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Date of Crash: 12 Nov 44 Aircraft Type: Spitfire VIII Serial Number:  Unit: 273 Sqdn
Pilot details: Fg Offr R R K Robberts(173368)Source: ORB
Details: 16.55 Plt Offr R R K Roberts on landing from patrol, rlanded near the edge of the runway adn was seen to skid over the edge into the sand and turn over on his back. We were soon beside him and with the help of natives one wing was lifted and the door of the cockpit was opened. Luckily for Robbis this was deep and soft, diggind down he was pulled out head first, looking an aweful sight with blood all over hisface. The doc soon rushed him off and we ivisited him that night he was unharmed save for face injuries. The crash tender crew are particularly to be congratulated on the swiftness of approach to the crashed aircraft and the manner in whcy they personally rescued Robbie from his imprisonment. Aircraft Q 1140-1330. Sortie Six acflew to Paletw ato escort DCs and Tigermoths.

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