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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/1530Flight Lieutenant T I Davies, Pilot Officer G W Sutton, Pilot Officer G W Brant, Corporal R W Ewens, Aircraftman W A Soanes, Aircraftman M J Murphy, Aircraftman W A O'Brien, Aircraftman F J Soffe, Aircraftman J Moss: missing believed killed; Sunderland L2165, 210 Squadron; aircraft accident, 18 September 1939.C16359561
AIR81/1531Flying Officer K J Powell, Sergeant P Y Walker, Leading Aircraftman F J Hicks, Leading Aircraftman W S Blewett: injured; Blenheim L1339, 62 Squadron; aircraft accident, 17 September 1939.C16359562
AIR81/1532Pilot Officer R Bowyer: killed; Oxford L4571, 9 Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 18 September 1939. Note: With photographsC16359563
AIR81/1533Sergeant B Mullin, Sergeant F H Griffiths: killed; Whitley K9001, 51 Squadron; aircraft accident, 19 September 1939.C16359564
AIR81/1534Flying Officer P J R Kitchin: injured; Wellington L4256, 75 Squadron; aircraft accident, 19 September 1939.C16359565
AIR81/1534Closed extracts: 35 pages.C16603561
AIR81/1535Flight Sergeant J W L G Brent, Sergeant H P Atkinson, Leading Aircraftman S K Love, Aircraftman E H Beaumont, Aircraftman E H Wills, Aircraftman J W Haynes: injured; Wellington L4232, 99 Squadron; aircraft accident, 19 September 1939.C16359566
AIR81/1536Flying Officer J H Warren: killed; Gladiator N2313 and Gladiator N230519, 65 Squadron; mid-air collision, September 1939.C16359567
AIR81/1537Pilot Officer I M Muir: injured; Oxford L4645, 8 Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 19 September 1939.C16359568
AIR81/1538Pilot Officer J E Hull, Aircraftman R Malcolm: killed; Battle K9448, 207 Squadron; aircraft accident, 19 September 1939.C16359569
AIR81/1539Midshipman J W Lowe (Royal Navy): injured; Swordfish L2769, Torpedo Training Unit; aircraft accident, Gosport, 19 September 1939.C16359570
AIR81/1543Sergeant Pilot L W C Sturges: injured; Sea Gladiator N5511, 769 Naval Air Squadron; aircraft accident, 20 September 1939.C16359574
AIR81/1553Pilot Officer D E Ryder, Leading Aircraftman R F Petts: missing; Leading Aircraftman A W F Barrow: injured; Vildebeest K6378, 100 Squadron; aircraft accident, 27 September 1939.C16359455
AIR81/1563Pilot Officer B L G Harker, Aircraftman F L McGurk: killed; Anson N5096, 49 Squadron; aircraft accident, 4 October 1939.C16359479
AIR81/1573Pilot Officer R E S Brown: killed; Audax K7489, 12 Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 10 October 1939.C16359489
AIR81/1583Pilot Officer A H Hewitt, Aircraftman D Parr: injured; Whitley K8943, 102 Squadron; aircraft accident, 16 October 1939.C16359499
AIR81/1593Sergeant D C Lamb: killed; Blenheim L1213, 108 Squadron; aircraft accident, 19 October 1939.C16359624
AIR81/1603Sergeant C Fretwell: killed; Gunner G Wardle: injured; Hampden L4077, 50 Squadron; aircraft accident, 23 October 1939.C16359634
AIR81/1613Pilot Officer W J Tudhope: injured; Aircraftman E Ross, Aircraftman H MacDougal: uninjured; Hampden L4167, 144 Squadron; aircraft accident, 30 October 1939.C16359601
AIR81/1623Pilot Officer W Armstrong: injured; Battle K9439, 63 Squadron; aircraft accident, 3 November 1939.C16359611
AIR81/1630Pilot Officer J Lingwood, Aircraftman A Matthew: killed; Wellington L4345, 214 Squadron; aircraft accident, 7 November 1939.C16359618
AIR81/1631Pilot Officer M E R Smith: killed; Lysander N1310, School of Army Cooperation; aircraft accident, 6 November 1939.C16359619
AIR81/1632Flying Officer R P S Davidson, Sergeant R W Adcock: killed; Oxford K4547, 2 Service Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 6 November 1939.C16359671
AIR81/1633Pilot Officer W Shaw: killed; Aircraftman A McCormack: injured; Vildebeest K4182, 36 Squadron; aircraft accident, 6 November 1939.C16359672
AIR81/1634Leading Aircraftman C T Davis: injured; Hart K5884, RAF College Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 7 November 1939. Note: With planC16359673
AIR81/1635Pilot Officer W D Brinsden: uninjured; Flight Lieutenant H G Mossford, Aircraftman W Brown, Aircraftman J A Hodge: injured; Anson N4961, 269 Squadron; aircraft accident, 6 November 1939.C16359674
AIR81/1636Pilot Officer D K Robertson, Sergeant R Harrison, Aircraftman F J Wilkes: killed; Battle K9238, 98 Squadron; aircraft accident, 7 November 1939. Note: With photographsC16359675
AIR81/1637Pilot Officer G H A Coates: killed; Pilot Officer W O Cramer: injured; Oxford P1845, 11 Service Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 7 November 1939.C16359676
AIR81/1638Pilot Officer J Campbell: killed; Hart K4439, 1 Ferry Pilots Pool; aircraft accident, 7 November 1939.C16359677
AIR81/1639Flight Lieutenant R S Peill, Corporal C W Beach; injured; Magister L8344, HQ 51 Group; aircraft accident, 7 November 1939.C16359678
AIR81/1643Sergeant E J Cole: killed; Spitfire K9886, 54 Squadron; aircraft accident, 8 November 1939.C16359682
AIR81/1653Pilot Officer R Thynne, Sergeant R C L Pike, Aircraftman V W L Richardson: killed; Battle K9356, 218 Squadron; aircraft accident, 13 November 1939. Note: With photographsC16359692
AIR81/1663Pilot Officer K C H Jacobs: killed; Blenheim L1275, 108 Squadron; aircraft accident, 16 November 1939. Note: With planC16359466
AIR81/1673Pilot Officer H J Keller, Pilot Officer J W C Robertson: missing believed killed; Hudson N7284, 220 Squadron; 19 November 1939.C16359476
AIR81/1683Pilot Officer B Graham: killed; Gladiator K8012, 65 Squadron; aircraft accident, 25 November 1939.C16359514
AIR81/1693Pilot Officer N W Walders, Pilot Officer L E Cryderman: injured; Magister P2456, 22 Group Reservoir; aircraft accident, Andover, 29 November 1939.C16359595
AIR81/1703Sergeant J E Halls: injured; Tiger Moth N6606, 22 Elementary Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 30 November 1939.C16359648
AIR81/1713Sergeant J Arbuthnot; injured: Hurricane L1725, 43 Squadron; aircraft accident, 5 December 1939.C16359658
AIR81/1723Pilot Officer D C Williams: injured; aircraft accident, Blenheim L8695, 141 Squadron, Linlithgow, 10 December 1939.C16359668
AIR81/1730Pilot Officer P C Fraser, Pilot Officer M E G Mailer: killed; Tutor K3309, 92 Squadron; aircraft accident, Sidlesham, 12 December 1939. Note: With mapC16359579
AIR81/1731Pilot Officer M Fortnum: killed; Walrus K8556, 754 Squadron; aircraft accident, Southampton, 12 December 1939.C16359580
AIR81/1732Flight Cadet W A Smith: killed; Audax K7423, RAF College Flying Training School; aircraft accident, Cranwell, 13 December 1939.C16359581
AIR81/1733Pilot Officer W L Colmer, Pilot Officer R A Russell-Forbes, Leading Aircraftman J T Warriner: killed; Wellington R2699, 214 Squadron; aircraft accident, Methwold, 13 December 1939.C16359582
AIR81/1734Sergeant B McCluggage: killed; Sergeant F E Holland: injured; Magister R1816, 236 Squadron; aircraft accident, Clopton, Suffolk, 13 December 1939.C16359583
AIR81/1735Sergeant F E Waller: killed; Spitfire N3031, 66 Squadron; aircraft accident, Wilbraham, 14 December 1939.C16359584
AIR81/1736Pilot Officer C B Elsdon, Pilot Officer J Hemingway: injured; Magister N3860, 234 Squadron; aircraft accident, Beverley, 15 December 1939.C16359585
AIR81/1737Pilot Officer P Ross: killed; Harvard N7010, 14 Service Flying Training School; aircraft accident, Burghead, 15 December 1939.C16359586
AIR81/1738Pilot Officer H G Tipple: killed; Battle N2159, 264 Squadron; aircraft accident, Great Wenham, 16 December 1939.C16359587
AIR81/1739Flying Officer D E Milson: injured; Spitfire L1074, 610 Squadron; aircraft accident, Wittering, 16 December 1939. Note: With photograph and silk glovesC16359588
AIR81/1743Flying Officer J G Howard, Pilot Officer A G Robertson, Sergeant A Coe: killed; aircraft accident, Whitley K7260, 97 Squadron, 18 December 1939.C16471069

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