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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/82Aircraftman 1st Class P B Harris: report of death. Sergeant F L Smith and Flying Officer C M P Kempster: injured and interned; Blenheim L1410 force landed in Belgium, 3 January 1940.C14141904
AIR81/182Flying Officer E J T Clarke and Pilot Officer J Marshman: report of deaths. Flying Officer A R Gibbes: slightly injured. Sergeant L Peterson, Leading Aircraftman G Stone and Aircraftman 1st Class T B Moir: uninjured; Wellington R3154 failed to return from flight to attack Stavanger Aerodrome, Norway, 1 May 1940.C14142007
AIR81/282Sergeant P C Gray and Sergeant C Taylor: missing presumed dead. Flight Lieutenant G E Grey Smith: prisoner of war; Blenheim N6219 crashed near Maastricht, The Netherlands, 12 May 1940.C14142107
AIR81/382Sergeant E Hemingway: injured; Battle L5250 crashed north east of Suippes, France, 14 May 1940.C14502269
AIR81/482Pilot Officer P V Lockett: prisoner of war; Tiger Moth N9448 crashed at Peronne, France, 20 May 1940.C14502184
AIR81/582Leading Aircraftman A D MacKenzie, Wing Commander H M Mellor, Pilot Officer H J Cook and Flying Officer F R Jamieson: missing presumed dead; Beaufort L4450 failed to return from an operational flight over France, 26 May 1940.C14502220
AIR81/682Flying Officer K E Newton: missing, later reported safe; Hurricane P3303 in air operations over Dunkirk, France, 29 May 1940.C14502346
AIR81/782Sergeant E H Paul, Sergeant L L Kerr, Sergeant R Eadie and Squadron Leader D B D Field: report of deaths; Hampden P1348, crashed at Barnkrug near Stade, Germany, 5/6 June 1940.C14502453
AIR81/820Sergeant J Byatt: report of death. Sergeant K S Dodrill and Pilot Officer J Percival: uninjured; Blenheim R3754 in air operations, 8 June 1940.C14502543
AIR81/821Sergeant F J Field, Sergeant H C C Bevan and Leading Aircraftman J F W Mackrell: report of deaths; Battle P2162 crashed near Bergicourt, France, 7 June 1940.C14502544
AIR81/822Sergeant C Ayling: missing, later reported as safe; Hurricane L1737 failed to return from air operations over France, 7 June 1940.C14502545
AIR81/823Sergeant P G Ottewill injured, missing, later reported as safe; Hurricane L1608 failed to return from air operations over France, 7 June 1940.C14502546
AIR81/824Sergeant G W Clawley, Temporary Sergeant J F Atkins and Flying Officer J E Vernon: report of deaths; Battle L5288 crashed at Vergies near Abbeville, France, 7 June 1940. Note: With photographsC14502547
AIR81/825Pilot Officer D H Grice: missing, later reported as safe; Hurricane P3353 failed to return from air operations over France, 8 June 1940.C14502548
AIR81/826Leading Aircraftman L O Grant, Sergeant W D P Pittar and Acting Flight Lieutenant R A Weeks: report of deaths; Battle L5112 crashed, France, 8 June 1940.C14502549
AIR81/827Flying Officer P B Robinson: missing, later reported as safe; Hurricane P3490 failed to return from patrol over Somme area, France, 7 June 1940.C14502550
AIR81/828Sergeant R A Bowman and Flying Officer C P Bomford: report of deaths. Pilot Officer F E Frayn: injured; Blenheim L9323 crashed, France, 9 June 1940. Note: With photographsC14502551
AIR81/829Sergeant A O Lewis: prisoner of war; Hurricane in air operations, 8 June 1940.C14502552
AIR81/882Aircraftman 1st Class J W Allison, Sergeant P Bower and Sergeant S G Fox: missing presumed dead; Blenheim L8476 failed to return from an operational flight in the area of Tobruk, Libya, 11 June 1940.C14502528
AIR81/982No. 73 Squadron: personnel lost when SS Lancastria sunk, 17 June 1940.C14502433
AIR81/1082Flying Officer H M Robertson: injured in air operations, 25 May 1940.C14502815
AIR81/1182Sergeant J K Easton, Pilot Officer J D Smith, Sergeant J B Jones, Sergeant J W Candlish and Sergeant E Hill: report of deaths; Whitley N1472 crashed at Osterholz, Germany, 23 July 1940.C14503121
AIR81/1282Flying Officer Lord R U P Kay-Shuttleworth: missing presumed dead; Hurricane P3163 in air operations, 8 August 1940.C14502787
AIR81/1382Sergeant P P Norris report of death; Hurricane P3348 failed to return from air operations, 13 August 1940.C14503069
AIR81/1482Leading Aircraftman R E G King: injured in an enemy air raid on RAF Tangmere, Sussex, 16 August 1940.C14503040
AIR81/1582Pilot Officer T A Peeler: killed; Sergeant J A D Dobbing; injured; Blenheim L4876, 90 Squadron; aircraft accident, 16 October 1939.C16359498
AIR81/1682Pilot Officer A A Deacon, Leading Aircraftman R G Stirling, Leading Aircraftman J D Siddons: killed; Battle L5256 and Battle L5255, 9 Air Observer School; mid-air collision, 24 November 1939.C16359513
AIR81/1782Sergeant T A Kerr: missing; aircraft accident, Audax K5151, 5 Flying Training School, 8 January 1940.C16471121
AIR81/1820Flying Officer M K Carswell: injured; ditched at sea during enemy action off Coquet Island, Hurricane L1744, 43 Squadron, 9 February 1940.C16471250
AIR81/1821Pilot Officer O W Bligh (RCAF), Sergeant R F C Dupe: killed; Aircraftman R T Casson: injured; aircraft accident, Abingdon, Whitley K7255, 97 Group Pool Squadron, 10 February 1940.C16471251
AIR81/1822Flight Lieutenant J N Thornewill, Flying Officer R H Lemon: killed; aircraft accident, Porthcawl, Henley L3339, 7 Bombing and Gunnery School, 11 February 1940.C16471252
AIR81/1823Flying Officer C P S Smith, Leading Aircraftman L D Stratford: killed; aircraft accident, Margam Range, Wallace K4340, 7 Bombing and Gunnery School, 11 February 1940.C16471253
AIR81/1824Flying Officer J M Parker, Sergeant H F Bleksley, Corporal N R Drury: killed; Leading Aircraftman A Barker: injured; aircraft accident, Great Ayton, Hudson N7294, 220 Squadron, 11 February 1940.C16471254
AIR81/1825Flight Lieutenant G C Butler, Leading Aircraftman J G Livingstone, Leading Aircraftman A R G McVittie: injured; aircraft accident, Dumbarton, PBY4 P9630, Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment, Dumbarton, 10 February 1940.C16471255
AIR81/1826Sergeant Pilot P F H Thurgar: killed; aircraft accident, Plechatel, Hurricane L1613, 87 Squadron, 12 February 1940.C16471256
AIR81/1827Pilot Officer H E White, Sergeant R W Spillar: injured; aircraft accident, over the English Channel, Battle L5229, 98 Squadron, 13 February 1940.C16471257
AIR81/1828Pilot Officer J C Paterson: injured; aircraft accident, Odiham, Hector K9731, 613 Squadron, 15 February 1940.C16471258
AIR81/1829Sergeant G H Tice, Sergeant J H Wadmore, Leading Aircraftman F Birch: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim L8759, 21 Squadron, 16 February 1940.C16471259
AIR81/1882Sergeant S W Lenton: killed; aircraft accident in Peronne, France, Hurricane L1978, 85 Squadron, 6 March 1940.C16471130
AIR81/1982Flight Lieutenant H Bailey: killed; aircraft accident, Blackburn B20 V8914, Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment, Isle of Arran, 7 April 1940.C16471274
AIR81/2082Sergeant H I Child: killed; aircraft accident, Lew, Oxford P1964, 2 Service Flying Training School, 12 May 1940.C16471398
AIR81/2182Sergeant R J Fowler: injured; aircraft accident, Spitfire P9500, 5 Operational Training Unit, 29 May 1940.C16471612
AIR81/2282Pilot Officer J R Lloyd: killed; crashed, enemy action, La Mailleraye-sur-Seine, France, Hurricane P2764, 615 Squadron, 22 June 1940.C16471418
AIR81/2382Sergeant J R Wallace: injured; aircraft accident, RAF Desford, between Tiger Moth G-AFAS and Tiger Moth T5695, 7 Elementary Flying Training School, 11 July 1940.C16471780
AIR81/2482Flying Officer P R M van der Heijden: injured; aircraft accident, Sidi Barrani, Egypt, Gladiator K7895, 112 Squadron, 30 July 1940.C16471957
AIR81/2582Sergeant L C R Hill, Aircraftman J MacDonald: killed; aircraft accident, Edzell, Master N7677, 8 Flying Training School, 13 August 1940.C16471802
AIR81/2682Pilot Officer Count R G C de Hemricourt de Grunne (Belgian): injured; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane V6535, 32 Squadron, 18 August 1940.C16472211
AIR81/2782Sergeant Pilot S R E Wakeling: killed; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane V7250, 87 Squadron, 25 August 1940.C16471978
AIR81/2820Flight Lieutenant W W Campbell, Flying Officer P J Dundee, Leading Aircraftman F Innocent, Leading Aircraftman R E Knott, Leading Aircraftman G Harman, Leading Aircraftman R Dawkins, Flight Sergeant R Thomson, Corporal A Humphreys, Leading Aircraftman A Hall: interned; enemy action, force landed at Kythira Island, Greece, Sunderland 2159, 230 Squadron, 26 August 1940.C16472137
AIR81/2821Trooper O C Watts: killed; baled out, Whitley K7220, Central Landing School, 27 August 1940.C16472138

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