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Date of Crash: 25 Sep 44 Aircraft Type: Spitfire VIII Serial Number:  Unit: 136 Sqdn
Pilot details: WO H R Hollingdale(200636)Source: ORB
Details: WO R M Junkin and WO H R Hollingdale were airborne at 1410 hours to carry out quarter attacks. When coming into land, WO R M Junkin went around again due to 2 other ac landing. WO Hollingdale following him in with wheels down considers he must have subconciously put them up when watching the leading aircraft. He landed on his belly on the runway with wheels up. . W/O Hollingdale was uninjured , ac Cat II. WO R M Junkin when going round had one of his wheels half down. After instructions from flying control, he got his wheels down and landed.

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