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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/6771Pilot Officer R L Spurdle, Pilot Officer C H Arnison: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth N6465, Station Flight RAF Speke, 6 June 1941.C16756068
AIR81/6772Sergeant C R Bessen: injured, Ismailia Aerodrome, Egypt; Blenheim L1478, 70 Operational Training Unit, 6 June 1941.C16756069
AIR81/6773Leading Aircraftman J J Duhamel, Leading Aircraftman V Collins, Aircraftman W Vickers: killed; Pilot Officer C R W Armes: injured; aircraft accident, Anson N9735, 11 Air Observer Navigation School, 7 June 1941.C16756070
AIR81/6774Sergeant H Fordham, Pilot Officer T B Grenon, Sergeant R G L Morley: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over the Dutch Coast, Blenheim T1921, 107 Squadron, 7 June 1941.C16756071
AIR81/6775Sergeant G W Smith: injured; aircraft accident, Croydon Aerodrome; Lysander L2027, 11 Group Anti Aircraft Unit, 7 June 1941.C16756072
AIR81/6776Sergeant F S B Knox, Sergeant G A Kaye, Sergeant M V Berry: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight off the Dutch coast, Blenheim T2047, 107 Squadron, 7 June 1941.C16756073
AIR81/6777Leading Aircraftman E Dixon: injured; aircraft accident at RAF Desford, Tiger Moth N6486, 7 Elementary Flying Training School, 7 June 1941.C16756074
AIR81/6778Flight Lieutenant G V Nicholls, Flight Sergeant J H Adamson: missing believed killed; Sergeant A L Mahon, Sergeant M Joy, Sergeant D H Button, Leading Aircraftman N L Holmes, Leading Aircraftman R C Griffiths: injured; aircraft crashed at sea in Gibraltar Bay, Catalina W8407, 202 Squadron, 7 June 1941.C16756075
AIR81/6779Sergeant J Kominek (Czech): killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane Z2562, 310 Squadron, 8 June 1941.C16756076
AIR81/6780Sergeant E Weller: died of injuries; aircraft accident, Debden Aerodrome, Essex; Hurricane V6944, 52 Operational Training Unit, 7 June 1941.C16756077
AIR81/6781Leading Aircraftman H G Cook: killed; aircraft accident, Master N7704, 8 Service Flying Training School, 7 June 1941.C16756078
AIR81/6782Sergeant R F P Phillips: injured; Leading Aircraftman Pope, Leading Aircraftman Evans: uninjured; aircraft accident, Windrush Landing Ground, Gloucestershire; Oxford N4724, 6 Service Flying Training School, 8 June 1941.C16756079
AIR81/6783Sergeant C B Barton (RNZAF): killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight, Spitfire K9852, 53 Operational Training Unit, 7 June 1941.C16756080
AIR81/6784Pilot Officer L S Clayton, Pilot Officer V E G Phillips, Sergeant A J Stiddard: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight, Blenheim V6316, 105 Squadron, 7 June 1941.C16756081
AIR81/6785Sergeant A L Raw, Sergeant J E Mason: injured; Corporal E Ponnor, Leading Aircraftman J E Mason: uninjured; aircraft accident, Dominee X7328, 11 Ferry Flight Dumfries, 8 June 1941.C16756082
AIR81/6786Pilot Officer P S Merritt, Pilot Officer H P Shearn, Aircraftman K Thornley, Aircraftman S Moore: injured; aircraft accident, Dominee X7333, 4 Delivery Flight, 8 June 1941.C16756083
AIR81/6787Pilot Officer F W Hall-Jones (RNZAF), Pilot Officer J M Johnstone, Pilot Officer A R P Shield: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim V5689, 500 Squadron, 8 June 1941.C16756084
AIR81/6788Sergeant S Porteous: injured; Sergeant F Charney, Sergeant D R Harris: uninjured; enemy action, Blenheim T1853, 107 Squadron, 8 June 1941.C16756085
AIR81/6789Sub Lieutenant I D Fraser: injured; Sergeant W Innes: killed; aircraft crashed near Fuka, Egypt, Beaufighter T3230, 252 Squadron, 31 May 1941.C16756086
AIR81/6790Flying Officer D H McArthur, Sergeant R H Anderson, Pilot Officer P J Camp: injured; Sergeant T Lamb, Sergeant H G Dovey, Sergeant V W Crook: uninjured; aircraft force landed at sea off Mersa, Matruah, Egypt, Wellington T2917, 37 Squadron, 7 June 1941.C16756087
AIR81/6791Leading Aircraftman P A Collis: aircraft accident, Bibury, Gloucestershire; Oxford Z3936, 3 Service Flying Training School, 9 June 1941.C16756088
AIR81/6792Sergeant D R Simm, Sergeant J S Tomkinson, Pilot Officer A V Snelling, Flight Sergeant G Billing, Sergeant J B Stevens: killed; aircraft crashed on return from operational flight, Whitley Z6571, 78 Squadron, 9 June 1941.C16756089
AIR81/6793Sergeant C F Matthews, Pilot Officer G A Prosser, Sergeant J G Mason: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from non operational flight, Blenheim T1795, 139 Squadron, 8 June 1941.C16756090
AIR81/6794Leading Aircraftman P A Bell: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth N6485, 7 Elementary Flying Training School, 18 May 1941.C16756091
AIR81/6795Pilot Officer C L H Werner, Sergeant R Shaw, Sergeant J J E M O'Donnell: killed; aircraft crashed at Garvagh, Ireland, Blenheim Z6025, 254 Squadron, 9 June 1941.C16756092
AIR81/6796Leading Aircraftman J T Harrison: killed; Flight Lieutenant D W Mahon: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth X9318, 150 Squadron RAF Newton, 9 June 1941.C16756093
AIR81/6797Pilot Officer W W Burgon: missing believed killed; shot down, aerial combat near Dover, Spitfire W3186, 74 Squadron, 9 June 1941.C16756094
AIR81/6798Leading Aircraftman N Williamson: injured; aircraft accident, Magister T9730, 15 Elementary Flying Training School, 9 June 1941.C16756095
AIR81/6799Pilot Officer I B Cooper: killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight, Spitfire X4496, D Flight Photographic Reconnaissance Unit Wick, 9 June 1941.C16756096
AIR81/6800Sergeant G N W Hare, Sergeant R P Burt: killed; Flying Officer W A Foster, Pilot Officer C W S Bristow, Sergeant L Parry, Sergeant E G Buckingham: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight, Wellington R1728, 11 Operational Training Unit, 8 June 1941.C16756097
AIR81/6801Leading Aircraftman A E Wakely: died of injuries; Wing Commander R C Hancock: injured; aircraft accident, Proctor P6256, 16 Squadron, 9 June 1941.C16756098
AIR81/6802Sergeant L B Box: killed; Pilot Officer P Molloy, Sergeant G Bass: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight, Blenheim V6427, 18 Squadron, 9 June 1941.C16756099
AIR81/6803Flight Sergeant I A Bullivant: killed; Flight Sergeant D S Gallery, Sergeant R F Hind: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight, Blenheim V6428, 18 Squadron, 9 June 1941.C16756100
AIR81/6804Pilot Officer R F Featherstone, Aircraftman H W North: killed; aircraft accident at Cape Recife, Northrop 1246, 42 Air School South Africa, 7 June 1941.C16756101
AIR81/6805Wing Commander R G C Arnold: killed; Flying Officer T A Bax, Flight Lieutenant D Bruce, Sergeant J M Pinkham, Sergeant H A Wink, Sergeant R H Barrett: prisoners of war; aircraft shot down and crashed at sea off coast of Zebrugge, Wellington H1758, 9 Squadron, 9 June 1941. With photograph.C16756102
AIR81/6806Flight Lieutenant J R Aldis: killed; shot down, enemy action near Damascus, Syria, Hurricane Z4364, 208 Squadron, 8 June 1941.C16756103
AIR81/6807Pilot Officer A D Turner: injured; aircraft accident, Leopard Moth AV988, 8 Anti Air Co-operation Unit, 10 June 1941. With photograph.C16756104
AIR81/6808Pilot Officer A Wilson: injured; aircraft crashed near Alexandria, Egypt, Tomahawk AK425, 29 May 1941.C16756105
AIR81/6809Flying Officer T W Gudgeon: missing believed killed; aircraft forced landing at sea off Crete, Hurricane, 94 Squadron, 20 April 1941.C16756106
AIR81/6810Pilot Officer J R Pertwee, Sergeant G Stubbs, Sergeant W C Roper, Sergeant C F Rahson, Flight Sergeant J Cousins: killed; aircraft crashed at Ingleby Greenhaw on return from operational flight, Whitley Z6663, 51 Squadron, 9 June 1941.C16756107
AIR81/6811Flight Sergeant P Hollely: killed; Sergeant K J Whadcoat, Sergeant P Perrins, Sergeant C G J McIvor: missing believed killed; aircraft accident at Barnstaple Bay, Beaufort W6530, 212 Squadron, 10 June 1941.C16756108
AIR81/6812Sergeant J D O'Connor: injured; aircraft accident, Spitfire R6691, 602 Squadron, 10 June 1941.C16756109
AIR81/6813Sergeant G F Searles, Sergeant A C Hazlitt: injured; aircraft accident, Blenheim V6129, RAF Takoradi Flight, 10 June 1941.C16756110
AIR81/6814Leading Aircraftman R Brzozowski (Polish): killed; aircraft accident, Master R8819, 8 Service Flying Training School, 10 June 1941.C16756111
AIR81/6815Pilot Officer P B G Spary, Sergeant A Cembala (Polish): killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim V5500,13 Group Flight Turnhouse, 10 June 1941.C16756112
AIR81/6816Sergeant T S Scales (RAAF): prisoner of war; enemy action, Hurricane Z2364, 601 Squadron, 10 June 1941.C16756113
AIR81/6817Pilot Officer J K Gawlikowski (Polish), Leading Aircraftman E N Williams, Leading Aircraftman N F S Penney: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim L1298, 5 Bombing and Gunnery School, 10 June 1941.C16756114
AIR81/6818Flight Lieutenant G F Gregory: killed; aircraft shot down at Samer, Pas de Calais, Hurricane Z3026, 601 Squadron, 11 June 1941.C16756115
AIR81/6819Sergeant R A Munro (RCAF): injured; aircraft accident, Spitfire P8312, 145 Squadron, 11 June 1941.C16756116
AIR81/6820Pilot Officer N D Maclennan (RCAF), Sergeant D C Taylor, Sergeant W M Roberts: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim V5933, 53 Squadron, 11 June 1941.C16756117

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