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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/1521Flying Officer J Bell: uninjured; Gauntlett K5352, 616 Squadron; aircraft accident, 14 September 1939.C16359552
AIR81/1522Pilot Officer K B Chiazzari, Pilot Officer F A Bishop: killed; Audax K7479, 13 Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 14 September 1939.C16359553
AIR81/1523Corporal H S Happel: killed; Audax K5207, 14 Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 15 September 1939.C16359554
AIR81/1524Pilot Officer P N Screeton, Pilot Officer R G Manlove: uninjured; Magister P2447, No. 1 Ferry Pilots Pool; 15 September 1939.C16359555
AIR81/1525Pilot Officer B J Rofe, Sergeant P R Smith; uninjured; Blenheim L6678, 25 Squadron; aircraft accident, 16 September 1939.C16359556
AIR81/1526Pilot Officer J D Towlson: injured; Harvard N7139, 2 Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 16 September 1939. Note: With photographsC16359557
AIR81/1527Pilot Officer C J Hitch: uninjured; Blenheim N6179, 59 Squadron; collision with tractor, 16 September 1939.C16359558
AIR81/1528Flying Officer R M B D Duke-Woolley, Flight Lieutenant J S O'Brien, Corporal R W Downs, Aircraftman P G Holmes, Aircraftman B Evans, Leading Aircraftman A E Johnson, Aircraftman A J Weymouth, Aircraftman R B Knowles: uninjured; Blenheim L8367 and Blenheim L1457, 23 Squadron; collision between aircraft, RAF Wittering, 14 September 1939.C16359559
AIR81/1529Corporal D H Gill: killed; Tiger Moth N6490, 22 Elementary Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 14 September 1939.C16359560
AIR81/1532Pilot Officer R Bowyer: killed; Oxford L4571, 9 Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 18 September 1939. Note: With photographsC16359563
AIR81/1542Pilot Officer J F Fraser: injured; Hind K6824, 112 Squadron; aircraft accident, 17 November 1939.C16359573
AIR81/1552Pilot Officer D Hill, Pilot Officer J B Ellis: killed; Pilot Officer C A Hansen, Leading Aircraftman H Rocknean; injured; Oxford N4786, 15 Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 28 September 1939. Note: With photographsC16359454
AIR81/1562Pilot Officer J C M Hanbury: killed; Gladiator N2314, 615 Squadron; aircraft accident, 1 October 1939.C16359478
AIR81/1572Flying Officer C H Clark, Pilot Officer W E Lockley, Aircraftman R W Cochran, Aircraftman B N Blades: killed; Hudson N7226, 233 Squadron; aircraft accident, 10 October 1939.C16359488
AIR81/1582Pilot Officer T A Peeler: killed; Sergeant J A D Dobbing; injured; Blenheim L4876, 90 Squadron; aircraft accident, 16 October 1939.C16359498
AIR81/1592Pilot Officer J H Young: injured; Audax K5131, 5 Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 18 October 1939.C16359623
AIR81/1602Sergeant P P Watson-Parker: injured; Gladiator K6145, 263 Squadron; aircraft accident, 21 October 1939.C16359633
AIR81/1612Corporal S C Roberts: injured; Tiger Moth VT-ALG, 60 Squadron; ground accident, RAF Dum Dum, Calcutta, India, 27 October 1939.C16359643
AIR81/1620Pilot Officer R W Hardcastle: injured; Hart K4916, 47 Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 2 November 1939.C16359608
AIR81/1621Pilot Officer G F A Barwell: killed; Battle P2274, 63 Squadron; aircraft accident, 3 November 1939.C16359609
AIR81/1622Pilot Officer C G Chappell, Sergeant H G Jones: injured; Battle K9440, 52 Squadron; aircraft accident, 3 November 1939.C16359610
AIR81/1623Pilot Officer W Armstrong: injured; Battle K9439, 63 Squadron; aircraft accident, 3 November 1939.C16359611
AIR81/1624Leading Aircraftman W G Bowman, Aircraftman S C Colbridge: killed; Sergeant H Arnold, Corporal J W Jay, Leading Aircraftman G Peterson: injured; Stranraer K7294, 209 Squadron; aircraft accident during take-off, 3 November 1939.C16359612
AIR81/1625Squadron Leader E A Springall: injured; Blenheim K7061, Station Training Squadron; aircraft accident, 3 November 1939.C16359613
AIR81/1626Sergeant E T Summers, Leading Aircraftman D George, Aircraftman J Bailey, Aircraftman G H C Newman, Aircraftman A Hardman, Aircraftman W Watson, Aircraftman W H Dye: killed; Wellington L4239, 38 Squadron; aircraft struck trees flying low, 5 November 1939. Note: With photographsC16359614
AIR81/1627Pilot Officer A E Wickham, Aircraftman J H Ledson: uninjured; Sergeant S Hammersley: injured; Battle K9473, 35 Squadron; aircraft accident, 5 November 1939.C16359615
AIR81/1628Pilot Officer P W Peters: injured; Audax K7394, No. 8 Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 4 November 1939.C16359616
AIR81/1629Flying Officer H E H Overall: killed; Spitfire K9846, 41 Squadron; aircraft accident, 6 November 1939. Note: With planC16359617
AIR81/1632Flying Officer R P S Davidson, Sergeant R W Adcock: killed; Oxford K4547, 2 Service Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 6 November 1939.C16359671
AIR81/1642Pilot Officer A H J Ryan, Pilot Officer D H Robertson, Sergeant R Mitchell, Leading Aircraftman A Wade: killed; Hudson N7290, 220 Squadron; aircraft accident, 8 November 1939.C16359681
AIR81/1652Flight Lieutenant W I Hammond, Sub-Lieutenant D Copsey (Royal Navy): killed; Harvard N7043, 1 Service Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 13 November 1939. Note: With photographsC16359691
AIR81/1662Flying Officer A A Vickers: killed; Blenheim L6685, 600 Squadron; aircraft accident, 16 November 1939.C16359465
AIR81/1672Flying Officer R F C Markham: injured; Vildebeest K4600, 36 Squadron; aircraft accident, 20 November 1939.C16359475
AIR81/1682Pilot Officer A A Deacon, Leading Aircraftman R G Stirling, Leading Aircraftman J D Siddons: killed; Battle L5256 and Battle L5255, 9 Air Observer School; mid-air collision, 24 November 1939.C16359513
AIR81/1692Sergeant R Berrington: injured; Tiger Moth G-ADXE, 13 Elementary Flying Training School; aircraft accident, Marlow, 28 November 1939.C16359594
AIR81/1702Pilot Officer R M Williams, Pilot Officer H G Yelland, Aircraftman L Dale, Aircraftman J C Hunt: killed; Blenheim L8691, 141 Squadron; aircraft accident, Leuchars, 1 December 1939.C16359647
AIR81/1712Major Gwatkin (Coldstream Guards): injured; Lysander L4751, 225 Squadron; aircraft accident, Long Sutton, 5 December 1939.C16359657
AIR81/1720Pilot Officer A N C Weir: injured; Harvard N7092, 2 Flying Training School; aircraft accident, Cosford, 3 December 1939.C16359665
AIR81/1721Pilot Officer P D B Stevens: injured; Sergeant F Hinson, Aircraftman L R Bull: killed; Battle K9467, 98 Squadron; aircraft accident, Stow-on-the-Wold, 9 December 1939.C16359666
AIR81/1722Pilot Officer B N Arkell, Leading Aircraftman J Walton: injured; Leading Aircraftman H J Le Gassick: injured, subsequently died; Anson N5231, 500 Squadron; aircraft accident, Detling, 10 December 1939.C16359667
AIR81/1723Pilot Officer D C Williams: injured; aircraft accident, Blenheim L8695, 141 Squadron, Linlithgow, 10 December 1939.C16359668
AIR81/1724Cadet A H Humphrey: injured; Audax K4391, RAF College Flying Training School; aircraft accident, Stony Stratford, 9 December 1939.C16359669
AIR81/1725Flight Sergeant W H Packer: killed; Leading Aircraftman E Jones: injured; Blenheim L6740, 29 Squadron; aircraft accident, Saffron Walden, 11 December 1939. Note: With plansC16359670
AIR81/1726Pilot Officer C D Stevens: killed; Hampden P1267, 76 Squadron; aircraft accident, Princes Risborough, 11 December 1939.C16359575
AIR81/1727Sergeant S H Newbigging: killed; Oxford P1800, 2 Service Flying Training School; aircraft accident, Burford, 11 December 1939.C16359576
AIR81/1728Sergeant J Cope: injured; Tiger Moth N6620, 1 Elementary Flying Training School; aircraft accident, Hatfield, 11 December 1939.C16359577
AIR81/1729Leading Aircraftman J R Irvine: injured; Rapide G-AFMA, 7 Air Observer Navigation School; aircraft accident, Aboyne, 7 December 1939.C16359578
AIR81/1732Flight Cadet W A Smith: killed; Audax K7423, RAF College Flying Training School; aircraft accident, Cranwell, 13 December 1939.C16359581
AIR81/1742Pilot Officer S M Wickham: killed; aircraft accident, Gladiator N5582, 615 Squadron, 18 December 1939.C16471068
AIR81/1752Leading Aircraftman H Stones: injured; aircraft accident, Manchester L7246, Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment, RAF Boscombe Down, 22 December 1939.C16471078

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