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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/114Pilot Officer R A Gayford, Sergeant W F Nicol, Sergeant R J Moore, Sergeant M F Murphy, Aircraftman 1st Class J Moss and Leading Aircraftman D Armstrong; missing presumed dead; Wellington N2949 shot down over the North Sea during air operations, 7 April 1940.C14141949
AIR81/1114Pilot Officer G W F Carey, Pilot Officer P K Vartan, Sergeant V G Gent and Sergeant C A Matthews: Hudson N7251 collided with a balloon barrage cable, 14 July 1940.C14502926
AIR81/1140Pilot Officer P Litchfield: missing presumed dead; Spitfire P9452 in air operations over the English Channel, 18 July 1940.C14503079
AIR81/1141Pilot Officer W Walker: report of death; Hampden P1324 in air operations, 19 July 1940.C14503080
AIR81/1142Pilot Officer R L Patterson, Sergeant L Reece and Sergeant R Tucker: missing presumed dead; Blenheim N3541 failed to return from air operations, 18 July 1940.C14503081
AIR81/1143Flying Officer F E R Ducker, Sergeant E L Dodd and Sergeant G E Bloor: missing presumed dead; Blenheim P6924 in air operations, 19 July 1940.C14503082
AIR81/1144Pilot Officer W H C Hunkin, Pilot Officer J Barker, Sergeant G Clark, Sergeant H Dickson, Sergeant J J MacGregor and Sergeant A Colley: prisoners of war; Wellington P9227 crashed near Oldenburg, Germany, 19 July 1940. Note: With photographsC14503083
AIR81/1145Acting Flight Lieutenant M J Loudon: injured; Defiant L7801 crashed at Hawkinge Aerodrome, Kent, 19 July 1940.C14503084
AIR81/1146Pilot Officer J R Kemp and Sergeant R Crombie: missing presumed dead; Defiant L6974 believed crashed at sea off Dover, 19 July 1940.C14503085
AIR81/1147Pilot Officer D M Slatter: missing presumed dead. Pilot Officer J R Gardner: injured; Defiant L7016 crashed at sea, off Dover, 19 July 1940.C14503086
AIR81/1148Pilot Officer R Kidson: missing presumed dead. Sergeant F P J Atkins: report of death; Defiant L7015 crashed at sea, off Dover, 19 July 1940.C14503087
AIR81/1149Pilot Officer R A Howley and Sergeant A G Curley: missing presumed dead; Defiant L6995 believed crashed at sea, off Dover, 19 July 1940.C14503088
AIR81/2114Pilot Officer M L Patton-Bethune, Sergeant K A Stokes, Leading Aircraftman H Morton, Aircraftman C Crowcroft: killed; aircraft accident, Moretonhampstead, Blenheim L9031, 2 School of Army Cooperation, 16 May 1940.C16471444
AIR81/3114Sergeant J Roukal (Czech): injured; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane V7437, 310 Squadron, 7 September 1940.C16472367
AIR81/4114Pilot Officer C A T Jones: injured; aerial combat, Spitfire X4174, 616 Squadron, 5 November 1940.C16688212
AIR81/5114Sergeant F F Early: killed; Sergeant J B McDonald, Sergeant R Warren: injured; aircraft crashed near RAF Digby on return from operational flight, Wellington 9247, 149 Squadron, 12 February 1941. Note: Related files: 4952, 4964C16689212
AIR81/6114Sergeant K Waund: injured; aircraft accident, Hurricane V6750, 504 Squadron, 19 April 1941.C16755412
AIR81/7114Warrant Officer R L W Mitchell, Sergeant K T W Mitchell, Sergeant I P Einarson: killed; aircraft accident, Vildebeest K6394, 36 Squadron, 23 June 1941.C16756411
AIR81/8114Sergeant G Haines: killed; Sergeant R J Allen, Sergeant A R B Ward, Pilot Officer F T Clayton, Sergeant P E Tripp: prisoners of war; aircraft shot down and crashed at Ginderover near Heeze, Holland, Whitley Z6488, 51 Squadron, 7 August 1941.C16757411
AIR81/9114Sergeant F Adamiak: uninjured; Mr F Leeke (Home Guard), Mr J E Bickler (Home Guard): killed; Mr C E West (Home Guard), Mr F Carley (Home Guard): injured; aircraft accident at Northolt Aerodrome, Middlesex, Spitfire AB934, 315 Squadron, 16 September 1941.C16924956

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