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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/51Sergeant A W Gillmore, Sergeant B R Turnnidge and Aircraftman 1st Class T J Jervis: interned; Blenheim L1148 landed in Belgium, 16 November 1939.C14142168
AIR81/52Wing Commander L K Barnes: interned in Iceland.C14142169
AIR81/53Pilot Officer J H Grimes, Sergeant V D MacMillan, Corporal H J Cockayne and Aircraftman 1st Class J C Bagley: missing presumed dead; Anson K6189 failed to return from an operational flight, 6 December 1939.C14142170
AIR81/54Flying Officer D F B Sheen: injured in action; Spitfire L9959; 7 December 1939.C14142171
AIR81/55Flying Officer W E G Measures: injured; Spitfire K9932 engaged an enemy aircraft, 20 November 1939.C14142172
AIR81/56Aircraftman 1st Class A D F Craig, Sergeant L W Parton and Pilot Officer A J Payn: injured. Aircraftman 1st Class R Entwistle, Corporal A Sharp and Acting Flight Lieutenant E J Hetherington: report of deaths; Wellington N2957 crash landed, Newmarket, 14 December 1939.C14142173
AIR81/57Aircraftman 1st Class C Watson, Corporal T Hunter, Aircraftman 1st Class R Heywood, Acting Sergeant W J Atkins, Sergeant H Hulme and Pilot Officer N L Lewis: missing presumed dead; Wellington N2870 failed to return from an operational flight, believed tohave crashed at sea, 14 December 1939.C14142174
AIR81/58Corporal D H Whitehouse, Aircraftman 1st Class F G Hooker, Leading Aircraftman R T Carr, Sergeant G E F Martin, Flying Officer J A H Cooper and Flying Officer J P Trewby: missing presumed dead; Wellington N2956 failed to return from an operational flight,believed to have been hit by anti-aircraft fire, 14 December 1939.C14142175
AIR81/59Sergeant E B Morgan, Sergeant F G Goodwin, Leading Aircraftman D G Hodge, Aircraftman 2nd Class F J Johnson, Sergeant T E Jones and Sergeant W H Downey: missing presumed dead; Wellington N2911 failed to return from an operational flight, believed to havecrashed at sea, 14 December 1939.C14142176
AIR81/60Corporal T Dodds, Corporal E Corry, Aircraftman 2nd Class H Houldsworth, Sergeant R Allon, Sergeant C D Caldwell and Sergeant R H J Brace: missing presumed dead; Wellington N2986 failed to return from an operational flight, believed to have crashed at sea, 14 December 1939.C14142177
AIR81/61Leading Aircraftman R Forsyth, Aircraftman 2nd Class W H Pountain, Aircraftman 1st Class H E Beaumont, Acting Sergeant B T Boram, Sergeant W F Antell and Flight Sergeant J E K Healey: missing presumed dead; Wellington N2886 failed to return from at operational flight, believed to have crashed at sea, 14 December 1939.C14142178
AIR81/62Leading Aircraftman W Lilley: report of death. Aircraftman 2nd Class C R Driver: uninjured. Leading Aircraftman D J Conolly, Sergeant R Hewitt and Sergeant J R Ramshaw: injured; Wellington N2983 crashed into the North Sea due to enemy gunfire, 18 December1939.C14142179
AIR81/63Flying Officer D B Allison, Flying Officer D C E Bailey, Corporal R T Black and Sergeant J B A Turnbull missing presumed dead, Sergeant J A Brister and Leading Aircraftman A G Goodenough: report of deaths; Wellington N2941 failed to return from an operatonal flight, 18 December 1939.C14142180
AIR81/64Pilot Officer E F Lines, Flight Sergeant A K Fearnside, Aircraftman 1st Class E M G Polhill, Leading Aircraftman A M Dickie and Aircraftman 2nd Class C Walker: missing presumed dead; Wellington N2940 failed to return from an operational flight, 18 December 1939.C14142181
AIR81/65Pilot Officer A H R Bourne, Flying Officer J T I Challes, Sergeant T H English, Leading Aircraftman G E Cox, Aircraftman 1st Class A Telfer and Sergeant F M Mason: missing presumed dead; Wellington N2939 failed to return from an operational flight, 18 December 1939.C14142182
AIR81/66Leading Aircraftman G C Balch and Aircraftman 1st Class F S Kemp: injured. Pilot Officer C G Heathcote, Flight Sergeant F C Petts and Sergeant P W V Robertson: uninjured; Wellington N2873 forced to land at Sutton Bridge, 18 December 1939.C14142183
AIR81/67Squadron Leader A J Guthrie, Pilot Officer J E Atkinson, Sergeant H W Tyrrell, Leading Aircraftman T L Marlin, Sergeant B J Pickless and Leading Aircraftman J M F Key: missing presumed dead; Wellington N2972 failed to return from an operational flight, 18December 1939.C14142184
AIR81/68Flying Officer J H C Speirs, Pilot Officer F N Lines, Sergeant R R Hammond, Aircraftman 2nd Class W J Ellis and Leading Aircraftman J H Sinton: missing presumed dead; Wellington N2962 failed to return from an operational flight, believed to have crashed at sea, 18 December 1939.C14142185
AIR81/69Flying Officer M F Briden, Pilot Officer W S F Brown, Sergeant V G Richardson, Aircraftman 2nd Class I D Leighton, Aircraftman 2nd Class A G Foster and Aircraftman 1st Class P Warren: missing presumed dead; Wellington N2961 failed to return from an operational flight, 18 December 1939.C14142186
AIR81/70Acting Aquadron Leader I V Hue-Williams, Flight Lieutenant T G W Appleby, Flying Officer A R Vaughan-Williams, Leading Aircraftman J Barstow, Acting Sergeant A R Norris and Leading Aircraftman E Lowe: missing presumed dead; Wellington N2904 failed to return from an operational flight, 18 December 1939. Note: With photographs.and identity discC14141871
AIR81/71Pilot Officer M I Drawwater, Flying Officer A T Thompson, Corporal W Robinson, Sergeant A J Tilley and Leading Aircraftman L A Stock: missing presumed dead; Wellington N2935 failed to return from an operational flight, 18 December 1939.C14141872
AIR81/72Flying Officer O J T Lewis, Pilot Officer R M Ross, Acting Sergeant M B Taylor, Aircraftman 1st Class P T Jones and Aircraftman 1st Class G W Geddes: missing presumed dead; Wellington N2889 failed to return from an operational flight, 18 December 1939.C14141873
AIR81/73Sergeant H Ruse, Warrant Officer H A Jones and Sergeant T K May: prisoners of war. Acting Sergeant T W Holley and Corporal F J Taylor: report of deaths; Wellington N2936 force landed in Germany, 18 December 1939.C14141874
AIR81/74Acting Flight Lieutenant V M P Pam: report of death; London K5258, shot whilst on a reconnaissance flight, 19 December 1939.C14141875
AIR81/75Flight Lieutenant P A Wimberley: prisoner of war. Pilot Officer M Radcliffe, Aircraftman 1st Class A M Hill, Acting Sergeant L A Sheppard and Leading Aircraftman A W W Lane: missing presumed dead; Wellington N2888 failed to return from an operational flight, believed to have crashed at sea, 18 December 1939.C14141876
AIR81/76Pilot Officer P F Dingwall and Sergeant W K Lodge: uninjured. Leading Aircraftman T Gibbin: missing presumed drowned; Hampden L4090 attacked by allied aircraft, 21 December 1939. Note: With mapC14141877
AIR81/77Sergeant J Winn: report of death; Hurricane N2385 crashed north of Metz, 22 December 1939.C14141878
AIR81/78Sergeant R M Perry: report of death; Hurricane K1967 crashed north of Metz, 22 December 1939.C14141879
AIR81/79Pilot Officer K Laxton, Leading Aircraftman T V Lewis and Sergeant W Anderson: missing presumed dead; Blenheim L8779 failed to return from a reconnaissance flight, 27 December 1939.C14141880
AIR81/80Aircraftman 2nd Class D J Drury, Aircraftman 2nd Class A Hinchliffe, Acting Sergeant W H C Kidd, Leading Aircraftman A J Mantle, Sergeant H R B Wakeham and Sergeant J Morrice: report of deaths; Wellington N2946 failed to return from an operational flight, 2 January 1940.C14141902
AIR81/81Leading Aircraftman C F Hudson, Leading Aircraftman D M Rowson, Sergeant R J Peacock and Acting Flight Lieutenant T H Clarke: missing presumed dead; Hudson N7232 failed to return from a reconnaissance flight, 1 January 1940.C14141903
AIR81/82Aircraftman 1st Class P B Harris: report of death. Sergeant F L Smith and Flying Officer C M P Kempster: injured and interned; Blenheim L1410 force landed in Belgium, 3 January 1940.C14141904
AIR81/83Pilot Officer R C Lloyd, Pilot Officer A Barkley, Aircraftman 1st Class R S Morton and Corporal D Turner: missing presumed dead; Hudson N7262 failed to return from a patrol flight, 11 January 1940.C14141905
AIR81/84Flying Officer R D Baughan: prisoner of war. Sergeant N M Kirkus, Sergeant H H Turner and Aircraftman 1st Class J Anthony: report of death; Hampden L4126 shot down and crashed into the sea off St Peter, near Tonning, Holstein, 29 September 1939.C14141906
AIR81/85Flight Lieutenant R M Coste: prisoner of war. Flight Sergeant S Williams, Acting Sergeant C G Williams and Aircraftman 2nd Class S Isherwood: report of deaths; Hampden L4132 shot down over the North Sea, 29 September 1939. Note: With photographsC14141907
AIR81/86Pilot Officer R Turner, Flying Officer N C Beck, Sergeant P E B Sproston and Aircraftman 1st Class A Wilson: report of deaths; Hampden L4127 shot down near Heligoland, 29 September 1939. Note: With photographsC14141908
AIR81/87Flying Officer J T B Sadler, Sergeant W H Stephen and Aircraftman 1st Class J W Cumming: report of deaths. Warrant Officer R L Galloway: prisoner of war; Hampden L4121 shot down over the North Sea, 29 September 1939.C14141909
AIR81/88Aircraftman 2nd Class J R Hunter, Sergeant D J Bendall and Pilot Officer J N O'Reilly-Blackwood: report of deaths; Blenheim L1280 shot down near Duisburg, 25 January 1940.C14141910
AIR81/89Pilot Officer J J Tarlington: missing presumed dead; Hurricane L1699 last seen crashing into the sea off Herne Bay, Kent, 16 February 1940.C14141911
AIR81/90Sergeant W B Woods, Aircraftman 1st Class J Orchard and Sergeant F J R Bigg: missing presumed dead; Blenheim N6211 failed to return from a reconnaissance flight, 17 February 1940.C14141912
AIR81/91Leading Aircraftman T F Johnson, Leading Aircraftman F G Jones, Leading Aircraftman A R Chapman, Sergeant L C Cond, Sergeant A Hill and Flying Officer N Hawxby: missing presumed dead; Wellington N2951 failed to return from an operational flight over Heligoland, 21 February 1940. Note: With plastic air craft identification plateC14141913
AIR81/92Flight Lieutenant A N Wilson: missing presumed dead; Spitfire K9810 failed to return from an operational flight, 21 February 1940.C14141914
AIR81/93Pilot Officer R A G Willis, Flying Officer O L Williams, Pilot Officer J S Trotter, Acting Sergeant A R Mattick, Aircraftman 2nd Class W Cockburn and Aircraftman 2nd Class C G Ashman: interned; Wellington N3004 force landed in Belgium, 24 February 1940.C14141915
AIR81/94Pilot Officer J A E Monette: injured. Sergeant J A H Potter: report of death. Leading Aircraftman A N Whitehall: uninjured; Blenheim L1444 crashed on return from a reconnaissance flight, Donna Brook, Lincolnshire, 25 February 1940.C14141916
AIR81/95Aircraftman 1st Class S N Middleton, Sergeant T S Weightman and Flying Officer J C H Blake: missing presumed dead; Blenheim P4842 failed to return from air operations, 27 February 1940.C14141917
AIR81/96Squadron Leader F W C Shute: missing presumed dead; Gladiator N5646 reported engine failure whilst over the North Sea, 29 February 1940. Note: With mapC14141918
AIR81/97Sergeant M Whiffen, Acting Sergeant J C Murdoch, Leading Aircraftman E H Prior, Aircraftman 2nd Class T E Smith, Aircraftman L B Hughson and Flying Officer L R Field: report of deaths; Wellington N2984 crashed during an operational flight, Bury St Edmunds, 2 March 1940. Note: With photographsC14141919
AIR81/98Pilot Officer J S Mitchell: report of death; Hurricane L1671 crash landed after engaging with enemy aircraft, 2 March 1940.C14141920
AIR81/99Flying Officer S D Slocum, Leading Aircraftman J A Butcher and Leading Aircraftman R A Mutton: report of deaths. Sergeant J A M Reid: injured; Hudson N7334 shot down by allied aircraft, 3 March 1940.C14141921
AIR81/100Leading Aircraftman J C Forster, Aircraftman 2nd Class F Hart, Acting Sergeant A K Saxon, Aircraftman 1st Class P W Corvan, Pilot Officer A Stewart and Pilot Officer J N Carter: report of deaths; Wellington N3006 crashed at Barton Mills, Suffolk, 3 March 1940. Note: Wellington N3306 is recorded on the cover of the file, but the inside documentation correctly records it as N3006.C14141922

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