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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/27Wing Commander H M A Day: prisoner of war. Sergeant E B Hillier and Aircraftman 2nd Class F G Moller: report of deaths; Blenheim L1138 shot down near Ibar Oberstein, 13 October 1939. Note: With identity discC14142110
AIR81/127Squadron Leader M Nolan, Flying Officer D C Maybury, Pilot Officer G W Brundish, Sergeant F F Bestick, Leading Aircraftman M F Bedford and Aircraftman 2nd Class G Flynn: missing presumed dead; Wellington P9269 failed to return from air operations off the coast of Norway, 12 April 1940.C14141962
AIR81/227Pilot Officer G J McFarland: report of death; Blenheim L4889 crashed at Green Dyke, near Upwood, whilst on a night flight, 10 May 1940.C14142052
AIR81/270Sergeant P F Dormer, Sergeant C J E Dockrill and Aircraftman 1st Class K G Gregory: report of deaths; Battle P2203 failed to return from air operations over Luxembourg, 11 May 1940.C14142095
AIR81/271Leading Aircraftman R D Davies: report of death. Temporary Warrant Officer E E B Le Voi and Temporary Warrant Officer J C Sands: prisoners of war; Blenheim L9255 crashed in the Kempen area, Germany, 11 May 1940. Note: With photographsC14142096
AIR81/272Aircraftman 1st Class R Charleton: report of death; hit by a bullet whilst Blenheim P6886 was in air operations attacking a convoy between Maastricht, The Netherlands, and Tongres, Belgium, 11 May 1940.C14142097
AIR81/273Sergeant A Colling: report of death. Sergeant G C Bennett and Aircraftman 2nd Class E Hannah: injured; Blenheim N6208 in air operations near Maastricht, The Netherlands, 11 May 1940.C14142098
AIR81/274Temporary Warrant Officer J A A Luck: prisoner of war; Hurricane N2475 failed to return from air operations over The Hague, The Netherlands, 11 May 1940.C14142099
AIR81/275Sergeant H J Barron: injured; Battle K9383 hit by enemy gunfire, 10 May 1940.C14142100
AIR81/276Temporary Warrant Officer C H Lowne, Sergeant C J S Poole and Sergeant O A Hutchson: report of deaths; Battle K9270 crashed at Linger, Luxemburg, 10 May 1940.C14142101
AIR81/277Sergeant A Young: injured; Battle L9249 hit by enemy gunfire, 10 May 1940.C14142102
AIR81/278Flying Officer J A Campbell: report of death; Hurricane L1970 failed to return from an operational flight, 12 May 1940.C14142103
AIR81/279Sergeant F Marland, Sergeant K D Footner and Leading Aircraftman J L Perrin: report of deaths; Battle L5227 crashed at Eigenbilzen, Belgium, 12 May 1940. Note: With aircraft plates and identity discC14142104
AIR81/327Aircraftman 2nd Class E Mold and Pilot Officer P W Vaughan: report of deaths; Lysander P9063 crashed at Outgaarden, Belgium, 13 May 1940.C14502321
AIR81/427Pilot Officer M A Newling: missing, later reported to be safe; Hurricane N2600 shot down at Neuvilly, France, 19 May 1940.C14502098
AIR81/527Aircraftman 2nd Class A W A Coull, Sergeant E Wigham and Pilot Officer W D Finlayson: report of deaths; Battle K9481, 24 May 1940.C14502148
AIR81/627Aircraftman 2nd Class F W Nutter: report of death from injuries received in an air raid, 6 June 1940.C14502048
AIR81/727Flying Officer H P Dixon: report of death from injuries; Hurricane P2952 crashed near Dunkirk, France, 1 June 1940.C14502504
AIR81/827Flying Officer P B Robinson: missing, later reported as safe; Hurricane P3490 failed to return from patrol over Somme area, France, 7 June 1940.C14502550
AIR81/927Pilot Officer P H Purdy: missing presumed dead; HMS Glorious sunk off Norway, 8 June 1940.C14502559
AIR81/1027Sergeant R J Fisk, Sergeant J Gilmour and Pilot Officer B A Davidson: prisoners of war; Blenheim R3662 crashed at Sangatte near Calais, France, 6 July 1940.C14502893
AIR81/1127Sergeant R C Beale, Sergeant H J F Tutt and Corporal D B Carter: report of deaths; Battle L5524 crashed at Merey, France, 13 June 1940.C14502939
AIR81/1227Pilot Officer F W S Keightley and Sergeant J W H Parsons: prisoners of war. Sergeant K D MacPherson: report of death; Blenheim R3619 failed to return from air operations, 29 July 1940.C14502946
AIR81/1270Pilot Officer R B Forbes, Sergeant J Oliver, Sergeant J Grant and Sergeant G Tennant: report of deaths; Hudson N7282 failed to return from mine laying in Norwegian waters, 7 August 1940.C14502718
AIR81/1271Sergeant J W C Squier: injured; Spitfire P9369 in air operations, 8 August 1940.C14502719
AIR81/1272Sergeant N H D Ramsay: injured; Spitfire R6765 in air operations, 8 August 1940.C14502720
AIR81/1273Pilot Officer P F Kennard-Davis: report of death from injuries; Spitfire L1093 in air operations, 8 August 1940.C14502721
AIR81/1274Pilot Officer L A Sears: missing presumed dead; Hurricane P2955 in air operations, 8 August 1940.C14502722
AIR81/1275Sergeant E D Baker: missing presumed dead; Hurricane P3381 in air operations, 8 August 1940.C14502723
AIR81/1276Sergeant N T Phillips: report of death; Spitfire K9905 in air operations, 8 August 1940.C14502781
AIR81/1277Flying Officer D N Grice, Sergeant F J Keast and Aircraftman 1st Class J B W Warren: report of deaths; Blenheim L8665 crashed at sea off Ramsgate, Kent, 8 August 1940.C14502782
AIR81/1278Pilot Officer J R S Oelofse: report of death; Hurricane P3781 in air operations over the English Channel, 8 August 1940.C14502783
AIR81/1279Sergeant D I Kirton: report of death; Spitfire K9911 in air operations, 8 August 1940.C14502784
AIR81/1327Acting Flying Officer A Ostowicz: missing presumed dead; Hurricane V7294 failed to return from air operations, believed crashed at sea off Portland, 11 August 1940.C14502747
AIR81/1427Pilot Officer J L W Ellacombe: missing, later reported as safe; Hurricane L1975 failed to return from air operations, 15 August 1940.C14503012
AIR81/1527Pilot Officer C J Hitch: uninjured; Blenheim N6179, 59 Squadron; collision with tractor, 16 September 1939.C16359558
AIR81/1627Pilot Officer A E Wickham, Aircraftman J H Ledson: uninjured; Sergeant S Hammersley: injured; Battle K9473, 35 Squadron; aircraft accident, 5 November 1939.C16359615
AIR81/1727Sergeant S H Newbigging: killed; Oxford P1800, 2 Service Flying Training School; aircraft accident, Burford, 11 December 1939.C16359576
AIR81/1827Pilot Officer H E White, Sergeant R W Spillar: injured; aircraft accident, over the English Channel, Battle L5229, 98 Squadron, 13 February 1940.C16471257
AIR81/1927Sergeant R C Edwards, Mr J D F Tanqueray: killed; aircraft accident, Hinkley, Mentor L4395, 24 Squadron, 21 March 1940.C16471149
AIR81/2027Sergeant A E Hall: injured; aircraft accident, Axminster, Anson N5301, 9 Service Flying Training School, 22 April 1940.C16471205
AIR81/2127Pilot Officer C S Robinson, Sergeant D V Moseley, Leading Aircraftman A E Waddington: missing believed killed; failed to return from operational flight over Ostend, Belgium, Blenheim L9395, 235 Squadron, 18 May 1940.C16471511
AIR81/2227Sergeant H G H Howard, Sergeant R N Lown: injured; aircraft accident, Topcliffe, Whitley P4962, 10 Squadron, 8 June 1940.C16471474
AIR81/2270Squadron Leader J H Kitson: died of injuries; aircraft accident, Taieri, New Zealand, Oxford NZ275, HQ RNZAF, 21 June 1940.C16471380
AIR81/2271Leading Aircraftman E F Culley: injured; aircraft accident, Sheet, Audax K3093, Intermediate Training Squadron, 21 June 1940.C16471407
AIR81/2272Pilot Sergeant L A Garvey: injured; aircraft accident, Hawarden, Hurricane N2607, 7 Operational Training Unit, 21 June 1940.C16471408
AIR81/2273Sergeant C B Hazel, Sergeant W R Speir, Sergeant I A H Gliddan, Sergeant J P Ross: killed; aircraft accident, Monkton, Ayrshire, Anson K6272, School of Air Navigation, 21 June 1940.C16471409
AIR81/2274Flying Officer W Barrie-Smith, Pilot Officer M A Butler, Sergeant W J Bates, Sergeant F Dale: killed; crashed at sea off coast of Norway, Beaufort L9810, 42 Squadron, 21 June 1940. Note: With clothing remnantC16471410
AIR81/2275Pilot Officer J W Sievers: injured; Pilot Officer Grove, Sergeant Crowther: uninjured; aircraft accident, Marlborough, Battle 9468, 12 Operational Training Unit, 19 June 1940.C16471411
AIR81/2276Pilot Officer J M Kane, Sergeant L E Tarplee: injured; aircraft accident, Cranfield, Oxford N4767, 14 Flying Training Squadron, 21 June 1940.C16471412

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