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Date of Crash: 27 Aug 44 Aircraft Type: Spitfire VIII Serial Number:  Unit: 155 Sqdn
Pilot details: WO Kenneth Stanley CALLICOTT(1315371)Source: ORB
Details: Spitfire P - Bellylanded out of fuel on ground attack mission Singaling Hkamti .[ORB] AT 11.25 F SGt Wolstenholme led a section of four detailed to straffe rolling stock and cattle at YE-U. Fg Offr Tough, WO MacLaine and WO Callicot were with him. After tow and half horus passed they had not returned. FLt Lt Meyer took off to try and get in contact with R/T but fialed to do so. A pilot fo another squadron who had been airborne t midday said he had heard REDSKIN Blue 2 calling for a fix. it was later learnt that all four aircraft ahd force landed at SINKALING-RKAMTI on the CHINDWIN. thepilots were safe, but a long distance from civilization. 28.8.44. Sqn Ldr Krohn and Plt Offr Ostrander went out to see if they could locate the missing pilots. Four Spitfires were found on an unserviceable strip at NW2412. All aircraft believed to be Cat III . Laid dout in white was 155 OK 741x101. The four pilots were seen to be waving. The figures probably refered to the size of the strip , which the pilots seemed to have been endeavouring to clear.. The four pilots returned in the afternoon of 6 Sept, having been flown out of Sinkaling Khamti by the Americnas in L5s. During their sortie to Ye-U they were unable to find the target because of cloud. They found a break in Kyaikthina nd stafed station and rolling stock. ON return journey, weaterh was bad and they were forced to land at Sinkaling

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