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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/949Leading Aircraftman T Greenall and Sergeant D J Holliday: injured and prisoners of war. Sergeant D A Whiting: prisoner of war; Battle aircraft crashed near Dreux, France, 14 June 1940.C14502581
AIR81/950Sergeant B J Rowe and Sergeant T H Rudd: injured; Battle aircraft in air operations, 13 June 1940.C14502582
AIR81/951Sergeant J W Harris, Sergeant T A Thomas and Pilot Officer C R Wylie: report of deaths; Blenheim R3817 failed to return from a reconnaissance flight over France, 16 June 1940.C14502583
AIR81/952Aircraftman 1st Class F V W Thake and Pilot Officer B Everton-Jones: prisoners of war. Sergeant G W Taplin: report of death; Blenheim R3818 in air operations, 16 June 1940.C14502584
AIR81/953Sergeant G H Kettlewell, Sergeant E F W Curtis and Acting Flight Lieutenant A D J Martin: report of deaths; Battle aircraft crashed at Les Corvees-les-Yys, France, 13 June 1940.C14502404
AIR81/954Sergeant L Whittle, Sergeant C F Mackay, Sergeant M L Dent, Pilot Officer C N Buist and Flying Officer J T MacInnes: report of deaths; Whitley N1460 crashed at Neukirchen near Dortmund, Germany on 18/19 June 1940. Note: With photographsC14502405
AIR81/955Sergeant C Naylor, Sergeant A T Legg, Sergeant I M McCulloch, Sergeant R G Elliott, Sergeant K B Brennan and Pilot Officer F C J Butler: missing presumed dead; Wellington N2897 failed to return from an operational flight, believed to have force landed in the North Sea, 19 June 1940.C14502406
AIR81/956Pilot Officer J H Nicholson: report of death; Spitfire P9392 failed to return from an operational flight, 19 June 1940.C14502407
AIR81/957Casualty list 10-20 May: 85 Squadron. Sergeant Pilot J McGregor Little: missing presumed dead, 19 May 1940.C14502408
AIR81/958Sergeant S M Savill and Sergeant J M Dawson: injured; Whitley N1476 in air operations near Schwerte, Germany, 20 June 1940.C14502409
AIR81/959Leading Aircraftman V T McFarlane and Aircraftman Ellis: injured. Leading Aircraftman R P Godfray: report of death; enemy bombing raid at Souge, France, 15 June 1940.C14502410
AIR81/960Sergeant N C Cotterell: report of death. Leading Aircraftman R A Copley and Pilot Officer J S Shorthouse: injured; Battle L5324 failed to return from an operational flight, 13 June 1940.C14502411
AIR81/961Aircraftman 1st Class D A MacDonald, Sergeant A R Morris and Pilot Officer R C L Parkhouse: prisoners of war; Battle L5580 in air operations, 13 June 1940.C14502412
AIR81/962Sergeant C S G Beevers, Leading Aircraftman J G Thompson and Pilot Officer J F McPhie: prisoners of war; Battle L5531 crashed at Chateau-Thierry France, 13 June 1940.C14502413
AIR81/963Leading Aircraftman D L Grant and Pilot Officer P H Blowfield: report of deaths; Battle P6596 crashed at Coulonges, France, 14 June 1940.C14502414
AIR81/964Pilot Officer R L Green: report of death; Gladiator L9043 crashed at Bugbug Aerodrome between Sidi Barrani and Solum, Egypt, 19 June 1940.C14502415
AIR81/965Acting Flight Lieutenant D R Miller hospitalised following enemy action, 18-19 June 1940.C14502416
AIR81/966Sergeant R R Schofield, Sergeant H R Holmes, Sergeant C H Neary, Flying Officer G E Walker and Pilot Officer J Plant: prisoners of war; Whitley N1442 crashed at Dortmund, Germany, 20/21 June 1940.C14502417
AIR81/967Acting Flying Officer R C Hodgson: report of death; enemy bombing of a troop train at Rennes Station, France, 17 June 1940.C14502418
AIR81/968Sergeant W S Rowcliffe, Sergeant R S Powell, Pilot Officer A S Smith and Pilot Officer C Matheson: report of death; Hampden P4355 in air operations, 20 June 1940.C14502419
AIR81/969Temporary Warrant Officer N P Donnelly: prisoner of war. Sergeant B T M Baker, Corporal W C Royle, Leading Aircraftman A F Crohill and Flight Lieutenant J B W Smith: report of deaths; Bombay L5850 crashed at Tobruk, Libya, 21 June 1940.C14502420
AIR81/970Sergeant P F Clarke: report of death; Blenheim R3827 in air operations, 21 June 1940.C14502421
AIR81/971Flight Lieutenant P C Pickard and Sergeant J A Brordley: injured; Wellington R3200 force landed in the North Sea, 20 June 1940.C14502422
AIR81/972Sergeant W Steele: injured; Hudson N7266 crash landed because of anti-aircraft fire, 21 June 1940.C14502423
AIR81/973Sergeant E S Quinn: injured; Hampden P4288 in operational flight from RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire, 19-20 June 1940.C14502424
AIR81/974Sergeant K V Brown: injured; Blenheim L8842 in air operations, 21 June 1940.C14502425
AIR81/975Sergeant F J Willoughby and Pilot Officer H J Seagrim: report of deaths. Leading Aircraftman J White and Leading Aircraftman C A Malcolm: missing presumed dead; Beaufort L4486 failed to return from attacking enemy shipping off the Norwegian coast, 21 June1940.C14502426
AIR81/976Aircraftman 1st Class G E Tanner, Leading Aircraftman D Gow, Pilot Officer A G Rigg and Pilot Officer M A Phillips: missing presumed dead; Beaufort L4501 failed to return from attacking enemy shipping off the Norwegian coast, 21 June 1940.C14502427
AIR81/977Flying Officer C A Wallis: report of death. Sergeant C G M Wilson, Sergeant G W E Walton and Squadron Leader D Y Feeny: missing presumed dead; Hudson N7246 on air operations in the vicinity of Sotra near Bergen, Norway, 21 June 1940.C14502428
AIR81/978Sergeant V J Swallow, Sergeant H Kenyon and Pilot Officer T C Prescott: report of deaths; Blenheim L8754 shot down over Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 23 June 1940. Note: With mapC14502429
AIR81/979No. 98 Squadron: personnel lost when SS Lancastria sunk, 17 June 1940. Orderable at item level. Note: With identity discsC14502430
AIR81/979Part 1 of 2.C14503480
AIR81/979Part 2 of 2.C14503481
AIR81/980Sergeant A B Norfolk, Sergeant J Price and Flight Lieutenant P S Jolliffe: missing presumed dead; Blenheim L9409 failed to return from an operational flight over Trondheim, Norway 24 June 1940.C14502431
AIR81/981Leading Aircraftman R Olley: report of death. Sergeant R G D Ellis and Pilot Officer D G Hunter: uninjured; Blenheim L4920 force landed at Kabribahar, British Somaliland, 26 June 1940.C14502432
AIR81/982No. 73 Squadron: personnel lost when SS Lancastria sunk, 17 June 1940.C14502433
AIR81/983No. 67 Wing: personnel lost when SS Lancastria sunk, 17 June 1940.C14502434
AIR81/984Headquarters British Air Forces in France (BAFF): personnel lost when SS Lancastria sunk, 17 June 1940.C14502435
AIR81/985Corporal E J Taylor: safe. Leading Aircraftman R T Jones: missing presumed dead. No. 2 Heavy Mobile Wireless Telegraphy Unit: personnel lost when SS Lancastria sunk, 17 June 1940.C14502436
AIR81/986Sergeant H G Hughes, Sergeant S Longstaff and Sergeant J F Borrows: missing presumed dead; Blenheim R3826 failed to return from an operational flight in the vicinity of Stavanger off the coast of Norway, 24 June 1940.C14502437
AIR81/987Temporary Corporal B F Nowell report of death; Walrus L2312 crashed whilst on a secret mission to the north coast of France, 18 June 1940.C14502438
AIR81/988Sergeant A N Dowling: report of death; enemy air raid on a satellite aerodrome near Souge-sur-Braye, France, 15 June 1940.C14502439
AIR81/989Flight Lieutenant F Hugill and Flying Officer R Hawkins: prisoners of war; Battle aircraft crashed near Vernon, France, 14 June 1940.C14502440
AIR81/990Sergeant A McNay: missing, later reported as safe; enemy air raid, France, 15 June 1940.C14502441
AIR81/991Sergeant C R T Bone: injured; enemy air raid, France, 15 June 1940.C14502442
AIR81/992Sergeant F G Kingham, Acting Sergeant D F S Campbell and Sergeant P G Cory: report of deaths; Blenheim N3604 crashed at Osthusvik, Rennesoy, Norway, 25 June 1940.C14502443
AIR81/993Sergeant R C Trowbridge and Sergeant G W H Kendall: missing presumed dead. Pilot Officer A J Hill: prisoner of war; Blenheim R3622 crashed off the coast of Stavanger, Norway, 25 June 1940.C14502444
AIR81/994Flying Officer J G E Haig: injured; Spitfire N3190 crashed in France, 26 June 1940.C14502445
AIR81/995Aircraftman 2nd Class A H Garratt and Flying Officer J C Corby: injured; enemy air raid on aerodrome, 26 June 1940.C14502446
AIR81/996Pilot Officer R A L Morant: injured; Spitfire P9420 crashed on force landing at Hemswell near Normanton, Lincolnshire, 26 June 1940.C14502447

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