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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/92Flight Lieutenant A N Wilson: missing presumed dead; Spitfire K9810 failed to return from an operational flight, 21 February 1940.C14141914
AIR81/192Sergeant K Railton, Acting Flight Lieutenant C L Gilbert, Pilot Officer B A Power, Aircraftman 2nd Class J A Francis, Aircraftman 2nd Class E Quibell and Leading Aircraftman G E Wall: injured, Wellington P9279 crash landed on return from air operations over the Friesland Islands, 3 May 1940.C14142017
AIR81/292Pilot Officer I A McIntosh, Sergeant N T W Harper and Leading Aircraftman R P MacNaughton prisoners of war; Battle L5439 crashed near Maastricht, The Netherlands, 12 May 1940.C14142141
AIR81/392Sergeant F Fearnley and Corporal A G Richards: missing presumed dead. Flying Officer D A Fordham: safe; Blenheim P4851 crashed in France, 17 May 1940.C14502279
AIR81/492Flight Lieutenant F E Rosier: injured in enemy action, France, 23 May 1940.C14502194
AIR81/592Corporal H R Jones: injured; Lysander P1685 in air operations over Calais, France, 27 May 1940.C14502284
AIR81/692Sergeant J C Harrison: report of death; Hurricane P2876 in air operations near Dunkirk, France, 29 May 1940. Note: With photographsC14502356
AIR81/792Sergeant S H Holman: missing presumed dead; Hurricane P3360 failed to return from air operations over Abbeville, France, 6 June 1940.C14502463
AIR81/892Sergeant H Berry and Leading Aircraftman D L Phillips: prisoners of war. Pilot Officer A R Gulley: report of death; Battle L5437 failed to return from an operational flight, 14 June 1940. Note: With aircraft identification platesC14502594
AIR81/920Flying Officer H E Vickery: missing presumed dead; HMS Glorious sunk off Norway, 8 June 1940.C14502399
AIR81/921Pilot Officer M A Bentley: missing presumed dead; HMS Glorious sunk off Norway, 8 June 1940.C14502400
AIR81/922Squadron Leader J W Donaldson: missing presumed dead; HMS Glorious sunk off Norway, 8 June 1940.C14502401
AIR81/923Pilot Officer J Falkson: missing presumed dead; HMS Glorious sunk off Norway, 8 June 1940.C14502402
AIR81/924Flying Officer A T Williams: missing presumed dead; HMS Glorious sunk off Norway, 8 June 1940.C14502403
AIR81/925Pilot Officer L R Jacobsen: missing presumed dead; HMS Glorious sunk off Norway, 8 June 1940.C14502557
AIR81/926Flying Officer H F G Ede: missing presumed dead; HMS Glorious sunk off Norway, 8 June 1940.C14502558
AIR81/927Pilot Officer P H Purdy: missing presumed dead; HMS Glorious sunk off Norway, 8 June 1940.C14502559
AIR81/928Group Captain M Moore: missing presumed dead; HMS Glorious sunk off Norway, 8 June 1940.C14502560
AIR81/929Sergeant E F W Russell, Sergeant E Shackley and Sergeant B L Taylor: missing presumed dead; HMS Glorious sunk off Norway, 8 June 1940.C14502561
AIR81/992Sergeant F G Kingham, Acting Sergeant D F S Campbell and Sergeant P G Cory: report of deaths; Blenheim N3604 crashed at Osthusvik, Rennesoy, Norway, 25 June 1940.C14502443
AIR81/1092Pilot Officer A R Mathias, Flying Officer A W A Whitehead and Aircraftman 1st Class W C Hubbard: report of deaths. Sergeant H W J Smith: prisoner of war; Anson N5220 crashed near Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 11 July 1940.C14502825
AIR81/1192Sergeant C C Heyward, Sergeant I Wimberg and Sergeant L A L Walker: missing presumed dead; Blenheim R3748 failed to return from air operations, 24 July 1940.C14503131
AIR81/1292Pilot Officer H G R Pirie and Sergeant M Prentice: report of deaths. Flight Lieutenant J B S Brockway and Sergeant S R Croft: prisoners of war; Anson N5356 crashed off the coast of the Netherlands near Amsterdam, 9 August 1940.C14502797
AIR81/1392Pilot Officer E I Parsons and Sergeant A N Campion: report of deaths; Whitley N4965 failed to return from air operations, 14 August 1940. Note: With photographsC14502758
AIR81/1492Pilot Officer A R Playfair: killed; Hampden L4161, 7 Squadron; aircraft accident, 5 September 1939.C16359523
AIR81/1592Pilot Officer J H Young: injured; Audax K5131, 5 Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 18 October 1939.C16359623
AIR81/1692Sergeant R Berrington: injured; Tiger Moth G-ADXE, 13 Elementary Flying Training School; aircraft accident, Marlow, 28 November 1939.C16359594
AIR81/1792Sergeant C J W Tait: uninjured; Leading Aircraftman C R McLennan: injured; aircraft accident, Helwan, Egypt, Gordon K2719, RAF Middle East Pilot Training Unit, 15 January 1940.C16471345
AIR81/1892Corporal A S Telford: killed; aircraft accident, Elsfield, Anson N5099, 6 Service Flying Training School, 9 March 1940. Note: With photographsC16471164
AIR81/1920Sergeant S A Hillman: injured; forced landing, Hurricane L1786, 229 Squadron, 19 March 1940.C16471142
AIR81/1921Flight Lieutenant V H P Lynham, Flying Officer J C Boulter: injured; Pilot Officer W C Scott: died from injuries; aircraft accident at Montrose, involving Spitfire of 503 Squadron landing on top of stationary Oxford L9655, 8 Flying Training School, 20 March 1940.C16471143
AIR81/1922Flying Officer F H Bullard-Davis: killed; Sergeant A Woodward, Leading Aircraftman D Doughty: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Scotton near Scunthorpe, Hampden L4137, 144 Squadron, 20 March 1940. Note: With mapC16471144
AIR81/1923Pilot Officer J C Boulter: injured; aircraft accident, Montrose, Spitfire L1022, 603 Squadron, 20 March 1940.C16471145
AIR81/1924Sergeant H Phillips, Aircraftman F Prosser: killed; aircraft accident, Kirkbymoorside, Blenheim L1117, 219 Squadron, 21 March 1940.C16471146
AIR81/1924Closed extract: 1 page.C16603568
AIR81/1925Flying Officer R L Jeffrey: killed; Sergeant J G S Kirkpatrick: died of injuries; collision between Anson N5039 and Harvard N7060, 10 Service Flying Training School, 21 March 1940.C16471147
AIR81/1926Squadron Leader I G E Dale: injured; aircraft accident, Ternhill, Anson N5039, 10 Service Flying Training School, 21 March 1940.C16471148
AIR81/1927Sergeant R C Edwards, Mr J D F Tanqueray: killed; aircraft accident, Hinkley, Mentor L4395, 24 Squadron, 21 March 1940.C16471149
AIR81/1928Pilot Officer H S P Hulton, Sergeant O W Dumbreck: killed; Corporal G E Lapwood, Leading Aircraftman Oultram: injured; aircraft accident, Portslade, Blenheim L1427, 18 Squadron, 21 March 1940.C16471150
AIR81/1929Pilot Officer R Lane: uninjured; Corporal G Davidson: injured; Leading Aircraftman P I Nash: uninjured; forced landing, Virginia K2329, 13 Maintenance Unit, 21 March 1940.C16471151
AIR81/1992Leading Airman H E Cook (Royal Navy), Aircraftman A C Lucas: killed; aircraft accident, Collingbourne Kingston, Battle K7609, 1 Service Flying Training School, 9 April 1940. Note: With photographC16471284
AIR81/2092Pilot Officer R G M Gilmore, Sergeant T R A D Pearce, Aircraftman A G Wilson: missing believed killed; shot down and crashed near Sugny, Belgium, Blenheim L8742, 21 Squadron, 14 May 1940.C16471422
AIR81/2192Sergeant A R Tidman: injured; aircraft accident, Harvard 7003, 14 Flying Training School, 31 May 1940.C16471622
AIR81/2292Pilot Officer B L Goodwin: killed; aircraft accident, Dunbar, Hurricane L2115, 605 Squadron, 24 June 1940.C16471544
AIR81/2392Pilot Officer P J B Griffiths: injured; aircraft accident, Maaten Bagush, Egypt, Blenheim K7095, 30 Squadron, 15 July 1940.C16471790
AIR81/2492Flight Sergeant S P Tomley, Sergeant A G Willis: killed; Sergeant A J Daniels, Lieutenant Commander H Kolff, Corporal J van der Schaff: injured; aircraft accident, Carew Cheriton, Anson K8829, 48 Squadron, 31 July 1940.C16471826
AIR81/2592Pilot Officer H G Ballantyne, Pilot Officer J O L Stephenson, Sergeant E K Fitzgerald: killed; Sergeant J Steele: injured; aircraft accident, Bircham Newton, Hudson N7401, 206 Squadron, 14 August 1940.C16471812
AIR81/2692Pilot Officer J A P Studd: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Spitfire N3182, 66 Squadron, 19 August 1940.C16472244
AIR81/2792Pilot Officer R H Bunker, Sergeant G Thomas: injured; Hampden X2895, 83 Squadron, force landed on return from air operations over Berlin, Germany, 25 August 1940.C16471988
AIR81/2892Flight Lieutenant G A Brown: injured; baled out, enemy action, Hurricane P3802, 253 Squadron, 30 August 1940.C16472230

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