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Date of Crash: 12 Sep 44 Aircraft Type: Spitfire VIII Serial Number:  Unit: 155 Sqdn
Pilot details: WO Kenneth Stanley CALLICOTT*(1315371)Source: ORB
Details: AT 1050 hours, Plt Offr A H Wittdridge and WO Callicot went out to Ye-U. Rolling stock was straffed and a fire started. ON the road between Ye-U and pyingaing, WO callicot became seperated from his leader. The leader saw him ahead and heading for lcoud. He told him to turn on to Reciprocal into clear sky and regain contact. WO Callicot went into the cloud. P/O Witterdige circled the area several tiems then climbed to 18000 feet and returned to base. Over Pyingaing there was 10/10 cuN extending from groudn level to 20000 . WO Callicot did not return. P/O Wittdridge landed at 12.35 hours. [F541] Spitfire L 1050-1150 hours.

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