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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/6302Sergeant F Hamblen: injured; Pilot Officer B Parnel, Pilot Officer R Preedy, Sergeant W J Dalton, Sergeant K D Burrows, Sergeant M A Runry: uninjured; enemy action over Benina, Libya, Wellington T2571, 70 Squadron, 5 May 1941.C16755600
AIR81/6312Leading Aircraftman F Bibby: killed; enemy action at RAF Crosby on Eden, 7 May 1941.C16755610
AIR81/6320Pilot Officer E H Petley: injured; enemy ground action in Iraq, 1 Armoured Car Company RAF, 6 May 1941.C16755618
AIR81/6321Sergeant I A V M Drummond (RAAF): killed; Pilot Officer G S P Bain: injured; mid air collision near Aberdeen between Spitfire R6619 and Spitfire X4931, 111 Squadron, 8 May 1941.C16755619
AIR81/6322Flying Officer Z Kinel (Polish): killed; enemy action, Hurricane Z3095, 302 Squadron, 8 May 1941.C16755620
AIR81/6323Pilot Officer A Kawczynski (Polish): killed; aircraft accident at Pembrey Sands, Hurricane Z2324, 32 Squadron, 8 May 1941.C16755621
AIR81/6324Squadron Leader P H Jackson, Pilot Officer I O M Smith, Pilot Officer L H Mercer, Sergeant G A Bennets, Sergeant J Harding, Sergeant G J Talbot: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over Berlin, Wellington W5400, 99 Squadron, 9 May 1941.C16755622
AIR81/6325Aircraftman R A Dunsmuir, Aircraftman J Ross, Aircraftman S Bell, Aircraftman R Reid: missing believed killed onboard SS Bassa, SS Ambrose Fleming and SS Archangel; presumed lost at sea due to enemy action, 1941.C16755623
AIR81/6326Aircraftman D E Paul (RCAF), Aircraftman R K Warren: killed; enemy action at RAF Bawdsey, 6 May 1941.C16755624
AIR81/6327Wing Commander W C Farley: killed; enemy action at 16 Maintenance Unit HQ, Nottingham, 9 May 1941.C16755625
AIR81/6328Pilot Officer J Mencel (Polish): injured; aircraft accident, Oxford V3502, Headquarters Service Flying School Kemble, 8 May 1941.C16755626
AIR81/6329Sergeant J A Wright: injured; Sergeant J H Vaughan: uninjured; aircraft crashed near Ibsley on return from operational flight, enemy action, Beaufighter R2101, 604 Squadron, 8 May 1941.C16755627
AIR81/6332Sergeant R J Harris, Corporal A D Dearden, Aircraftman R J Blunn, Aircraftman S T Everson Sergeant J R Vigar; killed; enemy action at RAF Waddington, 9 May 1941.C16755630
AIR81/6342Sergeant I B Oultram: killed; Flying Officer P J Gordon-Hall, Sergeant J M C Poole: prisoners of war; aircraft hit by enemy anti aircraft fire over Mosul Aerodrome, Iraq, Blenheim T2072, 203 Squadron, 9 May 1941.C16755640
AIR81/6352Sergeant T Bojakowski (Polish), Pilot Officer W Brzozowski (Polish), Flying Officer S Rewkowski (Polish), Sergeant A Lipecki (Polish), Sergeant K Golebiowski (Polish), Flying Officer I Dudek (Polish): killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Bremen, Wellington R1227, 301 Squadron, 9 September 1941.C16755650
AIR81/6362Pilot Officer I McG Pringle, Pilot Officer J S H Fairweather: killed; aircraft accident, near Habbaniya, Iraq, Audax K3084, 4 Service Flying Training School, 6 May 1941.C16755660
AIR81/6372Pilot Officer P R Gillespy, Aircraftman V M Everix: killed; forced landing near Fallujah, Iraq, Audax K7543, 4 Service Flying Training School, 2 May 1941.C16755670
AIR81/6382Sergeant R A Smithers: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane V7056, 501 Squadron, 11 May 1941. With photographs.C16755680
AIR81/6392Sergeant K B Martin: killed; Sergeant R D Hesketh, Sergeant J E Robbins: injured; Pilot Officer R M Smith, Sergeant C S Bowers, Sergeant F G E Ison: uninjured; enemy action when returning from operational flight over Hamburg, Wellington T2911, 40 Squadron, 12 May 1941.C16755690
AIR81/6402Flight Lieutenant N Williams, Flying Officer D Mackay, Sergeant W F Hodson, Sergeant E J Rapley, Sergeant R A Pickers, Sergeant L Smith, Sergeant R C Watkins: killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational sortie over Berlin, Stirling N6010, 7 Squadron, 10 May 1941. With photographs.C16755700
AIR81/6412Sergeant D E R Ellwood, Sergeant G T Hardwick: killed; Sergeant G A D Ritchie, Sergeant W Bennett: prisoners of war; aircraft crashed at Carpiqet aerodrome Caen, France, Beaufort W6494, 217 Squadron, 13 May 1941.C16755710
AIR81/6420Flying Officer K P English: killed; aircraft brought down over area of Sollum, Egypt, Hurricane V7820, 274 Squadron, 12 May 1941.C16755718
AIR81/6421Sergeant E L Stoodley: killed; Pilot Officer N H Goodall: missing believed killed; mid air collision over the English Channel between Spitfire P7779 and Spitfire P7317, 234 Squadron, 13 May 1941.C16755719
AIR81/6422Pilot Officer P B Gough, Sergeant F G Stewart, Sergeant L Manchip, Sergeant D F F Watson, Sergeant R Richardson: killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational sortie over Germany; Whitley P5048, 10 Squadron, 11 May 1941. With photographs.C16755720
AIR81/6423Pilot Officer C J Heavysege, Leading Aircraftman W Ritchie: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth N5456, 9 Elementary Flying Training School, 14 May 1941.C16755721
AIR81/6424Pilot Officer P F Freer, Sergeant V Wingfield: killed; returning from operational flight, aircraft crashed approaching to land, Beaufighter R2245, 29 Squadron, 11 May 1941. With photographs.C16755722
AIR81/6425Sergeant F H Miller, Sergeant N J Ingram, Sergeant W E Whiteman: missing now safe; aircraft shot down at Saint Nazaire, France, Blenheim V5997, 82 Squadron, 13 May 1941.C16755723
AIR81/6426Sergeant W E Copp: injured; aircraft accident, Hurricane N9244, 46 Squadron, 12 May 1941.C16755724
AIR81/6427Leading Aircraftman M Politzer (Czech): injured; aircraft accident, Oxford T1005, 2 Service Flying Training School, 13 May 1941.C16755725
AIR81/6428Pilot Officer B M Cavan: injured; shot down in aerial combat over Malta, Hurricane Z4087, 261 Squadron, 14 May 1941.C16755726
AIR81/6429Flight Lieutenant R J Walker: injured; baled out of aircraft, Spitfire P8363, 74 Squadron, 16 May 1941.C16755727
AIR81/6432Flying Officer G D F Herrtage: killed; aerial combat over Habbaniya, Iraq, Gladiator K7616, 94 Squadron, 16 May 1941.C16755730
AIR81/6442Sergeant Wachal (Polish), Aircraftman C G Latham: killed; Aircraftman F W Wilson, Sergeant Szalkiewicz (Polish): killed; mid air collision at Port Logan between Battle V1223 and Battle L5662, 4 Bombing and Gunnery School, 15 May 1941.C16755740
AIR81/6452Sergeant D W Rose, Sergeant J C G McGuffie: killed; aircraft accident, 3 Coastal Operational Training Unit, 15 May 1941.C16755750
AIR81/6462Pilot Officer W A McVie, Pilot Officer S L Bailey: killed; Sergeant J K Scouller, Sergeant C W Carter: prisoners of war; aircraft shot down and crashed near Amsterdam, Hampden AD841, 144 Squadron, 16 May 1941. With photographs.C16755760
AIR81/6472Flight Sergeant R Cowan: killed; Sergeant V N Russell: injured; aircraft accident, Defiant N1573, 54 Operational Training Unit, 17 May 1941.C16755770
AIR81/6482Pilot Officer I R R McDiarmid: killed; mid air collision between Wellington R1587 and Hurricane V7225, 1401 Flight, RAF Mildenhall, 17 May 1941.C16755780
AIR81/6492Sergeant W H Dooer: injured; aircraft accident, Spitfire P8373, 74 Squadron, 17 May 1941.C16755790
AIR81/6502Pilot Officer J Irwin: injured; enemy action over Tobruk, Hurricane V7424, 73 Squadron, 16 May 1941.C16755799
AIR81/6512Sergeant D W Thomas: killed; aircraft accident, Spitfire P8245, 611 Squadron, 18 May 1941.C16755809
AIR81/6520Aircraftman A Alexander: injured; enemy action, 919 Balloon Squadron, 3 May 1941.C16755817
AIR81/6521Sergeant J Berridge: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane AS990, 73 Squadron, 13 May 1941.C16755818
AIR81/6522Sergeant H A R McBirney: killed; aircraft accident, Defiant N1653, 54 Operational Training Unit, 19 May 1941.C16755819
AIR81/6523Pilot Officer J A T Garrould, Sergeant R S L Keymer, Flight Sergeant R J Garlish, Flight Sergeant A P Smith, Sergeant E Oakes: killed; aircraft shot down and crashed near Sevenum, Holland; Whitley Z6493, 78 Squadron, 16 May 1941. With photographs.C16755820
AIR81/6524Leading Aircraftman Zlakifwiczm (Polish): injured; aircraft accident, Magister R1902, 15 Elementary Flying Training School, 18 May 1941.C16755821
AIR81/6525Squadron Leader McIntosh, Sergeant G B Nesbitt, Sergeant T D Atkinson, Sergeant J Pashley, Sergeant C F Hall, Flight Sergeant C Watley, Sergeant J J W Lewis: injured; aircraft accident at RAF Perranporth, Manchester L7393, 207 Squadron, 18 May 1941. With photographs.C16755822
AIR81/6526Sergeant J R H Elphick: injured, crash landing, Spitfire P9368, 111 Squadron, 18 May 1941.C16755823
AIR81/6527Pilot Officer J Szabuniewicz (Polish): killed; aircraft accident, Magister R1852, 15 Elementary Flying Training School, 18 May 1941.C16755824
AIR81/6528Sergeant A J Parker: injured: aircraft crashed into the sea off Chesil beach, enemy action, Spitfire P7922, 234 Squadron, 19 May 1941. With negatives.C16755825
AIR81/6529Flying Officer J Beveridge (RNZAF), Pilot Officer A H Wise (RNZAF), Sergeant V J Griffith: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from an operational flight over Derna aerodrome, Libya, Blenheim T2056, 45 Squadron, 18 May 1941.C16755826

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