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Date of Crash: 26 Dec 43 Aircraft Type: Spitfire Vc Serial Number:  Unit: 136 Sqdn
Pilot details: Plt Offr John David RUDLING(41714)Source: ORB
Details: 1130-1330 - 12 ac airborne to intercept enemy aircraft raiding Chittagong. Only two pilots intercepted. PO Rudling made his attacks West of Maiskhall Island. During his first attack on a Sally, he got in so colose that in pulling out his belley, hit the tail of the enemy aircraft - this has been claimed as destroyed. Wreckage was found. During second attack Rudling was shot up by an Oscar. Bullets or shrapnel passing through his Mae-West or battle dress. he got back to base but owing to damage to air pressure and undercarraige was forced to land at Reinder I - ground looping when half way down the strip.

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