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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/649Sergeant T W McDonagh and Sergeant J A C Finlayson: missing presumed dead. Pilot Officer J F H Peters: missing, later reported safe; Blenheim R3664 crashed in the Dunkirk area, France, 29 May 1940.C14502232
AIR81/650Sergeant C H Butler, Sergeant K C Chatfield, Sergeant L J Brooks, Sergeant A Fryer and Flying Officer T J Geach: report of deaths; Whitley N1432 crashed near Campigneulles-les-Grandes, France, 28/29 May 1940.C14502233
AIR81/651Pilot Officer L G B Stone: report of death; Hurricane P2792 crashed in the Dunkirk area, France, 28 May 1940.C14502234
AIR81/652Sergeant F Fitton: injured; Blenheim R3611 damaged by enemy action, 29 May 1940.C14502235
AIR81/653Pilot Officer E C J Wakeham: injured; Hurricane P3314 in air operations over Dunkirk and Calais, France, 27 May 1940.C14502236
AIR81/654Leading Aircraftman B F Dubois: injured; Battle L5515 in air operations, 28 May 1940.C14502237
AIR81/655Flying Officer R F Weatherill: report of death; Hurricane P2536 crashed near Seranvillers, France, 18 May 1940. Note: With aircraft identification plates and identity discsC14502238
AIR81/656Acting Flight Lieutenant E G Winning: report of death; Hurricane P3354 in air operations in the Dunkirk area of France, 28 May 1940.C14502239
AIR81/657Pilot Officer K C Dryden: missing, later reported safe; Hurricane N2659 in air operations over Dunkirk, France, 29 May 1940.C14502240
AIR81/658Pilot Officer A Leeson: missing, later reported safe. Sergeant J Hoskins, Acting Corporal R Rogers and Leading Aircraftman P G Honnor: safe; Anson N5065 in air operations off the Ostend coast, Belgium, 29 May 1940.C14502241
AIR81/659Sergeant E G Hayward and Sergeant W F Hubbard: report of deaths. Flight Lieutenant J N Leyden: prisoner of war; Battle L5514 crashed at Ucimont on the Belgium-Luxembourg border, 26 May 1940.C14502242
AIR81/660Sergeant H Revill and Sergeant L C W Daisley: report of deaths; Defiant L6953 crashed in the Dunkirk area, France, 28 May 1940. Note: With photographsC14502243
AIR81/661Acting Flight Lieutenant E H Whitehouse and Pilot Officer H Scott: reported missing presumed dead; Defiant L6959 in air operations over the Dunkirk area, France, 28 May 1940. Please Note: in November 2015 a family member reported that E H Whitehouse survived until 1980.C14502244
AIR81/662Sergeant D J Elliott, Temporary Sergeant E R Scott and Pilot Officer A F Booth: missing presumed dead; Blenheim L9397 in air operations over the coast of the Netherlands, 29 May 1940.C14502245
AIR81/663Pilot Officer A MacLeod and Acting Pilot Officer J E Hatfield: report of deaths; Defiant L7007 crashed at sea off the Dunkirk area, France, 28 May 1940.C14502246
AIR81/664Squadron Leader E G Rogers: missing presumed dead; Spitfire L1052 in air operations over the Dunkirk area, France, 29 May 1940.C14502247
AIR81/665Flying Officer R T George: missing presumed dead; Spitfire K9832 in air operations over France, 29 May 1940.C14502248
AIR81/666Sergeant I MacPhail, Leading Aircraftman D B Murphy and Flight Lieutenant G A P Manwaring: report of deaths; Blenheim L9401 in air operations over France, 29 May 1940.C14502249
AIR81/667Pilot Officer J R Whelan: injured. Sergeant T J Mongey: report of death; Blenheim L9254 force landed near Bohain, France, 16 May 1940.C14502250
AIR81/668Pilot Officer J C Young: report of death; Wellington P9241 in air operations, 30 May 1940.C14502251
AIR81/669Sergeant J W Elliott: missing presumed dead; Hurricane L1972 in air operations over Dunkirk, France, 29 May 1940.C14502252
AIR81/670Flying Officer G M T Kerr: missing presumed dead; Spitfire L1006 in air operations over Dunkirk, France, 29 May 1940.C14502253
AIR81/671Squadron Leader A L Franks: report of death; Spitfire N3177 shot down over Dunkirk, France, 29 May 1940.C14502254
AIR81/672Flying Officer J K Wilson: missing presumed dead; Spitfire N3289 in air operations over Dunkirk, France, 29 May 1940.C14502255
AIR81/673Leading Aircraftman F S Cunningham: injured; Anson R3312 hit by enemy action whilst on patrol, France, 29 May 1940.C14502256
AIR81/674Flight Lieutenant A D Bryant: injured. Pilot Officer G S Stone: uninjured; Lysander P1689 in air operations, 29 May 1940.C14502257
AIR81/675Pilot Officer M P C Holmes: injured; Blenheim R3590 in air operations, 12 May 1940.C14502339
AIR81/676Sergeant P D Jenkins: missing presumed dead; Spitfire L1062 in air operations over Dunkirk, France, 29 May 1940.C14502340
AIR81/677Leading Aircraftman H G James, Sergeant D Borthwick and Flying Officer A J Stuart: report of deaths; Blenheim Mark 4 crashed at Ardissat, near Crevecoeur-sur-l'Escaut, 16 May 1940. Note: With photographC14502341
AIR81/678Sergeant H W Johnson, Leading Aircraftman F H Giles, Sergeant R G T Soper and Pilot Officer I S Wheelwright: missing presumed dead; Anson N5227 failed to return from patrol over Dunkirk, France, 30 May 1940.C14502342
AIR81/679Temporary Warrant Officer J H MacKenzie: prisoner of war. Sergeant A A Townsend, Pilot Officer A V N Bartlett and Pilot Officer W N Hammond: report of deaths; Hudson N7335 failed to return from a reconnaissance flight over Stavanger, Norway, 30 May 1940.C14502343
AIR81/680Pilot Officer R N H Courtney: injured; Hurricane P3321 in air operations over Dunkirk, France, 29 May 1940.C14502344
AIR81/681Sergeant E W J Chapman, Aircraftman 1st Class C A Edwards and Flying Officer H G Evitt: report of deaths; Battle P2313 crashed at Les Grandes-Chapelles, France, 30 May 1940. Note: With photographC14502345
AIR81/682Flying Officer K E Newton: missing, later reported safe; Hurricane P3303 in air operations over Dunkirk, France, 29 May 1940.C14502346
AIR81/683Flying Officer G D Ayre: report of death; Spitfire L1085 crashed on return to the UK from flight over France, 30 May 1940.C14502347
AIR81/684Flying Officer W G New: injured; Hurricane N3473 crashed into the sea off Dunkirk, France, 29 May 1940.C14502348
AIR81/685Pilot Officer A S Linney: missing, later reported safe; Hurricane N2521 damaged and abandoned over Dunkirk, France, 29 May 1940.C14502349
AIR81/686Flight Lieutenant F N Clouston: report of death; Hurricane P3489 in air operations over Dunkirk, France, 29 May 1940.C14502350
AIR81/687Sergeant H N Beard and Leading Aircraftman G Thompson: safe. Flying Officer S A F Robertson: injured; Blenheim N6156 in air operations, 30 May 1940.C14502351
AIR81/688Flight Lieutenant P E S F M Browne: missing presumed dead; Hurricane P2636 failed to return from air operations over Dunkirk, France, 29 May 1940.C14502352
AIR81/689Pilot Officer G G A Davies: missing, later reported safe; Spitfire N3295 experienced engine failure over Dunkirk, France, 31 May 1940.C14502353
AIR81/690Sergeant P Murphy: injured; Blenheim R3604 in air operations, 30 May 1940.C14502354
AIR81/691Leading Aircraftman L S Dilnutt, Pilot Officer G C Alington, Flying Officer G H Wherry and Corporal A D C Harding: injured; Anson K8773 crashed into the sea, 29 May 1940.C14502355
AIR81/692Sergeant J C Harrison: report of death; Hurricane P2876 in air operations near Dunkirk, France, 29 May 1940. Note: With photographsC14502356
AIR81/693Sergeant S A Hillman: report of death; Hurricane N2551 crashed into the English Channel, 28 May 1940.C14502357
AIR81/694Leading Aircraftman E J Jones: report of death; Defiant L6957 damaged in air operations in the Dunkirk area, France, 29 May 1940. Note: With identity discC14502358
AIR81/695Pilot Officer C J F Hare and Acting Flight Lieutenant G R Shepley: report of deaths; Lysander P9127 shot down over Dunkirk, France, 31 May 1940.C14502359
AIR81/696Aircraftman 2nd Class J C Adams, Sergeant J Knight, Sergeant D D G Spencer, Temporary Sergeant J Dolan, Flying Officer V A W Rosewarne and Pilot Officer R Baynes: report of deaths; Wellington R3162 crashed in Belgium, 30 May 1940. Note: With identity discs, fabric and lock of hairC14502360
AIR81/697Pilot Officer R E C Butterworth and Flight Lieutenant R H N Graham: report of deaths; Lysander IL4812 shot down near St Omer, France, 21 May 1940.C14502361
AIR81/698Acting Squadron Leader M P Gurney: report of death; SS Abukir torpedoed off Ostend, between Belgium and England, 28 May 1940.C14502362

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