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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/6871Sergeant E Holmes, Sergeant D Richardson, Sergeant J Till: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Norway, Blenheim T2121, 248 Squadron, 12 June 1941.C16756168
AIR81/6872Pilot Officer R S Chisholm (RNZAF), Flying Officer W C Taffender, Pilot Officer A V J Hardcastle, Sergeant A Greensides, Sergeant A G Burbridge, Flight Sergeant J K E Horniman: killed; aircraft crashed at Wevershoof, Holland, Wellington T2996, 103 Squadron, 13 June 1941. With photographs. Orderable at item level.C16756169
AIR81/6872Part 1 of 2.C16757599
AIR81/6872Part 2 of 2.C16757600
AIR81/6873Pilot Officer G A Tovey: missing believed killed; enemy action, Hurricane Z4118, 73 Squadron, 9 June 1941.C16756170
AIR81/6874Sergeant M R Stephens, Sergeant J T Carmichael, Sergeant A G Halliday: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight off coast of Norway, Blenheim T1955, 235 Squadron, 12 June 1941.C16756171
AIR81/6875Flight Sergeant C T Mercer, Sergeant R K Main, Sergeant A Kossick, Sergeant J R Park: killed; aircraft shot down and crashed at Oberwerries, Germany, Hampden P4310, 44 Squadron, 13 June 1941. With photographs.C16756172
AIR81/6876Pilot Officer G V Heslop, Sergeant D K McFarland, Sergeant K R Wainwright (RCAF), Sergeant L S Dyer, Sergeant D H J Pingel: killed; aircraft shot down and crashed near Wieringenmeer, Holland, Whitley T4279, 77 Squadron, 13 June 1941.C16756173
AIR81/6877Sergeant S J Short: injured; Sergeant Griffin, Sergeant W F Higham, Pilot Officer H E Wood: uninjured; aircraft shot down and crashed near RAF Dishforth, Whitley Z6665, 51 Squadron, 26 June 1941. With photograph.C16756174
AIR81/6878Sergeant W M Bennett: injured; enemy action, Hurricane Z9304, 80 Squadron, 13 June 1941.C16756175
AIR81/6879Sergeant N M Walker: missing believed killed; aerial combat off the coast of Sicily, Hurricane Z2900, 185 Squadron, 12 June 1941.C16756176
AIR81/6880Sergeant H Young: injured; Pilot Officer D N Sampson, Sergeant N R Berndsson, Sergeant P S Thompson, Sergeant C Higson, Sergeant G W Griffin: uninjured; aircraft crash landed on return from operational flight over Ruhr Valley, Germany, Whitley Z6565, 102 Squadron, 13 June 1941.C16756177
AIR81/6881Sergeant R F J Sherk (RCAF): aircraft accident, Spitfire N3125, 53 Operational Training Unit, 13 June 1941.C16756178
AIR81/6882Pilot Officer R T Saunders: injured; aerial combat off the coast of Malta, Hurricane Z4385, 261 Squadron, 12 June 1941.C16756179
AIR81/6883Sergeant J Chapman, Sergeant J F James, Pilot Officer R W Dawslon, Sergeant K R Winter, Sergeant J Hall, Sergeant J M B Tunnah: killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over Schwerte, Germany, Whitley Z6489, 102 Squadron, 13 June 1941.C16756180
AIR81/6884Squadron Leader E Culverwell, Pilot Officer A W Robson, Sergeant E Shackleton, Sergeant B Kirkham: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight off the coast of Norway, Beaufort W6521, 22 Squadron, 13 June 1941.C16756181
AIR81/6885Sergeant J Wardrop: killed; Flight Lieutenant P J S Shaughnessy, Sergeant J E Hughff, Sergeant C W Townend: prisoners of war; aircraft force landing in the North Sea off the coast of Holland, Hampden AE127, 44 Squadron 13 June 1941.C16756182
AIR81/6886Pilot Officer J O H Willing, Pilot Officer R L Blackmore, Sergeant J Parsons, Sergeant H K Orme: killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over Holland, Beaufort W6522, 22 Squadron, 3 June 1941.C16756183
AIR81/6887Sergeant P Winter: injured; enemy action during operational flight, Whitley Z6746, 102 Squadron, 13 June 1941.C16756184
AIR81/6888Pilot Officer G B Bainbridge, Sergeant R G Cosgrove: killed; Flight Sergeant W Powell; died of injuries; Sergeant W Breeze, Sergeant M Scott, Sergeant J A Sellars, Sergeant H G Ford: injured; aircraft accident, Wellington R1286, 15 Operational Training Unit, 13 June 1941.C16756185
AIR81/6889Leading Aircraftman R A Cadman: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth N9517, 6 Elementary Flying Training School, 13 June 1941.C16756186
AIR81/6890Aircraftman W E Armstrong: killed; enemy bombing of aerodrome, 504 Squadron, 12 May 1941.C16756187
AIR81/6891Sergeant C Turl, Sergeant A C Shilleto: injured; Sergeant M Evans, Sergeant S G Kybird, Sergeant F Lowrey, Sergeant J Hoban: uninjured; enemy action, Wellington R1647, 40 Squadron, 13 June 1941.C16756188
AIR81/6892Pilot Officer J Grzech (Polish): injured; mid air collision with Hurricane V6991; Hurricane V6958, 316 Squadron, 13 June 1941.C16756189
AIR81/6893Pilot Officer D L Pethick: killed; aircraft accident near Ferryside, Carmarthenshire; Hurricane P7193, 79 Squadron, 13 June 1941.C16756190
AIR81/6894Sergeant M C Crombie (RAAF): killed; aircraft accident, Ismailia Aerodrome, Egypt; Blenheim L4830, 70 Operational Training Unit, 12 June 1941.C16756191
AIR81/6895Pilot Officer A L Gordon, Pilot Officer A F Sharp, Sergeant J A Oxley, Sergeant K C Bisson: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight, Hudson AE614, 206 Squadron, 12 June 1941.C16756192
AIR81/6896Sergeant W Allison, Sergeant J A Tyrrell: missing believed killed; Sergeant G T Corbett, Sergeant H W White: killed; aircraft accident, Hampden P2111, 25 Operational Training Unit, 12 May 1941.C16756193
AIR81/6897Sergeant W R L Collyer, Sergeant J F Markham, Sergeant J Jackson, Sergeant T A Grosvenor, Sergeant G E Blake, Sergeant J M Taylor: killed; shot down during non operational flight, Wellington 1708, 25 Operational Training Unit, 13 June 1941.C16756194
AIR81/6898Flight Lieutenant J R H Lewis: injured; Second Lieutenant Sirvin (United States Army Air Corps), Flying Officer T C Parker: uninjured; aircraft accident at RAF Debden, Rapide X7853, 52 Operational Training Unit, 13 June 1941.C16756195
AIR81/6899Flying Officer A D White, Pilot Officer E G Dumont, Sergeant C H Kilpatrick, Sergeant A H Bywater: injured; aircraft accident, Wellington R1723, 11 Operational Training Unit, 14 June 1941.C16756196
AIR81/6900Sergeant W M J Payne: injured; aircraft crashed on return from operational flight over France, Spitfire X4342, 92 Squadron, 14 June 1941.C16756197
AIR81/6901Sergeant K P Glassborow, Sergeant I P Hunter, Sergeant C T F Baldwin, Sergeant A C Fletcher, Sergeant J R Fraser, Flying Officer S V Alderton: killed; aircraft crashed at Kirchellen, Germany; Whitley Z6510, 102 Squadron, 14 June 1941. With photographs.C16756198
AIR81/6902Leading Aircraftman F F Grebby: injured; Leading Aircraftman I P Joens: uninjured; mid air collision over Luton between Magister M3921 and Magister L5969, 24 Elementary Flying Training School, 15 July 1941.C16756199
AIR81/6903Leading Aircraftman P G Davies: killed; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth N6943, 19 Elementary Flying Training School, 18 May 1941. With photographs.C16756200
AIR81/6904Flight Sergeant T C E Berkeley, Sergeant R Carr: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight, enemy action, Havoc AX848, 85 Squadron, 14 June 1941.C16756201
AIR81/6905Leading Aircraftman W Longmore: injured; aircraft accident, Oxford W6579, 6 Service Flying Training School, 14 June 1941.C16756202
AIR81/6906Pilot Officer T Kozak (Czech): killed; aircraft crashed on return from operational flight, Hurricane Z3247, 242 Squadron, 14 June 1941.C16756203
AIR81/6907Sergeant S P C Saunders, Sergeant J R Miller, Sergeant R Greenaway, Sergeant J G Dickson: killed; aircraft crashed near RAF Waddington, Hampden A3129, 44 Squadron, 14 June 1941.C16756204
AIR81/6908Flight Lieutenant P Windram, Pilot Officer P R G Howes: killed; Sergeant R L Cox: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight, Blenheim V6334, 110 Squadron, 14 June 1941.C16756205
AIR81/6909Sergeant R Macpherson: killed; aircraft crashed on landing, Hurricane Z4317, 260 Squadron, 15 June 1941. With photographs.C16756206
AIR81/6910Sergeant R Nuttall: injured; Pilot Officer H R Blake, Sergeant H C Parrott, Pilot Officer G R Humphries, Sergeant G Nixon, Sergeant P C Geary: uninjured; aircraft damaged by enemy action, Wellington W5719, 150 Squadron, 14 June 1941.C16756207
AIR81/6911Sergeant H F H Gigney: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim L6726, 25 Squadron, 14 June 1941. With photographs.C16756208
AIR81/6912Lieutenant I M Coetsee (SAAF), Sergeant R G Williams (RAAF), Sergeant E V Wunsch (SAAF): prisoners of war; Sergeant L Binns: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Derna, Libya, Maryland H300, 39 Squadron, 14 June 1941.C16756209
AIR81/6913Pilot Officer A F George, Pilot Officer S H Dale, Sergeant E Johns, Sergeant R D Mills: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight, Hudson AE612, 206 Squadron, 13 June 1941.C16756210
AIR81/6914Flight Lieutenant E G Sharp: killed; aircraft crashed during test flight, Beaufort AW215, Bristol Aeroplane Company, 14 June 1941.C16756211
AIR81/6915Corporal S Jaskowiak (Polish): killed; aircraft accident, Master N7805, 8 Service Flying Training School, 15 June 1941.C16756212
AIR81/6916Sergeant J White: died of injuries; aircraft crashed at Sidi Barrani, Egypt, on return from operational flight over Gazala Aerodrome, Libya, enemy action, Hurricane V7383, 73 Squadron, 14 June 1941.C16756213
AIR81/6917Sergeant T J Kenny: injured; aircraft accident, Spitfire X4015, 53 Operational Training Unit, 15 June 1941.C16756214
AIR81/6918Leading Aircraftman J A Moody: injured; aircraft accident, Oxford R1653, 15 Service Flying Training School, 15 June 1941.C16756215

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