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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/2637Flight Lieutenant G E B Stoney: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane P2549, 501 Squadron, 8 August 1940.C16471937
AIR81/2638Sergeant Pilot D McKay: injured; shot down, aerial combat, Sturry near Canterbury, Hurricane N2617, 501 Squadron, 18 August 1940.C16471938
AIR81/2639Squadron Leader K Niedzwiecki (Polish), Sergeant D M P McGee: killed; aircraft accident, Sutton Bridge, mid-air collision between Hurricane 324 and Hurricane L2082, 6 Operational Training Unit, 18 August 1940.C16471939
AIR81/2643Pilot Officer J F Pain: injured; shot down, baled out, aerial combat, Hurricane P3147, 32 Squadron, 18 August 1940.C16472024
AIR81/2653Sergeant R P Hawkings: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane L1990, 601 Squadron, 18 August 1940.C16472034
AIR81/2663Leading Aircraftman T F Holroyd: killed; enemy action at RAF Kenley, 18 August 1940.C16472044
AIR81/2673Flight Lieutenant R R S Tuck: injured; baled out, Spitfire N3040, 92 Squadron, 18 August 1940.C16472202
AIR81/2683Multiple casualties: enemy action at RNAS Ford, Sussex, 18 August 1940.C16472212
AIR81/2693Pilot Officer B Reynolds, Sergeant W G F Whiting, Sergeant W Wilkinson: killed; crashed at Fontaine-Etoupefour, France, Blenheim R2795, 59 Squadron, 19 August 1940.C16472245
AIR81/2703Pilot Officer P E O Jago, Sergeant J A Wilson-Law, Corporal J Wintle: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, Blenheim L8474, 39 Squadron, 20 August 1940.C16472255
AIR81/2713Flight Lieutenant F R Carey: injured; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane R4109, 43 Squadron, 18 August 1940.C16472265
AIR81/2723Leading Aircraftman A H Matthews: killed; enemy action, Wellesley K7767, 14 Squadron, 22 August 1940.C16472058
AIR81/2730Sergeant M Keymer: killed; Spitfire K9909, 65 Squadron, shot down, aerial combat, 22 August 1940.C16472065
AIR81/2731Pilot Officer P J S Boggis, Pilot Officer F B Slade: injured; Sergeant A W Hunter, Sergeant P Buttler, A J Monk, Pilot Officer L E Archer: uninjured; aircraft crashed on return from operational flight over Duisberg, Germany, Wellington P9294, 38 Squadron, 23 August 1941.C16472066
AIR81/2732Sergeant H U Watts: killed; Sergeant N C Cook, Sergeant R Edwards, Sergeant A G A Overall, Sergeant M Nathan, Pilot Officer G D Waterer: injured; aircraft accident, Wood Dalling, Wellington R3276, 115 Squadron, 23 August 1940.C16472067
AIR81/2733Flight Lieutenant M G Stevenson: injured; enemy action, Blenheim T2132, 53 Squadron, 23 August 1940.C16472068
AIR81/2734Pilot Officer A T Harrison: killed; Pilot Officer B D Clarkson: died of injuries; aircraft accident, Leuchars, Hudson N7244, 224 Squadron, 23 August 1940.C16472069
AIR81/2735Pilot Officer G R Holyoke, Sergeant W G Whiteford, Sergeant F J L Nicholas: injured; aircraft collision, Blenheim N3598, 57 Squadron, 23 August 1940.C16472070
AIR81/2736Squadron Leader J A Roncoroni, Pilot Officer A L Carter, Sergeant L Beagles: injured; aircraft collision, Blenheim L9462, 57 Squadron, 23 August 1940.C16472071
AIR81/2737Sergeant S L Bennett: injured; aircraft accident, Brackley, Hampden P2132, 16 Operational Training Unit, 23 August 1940.C16472072
AIR81/2738Flight Lieutenant V Mitchell, Sergeant R A Bird, Sergeant F C Smith, Sergeant S A Fawcett, Sergeant S Clark: injured; aircraft accident, Bridge of Buchat, Anson R9663, 20 Operational Training Unit, 24 August 1940.C16472073
AIR81/2739Pilot Officer T Stevenson, Sergeant W J Hemmings: uninjured; Sergeant P W Duckers: injured; enemy action, Battle N2248, 142 Squadron, 23 August 1940.C16472074
AIR81/2743Pilot Officer D M M Bell: killed; aircraft accident, Tidenham, Blenheim L6733, 5 Operational Training Unit, 25 August 1940.C16472078
AIR81/2753Pilot Officer D N Woodger: missing believed killed; Sergeant D L Wright: killed, shot down, enemy action, Blenheim T1804, 235 Squadron, 24 August 1940.C16472116
AIR81/2763Pilot Officer D A Sadler, Sergeant K Thompson, Aircraftman J Lowry: killed; aircraft accident, Silloth, Botha L6203, 1 Operational Training Unit, 24 August 1940.C16472126
AIR81/2773Pilot Officer C J D Montagu, Sergeant J W Ward, Sergeant R T Penny, Sergeant A F Webber, Sergeant E J Clarke: killed; shot down and crashed at Haarlemmermeer, Holland, Whitley N1473, 77 Squadron, 24 August 1940. Note: With photographsC16471969
AIR81/2783Sergeant R J Gouldstone, Aircraftman N Jacobson: killed; Pilot Officer R A Rhodes: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, at sea over The Wash, Blenheim L1330, 29 Squadron, 25 August 1940.C16471979
AIR81/2793Squadron Leader C W Williams: missing believed killed; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane R4199, 17 Squadron, 25 August 1940.C16471989
AIR81/2803Aircraftman O E Milway: killed; enemy action RAF Debden, 26 August 1940.C16471999
AIR81/2813Pilot Officer W L B Walker: injured; Spitfire R6633, 616 Squadron, shot down, aerial combat, 26 August 1940.C16472009
AIR81/2823Pilot Officer N B Fawcett, Sergeant J C Clarke, Sergeant J Baker, Aircraftman G Reay: missing believed killed; failed to return from operational flight over Germany, Hampden P4416, 49 Squadron, 25 August 1940.C16472140
AIR81/2830Pilot Officer R Lane: injured; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane P3220, 43 Squadron, 26 August 1940.C16472147
AIR81/2831Pilot Officer K N Sayers: injured; Flight Lieutenant L E Headley: uninjured; aircraft accident, Barkston, Hind K5401, Cranwell Flying Training School, 26 August 1940.C16472148
AIR81/2832Pilot Officer H L North: injured; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane V7259, 43 Squadron, 26 August 1940.C16472149
AIR81/2833Sergeant E A H Riley, Sergeant A Gibson, Sergeant R C E O Styles: missing believed killed; presumed shot down, Blenheim P6928, 57 Squadron, 26 August 1940.C16472150
AIR81/2834Sergeant P Copeland: injured; enemy action, Spitfire K9827, 616 Squadron, 6 August 1940.C16472151
AIR81/2835Sergeant R J Willcox, Sergeant J Hislop, Sergeant G H Emery: killed; crashed during operational flight at Pacy-sur-Eure, France, Battle L5383, 12 Squadron, 14 June 1940. Note: With burnt bank notesC16472152
AIR81/2836Pilot Officer C K Gray: injured; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane P3202, 43 Squadron, 26 August 1940.C16472153
AIR81/2837Pilot Officer G C Brunner: injured; crash landing, enemy action, Hurricane V7308, 43 Squadron, 27 August 1940.C16472154
AIR81/2838Flight Lieutenant N V Carter, Sergeant Pyne, Aircraftman Budden: injured; enemy action at 36 Maintenance Unit, Snodland, 27 August 1940.C16472155
AIR81/2839Sergeant A W Terry, Pilot Officer T N Smyth: died of injuries; aircraft accident, Nettlestead, Lysander N1267, 26 Squadron, 27 August 1940.C16472156
AIR81/2843Pilot Officer F N Hargreaves: injured; aircraft accident, Blackstock near Martlesham Heath, Spitfire P9548, 92 Squadron, 28 August 1940.C16472160
AIR81/2853Flight Sergeant F S Brown: injured; baled out, Hurricane P2769, 79 Squadron, 28 August 1940.C16472170
AIR81/2863Pilot Officer H M Hoadley (RNZAF); killed; aircraft accident, Upwood, Blenheim L8843, 17 Operational Training Unit, 28 August 1940.C16472180
AIR81/2873Sergeant W J Green: injured; baled out, aerial combat, Hurricane R4223, 501 Squadron, 29 August 1940.C16472190
AIR81/2883Flying Officer E R Berry, Sergeant A P Sully, Sergeant H Bentham: killed; presumed enemy action, crashed at sea, Blenheim R3629, 107 Squadron, 30 August 1940.C16472221
AIR81/2893Sergeant D Noble: killed; presumed shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane P3179, 43 Squadron, 30 August 1940.C16472231
AIR81/2903Corporal E Wade, Aircraftman W A J Callard: killed; Pilot Officer G Law, Lieutenant E G Watkinson (King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry), Aircraftman W Kingstree, Aircraftman E Heather, Private T Anderson (King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry), Gunner S Worthington (Royal Artillery), Gunner G F Chamberlain (Royal Artillery), Gunner T A Grogan (Royal Artillery), Mr W E M Rowsell, Mr Hercock, Mr Allen, Miss Reed, Mrs Townhill: injured; bomb dump explosion at RAF Scampton, 29 August 1940.C16472241
AIR81/2913Sergeant L A Williams, Sergeant A E Owens, Sergeant R G H Jones: killed; crashed near Weasenham on return from operational flight over enemy territory, Blenheim L9378, 18 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472087
AIR81/2923Pilot Officer J L W Ellacombe: injured; force landed, enemy action, Hurricane P3312, 151 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472097

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