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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/97Sergeant M Whiffen, Acting Sergeant J C Murdoch, Leading Aircraftman E H Prior, Aircraftman 2nd Class T E Smith, Aircraftman L B Hughson and Flying Officer L R Field: report of deaths; Wellington N2984 crashed during an operational flight, Bury St Edmunds, 2 March 1940. Note: With photographsC14141919
AIR81/197Aircraftman 2nd Class J Traynor: injured; Beaufort L4464 in air operations, 7 May 1940.C14142022
AIR81/297Aircraftman 2nd Class J R Mayor, Sergeant K Mellership and Pilot Officer S G Thornton: report of deaths; Blenheim L8733 crashed near Hodeige, France, 12 May 1940.C14142146
AIR81/397Pilot Officer J E R Wood: injured; Hurricane L2049 failed to return from an operational flight, 14 May 1940.C14502068
AIR81/497Aircraftman 1st Class G R Pirie, Sergeant S F Simmons and Pilot Officer R L Saunders: report of deaths; Blenheim L9184 failed to return from an operational flight, crashed near the Cambrai-Arras Road, France, 22 May 1940. Note: With photographsC14502199
AIR81/597Leading Aircraftman D McL Nimmo and Pilot Officer H D Dixon: report of deaths; Lysander L4782 crashed at Bleriot Plage, Sangatte, France, 27 May 1940. Note: With identity discsC14502289
AIR81/697Pilot Officer R E C Butterworth and Flight Lieutenant R H N Graham: report of deaths; Lysander IL4812 shot down near St Omer, France, 21 May 1940.C14502361
AIR81/797Sergeant V C Salvage, Sergeant T A Foreman and Squadron Leader B Paddon: prisoners of war; Blenheim L8827 shot down near Abbeville, France, 7 June 1940.C14502468
AIR81/897Sergeant D G McLeod and Pilot Officer M G L Lovell: injured; Blenheim L4864 in air operations near Valenciennes, France, 16 May 1940.C14502599
AIR81/970Sergeant P F Clarke: report of death; Blenheim R3827 in air operations, 21 June 1940.C14502421
AIR81/971Flight Lieutenant P C Pickard and Sergeant J A Brordley: injured; Wellington R3200 force landed in the North Sea, 20 June 1940.C14502422
AIR81/972Sergeant W Steele: injured; Hudson N7266 crash landed because of anti-aircraft fire, 21 June 1940.C14502423
AIR81/973Sergeant E S Quinn: injured; Hampden P4288 in operational flight from RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire, 19-20 June 1940.C14502424
AIR81/974Sergeant K V Brown: injured; Blenheim L8842 in air operations, 21 June 1940.C14502425
AIR81/975Sergeant F J Willoughby and Pilot Officer H J Seagrim: report of deaths. Leading Aircraftman J White and Leading Aircraftman C A Malcolm: missing presumed dead; Beaufort L4486 failed to return from attacking enemy shipping off the Norwegian coast, 21 June1940.C14502426
AIR81/976Aircraftman 1st Class G E Tanner, Leading Aircraftman D Gow, Pilot Officer A G Rigg and Pilot Officer M A Phillips: missing presumed dead; Beaufort L4501 failed to return from attacking enemy shipping off the Norwegian coast, 21 June 1940.C14502427
AIR81/977Flying Officer C A Wallis: report of death. Sergeant C G M Wilson, Sergeant G W E Walton and Squadron Leader D Y Feeny: missing presumed dead; Hudson N7246 on air operations in the vicinity of Sotra near Bergen, Norway, 21 June 1940.C14502428
AIR81/978Sergeant V J Swallow, Sergeant H Kenyon and Pilot Officer T C Prescott: report of deaths; Blenheim L8754 shot down over Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 23 June 1940. Note: With mapC14502429
AIR81/979No. 98 Squadron: personnel lost when SS Lancastria sunk, 17 June 1940. Orderable at item level. Note: With identity discsC14502430
AIR81/979Part 1 of 2.C14503480
AIR81/979Part 2 of 2.C14503481
AIR81/997Airmen missing during evacuation of British Expeditionary Force (BEF) from France on or about 25 June 1940.C14502448
AIR81/1097Flying Officer J H L Allen: injured in air operations, 24 May 1940.C14502830
AIR81/1197Acting Flight Lieutenant B H Way: missing presumed dead; Spitfire R6707 in air operations, 25 July 1940.C14503136
AIR81/1297Pilot Officer H L N Davis and Sergeant G H Coulton: missing presumed dead. Sergeant B W Beaumont: report of death; Blenheim N3590 failed to return from air operations over France, 8 August 1940.C14502802
AIR81/1397Pilot Officer C B North: injured in an enemy air raid on Colerne, Wiltshire, 14 August 1940.C14502763
AIR81/1497Flying Officer H D Green, Pilot Officer C N Whittington, Leading Aircraftman J L Calpin, Aircraftman A M Rodger: missing believed killed; Hudson N7247, 224 Squadron; 8 September 1939.C16359528
AIR81/1597Pilot Officer F B Bassett: injured; Audax K7339, 12 Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 18 October 1939.C16359628
AIR81/1697Flying Officer T W Storey, Sergeant G R C Talbot, Sergeant T R Moss, Aircraftman A J Whittaker, Aircraftman F C Overall: killed; Anson N5084, 148 Squadron; aircraft accident, Simonsbath, 28 November 1939. Note: With mapC16359599
AIR81/1797Pilot Officer N E Berrington-Pickett: injured; Pilot Officer A Mullock: killed; aircraft accident, Sarsden, Harvard N7144, 2 Service Flying Training School, 18 January 1940.C16471350
AIR81/1897Lieutenant T W G K French (Royal Navy), Naval Airman J O Kiley (Royal Navy), Leading Aircraftman G A Lawrence: killed; aircraft accident, Hal Far, Malta, Swordfish K8371, 812 Squadron, 11 March 1940.C16471169
AIR81/1970Leading Aircraftman A C Beech: missing; Pilot Officer W A Mostyn-Brown: injured; mid-air collision between Heyford K6893 and Heyford K6896, 4 Bombing and Gunnery School, 4 April 1940.C16471236
AIR81/1971Pilot Officer J P Dalton, Leading Aircraftman R R Smith: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Heyford K6896, 4 Bombing and Gunnery School, 4 April 1940.C16471237
AIR81/1972Flying Officer C H Boxall, Sergeant L Podger, Leading Aircraftman W W Martin: missing; aircraft accident, Penang, Malaya, Blenheim L1131, 62 Squadron, 4 April 1940.C16471238
AIR81/1973Sergeant L A Fieldhouse, Sergeant R S Hutton: injured; aircraft accident, Desford, Tiger Moth N6482, 7 Elementary Flying Training School, 6 April 1940.C16471239
AIR81/1974Leading Aircraftman E Beynon, Flying Officer D E Gould, Flight Lieutenant F O Dickson, Sergeant R G Bruce: missing; aircraft accident, Milford Haven, Whitley K9040, 51 Squadron, 5 April 1940. Note: With photographsC16471240
AIR81/1975Sergeant J A Lewis, Leading Aircraftman A R Martin, Leading Aircraftman R W E Jordan: killed; aircraft accident, Point D'Aiguille, France, Wellesley K7740, 30 Squadron, 4 April 1940. Note: With photographsC16471241
AIR81/1976Sergeant J D Stein: killed; aircraft accident, Upwood, Blenheim P6918, 35 Squadron, 6 April 1940.C16471268
AIR81/1977Flying Officer J D V Porter, Sergeant R Hawes, Sergeant A G R Allan: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Boscombe Down, Wellesley K7754, Middle East Stored Reserve, 4 April 1940.C16471269
AIR81/1978Pilot Officer R E Orchard, Aircraftman M J Fahey, Aircraftman F A Smith: injured; aircraft accident, Kippen, Blenheim L1500, 141 Squadron, 6 April 1940.C16471270
AIR81/1979Pilot Officer W Roberts, Pilot Officer K Brooke-Taylor, Sergeant A McNicol: killed; Aircraftman D W Sharpe: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Hartley, Hampden L4054, 83 Squadron, 7 April 1940.C16471271
AIR81/1997Pilot Officer A D G Stephenson, Leading Aircraftman F J Guest: injured; Leading Aircraftman G G Cumming: killed; aircraft accident, Hilla, Iraq, Vincent K4154, S Squadron, 11 April 1940.C16471289
AIR81/2097Sergeant N Crossland, Aircraftman H A G Jones: injured; enemy action, Blenheim P6880, 110 Squadron, 14 May 1940.C16471427
AIR81/2197Pilot Officer H J R Dunn: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane P 3519, 87 Squadron, 1 June 1940.C16471627
AIR81/2297Pilot Officer A G Maycock: uninjured; aircraft crashed in France, Hurricane P2584, 4 Ferry Pilots Pool, 27 June 1940.C16471549
AIR81/2397Pilot Officer A B Jones, Sergeant T J Richards: uninjured; Sergeant F B Rowley: injured; aircraft accident, Welwyn Garden City, Blenheim L9251, 18 Squadron, 16 July 1940.C16471742
AIR81/2497Sergeant J B Thomson: killed; Aircraftman E J Toy, Mr D M Gordon, Sergeant E Waite, Leading Aircraftman T Ward, Sergeant C K Richardson: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Swansea, possible mid-air collision between Blenheim L1408, 29 Squadron, and Blenheim L6722, 25 Squadron, 1 August 1940.C16471831
AIR81/2597Pilot Officer R B McGregor, Flying Officer W A Stenhouse, Sergeant C L G Hood, Sergeant J Burrows, Sergeant H Davies: killed; struck barrage balloon cable at Southampton on return from operational flight over Bordeaux, France, Whitley P5044, 77 Squadron,15 August 1940.C16471817
AIR81/2697Pilot Officer W E King, Sergeant S Britnor, Sergeant J Bishop, Sergeant J A Jackson: killed; aircraft accident, Hampden P1305, 14 Operational Training Unit, Melchbourne Park, Riseley, 19 August 1940.C16472249
AIR81/2797Squadron Leader F G R Thomas, Pilot Officer G L Bayliss, Sergeant G M Dickson: missing believed killed; failed to return from operational flight over Maurpetus Aerodrome, Cherbourg, France, Blenheim R3811, 40 Squadron, 26 August 1940.C16471993

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