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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/142Pilot Officer L G Nolan-Neylan, Sergeant T Gosling, Aircraftman 1st Class E G Newby and Leading Aircraftman A Murcar: missing presumed dead; Hudson N7306 failed to return from patrol over Norway, 15 April 1940.C14141892
AIR81/1142Pilot Officer R L Patterson, Sergeant L Reece and Sergeant R Tucker: missing presumed dead; Blenheim N3541 failed to return from air operations, 18 July 1940.C14503081
AIR81/1420Flight Lieutenant A B Corbett: prisoner of war; Spitfire N3116 in air operations, 14 August 1940.C14503005
AIR81/1421Pilot Officer R Roberts: prisoner of war; Spitfire K9964 in air operations, 15 August 1940.C14503006
AIR81/1422Pilot Officer C J D Andreae: missing presumed dead; Spitfire R6990 failed to return from air operations, 15 August 1940.C14503007
AIR81/1423Sergeant J H Keats, Sergeant N A Dougall, Sergeant J Freeman, Aircraftman 2nd Class C E Phillips, Aircraftman 2nd Class R Hallams, Aircraftman 1st Class J J Westhead, Leading Aircraftman G H L Gould, Aircraftman 1st Class J Long and Aircraftman 2nd Class R Green: injured in an enemy air raid on RAF Sealand, Flintshire, 14 August 1940.C14503008
AIR81/1424Sergeant R Little: injured; Hurricane P3805 in air operations, 13 August 1940.C14503009
AIR81/1425Pilot Officer P W Comely: missing presumed dead; Hurricane P2872 failed to return from air operations, 15 August 1940.C14503010
AIR81/1426Squadron Leader T G Lovell-Gregg report of death; Hurricane P3215 crashed at Abbotsbury, Dorset, 15 August 1940.C14503011
AIR81/1427Pilot Officer J L W Ellacombe: missing, later reported as safe; Hurricane L1975 failed to return from air operations, 15 August 1940.C14503012
AIR81/1428Leading Aircraftman K New, Aircraftman 2nd Class E Offard, Aircraftman 2nd Class J W M Windle, Aircraftman 1st Class A S Daws, Aircraftwoman 2nd Class J H Hudson, Leading Aircraftman H Donkin, and Leading Aircraftman B Ash: report of deaths. Leading Aircraftman J Martindale, Leading Aircraftman E J Miller, Leading Aircraftman J L Matthews, Pilot Officer G W Salzgeber, Leading Aircraftman J L Whittle, Flying Officer J H R Lewis, Pilot Officer W C Timoney, Leading Aircraftman A Williams, Leading Aircraftman J A Beattie and Aircraftman 2nd Class L Harris: injured in an enemy air raid on RAF Driffield, Yorkshire, 15 August 1940.C14503013
AIR81/1429Pilot Officer J T Johnston report of death; Hurricane P3941 shot down at sea, near Dover, 15 August 1940.C14503014
AIR81/2142Pilot Officer J C Pugh: killed; aircraft accident, Dilwyn, Spitfire P9517, 5 Operational Training Unit, 21 May 1940.C16471526
AIR81/3142Pilot Officer R G Hall, Sergeant J D Randall, Sergeant M B Connacher: missing believed killed; enemy action, Blenheim T2042, 53 Squadron, 8 September 1940.C16472318
AIR81/4142Sergeant E Nowakiewicz (Polish): injured; shot down, enemy action, Hurricane P3935, 302 Squadron, 8 November 1940.C16688240
AIR81/5142Pilot Officer P G Tunstall, Sergeant J B Barclay: killed; Sergeant F C Bailey, Sergeant B Dixon: prisoners of war; aircraft shot down and crashed near Bordeaux, France, Hampden X2983, 50 Squadron, 15 February 1941. Note: Related files: 4952, 4964C16689240
AIR81/6142Flying Officer F W Chadwick, Sergeant F W Burns, Sergeant T W Turnbull: injured; aircraft accident, Blenheim T2170, 45 Squadron, 24 April 1941.C16755440
AIR81/7142Pilot Officer R H Baker: died of injuries; Lt Scott (Royal Engineers) injured; aircraft accident near Petah Tikva, Palestine, Magister L1972, Communication Flight RAF Lydda, 23 June 1941.C16756439
AIR81/8142Flight Lieutenant J Compton: killed; Sergeant E Evans: injured; aircraft accident at Rompin Pehang, Malaya, Vildebeest K4180, 36 Squadron, 6 August 1941.C16757439
AIR81/9142Sergeant D H Farley: killed; Sergeant T Heron (RCAF); missing believed killed; Sergeant W F Jeffery: injured; aircraft accident at sea off the coast of Cromer, Blenheim R3814, 17 Operational Training Unit, 17 September 1941.C16924984

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