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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/2304Pilot Officer A E Wales, Sergeant J W Needham, Sergeant T Jordan: killed; shot down over Holland, Blenheim N3543, 235 Squadron, 27 June 1940.C16471556
AIR81/2305Sergeant R R McQueen: killed; enemy action, Hurricane P3401, 79 Squadron, 27 June 1940.C16471557
AIR81/2306Sergeant F A Saunders, Leading Aircraftman G A Battye: prisoners of war; Wellesley L2696, 47 Squadron, crashed 25 June 1940.C16471558
AIR81/2307Flight Lieutenant J W E Davies: missing believed killed; Hurricane P3591, 79 Squadron, 27 June 1940.C16471559
AIR81/2308Pilot Officer J R Cronan, Leading Aircraftman P L Lloyd: killed; Sergeant A O Lancaster: prisoner of war; crashed in Holland, Blenheim L9447, 235 Squadron, 27 June 1940.C16471560
AIR81/2309Sergeant G H Reed, Sergeant J D Mair: injured; aircraft accident, Drumlithie, Master N7613, 8 Service Flying Training School, 27 June 1940.C16471561
AIR81/2310Aircraftman P L Walker: killed; aircraft accident, Quendon, Hurricane P3778, 17 Squadron, 27 June 1940.C16471562
AIR81/2311Pilot Officer R A Percy, Sergeant A M Clark: killed; Sergeant A A Stanley: prisoner of war; crashed at Zeist, Utrecht, Blenheim R3731, 82 Squadron, 27 June 1940.C16471582
AIR81/2312Sergeant J L Morton, Sergeant A D Kelso, Sergeant J C Winston: missing believed killed; failed to return from operational flight over France, Blenheim R3778, 40 Squadron, 27 June 1940.C16471583
AIR81/2313Sergeant R E Young: injured; Sergeant A Dargie: uninjured; aircraft accident, Wittering, Blenheim L1454, 23 Squadron, 26 June 1940.C16471584
AIR81/2314Flight Lieutenant B A Mitchell, Pilot Officer L Reavell-Carter: prisoners of war; Sergeant W A Spickett, Sergeant R L J Dutton, killed; aircraft crashed, Kiel, Germany, Hampden P4305, 49 Squadron, 27 June 1940. Note: With photographsC16471585
AIR81/2315Pilot Officer H S P Williams, Sergeant C W Thorley, Pilot Officer E A Saunders: killed; shot down at Ouder-Amstel, Holland, Blenheim P6958, 235 Squadron, 27 June 1940.C16471586
AIR81/2316Sergeant A W S Thomas: died of injuries; enemy action, Northern France, 18 Squadron, 18 May 1940.C16471587
AIR81/2317Flying Officer R C Hodgson, Flight Sergeant W F Chard, Corporal J C Brayshaw, Leading Aircraftman J A Williamson, Leading Aircraftman R Conkie, Leading Aircraftman L Traynor, Aircraftman D J Scoins, Aircraftman T W Ross: killed; Corporal J Judd: injured; Aircraftman F Harris: prisoner of war; enemy action at Rennes railway station, France, during evacuation of No. 4 Base Ammunition Depot from France, 17 June 1940. Note: With identity discsC16471588
AIR81/2318Sergeant Anderson: killed; Pilot Officer S B Morley, Sergeant B D McPherson, Flying Officer N E Hore, prisoners of war; shot down near Kiel, Germany, Hampden L4112, 61 Squadron, 28 June 1940.C16471589
AIR81/2319Pilot Officer L F Penny, Leading Aircraftman H Griffiths: injured; aircraft accident, West Malling, Lysander P1745, 26 Squadron, 27 June 1940.C16471590
AIR81/2320Pilot Officer A Swainston, Pilot Officer I F Lothian, Aircraftman J P Morgan, Sergeant J W T Alderslade: missing believed killed; crashed at sea during reconnaissance mission over French coastal ports, Anson N5226, 500 Squadron, 28 June 1940.C16471591
AIR81/2321Pilot Officer A Swainston, Pilot Officer I F Lothian, Aircraftman J P Morgan, Sergeant J W T Alderslade: missing believed killed; crashed at sea during reconnaissance mission over French coastal ports, Anson N5226, 500 Squadron, 28 June 1940.C16471592
AIR81/2322Flying Officer K E Newton: missing believed killed; shot down, enemy action, Hurricane P3322, 151 Squadron, 28 June 1940.C16471593
AIR81/2323Sergeant T G Pascoe, Sergeant N R A Hawthorne: killed; Sergeant J W Willis-Richards: injured; aircraft accident, Bicester, Blenheim L9212, 13 Operational Training Unit, 29 June 1940.C16471594
AIR81/2324Flight Lieutenant P E Warcup: prisoner of war; force landed at Evreux, France, Hurricane (tail number not recorded), 1 Squadron, 29 June 1940.C16471595
AIR81/2325Sergeant R W Haines: killed; aircraft accident, Gravesend, Spitfire R9498, 610 Squadron, 29 June 1940.C16471596
AIR81/2326Pilot Officer D S Johnston, Sergeant R Micklethwaite, Leading Aircraftman W H Higgins: killed; shot down over France en route to the Middle East, Blenheim L9314, 4 Ferry Pilots Pool, 18 June 1940.C16471597
AIR81/2327Pilot Officer S J Millen: missing now safe; aircraft accident, Marseilles, France, Blenheim L9263, 4 Ferry Pilots Pool, 30 June 1940.C16471598
AIR81/2328Pilot Officer A G Pascoe, Pilot Officer A C Ennis, Sergeant F Pursglove, Sergeant J W Greig: killed; crashed near Delft, Holland, Hampden P4341, 61 Squadron, 30 June 1940. Note: With 3 small engine partsC16471599
AIR81/2329Flying Officer G M Wyatt, Sergeant R Burnett: killed; Pilot Officer L S Adams, Sergeant H G Hill, prisoners of war; shot down at sea near Spieka, south of Cuxhaven, Germany, Hampden P4356, 61 Squadron, 30 June 1940.C16471600
AIR81/2330Aircraftman D T Crockett, Flight Lieutenant A S Ainslie, Leading Aircraftman E Peacock, Pilot Officer G N Gaylard, Leading Aircraftman G L Walters, Flying Officer C F Elder, Sergeant F E G Balley, Leading Aircraftman A G M Hayes, Aircraftman E R Morris: missing believed killed; lost at sea in the Western Approaches, Atlantic Ocean, Sunderland M9026 'D', 210 Squadron, 29 June 1940.C16471601
AIR81/2331Flying Officer W R P K Mason, Sergeant J G Juggins, Sergeant G K Biggins: missing believed killed; shot down, enemy action, Tobruk, Libya, Blenheim L8447, 113 Squadron, 29 June 1940.C16471657
AIR81/2332Pilot Officer D I Pike, Sergeant R C Lidstone, Leading Aircraftman J G Taylor: prisoners of war; shot down, enemy action, Tobruk, Libya, Blenheim L8436, 113 Squadron, 29 June 1940.C16471658
AIR81/2333Pilot Officer R H M Bennett, Sergeant A B Langford, Sergeant D S Harrison: killed; shot down over France, Blenheim R3823, 107 Squadron, 30 June 1940.C16471659
AIR81/2334Squadron Leader H Pilling, Sergeant H T Denison: killed; Sergeant F A S Roche: prisoner of war; shot down over France, Blenheim R3870, 107 Squadron, 30 June 1940.C16471660
AIR81/2335Pilot Officer J E Sulman: injured; aircraft accident, Ouston, Hurricane P3675, 607 Squadron, 1 July 1940.C16471661
AIR81/2336Squadron Leader E C Ingham: killed; Pilot Officer M H Maggs: injured; aircraft accident, Warmwell, Defiant L6982, Central Gunnery School, 2 July 1940.C16471662
AIR81/2337Aircraftman P H Clarke: died of injuries; Aircraftman T V Farmer: injured; ground incident at RAF Wick, Hurricane P3318, 3 Squadron, 1 July 1940.C16471663
AIR81/2338Flight Lieutenant J H Player, Flying Officer W C Jenner: injured; Sergeant S Croxon: died of injuries; aircraft accident, Hullavington, Hart K5851 and Anson N7057, 9 Service Flying Training School, 2 July 1940.C16471664
AIR81/2339Pilot Officer C C M Baker, Pilot Officer A A Atkinson: injured; aircraft accident, Sealand, Blenheim L1265, 23 Squadron, 2 July 1940.C16471665
AIR81/2340Pilot Officer S C Ladyman: injured; Sergeant H Pearce: died of injuries; aircraft accident, Bracebridge, Magister L5947, 44 Squadron, 2 July 1940.C16471852
AIR81/2341Pilot Officer R C Sankey, Sergeant D A Green: killed; aircraft accident, Trentham, Magister N3852, 5 Elementary Flying Training School, 2 July 1940.C16471853
AIR81/2342Sergeant N F L Davies: killed; aircraft accident, Cranfield, Master N7695, 14 Service Flying Training School, 2 July 1940.C16471854
AIR81/2343Sergeant G Hardie: injured; aircraft accident, Ternhill, Harvard N7011,10 Flying Training School, 3 July 1940.C16471855
AIR81/2344Pilot Officer T M Cumberland: injured; aircraft accident, Wellington N2876, 11 Operational Training Unit, 3 July 1940.C16471856
AIR81/2345Sergeant J R B White: killed; presumed aircraft struck by lightning, Spitfire K9928, 74 Squadron, 3 July 1940.C16471857
AIR81/2346Aircraftman F Fleming: missing found safe: aircraft accident, Blenheim L9326, 4 Ferry Pilots Pool, 18 June 1940.C16471858
AIR81/2347Sergeant H Cartwright: missing believed killed; Hurricane P2619, 79 Squadron, enemy action 4 July 1940.C16471859
AIR81/2348Pilot Officer C Lane-Sansom, Sergeant F A Abbott: uninjured; Sergeant T J Maloney: killed; enemy action, Blenheim R3769, 15 Squadron, 4 July 1940.C16471860
AIR81/2349Pilot Officer R Beer, Pilot Officer T G Moore, Sergeant R Billows: injured; aircraft accident, Bassingbourn, Wellington N3003, 11 Operational Training Unit, 4 July 1940.C16471861
AIR81/2350Pilot Officer F J Kelsh: injured; aircraft accident, Harold Wood, Lysander N1258, 2 Squadron, 4 July 1940.C16471862
AIR81/2351Sergeant J W Mallinson: killed; aircraft accident, Woollerton, Harvard P5884, 10 Service Flying Training School, 4 July 1940.C16471863
AIR81/2352Sergeant Pilot F W M Jensen: injured; aircraft accident, Hurricane L1036, 601 Squadron, 4 July 1940.C16471864
AIR81/2353Pilot Officer L G Hunt (RNZAF): injured; aircraft accident, North Weald Aerodrome, Hurricane P3305, 151 Squadron, 5 July 1940.C16471865

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