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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/566Leading Aircraftman W D Boyle: report of death. Flight Sergeant B A Hopgood and Acting Sergeant A J Godsell: prisoners of war; Battle L5226 crashed at Montcornet, France, 19 May 1940.C14502204
AIR81/1566Corporal T W C Hopkin: killed; Harvard N7094, 2 Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 5 October 1939. Note: With photographsC16359482
AIR81/2566Pilot Officer A R Storrow, Sergeant L C Cooke, Sergeant A J Underwood: killed; shot down, enemy action, Blenheim R3775, 110 Squadron, 10 August 1940. Note: With photographC16471733
AIR81/3566Sergeant G Boutitie (France), Flight Lieutenant P J F Jacquier (France): injured; aircraft accident, Magister R1973, 2 French Fighter Flight, 30 September 1940.C16687664
AIR81/4566Flying Officer M S Singleton, Sergeant E P Chapman, Sergeant B J Fox: missing believed killed; aircraft shot down at sea near Bardia, Libya, Blenheim L8790, 55 Squadron, 16 December 1940.C16688664
AIR81/5566Sergeant D N Buckley: killed; Flight Lieutenant G T Palmer, Sergeant West: uninjured; enemy action, aerial combat, Blenheim V5515, 59 Squadron, 25 March 1941. Note: Related file: 5651C16689664
AIR81/5660Flying Officer J W Seddon: killed; aircraft accident, Hurricane V7539, 601 Squadron, 31 March 1941.C16689758
AIR81/5661Pilot Officer P H S Simmonds: missing now safe; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Adi Tekelezan, Eritrea, Gladiator N5853, 237 Squadron, 31 March 1941.C16689759
AIR81/5662Pilot Officer M F Briggs: killed; aircraft accident near Richmond, Yorkshire, Spitfire P8049, 41 Squadron, 2 April 1941.C16689760
AIR81/5663Pilot Officer R A E Milton, Sergeant S J Houghton, Sergeant J Burridge, Sergeant R Griffiths: interned; aircraft failed to return from operational flight, Hudson P5146, 220 Squadron, 2 April 1941.C16689761
AIR81/5664Sergeant F H Sykes, Sergeant R G Lambourne, Sergeant J Riley: killed; Pilot Officer W C Hartop: prisoner of war; aircraft shot down and crashed at Bourg-Blanc, France, Hampden X3129, 144 Squadron, 1 April 1941. With photographs.C16689762
AIR81/5665Sergeant W C Haynes: killed; Pilot Officer A A Ford, Sergeant A Lee: missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Frisian Islands, Blenheim Z5818, 82 Squadron, 2 April 1941.C16689763
AIR81/5666Flight Lieutenant D A C Crooks: killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight, Whirlwind P6989, 263 Squadron, 1 April 1941.C16689764
AIR81/5667Sergeant S H Gayfer: injured; Wing Commander S C Elworthy, Flying Officer W M Collins: uninjured; aerial combat, enemy action, Blenheim T2165, 82 Squadron, 2 April 1941.C16689765
AIR81/5668Pilot Officer J L Tait: killed; Flight Lieutenant S J Monroe: injured; Flight Sergeant R A Tucker: uninjured; aircraft hit by enemy anti aircraft fire over target near Frisian Islands, Holland, Blenheim T2118, 82 Squadron, 2 April 1941.C16689766
AIR81/5669Sergeant H W Jagger: killed; Pilot Officer J F T Olgilvie, Sergeant A R Downing: uninjured; aircraft hit by enemy anti aircraft fire, Blenheim R3761, 21 Squadron, 2 April 1941.C16689767
AIR81/6566Pilot Officer E Jackson: killed; Flying Officer M A Coote: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth AX786, RAF Oakington Flight, 21 May 1941.C16755863
AIR81/7566Pilot Officer D C Dougall (RCAF): prisoner of war; shot down, aerial combat over northern France, Spitfire W3138, 92 Squadron, 11 July 1941.C16756863
AIR81/8566Sergeant C K Nurse: injured; aircraft accident near Cairo, Egypt, Wellington Z8810, 37 Squadron, 23 August 1941.C16924408
AIR81/9566Sergeant L G Edwards (RCAF): injured; aircraft accident near RAF Coltishall, Spitfire P7971, 19 Squadron, 12 October 1941.C16997813

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