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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/1753Leading Aircraftman E Enticknap: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth K27, Kenya Auxiliary Air Unit, 23 December 1939. Note: With photographsC16471079
AIR81/1763Pilot Officer E A C Hill: killed; aircraft accident, Hampden L4205, 185 Squadron, 1 January 1940.C16471102
AIR81/1773Sergeant H L Broughton: injured; Pilot Officer H F Mitchinson: uninjured; aircraft accident, Blenheim L1214, 108 Squadron, 7 January 1940.C16471112
AIR81/1783Pilot Officer R Coe: killed; aircraft accident, Warrington, Hurricane N2341, 242 Squadron, 10 January 1940. Note: With planC16471122
AIR81/1793Flight Sergeant T D Dixon, Pilot Officer J A Littlewood: killed; aircraft accident, Broad Hinton, Oxford L4564, 3 Service Flying Training School, 16 January 1940. Note: With photographsC16471346
AIR81/1803Flying Officer J R Garrett: injured; Sergeant H C Moorby: killed; Leading Aircraftman T C McClure, Aircraftman R Beattie: uninjured; aircraft accident, Prestatyn, 502 Squadron, 19 January 1940.C16471356
AIR81/1813Pilot Officer W D Allies, Leading Aircraftman L J Taylor: injured; aircraft accident, Dalwood, Anson N5019, 148 Squadron, 11 January 1940.C16471243
AIR81/1823Flying Officer C P S Smith, Leading Aircraftman L D Stratford: killed; aircraft accident, Margam Range, Wallace K4340, 7 Bombing and Gunnery School, 11 February 1940.C16471253
AIR81/1830Pilot Officer A F Delamore, Pilot Officer F B Bassett: injured; aircraft accident, Ashwell, Magister R1827, 222 Squadron, 17 February 1940.C16471260
AIR81/1831Pilot Officer H A Lovell: killed; aircraft accident, Waltham Abbey, Hurricane L1724, 151 Squadron, 18 February 1940.C16471261
AIR81/1832Pilot Officer J A D McLean, Sergeant A C Haigh: killed; Aircraftman W McEwan: died of injuries; aircraft accident, Upwood, Blenheim L4875, 90 Squadron, 18 February 1940.C16471262
AIR81/1833Sergeant E Lyall: injured; aircraft accident, Seletar, Singapore, Vildebeest K4186, 36 Squadron, 16 February 1940.C16471263
AIR81/1834Sergeant C McHay: injured; aircraft accident, Little Benan, Ballantrae, Wallace K8683, 4 Bombing and Gunnery School, 17 February 1940.C16471264
AIR81/1835Flight Lieutenant I R Gleed: injured; aircraft accident, Little Ouse, Littleport, Spitfire N3120, 266 Squadron, 18 February 1940.C16471265
AIR81/1836Flight Sergeant G A Corby: killed; Aircraftman L H Truman, Leading Aircraftman G Peterson, Aircraftman R G Webber: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Oban, Lerwick L7253, 209 Squadron, 20 February 1940.C16471266
AIR81/1837Flying Officer W H Carr-Birbeck: injured; aircraft accident, Wisbech, Wellington P9219, 99 Squadron, 21 February 1940.C16471267
AIR81/1838Pilot Officer D W Coysh: killed; Flying Officer J S Bell: injured; mid-air collision between Magister N3849, 234 Squadron and Spitfire K9988, 616 Squadron, 21 February 1940. Note: With planC16471313
AIR81/1839Flying Officer J W C Simpson: injured; aircraft accident, Acklington, Hurricane L1729, 43 Squadron, 21 February 1940.C16471314
AIR81/1843Sub-Lieutenant G A Skinner (Royal Navy): killed; aircraft accident, Lower Clatford, Hart K5806, 1 Service Flying Training School, 23 February 1940.C16471318
AIR81/1853Sergeant F Taylor, Pilot Officer J McClintock: injured; aircraft accident, Horton, Magister H3839, 5 Elementary Flying Training School, 27 February 1940.C16471328
AIR81/1863Sergeant R S S Black, Sergeant J F Wales: killed; aircraft accident, Nassington, Hart K4997, 7 Service Flying Training School, 2 March 1940. Note: With photographsC16471338
AIR81/1873Pilot Officer R W Farrow, Aircraftman A W B Sanders: killed; Sergeant H B Wallis: uninjured; aircraft accident, Auxerre, France, Blenheim N6157, 114 Squadron, 3 March 1940.C16471094
AIR81/1883Flying Officer B Rolfe, passenger J B E Johnson: killed; aircraft accident, Flixborough, Botha L6129, 5 March 1940.C16471131
AIR81/1893Sergeant T H Knighton: injured; aircraft accident, Cambridge, Tiger Moth, 22 Elementary Flying Training School, 9 March 1940.C16471165
AIR81/1903Pilot Officer R B Vaux, Pilot Officer H B Hunter: killed; Pilot Officer P R Johnson: died of wounds; aircraft accident, Whitley K8960, 166 Squadron, 12 March 1940.C16471175
AIR81/1913Pilot Officer W B Adamson: killed; Leading Aircraftman E E Satchell: uninjured; aircraft accident at Lille-Ronchin, France, Lysander 6852, 4 Squadron, 9 March 1940.C16471185
AIR81/1923Pilot Officer J C Boulter: injured; aircraft accident, Montrose, Spitfire L1022, 603 Squadron, 20 March 1940.C16471145
AIR81/1930Flying Officer C M Wheatley: killed; shot down near Kleve, Germany, Spitfire N3069, Photographic Development Unit, 22 March 1940. Note: With photographsC16471152
AIR81/1931Flying Officer C M Wheatley: killed; shot down near Kleve, Germany, Spitfire N3069, Photographic Development Unit, 22 March 1940. Note: With photographsC16471153
AIR81/1931Closed extracts: 7 pages.C16603569
AIR81/1932Flying Officer L G Bowler: missing believed killed off Folkestone; aircraft accident, Hurricane N2531, 32 Squadron, 23 March 1940.C16471154
AIR81/1933Sergeant M C Cotterell, Sergeant R J Harbour, Aircraftman K C Winterton: killed; aircraft accident, Oswestry, Blenheim L4873, 90 Squadron, 23 March 1940.C16471155
AIR81/1933Closed extract: 1 page.C16603566
AIR81/1934Flying Officer P F Templeman: died of wounds; Sergeant D W Wilson: killed; Sergeant K R Say, Aircraftman J A Burke, Leading Aircraftman E Lawson, Leading Aircraftman J R Clark: prisoners of war; shot down by anti-aircraft fire, Wellington P2515, 37 Squadron, 24 March 1940. Note: With photographsC16471156
AIR81/1935Flying Officer P F Templeman: died of wounds; Sergeant D W Wilson: killed; Sergeant K R Say, Aircraftman J A Burke, Leading Aircraftman E Lawson, Leading Aircraftman J R Clark: prisoners of war; shot down by anti-aircraft fire, Wellington P2515, 37 Squadron, 24 March 1940.C16471157
AIR81/1936Flying Officer N S Graeme, Pilot Officer H P J Radcliffe: killed; aircraft accident in Vitry-en-Artois, France between Gladiator K8030 and Gladiator K 8000, 607 Squadron, 24 March 1940.C16471158
AIR81/1937Flying Officer A J M Smyth, Sergeant A G Fox, Aircraftman D W Spiby, Leading Aircraftman Kirkby, Aircraftman T S J Walsh: injured; aircraft accident, Marham, Wellington N2950, 115 Squadron, 23 March 1940.C16471159
AIR81/1938Pilot Officer K W Worsdell: injured; aircraft accident, Wokingham, Tutor K3323, 219 Squadron, 24 March 1940.C16471160
AIR81/1939Sergeant S A Williams, Sergeant A R Jones, Sergeant R Cross, Aircraftman A Hamman: missing believed killed; reconnaissance mission, Elbe Estuary, Hampden L4102, 44 Squadron, 26 March 1940.C16471161
AIR81/1943Pilot Officer I P Hinton, Sergeant F D C Findlay, Aircraftman J A Sharpe: killed; aircraft accident, Reims, France, Battle P2256, 103 Squadron, 26 March 1940.C16471191
AIR81/1953Pilot Officer A Obolensky (Polish): killed; aircraft accident, Martlesham, Hurricane L1946, 504 Squadron, 29 March 1940.C16471219
AIR81/1963Pilot Officer R C Mathieson, Aircraftman E J Robinson: killed; aircraft accident, Bude, Henley L3245, 1 Anti-Aircraft Cooperation Unit, 1 April 1940.C16471229
AIR81/1973Sergeant L A Fieldhouse, Sergeant R S Hutton: injured; aircraft accident, Desford, Tiger Moth N6482, 7 Elementary Flying Training School, 6 April 1940.C16471239
AIR81/1983Leading Aircraftman R G W Bristow: injured; aircraft accident, Ailsa Craig, Anson N5343, 1 Air Observer Navigation School, 1 April 1940.C16471275
AIR81/1993Sergeant G L Dent: killed; aircraft accident, Grimsby, Hurricane L1790, 229 Squadron, 9 April 1940.C16471285
AIR81/2003Pilot Officer P de Galleani Fry: killed; aircraft accident, Donna Nook Ranges, Gauntlett K7883, 1 Air Armament School, 15 April 1940.C16471295
AIR81/2013Flight Lieutenant T W Piper, Flying Officer J N Harris: injured; aircraft accident, West Islay, Wellington L4291, 15 Operational Training Unit, 17 April 1940.C16471305
AIR81/2023Sergeant Pilot J Wright: injured; aircraft accident, Kirkby Malzeard, Hurricane LG2009, 6 Operational Training Unit, 22 April 1940.C16471201
AIR81/2030Wing Commander G V Howard: injured; aircraft accident, Dorchester, Master N7551, Central Gunnery School, 22 April 1940.C16471208
AIR81/2031Pilot Officer A L V Barnes, Sergeant R E Wilson: killed; aircraft accident, Carew Cheriton, Henley L3427, 1 Anti-Aircraft Cooperation Unit, 23 April 1940.C16471209

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