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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/8163Pilot Officer L Ward, Sergeant W S Robinson, Flight Sergeant R L Burton: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight off the coast of Holland, Blenheim L4899, 500 Squadron, 7 August 1941.C16757460
AIR81/8164Flight Sergeant D C O Campbell: interned; forced landing due to engine failure near Algiers, Free French Africa, Hurricane, tail number not recorded, 238 Squadron, 14 June 1941.C16757461
AIR81/8165Sergeant T Long: injured; aircraft accident at RAF Matlaske, Hurricane Z3257, 601 Squadron, 8 August 1941.C16757462
AIR81/8166Flying Officer E L Neal (RCAF): injured; enemy action, Hurricane Z3577, 401 Squadron, 8 August 1941.C16757463
AIR81/8167Flying Officer M Liniewski (Polish), Flying Officer J L Wiszneiwski (Polish), Pilot Officer S Cioch (Polish), Sergeant E Kozlowski (Polish): killed; Sergeant Z Baderski (Polish), Sergeant I Gacon (Polish): prisoners of war; aircraft shot down and crashed at Boen, near Leer, Germany, Wellington T2625, 301 Squadron, 9 August 1941. With photographs.C16757464
AIR81/8168Sergeant W T Palin: injured; aircraft accident, RAF Kinloss, Morayshire; Whitley N1367, 19 Operational Training Unit, 9 August 1941.C16757465
AIR81/8169Pilot Officer G H Temple (RCAF), Pilot Officer J H Wiley (RCAF), Sergeant J L L Arthur: injured; aircraft accident at Lichfield, Staffordshire; Wellington R1145, 27 Operational Training Unit, 9 August 1941.C16757466
AIR81/8170Pilot Officer M Littlewood, Sergeant E Bayley, Sergeant T R Timms, Sergeant N Moores: killed; Pilot Officer J E Evans: missing believed killed; aircraft shot down and crashed at Hornum, Sylt, Germany, Whitley Z6815, 10 Squadron, 9 August 1941. With photographs.C16757467
AIR81/8171Flight Lieutenant D Bamford; killed; aircraft accident near Benoni, Transvaal, South Africa, Tiger Moth 528, 4 Air School, 6 August 1941. With photographs.C16757468
AIR81/8172Pilot Officer S H Last, Pilot Officer V J Hall (RCAF), Sergeant D H Wesley, Sergeant W Fell: killed; aircraft accident at Chivenor Aerodrome, Devon; Beaufort L9953, 5 Coastal Operational Training Unit, 9 August 1941.C16757469
AIR81/8173Sergeant K L Rowley, Sergeant G W Jeffrey (RCAF), Flight Sergeant R A Ross, Squadron Leader J Vivian, Sergeant J T Corbett, Pilot Officer F J Needham, Sergeant S H Broyd: killed; aircraft shot down and crashed at Overasselt, Holland, Stirling N3658, 15 Squadron, 8 August 1941.C16757470
AIR81/8174Aircraftman P E Thorogood: killed; RAF motor transport accident at Faversham, Kent, Headquarters 16 Group, 9 August 1941. With photographs.C16757471
AIR81/8175Sergeant G B Chapman (RAAF): killed; shot down at Salperwick, France, aerial combat, Spitfire P7590, 452 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757472
AIR81/8176Sergeant G B Haydon (RAAF): killed; shot down at Foret de Tournehem, France, aerial combat, Spitfire P8361, 452 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757473
AIR81/8177Sergeant T Craven, Sergeant V E Baker, Sergeant G S Lodington, Sergeant E N R Robertson: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Kiel Naval Base, Germany, Hampden AE263, 61 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757474
AIR81/8178Corporal W Szczepankiewicz (Polish): injured; aircraft accident, Master AZ254, 8 Service Flying Training School, 9 August 1941.C16757475
AIR81/8179Pilot Officer A E J G Nitelet: missing now safe; aircraft crashed near Renty, France, enemy action, Spitfire W3254, 609 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757476
AIR81/8180Group Captain P R Barwell: injured; aircraft accident near West Wickham, Kent, Spitfire W3365, 72 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757477
AIR81/8181Sergeant R Myers: missing believed killed; presumed baled out, enemy action, Whitley Z6669, 10 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757478
AIR81/8182Sergeant E J Chidgley, Sergeant K L Hardy: injured; Sergeant A P Tipple, Sergeant F A Stevens, Sergeant G S Yates, Sergeant A F Scott, Sergeant J Heley: uninjured; aircraft accident at Lichfield Aerodrome, Staffordshire; Wellington X3219, 27 Operational Training Unit, 9 August 1941.C16757479
AIR81/8183Pilot Officer F H Schumer, Sergeant A J Smither: killed; aircraft accident at Goonhilly Downs, Beaufighter R2317, 600 Squadron, 12 July 1941.C16757480
AIR81/8184Pilot Officer B W B Squires: killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Calais, France, Spitfire P8198, 111 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757481
AIR81/8185Pilot Officer K S Taylor (American): killed; aircraft accident at Greenstead, Essex, Spitfire P8572, 71 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757482
AIR81/8186Pilot Officer T Blach (Polish): killed; aircraft accident near Ruislip, Spitfire P8676, 308 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757483
AIR81/8187Wing Commander D R S Bader: prisoner of war; mid air collision with enemy aircraft over France, aerial combat, Spitfire W3185, 616 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757484
AIR81/8188Flight Lieutenant L H Casson: prisoner of war; shot down, aerial combat over northern France, Spitfire W3458, 616 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757485
AIR81/8189Sergeant A C Nuttall (RNZAF): killed; Pilot Officer J W W Graham, Sergeant L R Biddlecombe, Flight Sergeant W D Hughes: prisoner of war; aircraft shot down and crashed at Revenstorf near Kiel, Germany, Hampden X3127, 61 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757486
AIR81/8190Pilot Officer W B Cairns, Major H C Walford (17/21 Lancers): killed; aircraft accident near East Wretham, Lysander T1742, 241 Squadron, 8 August 1941.C16757487
AIR81/8191Flight Lieutenant J H O'Byrne (RAAF): prisoner of war; shot down, aerial combat over northern France, Spitfire P7682, 452 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757488
AIR81/8192Leading Aircraftman G Gingell: injured; aircraft accident, Magister L8350, 5 Elementary Flying Training School, 10 August 1941.C16757489
AIR81/8193Corporal N Barker; injured; aircraft accident, Hatfield Aerodrome, Hertfordshire; Tiger Moth T6273, 1 Elementary Flying Training School, 9 August 1941.C16757490
AIR81/8194Sergeant W T Purdy (RCAF): killed; aircraft accident at Redmere, Cambridgeshire; Spitfire R7133, 129 Squadron, 10 August 1941.C16757491
AIR81/8195Sergeant A Niewiara (Polish): killed; shot down off the coast of northern France, aerial combat, Spitfire P8696, 315 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757492
AIR81/8196Pilot Officer D M Waldon (RCAF): died of injuries; shot down, aerial combat over northern France, Spitfire VA7266, 403 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757493
AIR81/8197Sergeant A M Ten Herkel, Sergeant W Hijkoop: killed; aircraft accident near RAF Leuchars, Hudson N7396, 320 Squadron, 10 August 1941.C16757494
AIR81/8198Aircraftman E Fogarty: injured; aircrew accident at RAF Ringway, Whitley Z6797, Parachute Training Squadron, 10 August 1941.C16757495
AIR81/8199Sergeant J M Osborne (RCAF): killed; Sergeant K A McManus (RCAF), Sergeant W Roberts: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Gravelines, France, Blenheim Z7280, 226 Squadron, 10 August 1941.C16757496
AIR81/8200Flight Lieutenant M W Waddington, Flight Sergeant I N Forsyth, Flight Sergeant D Palmer: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Gravelines, France, Blenheim V5854, 226 Squadron, 10 August 1941.C16757497
AIR81/8201Flying Officer J Czerniak (Polish): missing believed killed; shot down, aerial combat over northern France, Spitfire P8506, 315 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757498
AIR81/8202Pilot Officer A F Buck, Flight Lieutenant I P Magrath, Flight Sergeant L H Wood: killed; Flight Sergeant T E Stepney: missing believed killed; aircraft shot down at sea off the coast of Holland, Hudson AM672, 53 Squadron, 10 August 1941.C16757499
AIR81/8203Sergeant G E Godley (RAAF): died of injuries; Sergeant E Lane: injured; Flight Lieutenant G G Storey, Pilot Officer W J Carrol, Pilot Officer J Edmund: uninjured; enemy action over the Libyan Desert, Wellington Z8725, 148 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757500
AIR81/8204Sergeant W R Sands (RAAF), Sergeant A Greenlees: missing believed killed; Sergeant G B Woodroffe (RAAF): missing now safe; aircraft shot down and crashed at sea off the coast of Mersa Matruh, Egypt, Blenheim V5990, 113 Squadron, 9 August 1941.C16757501
AIR81/8205Flight Lieutenant W W E Oliver: injured; aircraft accident at South Johore, Buffalo W8156, 151 Maintenance Unit, RAF Seletar, 8 August 1941.C16757502
AIR81/8206Flight Lieutenant P R Wylde, Sergeant R S Mutimer: killed; Flight Sergeant C Clarke; injured; aircraft crashed near RAF Luqa, Malta, on return from operational flight, Maryland AR739, 69 Squadron, 10 August 1941.C16757503
AIR81/8207Sergeant E Rayner, Sergeant H A Godsmark: injured; aircraft accident, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire; Master N7989, 60 Operational Training Unit, 10 August 1941.C16757504
AIR81/8208Sergeant B Sima (Czech): killed; aircraft accident, Ballinluig, Peth and Kinross; Spitfire N3099, 58 Operational Training Unit, 10 August 1941.C16757505
AIR81/8209Sergeant J M O'Grady: killed; Sergeant F V Clarke: injured; aircraft accident near RAF West Raynham, Blenheim L8751, 114 Squadron, 10 August 1941.C16757506
AIR81/8210Flying Officer J Lambton, Sergeant J G Summers: killed; Pilot Officer R G Scott: missing believed killed; Sergeant J E Scott, Sergeant J White, Sergeant P G Smith, Sergeant E Wharton, Flight Lieutenant R W Whittome: injured; Sergeant J Turnbull: uninjured; aircraft crashed at Gibraltar Bay on return from operational flight, Catalina W8425, 202 Squadron, 11 August 1941.C16757507
AIR81/8211Sergeant N A Gillham: injured; Sergeant F G Watt: uninjured; landing collision at RAF Cottesmore between Anson R9608 and Hampden P1344, 14 Operational Training Unit, 10 August 1941.C16757508
AIR81/8212Pilot Officer C W Duffie, Leading Aircraftman R T Tench: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth R5248, 19 Elementary Flying Training School, 11 August 1941.C16757509

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