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Date of Crash: 03 Sep 44 Aircraft Type: Spitfire VIII Serial Number:  Unit: 155 Sqdn
Pilot details: F Sgt J C McCormickSource: ORB
Details: Spitfire F. Three sections of Spitfires took off to carry out cover to DCs. About 20m SE of base the formation went into a hidden CM cloud and was broken up. FS McCormick half rolled and went down. One machien was inverted, and went down, two aircraft failed to return, the pilots being Fg offr Dalrymple and Fg Sgt McCormick. The others landed at approximately 11.45. W C Sutton interogated the surviving pilots. 6.9.44 F Sgt Mccormick came into dispersal at 1400 hrs absolutely exhausted, his shirt torn and bloody having walked back after baling out. He was not injured the blood was caused by leech bites. After entring cloud his machien became totally out of control. He undid his straps, pushed the stick forward and left it, coming down in a bamboo thicket. He commened walking and on the third day reached the Tamu Road.

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