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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/6075Flying Officer C G W Moore, Leading Aircraftman A M Naylor: killed; aircraft accident, Master T8757, 5 Service Flying Training School, 26 April 1941.C16755373
AIR81/6076Pilot Officer J L McGinnis: killed; crashed on take off for operational flight, Hurricane Z2494, 71 Squadron, 26 April 1941.C16755374
AIR81/6077Sergeant A V Band: died of injuries; aircraft accident, Hurricane V7619, 55 Operational Training Unit, 26 April 1941.C16755375
AIR81/6078Sergeant A J Vaughan: died of injuries; forced landing, Hurricane Z2666, 242 Squadron, 26 April 1941.C16755376
AIR81/6079Wing Commander G A Bartlett, Pilot Officer A F S Winder, Sergeant P K Eames: missing believed killed; Blenheim V6338, 21 Squadron, 26 April 1941.C16755377
AIR81/6080Aircraftman F Suggars: killed; enemy action at RAF Wick, 26 April 1941.C16755378
AIR81/6081Sergeant F C Crozier, Sergeant G Bell: killed; enemy action, Defiant N1568, 54 Operational Training Unit, 26 April 1941.C16755379
AIR81/6082Sergeant C F Spouge, Sergeant A Jordan: missing believed killed; Sergeant E P Acton: killed; aircraft crashed at sea, Blenheim V5822, 21 Squadron, 26 April 1941.C16755380
AIR81/6083Sergeant T Nanstrowicz (Polish): missing believed killed; presumed crashed at sea off Dungeness, Hurricane Z2814, 302 Squadron, 26 April 1941.C16755381
AIR81/6084Flight Lieutenant N D B Wood, Leading Aircraftman T McKenzie: killed; aircraft accident, Beaufighter R2271, 30 Maintenance Unit, 26 April 1941.C16755382
AIR81/6085Corporal W Lennon, Aircraftman H R Elder: killed; Aircraftman T A K Robinson, Aircraftman E Bell, Aircraftman J Allen: injured; enemy air raid, Waterloo, 921 Balloon Squadron, 27 April 1941.C16755383
AIR81/6086Flight Lieutenant G O Lings, Sergeant C I Martin, Sergeant S G Peplar: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over the Dutch Coast, Blenheim V6063, 110 Squadron, 26 April 1941.C16755384
AIR81/6087Aircraftman A Whittaker: killed; enemy action, Torpoint, Cornwall, 22 April 1941.C16755385
AIR81/6088Flying Officer T L Patterson: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from a reconnaissance flight over the Sidi Omar-Fort Capuzzo area, Egypt, Hurricane V7763, 274 Squadron, 25 April 1941.C16755386
AIR81/6089Sergeant J A Nicholson: killed; aircraft accident, Spitfire X4245, 602 Squadron, 26 April 1941.C16755387
AIR81/6090Sergeant F Hagger: injured; Sergeant Maka (Polish): uninjured; aircraft accident, Lysander N1294, 6 Acceleration Control Unit, Ringway, 26 April 1941.C16755388
AIR81/6091Flight Lieutenant B F Rose (RAAF): injured; aircraft accident, Blenheim V5812, 2 Operational Training Unit, 26 April 1941.C16755389
AIR81/6092Leading Aircraftman F W Morrison: killed; aircraft accident, Master N7511, 8 Service Flying Training School, 27 April 1941.C16755390
AIR81/6093Pilot Officer R H Crush, Sergeant G T Hall, Sergeant E G Norman, Sergeant W K Thompson: killed; aircraft shot down over Eddelak, Germany, Hampden AD796, 83 Squadron, 27 April 1941.C16755391
AIR81/6094Sergeant W Orange: injured; Squadron Leader L V James: uninjured; enemy action, Wellington R1343, 149 Squadron, 27 April 1941.C16755392
AIR81/6095Sergeant H A Church: injured; aircraft accident, Anson CE9848, 25 Operational Training Unit, 26 April 1941.C16755393
AIR81/6096Sergeant F J Younger, Sergeant A R Rennie: killed; mid air collision between Spitfire X4618 and Spitfire X4546, 53 Operational Training Unit, 27 April 1941.C16755394
AIR81/6097Flying Officer H P Roberts, Flying Officer J A Atwill, Aircraftman B Van Mentz, Aircraftman W J Smith, Aircraftman W J Pearsall, Aircraftman I Fiddes: injured; Horning Ferry near Wroxham, Norfolk, enemy bombing raid, 27 April 1941.C16755395
AIR81/6098Sergeant R G Damman (RAAF), Sergeant R M Trundle, Sergeant D B Reid, Sergeant R R M Graham, Sergeant B S Jacobs, Sergeant B W Channing: prisoners of war, aircraft crashed at Ommen, Holland, Wellington R1281, 9 Squadron, 27 April 1941.C16755396
AIR81/6099Sergeant H W Taylor: killed; Sergeant W Cook, Aircraftman H J T Copping: died of injuries; Pilot Officer B J Prescott, Flight Lieutenant J D P Hughes, Pilot Officer J Dewar, Sergeant L G James, Sergeant A P Cosworth, Sergeant D W Helm, Corporal W J Doddington, Aircraftman T C Jennings, Aircraftman J Jellfe, Corporal G E L Jones: injured; aircraft crashed returning from night escort duty, Fagradaisjall, Iceland, Sunderland N9023, 204 Squadron, 24 April 1941.C16755397
AIR81/6100Leading Aircraftman J A Brown: injured; enemy action, 115 Squadron, RAF Marham, 26 April 1941.C16755398
AIR81/6101Pilot Officer W R A Walters: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane P3264, 79 Squadron, 27 April 1941.C16755399
AIR81/6102Flying Officer J S Dickson, Pilot Officer C Carmichael, Sergeant D O'Connell, Sergeant S W Dorney, Sergeant R F Redhead, Sergeant J Wilson: injured; aircraft accident, Whitley Z6501, 502 Squadron, 27 April 1941.C16755400
AIR81/6103Multiple casualties: Royal Air Force personnel in Greece, 1941.C16755401
AIR81/6104Aircraftman A S Bower: injured; whilst dealing with unexploded bomb at Jarrow on Tyne, 937 Squadron, 10 April 1941.C16755402
AIR81/6105Sergeant W B Angell, Sergeant J E Goldsmith: killed; aircraft accident near RAF Digby, Defiant N3389, 96 Squadron, 27 April 1941.C16755403
AIR81/6106Flight Sergeant L Cottingham: injured; aerial combat, baled out at Megara, Greece, Hurricane V7765, 33 Squadron, 20 April 1941.C16755404
AIR81/6107Sergeant R W Channer, Sergeant J Golding: missing believed killed; Sergeant D S Walsh, Sergeant P R Herbert, Sergeant R H P Humphris, Sergeant McLean; prisoners of war; forced landing in the sea, Wellington R1080, 15 Squadron, 27 April 1941.C16755405
AIR81/6108Aircraftman E S Ford, Aircraftman D Budger, Corporal H E Randle, Leading Aircraftman P F Willis: injured; enemy action at 13 Balloon Group, Plymouth, 23 April 1941.C16755406
AIR81/6109Flight Lieutenant Baranowski (Polish): uninjured; interned in Eire following aircraft accident, Battle V1222, 4 Bombing and Gunnery School, 24 April 1941.C16755407
AIR81/6110Leading Aircraftman D Thompson, Leading Aircraftman G W Grundy: killed; mid air collision between Oxford L4612 and Oxford W6567, 3 Service Flying Training School, 28 April 1941.C16755408
AIR81/6111Flight Lieutenant H J Starrett: died of injuries; aircraft crashed at Eleusis, Greece on return from operational flight, enemy action, Hurricane V7804, 33 Squadron, 20 April 1941.C16755409
AIR81/6112Sergeant R Ridgman-Parsons, Sergeant G W Hickman, Sergeant H T H Downes: missing believed killed; aircraft missing at sea off Calais, Blenheim V5493, 101 Squadron, 28 April 1941.C16755410
AIR81/6113Leading Aircraftman G E Abbett: killed; aircraft accident, Master N7627, 8 Service Flying Training School, 28 April 1941.C16755411
AIR81/6114Sergeant K Waund: injured; aircraft accident, Hurricane V6750, 504 Squadron, 19 April 1941.C16755412
AIR81/6115Sergeant J Prihoda (Czech): injured; enemy action, aerial combat, Hurricane Z2690, 1 Squadron, 28 April 1941.C16755413
AIR81/6116Squadron Leader G F Rodney, Flying Officer E M Child-Villiers, Sergeant C S Hunt, Sergeant G H Burge, Sergeant E Herritey, Sergeant N O Horrocks: interned; aircraft force landed at Formentera Island near Palma, Spain, Wellington W5652, 33 Group Training Flight Stradishall, 28 April 1941.C16755414
AIR81/6117Sergeant R Minro: injured; aircraft accident, Spitfire X4244, 58 Operational Training Unit, 27 April 1941.C16755415
AIR81/6118Pilot Officer A C James: killed; aircraft accident, Battle K9230, Special Duty Flight Christchurch, 28 April 1941.C16755416
AIR81/6119Sergeant E H Morrison: killed; aircraft accident, Beaufort L9933, 3 Operational Training Unit, 29 April 1941.C16755417
AIR81/6120Pilot Officer H Badland, Sergeant R J Henderson: killed, Sergeant A H Hazell: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over the Dutch coast, Blenheim V6097, 59 Squadron, 28 April 1941.C16755418
AIR81/6121Flight Lieutenant J C Whittall, Sergeant S O'Connor, Sergeant T J Air: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over Hydra Island, Greece, Blenheim L9237, 203 Squadron, 27 April 1941.C16755419
AIR81/6122Corporal J S K Jarvis, Leading Aircraftman Harris, Aircraftman A G Andrews, Aircraftman S K Ratcliffe: injured; enemy action at Balloon Site, Torpoint, Cornwall, 28 April 1941.C16755420
AIR81/6123Flying Officer J C J Lylian, Pilot Officer J H A Linton, Flight Sergeant R Warren, Sergeant G Cooper, Sergeant T James, Leading Aircraftman B W T Somers: missing believed killed; Flight Lieutenant H W Lamond, Pilot Officer L J E Goldfinch, Pilot Officer R R Briscoe, Flight Sergeant D Davies: prisoners of war; aircraft crashed at Kalamata Bay, Greece, Sunderland T9048, 228 Squadron, 25 April 1941.C16755421
AIR81/6124Pilot Officer S G Collier, Sergeant J Mingham, Sergeant W Powell: killed; aircraft shot down near Hoek Van, Holland, Blenheim V5687, 59 Squadron, 28 April 1941. With photographs.C16755422

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