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This is a database of AIR81 Records. Courtesy of Paul McMillan. The data is being cross linked to the CWGC DB.. Work in Progress.

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AIR81/94Pilot Officer J A E Monette: injured. Sergeant J A H Potter: report of death. Leading Aircraftman A N Whitehall: uninjured; Blenheim L1444 crashed on return from a reconnaissance flight, Donna Brook, Lincolnshire, 25 February 1940.C14141916
AIR81/194Squadron Leader N D Gilbart-Smith: injured; North West Expeditionary Force, Norway; 1 May 1940.C14142019
AIR81/294Number not used.C14142143
AIR81/394Sergeant A T Morland, Aircraftman 2nd Class S Robinson and Pilot Officer R I C MacPherson: prisoners of war; Blenheim L4843 crashed near Charleville, France, 16 May 1940.C14502281
AIR81/494Sergeant G B Johns: missing, later reported safe; aircraft crashed in France, 18 May 1940.C14502196
AIR81/594Pilot Officer M D Lyne: injured; Spitfire L1031 in air operations, 27 May 1940.C14502286
AIR81/694Leading Aircraftman E J Jones: report of death; Defiant L6957 damaged in air operations in the Dunkirk area, France, 29 May 1940. Note: With identity discC14502358
AIR81/794Sergeant R A Albonico: prisoner of war; Hurricane in air operations, 18 May 1940.C14502465
AIR81/894Sergeant G D Y Pollock: injured; Battle 5397 in air operations, 14 June 1940.C14502596
AIR81/940Aircraftman 1st Class W C Gallagher: injured; enemy bombing, 15 May 1940.C14502572
AIR81/941Pilot Officer J S Barnwell: report of death. Sergeant N L Long: missing presumed dead; Blenheim L6631 failed to return from an operational flight, 19 June 1940.C14502573
AIR81/942Sergeant S E Masham, Sergeant H A F Giblin, Sergeant D W Dawson, Sergeant C Hanlon, Sergeant C M Clayton: report of deaths; Whitley N1499 crashed at Neukirchen, Germany, 19 June 1940. Note: With photographsC14502574
AIR81/943Sergeant A C Close: report of death; Blenheim L1458 in air operations, 19 June 1940.C14502575
AIR81/944Leading Aircraftman M D J Thompson and Leading Aircraftman H R Ward: report of deaths. Leading Aircraftman G Roskell and Leading Aircraftman J H Taylor: injured and prisoners of war; enemy bomb explosion near Souge-sur-Braye, France, 15 June 1940.C14502576
AIR81/945Pilot Officer C King-Clark and Corporal D Little: report of deaths; Blenheim L8687 crashed near Newmarket, 19 June 1940.C14502577
AIR81/946Leading Aircraftman E G Hillyard: injured. Sergeant F A Armstrong and Pilot Officer E A Benjamin: missing, later reported safe; Battle L5541 in air operations, 15 June 1940.C14502578
AIR81/947Sergeant W F Hollister: report of death; Hampden P4367 in air operations, 20 June 1940.C14502579
AIR81/948Leading Aircraftman R J Utteridge: prisoner of war; aircraft crashed north of Dreux, France, 12 June 1940.C14502580
AIR81/949Leading Aircraftman T Greenall and Sergeant D J Holliday: injured and prisoners of war. Sergeant D A Whiting: prisoner of war; Battle aircraft crashed near Dreux, France, 14 June 1940.C14502581
AIR81/994Flying Officer J G E Haig: injured; Spitfire N3190 crashed in France, 26 June 1940.C14502445
AIR81/1094Sergeant A J Hollist: injured; Blenheim R3901 in air operations, 10 July 1940.C14502827
AIR81/1194Corporal W Norris: prisoner of war; occupation of Guernsey, 27 June 1940.C14503133
AIR81/1294Sergeant T F Newton: prisoner of war; Hampden L4051 in air operations, 9 August 1940.C14502799
AIR81/1394Sergeant B Gardner: injured; Spitfire P9540 in air operations, 13 August 1940.C14502760
AIR81/1494Pilot Officer D G B Paton: killed; Spitfire K9986, 66 Squadron; crash landing, 6 September 1939.C16359525
AIR81/1594Pilot Officer W C Scott: injured; Oxford N793, 15 Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 18 October 1939.C16359625
AIR81/1694Flight Lieutenant P D Walker, Aircraftman B France: killed; Aircraftman C Chrystall: uninjured; Blenheim L1452, 23 Squadron; Digby, Lincolnshire, 29 November 1939. Note: With photographs and mapC16359596
AIR81/1794Pilot Officer D J Bain: injured; Sergeant W S Herring, Aircraftman D J Drake, Flying Officer C S H Richardson: uninjured; aircraft accident, Castle Cary, Anson K8819, School of Navigation, 16 January 1940.C16471347
AIR81/1794Closed extracts: 2 pages.C16603564
AIR81/1894Pilot Officer F T Cragg, Leading Aircraftman N M Maynard: injured; aircraft accident, Ansly, Tiger Moth N6613, 9 Elementary Flying Training School, 8 March 1940.C16471166
AIR81/1940Pilot Officer A M Edgar, Sergeant H E Pettit, Corporal A E Jones: killed; aircraft accident, Villeseneux, France, Battle L4980, 105 Squadron, 26 March 1940.C16471162
AIR81/1941Flight Lieutenant H M Styles: uninjured; Pilot Officer R L Fuller, Corporal F Larman: injured; aircraft accident, St Athan Aerodrome, Beaufort L4481, Coastal Command Pool, 26 March 1940.C16471163
AIR81/1942Flying Officer T E Sanders: injured; aircraft accident, Aberdaron Bay, Anson N5056, School of Air Navigation, 26 March 1940.C16471190
AIR81/1943Pilot Officer I P Hinton, Sergeant F D C Findlay, Aircraftman J A Sharpe: killed; aircraft accident, Reims, France, Battle P2256, 103 Squadron, 26 March 1940.C16471191
AIR81/1944Pilot Officer P D W Brierley: killed; Pilot Officer A T Sword-Daniels: injured; aircraft accident, North Weald, Blenheim L1212, 25 Squadron, 27 March 1940.C16471192
AIR81/1945Pilot Officer E R Hale, Sergeant J B Griffith, Leading Aircraftman E H Walesby: injured; aircraft accident, Bicester, Blenheim P6929, 104 Squadron, 27 March 1940.C16471193
AIR81/1946Flying Officer E C Lilburn, Flying Officer J P H Balston, Pilot Officer J E G Fennell, Aircraftman J V Halliday: missing believed killed; aircraft accident in the English Channel, Anson K6249, School of General Reconnaissance, 27 March 1940.C16471194
AIR81/1947Sergeant G D Lumsden, Leading Aircraftman B Gray: injured; aircraft accident, Ipswich, Blenheim L8753, 110 Squadron, 27 March 1940.C16471195
AIR81/1948Pilot Officer F E Eustace: injured; aircraft accident, aircraft details not recorded, 44 Squadron, 22 March 1940.C16471196
AIR81/1949Pilot Officer J O Griffits: killed; aircraft accident, Fowlmere, Magister L5953, 222 Squadron, 28 March 1940.C16471197
AIR81/1994Flying Officer A C Stewart: injured; Aircraftman G Lindsay: killed; aircraft accident, Foucaucourt, France, Blenheim L9181, 57 Squadron, 11 April 1940.C16471286
AIR81/2094Leading Aircraftman H R Baker: killed; Flying Officer J H Newberry, Sergeant A R Kendrick: injured; forced landing near Sedan, France, enemy action, Blenheim P6902, 139 Squadron, 14 May 1940.C16471424
AIR81/2194Aircraftman W H Smythe: killed; Flying Officer C J Callingham: uninjured; aircraft accident, Spitfire R6614, Ferry Pilots Pool, 31 May 1940.C16471624
AIR81/2294Pilot Sergeant C F Cotton: killed; aircraft accident, Upwell, Hurricane L1897, 6 Operational Training Unit, 25 June 1940.C16471546
AIR81/2394Pilot Officer S P Bartlett, Pilot Officer T L Hogg: injured; mid-air collision south of Little Aden between Gladiator N2290 and Gladiator N2279, 94 Squadron, 15 July 1940.C16471739
AIR81/2494Sergeant P R C McIntosh: injured; aircraft accident, North Weald, Hurricane P3206, 151 Squadron, 31 July 1940.C16471828
AIR81/2594Pilot Officer F A Mosely: injured; Flight Sergeant J R Ramshaw, Sergeant J W Kenner, Sergeant F R Meate, Sergeant R E Smart, Sergeant R W Powell, Sergeant W T Hawkings, Sergeant R A McKinna, Sergeant W J Baird: uninjured; aircraft accident, Aldermaston, take-off collision between Wellington L7770 and Wellington L4218, 15 Operational Training Unit, 14 August 1940.C16471814
AIR81/2694Pilot Officer F Kozlowski (Polish): injured; shot down, baled out, aerial combat, Hurricane P3815, 501 Squadron, 18 August 1940.C16472246
AIR81/2794Flying Officer F T Gardiner: injured; shot down, aerial combat, Spitfire K9931, 610 Squadron, 25 August 1940.C16471990
AIR81/2894Sergeant F Gmur (Polish): missing believed killed; shot down, aerial combat, Hurricane R4213, 151 Squadron, 30 August 1940.C16472232

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