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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/4Flight Sergeant I E M Borley, Sergeant G Miller, Corporal G W Park, Aircraftman First Class H Dore and Aircraftman Second Class R Henderson: missing presumed dead; Wellington L4268 failed to return from a raid on Kiel Canal, 4 September 1939.C14141983
AIR81/14Flight Sergeant D A Page, Sergeant A W Eggington and Aircraftman 1st Class E Radford: report of deaths; Battle K9245 action over France, 20 September 1939.C14141993
AIR81/24Pilot Officer J R Saunders, Aircraftman 1st Class D L Thomas report of deaths. Sergeant G J Springett: prisoner of war; Battle K9484 shot down by German anti-aircraft fire, 30 September 1939.C14142003
AIR81/34Aircraftman 2nd Class R J Pickering: injured by anti-aircraft fire; Blenheim N 6224; 30 October 1939.C14142117
AIR81/40Pilot Officer A D Morton, Sergeant G Storr and Aircraftman 1st Class F A Twinning: report of deaths; Blenheim L1145 shot down near St Johann, Germany, 6 November 1939.C14142123
AIR81/41Pilot Officer H R Bewley, Sergeant S McIntyre and Aircraftman 2nd Class T P Adderley: prisoners of war; Blenheim L1325 failed to return from an operational flight, 7 November 1939.C14142124
AIR81/42Pilot Officer R F Martin: interned after Hurricane L1959 landed in Luxembourg, 8 November 1939.C14142125
AIR81/43Pilot Officer G B Mitchell: report of death; Hurricane L1907 failed to return from air operations, 9 November 1939.C14142126
AIR81/44Pilot Officer H J R Dunn: interned; Hurricane L1619 landed near Courtrai, Belgium, 10 November 1939; escaped and rejoined unit on 24 November 1939.C14142127
AIR81/45Squadron Leader J A B Begg , Sergeant R Walsh, Sergeant C Thomas, Aircraftman 1st Class H Laybourne and Aircraftman 1st Class H Taylor: report of deaths; Whitley N1364 crashed near Bouxurelles, France, 10 November 1939.C14142128
AIR81/46Pilot Officer B A Martyr, Sergeant G H B Taylor and Aircraftman 2nd Class D W Barker: missing presumed dead; Blenheim N6145 failed to return from a reconnaissance flight, 11 November 1939.C14142129
AIR81/47Acting Flight Lieutenant R E Mills, Sergeant F W Doodey and Aircraftman 1st Class G J Johnson: missing presumed dead; Blenheim N6150 failed to return from a reconnaissance flight, 11 November 1939.C14142130
AIR81/48Flying Officer Richard Lindsay Glyde: interned; Hurricane 1813 landed near Coxyde (Koksijde), Belgium, 14 November 1939; escaped and rejoined unit on 24 November 1939.C14142131
AIR81/49Squadron Leader W Coope: interned; Hurricane 1628 landed near Le Parme (as recorded on the original document), Belgium, 14 November 1939; escaped and rejoined unit on 24 November 1939.C14142166
AIR81/54Flying Officer D F B Sheen: injured in action; Spitfire L9959; 7 December 1939.C14142171
AIR81/64Pilot Officer E F Lines, Flight Sergeant A K Fearnside, Aircraftman 1st Class E M G Polhill, Leading Aircraftman A M Dickie and Aircraftman 2nd Class C Walker: missing presumed dead; Wellington N2940 failed to return from an operational flight, 18 December 1939.C14142181
AIR81/74Acting Flight Lieutenant V M P Pam: report of death; London K5258, shot whilst on a reconnaissance flight, 19 December 1939.C14141875
AIR81/84Flying Officer R D Baughan: prisoner of war. Sergeant N M Kirkus, Sergeant H H Turner and Aircraftman 1st Class J Anthony: report of death; Hampden L4126 shot down and crashed into the sea off St Peter, near Tonning, Holstein, 29 September 1939.C14141906
AIR81/94Pilot Officer J A E Monette: injured. Sergeant J A H Potter: report of death. Leading Aircraftman A N Whitehall: uninjured; Blenheim L1444 crashed on return from a reconnaissance flight, Donna Brook, Lincolnshire, 25 February 1940.C14141916
AIR81/104Flying Officer E J Kain: injured; Hurricane P2543 hit by cannon shell; aircraft abandoned at Ritzing, France; 26 March 1940.C14141926
AIR81/114Pilot Officer R A Gayford, Sergeant W F Nicol, Sergeant R J Moore, Sergeant M F Murphy, Aircraftman 1st Class J Moss and Leading Aircraftman D Armstrong; missing presumed dead; Wellington N2949 shot down over the North Sea during air operations, 7 April 1940.C14141949
AIR81/124Sergeant L W G Smith; injured; Wellington P9235 in air operations over Stavanger, Norway, 11 April 1940.C14141959
AIR81/134Sergeant J D Aitchison, Sergeant W L Balmer, Sergeant C R Bowen, Leading Aircraftman R J Lamb, Aircraftman 1st Class P F Ricketts and Leading Aircraftman J C Wilkin: missing presumed dead; Wellington P2520 failed to return from air operations, 12 April 1940.C14141884
AIR81/140Pilot Officer G L Crosby, Pilot Officer A G W Mereweather, Pilot Officer C Edmunds, Sergeant R H Wills, Aircraftman 2nd Class R M G Clark and Sub-Lieutenant L C Franklin, RN: missing presumed dead; Wellington L4339 failed to return from air operations over the North Sea, 14 April 1940. Note: With mapC14141890
AIR81/141Sergeant V Emanuel, Sergeant R Etheridge, Sergeant J Atkinson and Aircraftman 1st Class P G Graham: missing presumed dead; Hampden L4113 in air operations, 15 April 1940.C14141891
AIR81/142Pilot Officer L G Nolan-Neylan, Sergeant T Gosling, Aircraftman 1st Class E G Newby and Leading Aircraftman A Murcar: missing presumed dead; Hudson N7306 failed to return from patrol over Norway, 15 April 1940.C14141892
AIR81/143Pilot Officer A Bryan-Smith: report of death. Corporal G E Appleton: injured; Hampden L4043 force landed on Ryhope beach, 15 April 1940.C14141893
AIR81/144Acting Flight Lieutenant M L Morris, Sergeant L Bancroft and Leading Aircraftman R H Mercer: missing presumed dead; Blenheim L8652 failed to return from a reconnaissance flight over Wilhelmshaven, 15 April 1940.C14141894
AIR81/145Sergeant G Whitlam: injured; Blenheim R3595 hit by anti-aircraft fire whilst on reconnaissance over Strasbourg, 13 April 1940.C14141895
AIR81/146Flying Officer H G Graham-Hogg, Sergeant J R Proctor and Aircraftman 1st Class J Shuttleworth: report of deaths; Blenheim L9465 crashed in the Netherlands, 14 April 1940.C14141896
AIR81/147Flying Officer R H Sylvester, Sergeant E R Clarke, Sergeant G C Perry and Leading Aircraftman J H Edwards: missing presumed dead; Hampden L4152 failed to return from air operations, 15 April 1940.C14141897
AIR81/148Flying Officer A R Fordham and Aircraftman 1st Class J Wells, Sergeant: missing presumed dead. G Greenwood and Leading Aircraftman E W J Picot: report of deaths; Beaufort L4456 in air operations, mine laying in the River Elbe, 15/16 April 1940.C14141898
AIR81/149Pilot Officer P Folkes: missing presumed dead; Hurricane N2550 air operations over the sea whilst engaged on escort duty, 16 April 1940.C14141899
AIR81/154Pilot Officer K Laverty: injured; Hurricane N2470 in flying battle at Leconfield Aerodrome, 18 April 1940.C14141933
AIR81/164Sergeant J L Dewhurst: injured; Hampden P1178 damaged by anti-aircraft fire, 21 April 1940.C14141943
AIR81/174Leading Aircraftman N Hornsby, Sergeant P J Hurst, Sergeant N L Jones and Flying Officer D White: report of deaths; Hampden L4040 crashed between Hallig Suderoog and Suderoog Sands, off the Schleswig coast, Germany, 25 April 1940. Note: With photographsC14141975
AIR81/184Sergeant C R Heayes, Sergeant L F Tomlinson, Sergeant H A Peel, Corporal P H D Ditmas and Aircraftman 1st Class D Robertson: missing presumed dead; Whitley N1465 failed to return from a raid on Stavanger, Norway, 1 May 1940.C14142009
AIR81/194Squadron Leader N D Gilbart-Smith: injured; North West Expeditionary Force, Norway; 1 May 1940.C14142019
AIR81/204Sergeant D G B Falconer: report of death; Blenheim R3634 in a flying accident, 9 May 1940.C14142029
AIR81/214Aircraftman 1st Class L M Langton, Sergeant R F Miller and Pilot Officer F S Laws: report of deaths; Battle L5578 crashed in Luxembourg, 10 May 1940.C14142039
AIR81/224Sergeant C Bowles and Sergeant V Radford: uninjured. Leading Aircraftman T D Clegg: injured; Battle K9338 in air operations west of Luxembourg, 10 May 1940.C14142049
AIR81/234Flying Officer D A Cameron: report of death. Warrant Officer C S Hart and Aircraftman 1st Class J G Ward: prisoners of war; Battle K9183 crash landed at Bettendorf, Luxembourg, 10 May 1940. Note: With photographC14142059
AIR81/240Sergeant A A Maderson, Leading Aircraftman J C Senior and Pilot Officer A W Matthews: prisoners of war; Battle L5249 shot down over Luxembourg, 10 May 1940.C14142065
AIR81/241Corporal R T Tomlinson and Flight Lieutenant W Simpson: injured. Sergeant E N Odell: uninjured: Battle L4949 crashed in France, 10 May 1940.C14142066
AIR81/242Temporary Warrant Officer R B H Townsend-Coles: prisoner of war, later reported as dead. Pilot Officer G F Harding and Sergeant K N Shrosbree: report of deaths; Blenheim L1405 crashed near Wesel, Germany, 11 May 1940. Note: With photographsC14142067
AIR81/243Acting Flight Lieutenant R E Lovett: injured; Hurricane in air operations over France, 10 May 1940.C14142068
AIR81/244Aircraftman 1st Class W L Parsons, Sergeant R A P Kirby and Pilot Officer B I M Skidmore: report of deaths; Battle P2261 crashed at Noville, Belgium, 11 May 1940.C14142069
AIR81/245Sergeant C M Jennings: report of death. Temporary Warrant Officer T S Evans and Flight Lieutenant C A R Crews: prisoners of war; Battle P2326 crashed near Amelscheid, Germany, 11 May 1940.C14142070
AIR81/246Sergeant E J M Whittle: report of death. Warrant officer A C Collyer and Flight Lieutenant A J Madge: prisoners of war; Battle P2251 crashed near Saint-Hubert, Belgium, 11 May 1940.C14142071
AIR81/247Aircraftman 1st Class E W Maltby: report of death. Pilot Officer A W Mungovan and Sergeant F Robson: prisoners of war; Battle P2202 crashed south west of Bastogne, Belgium, 11 May 1940.C14142072

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