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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/4772Sergeant S L Bennett, Sergeant W H Tunstall, Sergeant L R France: killed; aerial combat, aircraft shot down and crashed near Valona, Albania, Blenheim L1540, 211 Squadron, 31 December 1940. With photographs.C16688870
AIR81/4782Squadron Leader S Floryanowicz (Polish), Pilot Officer M Olszyna (Polish), Flying Officer H Kulbacki (Polish), Sergeant J Heznowski (Polish), Sergeant A Guzowski (Polish), Sergeant L Gachowski (Polish): killed; aircraft accident, Wellington T2517, 301 Squadron, 1 January 1941.C16688880
AIR81/4792Squadron Leader C H A Coleman: killed; Flight Sergeant D W Matthews, Sergeant H R MacRory: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over France, Blenheim L6781, 23 Squadron, 3 January 1941.C16688890
AIR81/4802Aircraftman S C Jarvis: injured; enemy air raid at RAF West Drayton, 906 Squadron, 4 January 1941.C16688900
AIR81/4812Aircraftwoman D Cocks, Aircraftwoman A D Hill, Aircraftwoman E Drew: killed; Aircraftwoman I Adam, Corporal Marston, Aircraftwoman Brown: injured; enemy action at RAF Billet Bristol, 3 January 1941.C16688910
AIR81/4820Aircraftman G F Synnuck: killed; enemy action at 927 Balloon Squadron, Bristol, 3 January 1941.C16688918
AIR81/4821Sergeant W J E Clegg, Sergeant E J Dunton, Sergeant N W Mawby, Sergeant W F Wilcock, Sergeant T P Robson: killed; Sergeant A W Roberts: missing now safe; shot down and crashed at sea near Ishaila Rocks, Egypt, Wellington P9293, 38 Squadron, 6 January 1941.C16688919
AIR81/4822Flying Officer L S Delaney, Sergeant V Pollard, Sergeant T A McCord: killed; shot down and crashed near Kilcyre, Yaninna, Greece, Blenheim L8537, 211 Squadron, 6 January 1941.C16688920
AIR81/4823Flying Officer R D Campbell, Sergeant J H Beharrell, Sergeant R Appleyard: prisoners of war; shot down and crashed near Valona, Albania, Blenheim L1487, 211 Squadron, 6 January 1941.C16688921
AIR81/4824Sergeant J M Gladwell: killed; aircraft accident, Mohawk AR651, 46 Maintenance Unit, 8 January 1941.C16688922
AIR81/4825Flying Officer C Warren, Flying Officer T F Gill, Pilot Officer A M Hobbs, Pilot Officer K N Struthers, Sergeant G H Burge, Sergeant H E Herrity, Pilot Officer E T Blevins, Sergeant R Hawthorn: injured; aircraft accident, Wellington R1291, 15 Operational Training Unit, 5 January 1941.C16688923
AIR81/4826Pilot Officer S C Stone, Pilot Officer A R Quemby, Sergeant G A Haddon, Sergeant D A Joseph: killed; aircraft accident, Hudson T9379, 233 Squadron, 8 January 1941.C16688924
AIR81/4827Pilot Officer T E Timmins, Pilot Officer C N Walker, Sergeant P R Peart, Sergeant A S Roberts, Sergeant R Cain, Sergeant W E Griswold: killed; aircraft accident, Wellington T2956, Reserve Squadron Stradishall, 8 January 1941.C16688925
AIR81/4828Number not used.C16688926
AIR81/4829Leading Aircraftman L H Rosser: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth N5464, 9 Elementary Flying Training School, 8 January 1941.C16688927
AIR81/4832Sergeant F Morton: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim L1123, 263 Squadron, 9 January 1941.C16688930
AIR81/4842Sergeant H V Jackson: missing believed killed; Pilot Officer J P Lucas, Sergeant G Gale: injured; lost control while night flying, aircraft struck water, Blenheim V5370, 53 Squadron, 9 January 1941.C16688940
AIR81/4852Flying Officer W L McKnight: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over the French coast, Hurricane P2961, 242 Squadron, 12 January 1941.C16688950
AIR81/4862Flight Lieutenant L E Dalrymple, Leading Aircraftman N H Williams: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth N6708, 6 Elementary Flying Training School, 14 January 1941.C16688960
AIR81/4872Squadron Leader J S Adams: injured; pilot baled out of aircraft, Hurricane P3813, 151 Squadron, 16 January 1941.C16688970
AIR81/4882Flying Officer H B Skyrme, Sergeant J L Rowlett, Sergeant G C Sandland, Sergeant E D Polkinghorne, Sergeant L L Brookman: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight, Whitley T4220, 10 Squadron, 16 January 1941.C16688980
AIR81/4892Sergeant M Bulle: killed; aircraft accident, Magister L5974, RAF Odiham Flying Training School, 17 January 1941.C16688990
AIR81/4902Flying Officer K A H Lawrence, Sergeant W A Tamlin, Sergeant A B Houston: missing now safe; crew initially reported missing believed prisoners of war now safe; Blenheim L8465, 8 Squadron, 17 January 1941.C16689000
AIR81/4912Flying Flight Lieutenant C J Laubscher: injured; enemy action, aerial combat over Tobruk, Libya, Hurricane V7293, 274 Squadron, 21 January 1941.C16689010
AIR81/4920Flying Officer D G G Coles, Pilot Officer V S Padgham, Sergeant E A Castle, Sergeant H D Hewett: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight, Beaufort N1151, 22 Squadron, 22 January 1941.C16689018
AIR81/4921Aircraftman S Tod: died of injuries; aircraft accident, Fulmar N4006, 234 Squadron, 20 January 1941.C16689019
AIR81/4922Sergeant D G Barbone: injured; Flying Officer A F H Joyce, Sergeant F P M Bavin-Smith: uninjured; aircraft hit by enemy anti aircraft fire at Jokau, Tobruk, Libya, Wellesley K7750, 47 Squadron, 22 January 1941.C16689020
AIR81/4923Leading Aircraftman A Robinson, Aircraftman C L A Dods: killed; landmine explosion at West Wittering, Sussex, 23 January 1941.C16689021
AIR81/4924Flight Lieutenant D B Brooks: died of injuries; aircraft accident, Anson R3399, 9 Ferry Pilots Pool, 23 January 1941.C16689022
AIR81/4925Flying Officer P W Horton, Flying Officer E G Bidgood, Flying Officer J R Walker, Pilot Officer R J Boret, Flying Officer R W Clarke, Pilot Officer J M Horrox, Sergeant W G Cunningham: missing believed killed; 7 Hurricanes, no tail numbers recorded, launched from HMS Argus but failed to reach RAF Luqa, Malta, Operation White, 16 November 1940.C16689023
AIR81/4926Squadron Leader D C Dunlop, Flight Lieutenant A M James, Captain Adams; killed; aircraft accident at Natal, South Africa, Oxford P6852, Rhodesia Air Training Group, 28 August 1940.C16689024
AIR81/4927Flight Lieutenant P L Billing, Flying Officer P B Holmes, Sergeant H Pilling, Sergeant Hooker, Aircraftman J P Bradley: killed; aircraft crashed on Mull of Kintyre during return from operational flight, Whitley P5041, 502 Squadron, 23 January 1941.C16689025
AIR81/4928Flying Officer C R S Rich, Leading Aircraftman J H Morgan: killed; aircraft accident Harvard 2715, 32 Service Flying Training School, Moose Jaw, Canada, 23 January 1941.C16689026
AIR81/4929Pilot Officer D Welpy, Pilot Officer R T R Cowper, Sergeant D Todd, Pilot Officer J W Shaw: interned; aircraft force landed in Eire, Hudson P5123, 233 Squadron, 25 January 1941.C16689027
AIR81/4932Multiple Casualties: enemy action at RAF St Eval, 25 January 1941.C16689030
AIR81/4942Pilot Officer R M Graham: injured; aircraft accident, Blenheim K7076, RAF Church Fenton Flight, 27 January 1941.C16689040
AIR81/4952Multiple casualties: ammunition explosion at Headquarters No. 202 Group, Sidi Mahmoud near Tobruk, 28 January 1941. Note: Related files: 4956, 4964C16689050
AIR81/4962Multiple casualties: Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) personnel worldwide, 1941. Note: Related file: 5021C16689060
AIR81/4972Sergeant J T Hawthorne, Sergeant J F Thurlbeck: killed; aircraft accident, Hampden P1328, 144 Squadron, 1 February 1941. Note: Related file 5633C16689070
AIR81/4982Multiple casualties: RAF Middle East Command Free French Personnel, 1941. Note: Related files: 4952, 4956C16689080
AIR81/4992Sergeant F N Scott, Sergeant W Caton: injured; Sergeant F C C Fry: uninjured; aircraft accident, Blenheim T2287, 13 Operational Training Unit, 3 February 1941. Note: Related file: 5651C16689090
AIR81/5002Pilot Officer W H H Mussett, Corporal D Price: injured; aircraft accident, Henley L3271, 1 Anti Air Co-operation Unit, 4 February 1941. Note: Related files: 4952, 4964C16689100
AIR81/5012Sergeant W J Baird, Sergeant R I Eastwood, Sergeant L W Homard, Sergeant R Hawkes: prisoners of war; baled out near Dusseldorf, Germany, enemy action, Hampden P4299, 49 Squadron, 5 February 1941. Note: Related file: 5017C16689110
AIR81/5020Aircraftman A J T Butler: injured; aircraft accident, Blenheim T1936, 105 Squadron, 5 February 1941. Note: Related file: 5651C16689118
AIR81/5021Pilot Officer B Wydrowski (Polish): injured; baled out, mid air collision, Hurricane V6618, 615 Squadron, 5 February 1941. Note: Related file 5633C16689119
AIR81/5022Sergeant J Arbuthnott: killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over River Mersey, Hurricane V7078, 229 Squadron, 4 February 1941. Note: Related files: 4956, 4964C16689120
AIR81/5023Sergeant H Orchard: killed; shot down, aerial combat over Neufchatel, France, Spitfire P7733, 65 Squadron, 5 February 1941. Note: Related files: 4952, 4964C16689121
AIR81/5024Sergeant R S Culley: injured; aircraft accident, Anson N9891, 3 Coastal Operational Training Unit, 5 February 1941. Note: Related files: 4952, 4956C16689122
AIR81/5025Flight Lieutenant G Hill: prisoner of war; shot down, aerial combat over northern France, Spitfire P7665, 65 Squadron, 5 February 1941. Note: Related file: 5021C16689123
AIR81/5026Pilot Officer C R Fenwick: injured; aerial combat, enemy action, Spitfire R6601, 610 Squadron, 5 February 1941. Note: Related file: 5017C16689124

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