Operational Training Unit, 8 September 1941.C16924735
AIR81/8903Sergeant J Saich, Sergeant R A Banks, Flight Sergeant W B Lowe, Sergeant W R Balls, Sergeant E Trott, Sergeant A MacDonald: killed; aircraft shot down and crashed at Terwispel, Holland, Wellington Z8845, 9 Squadron, 7 September 1941. With photographs.C16924745
AIR81/8913Sergeant J S Saunders (RCAF), Sergeant S MacNutt (RCAF), Pilot Officer W K MacKay (RCAF), Flight Sergeant R Perkin (RCAF), Sergeant J S Courtnall, Flight Sergeant J Smith: prisoners of war; aircraft shot down and crashed at Norddorf, Germany, Wellington W5521, 405 Squadron, 7 September 1941.C16924755
AIR81/8923Sergeant J A Reynolds, Pilot Officer L C R Wilson, Sergeant A E Barrett: killed; Sergeant A A Jessop: died of injuries; Sergeant E C Duce: uninjured; aircraft crashed at RAF Dishforth on return from operational flight over Berlin, Germany, Whitley Z6937, 51 Squadron, 8 September 1941.C16924765
AIR81/8930Wing Commander G L Cruickshanks, Flight Lieutenant K J Falconer, Flying Officer W Esplen, Sergeant L T Chapman, Squadron Leader W Davies, Sergeant A N Page: killed; aircaft shot down and crashed at Standort near Berlin, Germany, Wellington R1784, 214 Squadron, 8 September 1941. With photographs.C16924772
AIR81/8931Flight Lieutenant R P Wallace-Tarry, Sergeant R Harper, Sergeant R B Pape, Sergeant L S Aynsley, Sergeant J E Dodd, Sergeant A D Hooley, Sergeant H J Dunnett, Sergeant M W C Moir: prisoners of war; aircraft shot down and crashed near Hengalo, Holland, Stirling N6045, 15 Squadron, 8 September 1941.C16924773
AIR81/8932Flying Officer J A G Parker, Flight Sergeant I M MacDonald, Sergeant R V F Clarke, Sergeant E Evans, Sergeant E W Burrows, Sergeant J J O'Brien: prisoners of war; aircraft crashed south east of Benghazi, Libya, presumed enemy action, Wellington W5683, 148 Squadron, 6 September 1941.C16924774
AIR81/8933Flight Lieutenant W J Lewis, Sergeant C S F Powell, Sergeant R B MacLeod (RCAF), Sergeant D Kingston, Sergeant C F Hall, Sergeant E S Miller (RCAF): prisoners of war; aircraft shot down and crashed near Ameland Island, Holland, Manchester L7380, 207 Squadron, 8 September 1941.C16924775
AIR81/8934Sergeant D G C Argent: injured; Sergeant D Parker, Sergeant W Wakefield, Corporal P Spaven: uninjured; aircraft accident at Kuwait Aerodrome, Blenheim T2340, 84 Squadron, 6 September 1941.C16924776
AIR81/8935Pilot Officer D F K Edghill: injured; aircraft crashed at LG 7 (Matruh West, Egypt) on return from operational flight, Hurricane W9326, 229 Squadron, 7 September 1941.C16924777
AIR81/8936Flying Officer D A A Romans, Pilot Officer F G Hart, Sergeant P B Corbett, Sergeant W G Honey, Sergeant J Brown, Sergeant H Merrill (RCAF), Sergeant R H Beattie: killed; aircraft shot down and crashed near Bygland, Norway, Flying Fortress AN525, 90 Squadron, 8 September 1941.C16924778
AIR81/8937Sergeant J A Eakin: killed; aircraft accident at Kinloss Aerodrome, Moray, Scotland, Whitley N1415, 19 Operational Training Unit, 10 September 1941.C16924779
AIR81/8938Sergeant C H Stone, Leading Aircraftsman J N Hopkinson: injured; aircraft accident near Sutton on the Hill, Derbyshire, Magister N3986, 16 Elementary Flying Training School, 9 September 1941.C16924780
AIR81/8939Sergeant C E Catterson: killed; Pilot Officer T D Smiles, Flight Sergeant N Avery, Sergeant E Twelves, Sergeant L R Barber, Sergeant B Lewiss: uninjured; aircraft accident near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, Wellington X9698, 21 Operational Training Unit, 9 September 1941. Missing at transfer.C16924781
AIR81/8943Sergeant J L Nyman, Sergeant L Rodwell, Sergeant C N Pratt: killed; aircraft accident near Frome, Somerset, Blenheim V5377, 13 Operational Training Unit, 8 September 1941.C16924785
AIR81/8953Leading Aircraftsman A Duthie, Leading Aircraftsman L C Brown: killed; mid air collision over Coupar Angus between Tiger Moth BB680 and Tiger Moth T7339, 11 Elementary Flying Training School, 10 September 1941.C16924795
AIR81/8963Sergeant H L Craw (RNZAF): killed; aircraft accident near Reading, Berskhire, Spitfire X4552, 61 Operational Training Unit, 10 September 1941.C16924805
AIR81/8973Leading Aircraftsman R L Parson: injured; aircraft accident Childwickbury, Hertfordshire, Tiger Moth T6294, 1 Elementary Flying Training School, 11 September 1941.C16924815
AIR81/8983Sergeant T Zowistowski (Polish): killed; aircraft accident near Ruislip, Spitfire W3724, 306 Squadron, 11 September 1941.C16924825
AIR81/8993Flying Officer E G Curtice, Sergeant A Smalley: killed; aircraft accident at RAF West Malling, Havoc BJ486, 1452 Flight, 11 September 1941.C16924835
AIR81/9003Pilot Officer A V Sanders, Lieutenant R Cline (Royal Navy): injured; aircraft accident at Burton, Wirral, Tiger Moth R5077, Merchant Ship Fighter Unit, RAF Speke, 10 September 1941.C16924845
AIR81/9013Flight Lieutenant J H Kirton: injured; aircraft accident at Kahanka, near Cairo to Suez railway, Egypt, Lysander P9053, 71 Operational Training Unit, 10 September 1941.C16924855
AIR81/9023Sergeant N Brandwood, Sergeant J Miller, Sergeant A G Mee: missing now safe; aircraft shot down and crashed over enemy convoy off the coast of Kerkennah Island, Tunisia, Blenheim Z7357, 105 Squadron, 12 September 1941.C16924865
AIR81/9030Pilot Officer F N Grant (RAAF), Pilot Officer E J Tuckey, Sergeant T Thomas, Sergeant P Ritter, Flight Sergeant R Hall: killed; Corporal E Clayton: injured; aircraft accident at RAF Watton, Blenheim V5463, 21 Squadron, 13 September 1941.C16924872
AIR81/9031Pilot Officer F D Hamilton (RAAF): injured; aircraft accident near Hawarden Aerodrome, Flintshire, Wales, Master T8885, 57 Operational Training Unit, 12 September 1941.C16924873
AIR81/9032Sergeant R W Eglecon: injured; Pilot Officer A R Laughland, Sergeant H G Lunan, Sergeant E E Miles: uninjured; enemy action off the coast of the Isle of Wight, Hudson AM649, 59 Squadron, 13 September 1941.C16924874
AIR81/9033Squadron Leader F R H Charney, Sergeant D Porteous, Sergeant D R Harris: missing believed killed; aircraft shot down and crashed off the coast of Kerkennah Island, Tunisia, Blenheim Z7504, 105 Squadron, 12 September 1941.C16924875
AIR81/9034Squadron Leader J C Atkins, Pilot Officer R M Ryder (RAAF): killed; Sergeant R C Thompson, Sergeant B T Banner, Sergeant D F Barlow, Flight Sergeant A E Hough: prisoners of war; aircraft shot down and crashed at Lutzkampen, Germany, Wellington R1328, 40 Squadron, 12 September 1941.C16924876
AIR81/9035Sub Lieutenant J A Dowling (Royal Navy), Naval Airman W Sands (Royal Navy): killed; aircraft accident at Stratford-on-Avon, Proctor P6105, 756 Naval Air Squadron, 13 September 1941.C16924877
AIR81/9036Flying Officer E Sokolowski (Polish): injured; aircraft accident near Penshaw, County Durham, Hurricane V7590, 55 Operational Training Unit, 12 September 1941.C16924878
AIR81/9037Sergeant A L Walker, Aircraftsman S Oxley: killed; aircraft accident at Mukeiras, Aden, Vincent K4130, 8 Squadron, 13 September 1941.C16924879
AIR81/9038Sergeant T B Cybulski (Polish); injured; aircraft accident at Montrose, Angus, Scotland, Hurricane L1731, 8 Service Flying Training School, 13 September 1941.C16924880
AIR81/9039Sergeant D A Neal (RCAF): killed; aircraft accident at Bicester Aerodrome, Oxfordshire, Blenehim L6793, 13 Operational Training Unit, 13 September 1941.C16924881
AIR81/9043Sergeant A R H Maynard: injured; aircraft accident at RAF Catterick, Spitfire N3236, 122 Squadron, 13 September 1941.C16924885
AIR81/9053Flying Officer N J Chamberlain: injured; aircraft accident at RAF China Bay, Ceylon, Vildebeeste K4159, 273 Squadron, 14 September 1941.C16924895
AIR81/9063Sergeant A J Wratten, Pilot Officer J M Robertson: injured; aircraft crashed at RAF Watton on return from operational flight, enemy action, Blenheim Z7452, 21 Squadron, 28 August 1941.C16924905
AIR81/9073Sergeant L B Nourse: injured; enemy action, Hurricane W9298, 33 Squadron, 14 September 1941.C16924915
AIR81/9083Corporal A Blackwood, Leading Aircraftsman L Wall, Aircraftsman W Garbett: injured; aircraft accident, Blenheim Z6170, Central Gunnery School, 25 August 1941.C16924925
AIR81/9093Aircraftsman J Bond: killed; ground accident at RAF Luqua, Malta, 16 September 1941. With photographs.C16924935
AIR81/9103Aircraftsman G W Lee, Leading Aircraftsman N Lamb: killed; Sergeant L Stankowiak (Polish), Sergeant E Kent, Leading Aircraftsman L V Gorford, Flight Sergeant J J Leblique: injured; mid air collision between Battle V1275 and Botha L6438, Air Gunnery School, 16 September 1941.C16924945
AIR81/9113Sergeant S Wieprzkowicz: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over St Omer region, Spitfire AB993, 306 Squadron 16 September 1941.C16924955
AIR81/9123Pilot Officer H H Chandler, Aircraftsman K T Ashfield: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth N6595, 17 Elementary Flying Training School, 17 September 1941.C16924965
AIR81/9130Sergeant G W Hough (Rhodesian): injured; Sergeant A D C Dedman (Rhodesian), Sergeant N T Birkett, Sergeant F Norman: uninjured; forced landing at sea due to engine failure off the coast of Cromer, Hampden AD981, 44 Squadron, 12 September 1941.C16924972
AIR81/9131Pilot Officer J E Millns, Flying Officer D C Carleton: killed; aircraft accident at Grange, Morecombe Bay, Tiger Moth N5454, 1 Anti Aircraft Calibration Unit, 17 September 1941.C16924973
AIR81/9132Flying Officer L J Nemec (Czech): injured; Flight Lieutenant K Vildomen (Czech), Flight Lieutenant J Naprstek (Czech), Sergeant R Masek (Czech), Sergeant R Kvet (Czech): uninjured; aircraft accident at East Wretham, Wellington X9741, 311 Squadron, 12 September 1941.C16924974

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