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Date of Crash: 17 May 30 Aircraft Type: Wapiti IIA Serial Number:  Unit: 11 Sqn
Pilot details: Fg Offr STROUD, Richard William Alexander
AC1 WILTSHIRE, Charles Samuel,
Source: RAF1930
Details: Flying Officer Stroud had been bombing hostile tribesmen and came down to 600 feet so that Aircraftman Wiltshire, his observer, might use the machine gun. While flying at this height Flying Officer Stroud was hit by a bullet which lodged in his neck. He signalled to Wiltshire to take control and then died. Wiltshire, who had no experience of flying, fitted a spare lever in the control column in the back seat, turned the machine and made for the emergency landing ground 45 miles away. He succeeded in reaching his objective, but from lack of experience landed too fast and crashed. He died in hospital the same night. Wiltshire could have jumped with a parachute, but, no doubt thinking that the pilot was still alive, chose the hazardous course of returning to the aerodrome.

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