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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/6525Squadron Leader McIntosh, Sergeant G B Nesbitt, Sergeant T D Atkinson, Sergeant J Pashley, Sergeant C F Hall, Flight Sergeant C Watley, Sergeant J J W Lewis: injured; aircraft accident at RAF Perranporth, Manchester L7393, 207 Squadron, 18 May 1941. With photographs.C16755822
AIR81/6526Sergeant J R H Elphick: injured, crash landing, Spitfire P9368, 111 Squadron, 18 May 1941.C16755823
AIR81/6527Pilot Officer J Szabuniewicz (Polish): killed; aircraft accident, Magister R1852, 15 Elementary Flying Training School, 18 May 1941.C16755824
AIR81/6528Sergeant A J Parker: injured: aircraft crashed into the sea off Chesil beach, enemy action, Spitfire P7922, 234 Squadron, 19 May 1941. With negatives.C16755825
AIR81/6529Flying Officer J Beveridge (RNZAF), Pilot Officer A H Wise (RNZAF), Sergeant V J Griffith: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over Derna aerodrome, Libya, Blenheim T2056, 45 Squadron, 18 May 1941.C16755826
AIR81/6530Flight Lieutenant W J Alington, Sergeant D W Poole: injured; aircraft accident, Master T8550, 54 Operational Training Unit, 18 May 1941.C16755827
AIR81/6531Pilot Officer K Rutkowski (Polish): injured; baled out, enemy action, Hurricane Z2965, 306 Squadron, 19 May 1941.C16755828
AIR81/6532Sergeant B Kroczynski (Polish): injured; baled out, enemy action, Hurricane Z2487, 306 Squadron, 19 May 1941.C16755829
AIR81/6533Flying Officer P S Hirst, Sergeant E R Payton: killed; aircraft crashed at Heliopolis, Greece, enemy action, Beaufighter T3228, 252 Squadron, 17 May 1941.C16755830
AIR81/6534Multiple casualties; enemy action at both RAF Habbaniya and city of Baghdad, Iraq, May 1941.C16755831
AIR81/6535Pilot Officer A R Wall: injured; enemy action, parachute descent, Audax K7524, 4 Service Flying Training School, 16 May 1941.C16755832
AIR81/6536Pilot Officer P Dixon-Spain, Sergeant B Halbert, Sergeant E K Dawson, Sergeant T Morgan: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from navigational training flight at sea, Hampden P1233, 25 Operational Training Unit, 19 May 1941.C16755833
AIR81/6537Leading Aircraftman C James: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth T5545, 26 Elementary Flying Training School, 19 May 1941.C16755834
AIR81/6538Leading Aircraftman R V Hibbs: aircraft accident, Tiger Moth T5598, 26 Elementary Flying Training School, 19 May 1941.C16755835
AIR81/6539Leading Aircraftman A B Birrell: died of injuries; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth R4820, 25 Elementary Flying Training School, 20 May 1941.C16755836
AIR81/6540Sergeant F B R Wilson: injured; Pilot Officer E Crichton, Sergeant J B Wilson, Sergeant J G F Ranson: uninjured; aircraft accident, Whitley Z6567, 51 Squadron, 19 May 1941.C16755837
AIR81/6541Pilot Officer N K Lee, Sergeant H W Parslow: injured; aircraft accident, Beaufighter T3293, 272 Squadron, 19 May 1941.C16755838
AIR81/6542Sergeant B Samp (Polish): died of injuries; aircraft accident, Hurricane Z2319, 605 Squadron, 20 May 1941.C16755839
AIR81/6543Sergeant G S Murdoch: injured; aircraft accident, Hurricane P2864, 17 Squadron, 20 May 1941.C16755840
AIR81/6544Pilot Officer A M Saunders (RCAF), Sergeant R L R Halbert, Sergeant O D Gordon, Corporal E A Acton, Lieutenant E S Packe (115 Field Regiment): killed; aircraft accident, Blenhein L9413, Acle near Norwich, 18 May 1941. With negatives.C16755841
AIR81/6545Leading Aircraftman C G Punter: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth N9274, 10 Elementary Flying Training School, 20 May 1941.C16755842
AIR81/6546Sergeant D Nolan: killed; Pilot Officer C F Hart (RCAF), Sergeant I F McManus (RAAF), Sergeant C J Marshall, Sergeant D R Mallett, Sergeant D Goldfinch: interned; aircraft crashed on beach in Portugal, Wellington T2572, 15 Operational Training Unit, 16 May 1941. With negatives.C16755843
AIR81/6547Pilot Officer A J Reeves: injured; aerial combat, shot down and crashed at Siggiwi, Malta, Hurricane N2673, 261 Squadron, 20 May 1941.C16755844
AIR81/6548Pilot Officer R A Griffith: injured; aircraft accident, Hurricane V7753, 6 Squadron, 20 May 1941.C16755845
AIR81/6549Flying Officer E B Smith, Warrant Officer A Cantes (Free French): injured; enemy action at Aleppo, Syria, Glenn Martin 607, 223 Squadron, 16 May 1941.C16755846
AIR81/6550Sergeant J Lambert, Sergeant C Jones: killed; aircraft accident at Gate Road, Braybrooke, Wellington W5712, 37 Maintenance Unit, 20 May 1941.C16755847
AIR81/6551Sergeant W Kiedrzynski (Polish): injured; aircraft accident, Hurricane V6873, 316 Squadron, 20 May 1941.C16755848
AIR81/6552Sergeant N Arnold: injured; aircraft accident, Spitfire P7745, 118 Squadron, 21 May 1941.C16755849
AIR81/6553Sergeant R K Dowse (RAAF): killed; Sergeant K Duffin, Sergeant E J Lucie: injured; aircraft accident near Ismailia, Egypt, Blenheim L8481, 70 Operational Training Unit, 21 May 1941.C16755850
AIR81/6554Flight Sergeant G V Hoyle: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight off northern coast of France, Hurricane Z2587, 56 Squadron, 21 May 1941.C16755851
AIR81/6555Pilot Officer R C C Henricourt De Grunne: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over English Channel, Spitfire P7436, 609 Squadron, 21 May 1941.C16755852
AIR81/6556Sergeant L McLean, Sergeant A G McElman, Corporal Walls: injured; aircraft accident near RAF Thorney Island, Blenheim L6595, 404 Squadron, 21 May 1941.C16755853
AIR81/6557Sergeant M G Jackson, Sergeant J A Donovan, Sergeant T Beattie: killed; aircraft shot down and crashed at Allouagne, France, Blenheim V6390, 110 Squadron, 21 May 1941.C16755854
AIR81/6558Sergeant M Rytka (Polish): missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over St Pol, France, Hurricane Z2423, 302 Squadron, 21 May 1941.C16755855
AIR81/6559Flying Officer I R Taylor, Leading Aircraftman R F Miller: injured; aircraft accident, Magister N3787, 16 Elementary Flying Training School, 21 May 1941.C16755856
AIR81/6560Sergeant O N Stromberg, Aircraftman J Metcalfe, Aircraftman M F Cross: killed; aircraft accident near RAF Scampton, Hampden AD898, 83 Squadron, 21 May 1941.C16755857
AIR81/6561Squadron Leader W G Clouston: injured; enemy action, Hurricane Z3250, 258 Squadron, 21 May 1941.C16755858
AIR81/6562Sergeant J C Wilson (RNZAF): killed; Sergeant K Wolstenholme, Sergeant J Tales: uninjured; aircraft hit by enemy anti aircraft fire over target, Blenheim V6433, 107 Squadron, 21 May 1941.C16755859
AIR81/6563Flight Sergeant D J R Craig: missing believed killed; Sergeant R G Ratcliffe, Sergeant F J Smith: prisoners of war; aircraft shot down and crashed at sea near Heligoland, Blenheim L9272, 107 Squadron, 21 May 1941.C16755860
AIR81/6564Sergeant J C Cox: injured; forced landing at sea near Wells, Hurricane, 56 Operational Training Unit, 22 May 1941.C16755861
AIR81/6565Pilot Officer G V Wilson, Sergeant L W Pryor, Sergeant J F Harrison: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim L9388, 19 Operational Training Unit, 21 May 1941.C16755862
AIR81/6566Pilot Officer E Jackson: killed; Flying Officer M A Coote: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth AX786, RAF Oakington Flight, 21 May 1941.C16755863
AIR81/6567Leading Aircraftman S W Jennens, Leading Aircraftman C S Ferguson, Sergeant V Kriz (Czech): killed; mid air collision between Oxford W6583 and Oxford V3220, 2 Service Flying Training School, 21 May 1941.C16755864
AIR81/6568Pilot Officer D K Oak-Rhind (RAAF): missing believed killed; enemy action, Hurricane Z2511, 242 Squadron, 21 May 1941.C16755865
AIR81/6569Pilot Officer R A R White (RNZAF): prisoner of war; Hurricane Z26799, 258 Squadron, 21 May 1941.C16755866
AIR81/6570Pilot Officer J Pompei (Free French): injured; aircraft shot down, enemy action Tobruk, Hurricane V7813, 73 Squadron, 21 May 1941.C16755867
AIR81/6571Sergeant C J Salt (RNZAF), Sergeant J Charlesworth, Aircraftman S G Gurney: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Vildebeest K6369, 100 Squadron, 22 May 1941.C16755868
AIR81/6572Squadron Leader W J Methven, Flight Lieutenant M Kramer: missing believed killed; aircraft crashed into the River Severn, Tiger Moth N6853, 39 Maintenance Unit, 21 May 1941.C16755869
AIR81/6573Flying Officer J C E Robinson: missing believed killed; enemy action, Hurricane Z2764, 1 Squadron, 21 May 1941.C16755870
AIR81/6574Leading Aircraftman K B N R Fischer: killed; aircraft accident, Oxford W6631, 15 Service Flying Training School, 22 May 1941.C16755871

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