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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/19Flying Officer J R Hollington, Sergeant R S Pitts: report of deaths. Aircraftman 1st Class A Bathgate and Aircraftman 1st Class G Rout: missing presumed dead; Hudson N7216 failed to return from an operational flight, 30 September 1939.C14141998
AIR81/119Pilot Officer A E Evans: report of death; Hudson N7243; shot during air operations and died of wounds; 11 April 1940.C14141954
AIR81/190Leading Aircraftman E Townend: report of death. Pilot Officer R T Kean and Sergeant E A Deverill: injured. Aircraftman 2nd Class D Mannion: uninjured; Hudson N7319 attacked by enemy aircraft whilst on an operational flight; the undercarriage collapsed on landing due to damage, 3 May 1940.C14142015
AIR81/191Aircraftman 1st Class A Hepburn: injured. Squadron Leader G P Marvin: injured and subsequently died; Whitley N1406 ran out of fuel and was abandoned, 3 May 1940.C14142016
AIR81/192Sergeant K Railton, Acting Flight Lieutenant C L Gilbert, Pilot Officer B A Power, Aircraftman 2nd Class J A Francis, Aircraftman 2nd Class E Quibell and Leading Aircraftman G E Wall: injured, Wellington P9279 crash landed on return from air operations over the Friesland Islands, 3 May 1940.C14142017
AIR81/193Aircraftman 2nd Class R A Wood, Sergeant M G A Pearce and Pilot Officer J L G Butterworth: report of deaths; Blenheim P9329 on a reconnaissance flight over Achern, Germany, 3 May 1940.C14142018
AIR81/194Squadron Leader N D Gilbart-Smith: injured; North West Expeditionary Force, Norway; 1 May 1940.C14142019
AIR81/195Acting Squadron Leader D C F Good: injured; Hampden L4062 hit by an anti-aircraft shell during a mine laying operation over Oslo Fjord; 5 May 1940.C14142020
AIR81/196Aircraftman 1St Class S W Mills, Aircraftman 2nd Class M J Delahunty, Flying Officer S P Woollatt and Flying Officer D J T Lusk: missing presumed dead; Beaufort L4472 failed to return from air operations, 7 May 1940.C14142021
AIR81/197Aircraftman 2nd Class J Traynor: injured; Beaufort L4464 in air operations, 7 May 1940.C14142022
AIR81/198Leading Aircraftman E A Jones, Sergeant P H Brown and Sergeant S H Stafford: interned by Dutch Authorities at Fort De Kock, Sumatra, 8 April 1940; Blenheim L1101 force landed at Sabang, Dutch East Indies; released and returned to unit, 14 May 1940.C14142023
AIR81/199Flight Lieutenant A G Store: injured; air operations in Norway, 7 May 1940.C14142024
AIR81/219Sergeant G B Irvine: report of death. Pilot Officer W H Corbet: injured; Battle P2246 hit by anti-aircraft fire over France, 10 May 1940.C14142044
AIR81/319Flying Officer W S C Adams and Flying Officer R B Lines-Roberts: report of death; Hurricanes N2654 and N2653 crashed near Valenciennes, France, 13 May 1940.C14502313
AIR81/419Corporal E T Baillie and Flying Officer T W Walker: missing presumed dead. Pilot Officer R E B White: injured; Lysander L4796 failed to return from a reconnaissance flight over France, 17 May 1940.C14502090
AIR81/519Sergeant G T Mundell, Aircraftman 2nd Class J W Crook and Flying Officer A K Holdsworth: injured. Acting Flight Lieutenant I D Grant-Crawford, Aircraftman 2nd Class J Burton and Aircraftman 1st Class E S Hewitt: report of deaths; Wellington P9270, 24 May1940.C14502140
AIR81/619Sergeant R E Brown and Flight Lieutenant W R Clapham: report of deaths; Lysander L1720 failed to return from an operational flight over Dunkirk, France, 28 May 1940.C14502040
AIR81/719Pilot Officer H E L Falkus: prisoner of war; Spitfire P9317 in air operations over Dunkirk, France, 1 June 1940.C14502496
AIR81/819Leading Aircraftman C H Cartwright: report of death; convoy attacked by enemy aircraft, 7 June 1940.C14502542
AIR81/919Pilot Officer S R McNamara: missing presumed dead; HMS Glorious sunk off Norway, 8 June 1940.C14502398
AIR81/1019Sergeant R M Livermore, Wing Commander J H Hargroves and Sergeant E W Smith: report of deaths; Blenheim N6140, crashed off the Island of Sylt, Germany, 5 July 1940.C14502858
AIR81/1119Pilot Officer M R Mudie: report of death; Hurricane L1584 crashed at sea off Dover, 15 July 1940.C14502931
AIR81/1190Leading Aircraftman J M Powell: injured in operations, July 1940.C14503129
AIR81/1191Pilot Officer R C Sterling: report of death. Pilot Officer E B Panter, Pilot Officer C R Barrett, Sergeant L C V Gray, Sergeant F W Brindley and Pilot Officer A W Court: uninjured; Wellington T2459 in air operations, 23 July 1940.C14503130
AIR81/1192Sergeant C C Heyward, Sergeant I Wimberg and Sergeant L A L Walker: missing presumed dead; Blenheim R3748 failed to return from air operations, 24 July 1940.C14503131
AIR81/1193Pilot Officer J L Allen: report of death; Spitfire R6812 force landed near Manston, Kent, 24 July 1940.C14503132
AIR81/1194Corporal W Norris: prisoner of war; occupation of Guernsey, 27 June 1940.C14503133
AIR81/1195Pilot Officer V G Daw: injured; Hurricane N3677 in air operations, 25 July 1940.C14503134
AIR81/1196Sergeant H W Hunt: report of death. Pilot Officer D B Starky and Sergeant B Moriarty: missing presumed dead; Blenheim R3836 believed crashed at sea, 25 July 1940. Note: With photographsC14503135
AIR81/1197Acting Flight Lieutenant B H Way: missing presumed dead; Spitfire R6707 in air operations, 25 July 1940.C14503136
AIR81/1198Squadron Leader A T Smith: report of death; Spitfire R6693 crashed at Hawkinge Aerodrome following air operations off Dover, 25 July 1940.C14503137
AIR81/1199Pilot Officer A Finnie: report of death; Spitfire R6816 shot down and crashed near Dover, 25 July 1940.C14503138
AIR81/1219Flying Officer P A N Cox: missing believed dead; Hurricane P3808 failed to return from air operations, 27 July 1940.C14502693
AIR81/1319Flying Officer J Gillan: missing presumed dead; Hurricane P3783 shot down off Portland, 11 August 1940.C14502739
AIR81/1419Pilot Officer A C Deere: injured; Spitfire R6981 in air operations, 15 August 1940.C14503004
AIR81/1519Pilot Officer J W Hamill: injured; Magister B2407, 1 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit; aircraft accident, 14 September 1939.C16359550
AIR81/1619Sergeant H G Sillence: killed; Hurricane L1649, 3 Squadron; aircraft accident, 2 November 1939.C16359607
AIR81/1719Sergeant W F McEwan: injured; Magister 8351, 30 Elementary Flying Training School; aircraft accident, Uttoxeter, 6 December 1939.C16359664
AIR81/1819Pilot Officer H W Morton: injured; aircraft accident, Wittering, Anson K6224, 48 Squadron, 7 February 1940.C16471249
AIR81/1900Sergeant G D Cossar, Sergeant A J Kenny: injured; aircraft accident, Andover, Battle K9396, 52 Squadron, 11 March 1940.C16471172
AIR81/1901Sergeant A R Hermels: died of wounds; mid-air collision involving Blenheim L8845, 35 Squadron, and Blenheim L6596, 90 Squadron, 12 March 1940.C16471173
AIR81/1902Lieutenant P G Philcox (Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve): killed; Able Seaman D Lewis (Royal Navy): injured; aircraft accident, Stanmore, Proctor P6008, 758 Squadron, 12 March 1940.C16471174
AIR81/1903Pilot Officer R B Vaux, Pilot Officer H B Hunter: killed; Pilot Officer P R Johnson: died of wounds; aircraft accident, Whitley K8960, 166 Squadron, 12 March 1940.C16471175
AIR81/1904Pilot Officer A C Manaton, Pilot Officer E I Hewett, Sergeant J D Hartley, Aircraftman A Mullineux, Aircraftman H S Burke: killed; aircraft accident, Lechlade, Anson M9824, 61 Squadron, 12 March 1940.C16471176
AIR81/1905Pilot Officer L G Bishop: killed; failed to return from operational flight over France, Hurricane N2364, 73 Squadron, 12 March 1940.C16471177
AIR81/1906Pilot Officer A J Skidmore, Pilot Officer A S Wardman: killed; aircraft accident, Bolton-on-Swale, Magister P2375, 219 Squadron, 13 March 1940.C16471178
AIR81/1907Pilot Officer C P R Collier, Leading Aircraftman C E Thomas: injured; aircraft accident, El Daba, Egypt, Blenheim L1486, 211 Squadron, 13 March 1940. Note: With photographs and planC16471179
AIR81/1908Pilot Officer K R Lucas: injured; forced landing, Hurricane N2599, 145 Squadron, 13 March 1940.C16471180
AIR81/1909Flying Officer J L Atkinson, Pilot Officer A A Greenberg: killed; aircraft accident, Leuchars, Hudson N7212, 224 Squadron, 14 March 1940.C16471181
AIR81/1910Pilot Officer D S Dadson: killed; aircraft accident, Shipton-on-Cherwell, Harvard P5784, 6 Service Flying Training School, 14 March 1940. Note: With photographsC16471182

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