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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/1762Leading Aircraftman E H Shayler: killed; Leading Aircraftman A Lawson: missing believed killed; aircraft collision, Swordfish L2774, 810 Squadron, HMS Ark Royal, 25 November 1939.C16471101
AIR81/1772Flying Officer H B M Pearson, Sergeant Pilot F M Pennel, Aircraftman F H Rook: killed; Leading Aircraftman C M Ritter: injured; aircraft accident, Anson K6246, 48 Squadron, 6 January 1940.C16471111
AIR81/1782Sergeant T A Kerr: missing; aircraft accident, Audax K5151, 5 Flying Training School, 8 January 1940.C16471121
AIR81/1792Sergeant C J W Tait: uninjured; Leading Aircraftman C R McLennan: injured; aircraft accident, Helwan, Egypt, Gordon K2719, RAF Middle East Pilot Training Unit, 15 January 1940.C16471345
AIR81/1802Pilot Officer B O C Stevens, Sergeant F T M Smith, Sergeant L C Chenerey, Aircraftman L J Wakely, Aircraftman W Heron: killed; aircraft accident, Totnes, Anson N5024, 148 Squadron, 18 January 1940.C16471355
AIR81/1812Leading Aircraftman H A Williams, Leading Aircraftman D W Whittaker, Sergeant D P Watson-Parker, Mr H T Jackson: killed; aircraft accident, Aldergrove, Anson N4943, 1 Air Observer Navigation School, 31 January 1940. Note: With mapC16471242
AIR81/1820Flying Officer M K Carswell: injured; ditched at sea during enemy action off Coquet Island, Hurricane L1744, 43 Squadron, 9 February 1940.C16471250
AIR81/1821Pilot Officer O W Bligh (RCAF), Sergeant R F C Dupe: killed; Aircraftman R T Casson: injured; aircraft accident, Abingdon, Whitley K7255, 97 Group Pool Squadron, 10 February 1940.C16471251
AIR81/1822Flight Lieutenant J N Thornewill, Flying Officer R H Lemon: killed; aircraft accident, Porthcawl, Henley L3339, 7 Bombing and Gunnery School, 11 February 1940.C16471252
AIR81/1823Flying Officer C P S Smith, Leading Aircraftman L D Stratford: killed; aircraft accident, Margam Range, Wallace K4340, 7 Bombing and Gunnery School, 11 February 1940.C16471253
AIR81/1824Flying Officer J M Parker, Sergeant H F Bleksley, Corporal N R Drury: killed; Leading Aircraftman A Barker: injured; aircraft accident, Great Ayton, Hudson N7294, 220 Squadron, 11 February 1940.C16471254
AIR81/1825Flight Lieutenant G C Butler, Leading Aircraftman J G Livingstone, Leading Aircraftman A R G McVittie: injured; aircraft accident, Dumbarton, PBY4 P9630, Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment, Dumbarton, 10 February 1940.C16471255
AIR81/1826Sergeant Pilot P F H Thurgar: killed; aircraft accident, Plechatel, Hurricane L1613, 87 Squadron, 12 February 1940.C16471256
AIR81/1827Pilot Officer H E White, Sergeant R W Spillar: injured; aircraft accident, over the English Channel, Battle L5229, 98 Squadron, 13 February 1940.C16471257
AIR81/1828Pilot Officer J C Paterson: injured; aircraft accident, Odiham, Hector K9731, 613 Squadron, 15 February 1940.C16471258
AIR81/1829Sergeant G H Tice, Sergeant J H Wadmore, Leading Aircraftman F Birch: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim L8759, 21 Squadron, 16 February 1940.C16471259
AIR81/1832Pilot Officer J A D McLean, Sergeant A C Haigh: killed; Aircraftman W McEwan: died of injuries; aircraft accident, Upwood, Blenheim L4875, 90 Squadron, 18 February 1940.C16471262
AIR81/1842Flight Sergeant W C Parkes, Leading Aircraftman G R Sutcliffe, Leading Aircraftman F A Webster, Aircraftman W Ledsham: killed; Anson N5086, School of Air Navigation, Rhossili, 23 February 1940. Note: With photographs and mapsC16471317
AIR81/1852Pilot Officer H Dodgson: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim L8838, 114 Squadron, 27 February 1940.C16471327
AIR81/1862Flying Officer L H Leader, Flying Officer A Law: missing; aircraft accident, West Freugh, Magister L8264, 1 Anti-Aircraft Cooperation Unit, 2 March 1940.C16471337
AIR81/1872Flying Officer R Bell: killed; aircraft accident, Hoylake, Hind K6758, 5 Service Flying Training School, 4 March 1940.C16471093
AIR81/1882Sergeant S W Lenton: killed; aircraft accident in Peronne, France, Hurricane L1978, 85 Squadron, 6 March 1940.C16471130
AIR81/1892Corporal A S Telford: killed; aircraft accident, Elsfield, Anson N5099, 6 Service Flying Training School, 9 March 1940. Note: With photographsC16471164
AIR81/1902Lieutenant P G Philcox (Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve): killed; Able Seaman D Lewis (Royal Navy): injured; aircraft accident, Stanmore, Proctor P6008, 758 Squadron, 12 March 1940.C16471174
AIR81/1912Pilot Officer R E West: killed; Sergeant B Raises: injured; aircraft accident, Upminster, Magister P6358, 54 Squadron, 15 March 1940.C16471184
AIR81/1920Sergeant S A Hillman: injured; forced landing, Hurricane L1786, 229 Squadron, 19 March 1940.C16471142
AIR81/1921Flight Lieutenant V H P Lynham, Flying Officer J C Boulter: injured; Pilot Officer W C Scott: died from injuries; aircraft accident at Montrose, involving Spitfire of 503 Squadron landing on top of stationary Oxford L9655, 8 Flying Training School, 20 March 1940.C16471143
AIR81/1922Flying Officer F H Bullard-Davis: killed; Sergeant A Woodward, Leading Aircraftman D Doughty: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Scotton near Scunthorpe, Hampden L4137, 144 Squadron, 20 March 1940. Note: With mapC16471144
AIR81/1923Pilot Officer J C Boulter: injured; aircraft accident, Montrose, Spitfire L1022, 603 Squadron, 20 March 1940.C16471145
AIR81/1924Sergeant H Phillips, Aircraftman F Prosser: killed; aircraft accident, Kirkbymoorside, Blenheim L1117, 219 Squadron, 21 March 1940.C16471146
AIR81/1924Closed extract: 1 page.C16603568
AIR81/1925Flying Officer R L Jeffrey: killed; Sergeant J G S Kirkpatrick: died of injuries; collision between Anson N5039 and Harvard N7060, 10 Service Flying Training School, 21 March 1940.C16471147
AIR81/1926Squadron Leader I G E Dale: injured; aircraft accident, Ternhill, Anson N5039, 10 Service Flying Training School, 21 March 1940.C16471148
AIR81/1927Sergeant R C Edwards, Mr J D F Tanqueray: killed; aircraft accident, Hinkley, Mentor L4395, 24 Squadron, 21 March 1940.C16471149
AIR81/1928Pilot Officer H S P Hulton, Sergeant O W Dumbreck: killed; Corporal G E Lapwood, Leading Aircraftman Oultram: injured; aircraft accident, Portslade, Blenheim L1427, 18 Squadron, 21 March 1940.C16471150
AIR81/1929Pilot Officer R Lane: uninjured; Corporal G Davidson: injured; Leading Aircraftman P I Nash: uninjured; forced landing, Virginia K2329, 13 Maintenance Unit, 21 March 1940.C16471151
AIR81/1932Flying Officer L G Bowler: missing believed killed off Folkestone; aircraft accident, Hurricane N2531, 32 Squadron, 23 March 1940.C16471154
AIR81/1942Flying Officer T E Sanders: injured; aircraft accident, Aberdaron Bay, Anson N5056, School of Air Navigation, 26 March 1940.C16471190
AIR81/1952Pilot Officer A J Douch: injured; aircraft accident, Sealand, Oxford N6260, 5 Flying Training School, 29 March 1940.C16471218
AIR81/1962Sergeant J G Stewart: killed; aircraft accident, Hanworth Aerodrome, Magister N3965, 5 Elementary Flying Training School, 1 April 1940.C16471228
AIR81/1972Flying Officer C H Boxall, Sergeant L Podger, Leading Aircraftman W W Martin: missing; aircraft accident, Penang, Malaya, Blenheim L1131, 62 Squadron, 4 April 1940.C16471238
AIR81/1982Flight Lieutenant H Bailey: killed; aircraft accident, Blackburn B20 V8914, Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment, Isle of Arran, 7 April 1940.C16471274
AIR81/1992Leading Airman H E Cook (Royal Navy), Aircraftman A C Lucas: killed; aircraft accident, Collingbourne Kingston, Battle K7609, 1 Service Flying Training School, 9 April 1940. Note: With photographC16471284
AIR81/2000Pilot Officer R D Wawn, Sergeant Pilot B Pollard, Sergeant A Wappett, Corporal R H L Smith: injured; aircraft accident, Scunthorpe, Anson N5193, 50 Squadron, 13 April 1940.C16471292
AIR81/2001Pilot Officer D McIntosh: injured; Leading Aircraftman R L Raleigh, Pilot Officer I R McDiarmid, Pilot Officer J L Maude-Roxby, Sergeant R H Steel, Leading Aircraftman J L Rowe, Leading Aircraftman J McIntyre and L Jones: uninjured; aircraft accident, Bletchley, Wellington L4390, 11 Operational Training Unit, 14 April 1940.C16471293
AIR81/2002Sergeant Pilot J Miskelly: injured; Sergeant R W Bailey: died of injuries; aircraft accident, Burnaston Aerodrome, Magister L8331, 16 Elementary Flying Training School, 15 April 1940.C16471294
AIR81/2003Pilot Officer P de Galleani Fry: killed; aircraft accident, Donna Nook Ranges, Gauntlett K7883, 1 Air Armament School, 15 April 1940.C16471295
AIR81/2004Pilot Officer N G Cranna: injured; aircraft accident, Cranwell Aerodrome, Hind K5547, Central Flying School, 8 April 1940.C16471296
AIR81/2005Squadron Leader D M Somerville: injured; aircraft accident, Helwan, Egypt, Gladiator K8024, 112 Squadron, 15 April 1940. Note: With photographsC16471297
AIR81/2006Leading Aircraftman J H Gillham, Pilot Officer A F B Ramsay: died of injuries; aircraft accident, Proville, France, Lysander L4750, 4 Squadron, 17 April 1940.C16471298

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