RAFCommand's Aircraft Losses Database (Proof of Concept)! Currently only the South East Asia Command losses will be listed in this database, with focus on the Hawker Hurricane and North American losses. The sources for this database consists of multiple sources , including but not exclusively - various losses Books (Colin Cummings, J J Halley), Air Britain RAF Aircraft Registers, RAF Serials Books, National Archive ORB data with some information taken from the RAFCommands Forum. The Database is still under construction and right now only a few hundred entries can be queried. If you are interested in updating the database with your research, please drop in an email to the Webmaster

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Aircraft Name

Aircraft NameNos
Harvard IIb 127
Hurricane 1213
Liberator II 161
Spitfire XIVe 275
Thunderbolt I 257
Wapiti IIA 43

By Year

By YearNos
1930 3
1931 2
1933 6
1935 1
1937 2
1938 2
1940 5
1941 9
1942 189
1943 372
1944 662
1945 663
1946 120
1947 40


Burma 238
Ceylon 66
Cocos 3
India 1241
Indonesia 10
Malaysia 3

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