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RAFCommand's Aircraft Losses Database (Proof of Concept)! The sources for this database consists of multiple sources , including but not exclusively - various losses Books (Colin Cummings, J J Halley), Air Britain RAF Aircraft Registers, RAF Serials Books, National Archive ORB data with some information taken from the RAFCommands Forum. The Database is still under construction and right now only a few types can be queried. If you are interested in updating the database with your research, please drop in an email to the Webmaster

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South East Asia Command (Jagan) - Default DB | Global Losses Database (Henk Welting) Database

There are 3457 Records in this Database

The SEAC Losses Database is maintained by Jagan Pillarisetti, who had conceived this as a project in the 90s. Jagan has a comprehensive database on Indian Air Force losses over at Bharat Rakshak.com, and the losses of the RAF and Commonwealth Air Forces in India and SEAC is a logical extension of that work.

Date or Year Service Number Crew Name Aircraft Name Aircraft Number Unit / Squadron

Aircraft Name

Aircraft NameNos
Battle 1
Beaufighter 363
Blenheim I 257
Buffalo I 27
Harvard IIB 142
Hurricane IIC 1273
Liberator II 161
Lysander II 62
Mohawk IV 61
Spitfire PR.IV 593
Thunderbolt I 257
Vengeance I 206
Vengeance IA 12
Wapiti IIA 42

By Year

By YearNos
1939 1
1940 15
1941 33
1942 417
1943 685
1944 1117
1945 957
1946 152
1947 64


Burma 517
Ceylon 148
Cocos 7
Hongkong 3
India 2355
Indonesia 17
Japan 11
Malaya 1
Malaysia 17
Persia 1
Singapore 18
Thailand 2
Vietnam 1

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