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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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Year AIR81/ Aircraft Ac Serial
Citation Aircraft Description Link
AIR81/348Battle I K9342Pilot Officer F A G Lascelles, Sergeant W J Ordway and Leading Aircraftman C P Weir: missing, later reported as safe; Battle K9342 in air operations, 14 May 1940.C14502152
AIR81/595Hurricane I P3423Squadron Leader G V Perry: missing presumed dead; Hurricane P3423 shot down near Bergues, France, 27 May 1940.C14502287
AIR81/700Hurricane I P3424Pilot Officer W M Sizer: injured; Hurricane P3424 in air operations over Dunkirk, France, 31 May 1940.C14502364
AIR81/1950Henley L3425Pilot Officer R M C N de Lestang, Sergeant L W Creasey: injured; aircraft accident, Cleave Aerodrome, Henley L3425, 1 Anti-Aircraft Cooperation Unit, 28 March 1940.C16471198
AIR81/2031Henley L3427Pilot Officer A L V Barnes, Sergeant R E Wilson: killed; aircraft accident, Carew Cheriton, Henley L3427, 1 Anti-Aircraft Cooperation Unit, 23 April 1940.C16471209
AIR81/4227Hurricane I P3421Sergeant J Hlavac (Czech): killed; shot down, aerial combat at Wareham, Dorset; Hurricane P3421, 56 Squadron, 10 October 1940.C16688325
AIR81/4246Hurricane I N2342Sergeant B Henson: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane N2342, 257 Squadron, 17 November 1940.C16688344
AIR81/4591Henley L3424Sergeant Russell: injured; Sergeant J Bennett: uninjured; aircraft accident, Henley L3424, 1 Anti Air Cooperation Unit, 17 December 1940.C16688689
AIR81/5054Hurricane I P3422Sergeant G W Poulton: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane P3422, 232 Squadron, 8 February 1941. Note: Related file: 5017C16689152
AIR81/5732Defiant I N3424Sergeant J D H Cunningham, Sergeant A D Wood: killed; aircraft accident, Defiant N3424, 256 Squadron, 8 April 1941.C16689830
AIR81/5815Hurricane I P3425Sergeant B Poplawski (Polish): died of injuries; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over North Sea, Hurricane P3425, 607 Squadron, 11 April 1941.C16755113
AIR81/6900Spitfire Ia X4342Sergeant W M J Payne: injured; aircraft crashed on return from operational flight over France, Spitfire X4342, 92 Squadron, 14 June 1941.C16756197
AIR81/7037Henley L3423Sergeant D A Frost, Leading Aircraftman H Blundred: killed; aircraft accident, Henley L3423, 1 Anti Air Co-operation Unit, 20 June 1941. With photographs.C16756334
AIR81/7165Hurricane I P3428Sergeant A Hill: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane P3428, aircraft accident at Dunclug, Ballymena, County Antrim, 26 June 1941.C16756462
AIR81/7809Spitfire Vb W3427Sergeant L E Philpotts (RCAF): injured; force landed near Bexhill on return from operational flight, enemy action, Spitfire W3427, 610 Squadron, 23 July 1941. With photographs.C16757106
AIR81/7920Hurricane II Z3422Sergeant W V Shenk: injured; Sergeant E Smith: uninjured; mid air collision near Lincoln between Hurricane Z3317 and Hurricane Z3422, 121 Squadron, 27 July 1941.C16757217
AIR81/7939Blenheim I L1342Flight Lieutenant P R Barr, Flight Sergeant Bennett: injured; aircraft accident at RAF Swanton Morley, Blenheim L1342, 88 Squadron, 28 July 1941.C16757236
AIR81/8421Spitfire Va R7342Pilot Officer K H Anthony (RCAF): prisoner of war; shot down near St Omer, France, aerial combat, Spitfire R7342, 403 Squadron, 19 August 1941.C16924263
AIR81/8625Hurricane II Z3424Sergeant D W Jenkin (RCAF): prisoner of war; shot down near Boulogne, France, aerial combat, Hurricane Z3424, 402 Squadron, 27 August 1941. With photograph.C16924467
AIR81/9347Wellington II Z8342Sergeant J E Nutt: injured; Sergeant A Cameron, Sergeant A Maclachlan, Flight Sergeant G E Shone, Flight Sergeant D W Taylor, Flight Sergeant D L Timmins: uninjured; aircraft accident, Wellington Z8342, 12 Squadron, 30 September 1941.C16997594
AIR81/9378Spitfire Vb W3422Sergeant G W Baker: killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over the English Channel, Spitfire W3422, 91 Squadron, 1 October 1941.C16997625
AIR81/9609Hurricane II Z3421Flight Lieutenant H S Crease (RCAF): prisoner of war; aircraft hit by enemy anti aircraft fire near Lillers, France, Hurricane Z3421, 402 Squadron, 13 October 1941.C16997856
AIR81/10843Hurricane I W9342Pilot Officer A G Wicks (RNZAF): killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane W9342, 59 Operational Training Unit, 10 December 1941.C17058572
AIR81/11003Hurricane IIB Z5342Lieutenant A H M Moolman (SAAF): prisoner of war; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Gazala, Libya, Hurricane Z5342, 94 Squadron, 11 December 1941.C17058732
AIR81/11027Spitfire Vb W3425Pilot Officer M Sikorski (Polish): killed; Flying Officer J Solak (Polish): uninjured; aircraft collision on take off at RAF Exeter between Spitfire AA941 and Spitfire W3425, 317 Squadron, 18 December 1941.C17058756
AIR81/11574Defiant I N3422Pilot Officer A A W Harris, Sergeant G C Townsend: killed; Defiant N3422, 60 Operational Training Unit; aircraft accident at North Berwick Law, 15 January 1942.C17059303
AIR81/11581 HZ7342Flight Lieutenant H F Dukes, Sergeant A J Wratten, Flight Sergeant A Hussey: missing believed killed; Blenheim HZ7342, 21 Squadron; aircraft collided with a merchant vessel near the Kerkennah Islands, Tunisia, 14 January 1942.C17059310
AIR81/12151Wellington II Z8342Pilot Officer N W Richardson (RAAF): injured; Sergeant O K Welch, Pilot Officer A G Hersey, Sergeant H J Ody, Sergeant J T Edwards, Pilot Officer A R Heaton: uninjured; Wellington Z8342, 12 Squadron; aircraft hit by enemy anti aircraft fire during an attack on German warships Prinz Eugen, Scharnhorst and Gneisnau (Operation Fuller) in the English Channel, 13 February 1942.C17082901
AIR81/12204 94342Leading Aircraftsman R A Bentley, Leading Aircraftsman F J Jackson: injured; Battle 94342, Air School; aircraft accident at Drift Sands Reserve, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 10 February 1942.C17082954
AIR81/12543Blenheim IV Z6342Flight Sergeant F H Wilkinson, Flight Sergeant J A C London, Pilot Officer C H O Priest (RNZAF): killed; Blenheim Z6342, 489 Squadron; aircraft accident at RNAS Worthy Down, 8 March 1942.C17083293
AIR81/13113Wellington III X3425Sergeant T Roper, Sergeant A F Logan, Sergeant J S Palmer, Sergeant G Eltringham, Sergeant W Thorpe, Sergeant J K Sharpe: killed; Wellington X3425, 57 Squadron; aircraft shot down and crashed at Opoeteren, Belgium, during an operational flight over Hanau, Germany, 2 April 1942.C17083863
AIR81/13923Wellington II Z8342Sergeant A R Holmes, Sergeant N Spray, Sergeant W L Huxley, Sergeant C B Climie, Sergeant R G Gordon, Sergeant W L Munns: killed; Wellington Z8342, 12 Squadron, aircraft failed to return from an operational flight to attack a target in Kiel, Germany, 29 April 1942. With photographs.C17206560
AIR81/14458Tutor K3427Flying Officer J N Owen: injured; Tutor K3427, 1 Flying Instructors School, aircraft accident at Harbury Parish, Radford, Warwickshire, 21 May 1942.C17385957
AIR81/14478Hudson I T9342Pilot Officer D W Lockhart (RNZAF), Sergeant G Coupland: injured; Hudson T9342, 1 Coastal Operational Training Unit, aircraft accident at Silloth Aerodrome, Cumberland, 23 May 1942.C17385977
AIR81/15191Beaufort II AW342Sergeant T Frith: killed; Squadron Leader R G Lynn: missing believed killed; Flight Lieutenant H R Dickenson, Sergeant G Horn: prisoners of war; Beaufort AW342, 217 Squadron, enemy action, aircraft force landed off the coast of East Kerkennah Islands, Tunisia, 22 June 1942.C17386690
AIR81/15496Wellington III X3423Sergeant F H Eubank (RCAF), Sergeant G A Morley (RCAF), Sergeant A B Macdonell (RCAF), Sergeant J D Kingdon: killed; Sergeant P J Georges: injured; Wellington X3423, 9 Squadron, aircraft crashed returning from an operational flight, near Steventon, Berkshire, 24 June 1942.C17386995
AIR81/16039Spitfire Ia X4342Flight Sergeant J M Saunders (USA): injured; Spitfire X4342, 121 Squadron, the aircraft sustained damage during an operational flight over Dunkirk, France, 23 July 1942.C17478242
AIR81/16204Boston III W8371Flight Sergeant M G Johnson, Pilot Officer L S Stewart, 1283342 Sergeant F C Thorogood: missing believed killed; Boston W8371, 226 Squadron, engaged by enemy aircraft near Lille, France, 19 July 1942.C17478407
AIR81/17206Wallace Sergeant J G Holstiene: killed; Staff Sergeant F M Wallace, Captain J Galin, Lieutenant K Jones, Sergeant Gibhadt: injured; Lieutenant F X Schwarzenbeck, Sergeant J Dolence, Sergeant K Laud, Sergeant W T Lynch: uninjured; Fortress B17E 9115, 342 Squadron, aircraft accident, Thetford aerodrome, Norfolk, 14 August 1942.C17479409
AIR81/17319Spitfire VB EP342Sergeant J G Leech: killed; Spitfire EP342, 610 Squadron, aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Dieppe, France, 19 August 1942.C17479522

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